Pioneer Cemeteries in Van Buren County

The State of Iowa defines "pioneer cemetery" as "a cemetery where
twelve or fewer burials have taken place in the past 50 years".

The following is a list of what are considered Pioneer Cemeteries in Van Buren County. Some of these cemeteries have been inventoried and transcribed and are available in booklet form from the Van Buren County Genealogical Society (VBCGS). Others were inventoried decades ago and have never been published until now on this web site. This is a work in progress so check back.


Cemetery Township  
Alfrey Farmington Twp. VBCGS
Anderson Vernon Twp. Coming Soon
Anson Henry Twp. View Here
Blackmore Harrisburg Twp. View Here
Bonar Chequest Twp. Coming Soon
Boston/Ellis Des Moines Twp. VBCGS
Boyer Van Buren Twp. View Here
Boyer Farm Village Twp. Coming Soon
Bradford Henry Twp. View Here
Buckles Chequest Twp. Coming Soon
Burrier Farmington Twp. View Here
Cave Bonaparte Twp. Coming Soon
Chapman Bonaparte Twp. View Here
Columbus Washington Twp. Coming Soon
Cook / Watts / Leach Van Buren East Twp. VBCGS
County Home & Farm Van Buren East Twp Coming Soon
Dodson Henry Twp. Coming Soon
Dulin / Muntz Farmington Twp. Coming Soon
Dunn / Shallace Harrisburg Twp. Coming Soon
East Home Prairie Des Moines Twp. View Here
Egypt Jackson Twp. VBCGS
Farnum Harrisburg Twp. Coming Soon
Fordyce Union Twp. VBCGS
Gilbert Farmington Twp. View Here
Groves / Ferguson Chequest Twp. VBCGS
Helwig Farmington Twp. Coming Soon
Hissem / Haney Chequest Twp Coming Soon
Holsworth Harrisburg Twp. VBCGS
Jones / Rupe Vernon Twp. VBCGS
Kaiser Des Moines Twp. ? ? ?
Koellner Jackson Twp. ? ? ?
Landess / Watkins Vernon Twp. VBCGS
Lippincott / McCrary Henry Twp. Coming Soon
Mantonye Des Moines Twp. View Here
Mathias Chequest Twp. Coming Soon
Methodist Episopal Union Twp. VBCGS
Miller Vernon Twp. VBCGS
Neumann Farmington Twp. Coming Soon
New Lexington Bonaparte Twp. Coming Soon
Oak Point Chequest Twp. VBCGS
Oaks / Russell Jackson Twp. VBCGS
Parkerville Union Twp. Coming Soon
Passmore Village Twp. VBCGS
Phillips Des Moines Twp. Coming Soon
Preen Farmington Twp. Coming Soon
Price Jackson Twp. ? ? ?
Railroad Washington Twp. Coming Soon
Reed's Creek Bonaparte Twp. Coming Soon
Rhoades Farmington Twp. Coming Soon
Richardson Point Chequest Twp. Coming Soon
Rider / Parsons Chequest Twp. Coming Soon
Robb Henry Twp. View Here
Rogers Washington Twp. Coming Soon
Roush Chequest Twp. Coming Soon
Salubria / Gray Farmington Twp. View Here
Seaman Vernon Twp. View Here
Snyder / Gabby Bonaparte Twp. Coming Soon
Steinmeyer Farmington Twp. VBCGS
Stone Tree Harrisburg Twp. Coming Soon
Stookesberry / Harrel Jackson Twp. VBCGS
Tedrow Union Twp. Coming Soon
Ten Eyck Chequest Twp. View Here
Topping Union Twp. Coming Soon
Trumbo Union Twp. Coming Soon
United Presbyterian Union Twp. VBCGS
Upton Des Moines Twp. VBCGS
Valentine / Liming Van Buren West Twp. VBCGS
Wallingford Harrisburg Twp. View Here
Wells Farmington Twp. ? ? ?
White Des Moines Twp. View Here
White Chapel / Bryan Lick Creek Twp. VBCGS
Wiley / McDonald Des Moines Twp. Coming Soon
Wilson Van Buren East Twp. Coming Soon
Wright Farmington Twp. Coming Soon


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