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What you see on the web pages referenced below is exactly what was in the book. If you find one of your ancestors and it shows only name, address and occupation . . there is no more unfortunately.

My suspicion is that these books listed at no charge, every known resident, giving the basic information . . . name, address and occupation. But the publishers apparently also solicited funds from those who wished for an enhanced biographic sketch. Those who came up with the money had more written about them and their family.

Bonaparte Twp. Cedar Twp. Chequest Twp. Des Moines Twp.
Farmington Twp. Harrisburg Twp. Henry Twp. Jackson Twp.
Lick Creek Twp. Union Twp. Van Buren Twp. Vernon Twp.
5,000 Names
Dates & Places
Village Twp. Washington Twp. Searchable

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