Van Buren County Archives

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1894 Deaths 1894_deaths.txt
1901 Births 1901_births.txt
1902 Births 1902_births.txt
1903 Births 1903_births.txt
1904 Births 1904_babies.txt
1905 Births 1905_babies.txt
1906 Births 1906_babies.txt
Made Happy in 1901 1901_marriages.txt
Made Happy in 1902 1902_marriages.txt
Made Happy in 1903 1903_marriages.txt
Made Happy in 1904 1904_marriages.txt
Made Happy in 1905 1905_marriages.txt
Made Happy in 1906 1906_marriages.txt
The Harvest of 1900 1900_harvest.txt
The Harvest of 1901 1901_harvest.txt
The Harvest of 1902 1902_harvest.txt
The Harvest of 1903 1903_harvest.txt
The Harvest of 1904 1904_harvest.txt
The Harvest of 1905 1905_harvest.txt
The Harvest of 1906 1906_harvest.txt
AF & AM Masons 1850s Masons1850.htm
1875 Andreas Atlas of Iowa Patrons Listing VanBurenCountyIowaPatronsListing-1875Atlas.htm
1892 Country and Town Schools 1892_School_Tax_Levies.htm
Brief History of Bonaparte Schools Brief_History_of_Bonaparte_Schools.txt
Bonaparte Fires History Bonaparte_Fires_History.htm
Bonaparte Journal Newspaper 1887 Issue bonaparte_journal_1887.htm
Bonaparte Royal Arch Masons 1878-1890 mason-Bonaparte.txt
Farmington Royal Arch Masons 1878-1890 mason-Farmington.txt
Keosauqua Royal Arch Masons 1878-1890 mason-Keosauqua.txt
Bonaparte HS Graduates 1891-1959 click here
Bonaparte Classes of 1891-1898 bonaparte_grads.txt
Bonaparte Classes of 1891-1960 bonaparte_alumni_1891-1960.txt
Cantril Classes of 1899-1959 cantril_alumni_1899-1959.txt
Farmington HS Graduates 1884-1957 click here
Farmington Alumni 1884-1896 farmington_hs_alumni.htm
Milton High School Graduates 1886-1959 MiltonHighSchoolGrads.txt
1893 Keosauqua Alumni Banquet Program 1893keobanquet.jpg
1922 Bonaparte Commencement Program 1922-Bonaparte_HS-Commencement
1932 Bonaparte Commencement Program 1932_Bonaparte_School_Commencment.htm
1939 Bonaparte Commencement Program 1939-Bonaparte_Commencement
1962 Harmony 8th Grade Graduation Harmony-8th-grade-1962.htm
Harrisburg School 1897 HarrisburgSchool_1897.html
Bonaparte Telephone Exchange bona_phone.txt
1903 County Officers 1902_FinRpt_p4.htm
1903 Township Clerks & Trustees  1902_FinRpt_p5-6.htm
1903 Township & City Assessors 1902_FinRpt_p7.htm
1925 Van Buren Mutual Phone Directory 1925phbkindex.htm
1933 Van Buren Mutual Phone Directory 1933phbkindex.htm
1927 Farmington High School Graduates 1927_Farmington_High_School.htm
1935 Rural School Graduates 1935_vbc_iowa_rural_grads.htm
1937 Rural School Graduates 1937_vbc_iowa_rural_grads.htm
1938 Bonaparte H.S. Baccalaureate 1938_bonaparte_baccalaureate_program.htm
1939 Van Buren County Boys and Girls Basketball Van_Buren-County-Iowa-Basketball-1939.htm
1948 Milton Independent Phone Directory 1948phbk_milt.htm
1954 Bonaparte Phone Directory 1954-Bonaparte-Phone-Book.htm
1954 Mt. Sterling  Phone Directory 1954-Mt-Sterling-Phone-Book.htm
Patrons - 1918 Van Buren Co Atlas 1918_VBC_Atlas.htm
Recollections of Pioneer Days recollections.htm
Early Recollections by Milton Pioneers recollections_2.htm
1900 Jackson Twp Tax Assessment Rolls jackson_assess.htm
1900-01 White School Pupils (Booklet) whiteschoolbooklet.html
c1920 White Oak School Pupils whiteoakschool1920.html
1898 Independent School Pupils independentschool1898.html
1908 Wiley Public School wileypublicschool1906.html
1863-1929 Gray #5 Country School GrayNo5_School.htm
1914 Iowa State College Grads  ISUgrads1914.htm
Rural Schools 8th Grade Commencement (year unknown) 8th Grade Commencement
County Farm/Poor Farm Deaths & Burials  deaths_county_farm.htm


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