1860 Census of Van Buren County, IA

VAN BUREN Township
transcribed by Rich Lowe

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Aairhart, A.
Aairhart, Anna
Aairhart, Charles
Aairhart, Harriet
Abott, M. J.
Ackers, B. C.
Ackers, James C.
Ackers, Martha
Ackers, Martha
Ackers, Sarah E.
Ager, Albert H.
Ager, Ann
Ager, Elizabeth
Ager, James A.
Ager, John M.
Ager, Mary J.
Ailer, Elenor
Ailer, Georganna
Ailer, J. M.
Ailer, James H.
Ailer, Margaret O.
Ailer, William
Airhart, Carrie
Airhart, Charles
Airhart, George
Airhart, George
Airhart, Jacob H.
Airhart, John
Airhart, Lovina
Airhart, Samuel
Airhart, Stephen
Airhart, Wm.
Allay, William T.
Anderson, Anzo
Anderson, Elenor
Anderson, F. F.
Anderson, Fred
Anderson, Irene H.
Anderson, Orphelia
Anson, Christena
Anson, Cynthia
Anson, Eliza
Anson, Felarris
Anson, Francis
Anson, George
Anson, Lucinda
Anson, Martha
Anson, Thomas
Anson, William
Anson, William
Anthony, Catharine
Anthony, David
Anthony, Ellen
Anthony, Jane
Anthony, Joseph S.
Antle, Elizabeth
Antle, Harriet
Antle, John
Antle, Salina
Antle, Sarah
Bachorack, Fanny
Bachorack, Hannah
Bachorack, M. B.
Bachorack, Paulena
Bachorack, Rebecca
Bachorack, Sally
Bachorack, Samuel
Bachorack, Seymund
Baird, Isaiah
Baird, Jefferson
Baird, Luther
Baird, Mary
Baird, Nathan
Baird, Susan
Baker, Albert
Baker, Albert Jr.
Baker, Charles
Baker, Chistena
Baker, Clara
Baker, Delilah
Baker, Elizabeth A.
Baker, Ellen A.
Baker, Georg Anna
Baker, Henry C.
Baker, John C.
Baker, John S.
Baker, Mariah
Baker, Oswald E.
Baker, Rachel J.
Baker, S. T.
Baker, Samuel
Baker, Thomas S.
Baldwin, Charles
Baldwin, Charles
Baldwin, Edward
Baldwin, Julia
Baldwin, La**
Baldwin, Lovenia
Baldwin, Rachel
Baldwin, Wm. W.
Barker, Amelia
Barker, B. J.
Barker, Benton H.
Barker, Charles C.
Barker, Clara
Barker, Daniel W.
Barker, Dorothy
Barker, Edward N.
Barker, Eli
Barker, Eli
Barker, Gustus
Barker, Henry W.
Barker, Isaac
Barker, Jennett
Barker, Jesse
Barker, Jesse B.
Barker, John
Barker, John T.
Barker, Joseph
Barker, Joseph L.
Barker, Julia
Barker, Luella
Barker, Margaret
Barker, Mary
Barker, Matilda
Barker, Olliver D.
Barker, Orin D.
Barker, William M.
Barr, Mary
Barr, William
Bateman, Mary
Bausch, Conrod
Bausch, Emma
Bausch, Henry
Bausch, Jane
Bausch, Rosannah
Bausch, Rosannah
Beatty, Benjamin
Beatty, John
Beatty, Margaret
Beatty, Margaret
Beatty, Margaret E.
Beatty, Sarah A.
Beatty, William
Beers, Andrew J.
Beers, Benjamin
Beers, Charley
Beers, Deborah
Beers, Delina
Beers, Eliza
Beers, Elizabeth
Beers, Emma
Beers, Frank
Beers, Jefferson
Beers, John
Beers, Mary A.
Beers, Matthew
Beers, Munroe
Beers, Nancey
Beers, Samuel
Beers, Thomas
Beggs, Agnes
Beggs, Clara E.
Beggs, James
Beggs, John
Beggs, Luella E.
Beggs, Margaret J.
Bell, Barbara
Bell, Geo. W.
Bell, Henry L.
Bell, James
Bell, John
Bell, Marietta
Bell, Melissa
Bell, Sarah A.
Bell, Sarah C.
Bennett, Benjamin
Bennett, Lydia
Bennett, Magaret L.
Bennett, Penina
Bennett, Winfield S.
Benton, Hannah
Berger, Allice O.
Berger, Calvin C.
Berger, David
Berger, Elizabeth
Berger, John H.
Binder, Reuben
Biser, C. C.
Black, George
Black, James
Black, John
Black, John
Black, Mary
Black, Mary A.
Black, Patrick
Black, William
Blone, Josephene
Bonner, John
Bonner, Salina
Bonney, A. F.
Bonney, A. L.
Bonney, Alvin
Bonney, Ann
Bonney, Annie
Bonney, C. L.
Bonney, Eliza F.
Bonney, Geo. J.
Bonney, Josiah H.
Bonney, Lewis E.
Bonney, Lula
Bonney, Mary J.
Bonney, Orpha
Bonney, Orpha J.
Bonney, Rachel E.
Bonney, Saml
Borden, Caroline
Borden, John A.
Borden, Lorenzo
Boven, John
Bowers, Anna
Bowers, Jane
Bowers, John
Bowers, John
Bowers, William
Bowles, Ange
Bowles, Eliza A.
Bowles, James
Bowles, John
Bradley, Mary E.
Bradley, Samuel D.
Bradley, Sarah E.
Brady, Margaret
Breadwell, Charles
Breadwell, E.
Breadwell, Ellen
Breadwell, Laura
Breadwell, Louisa
Breadwell, Mariah
Breadwell, Millard F.
Brewington, Charles
Brewington, Levi
Brewington, Levi
Brewington, Margaret
Brewington, Mary E.
Brewington, Thomas
Brewington, William H.
Briddle, Caroline
Briddle, Harriet
Briddle, Isaac
Briddle, John
Briddle, Mariah
Briddle, William E.
Brinegar, Jo
Broadwell, Louisa
Brooks, Allen T.
Brooks, Allice C.
Brooks, Almira A.
Brooks, Bell
Brooks, Clara A.
Brooks, Elizabeth
Brooks, Emory C.
Brooks, Erastus M.
Brooks, Hester C.
Brooks, John
Brooks, Lylyon
Brooks, Mary C.
Brooks, Mary E.
Brooks, Nancey
Brooks, William
Brown, Anna
Brown, Cazia
Brown, Charlotte
Brown, David H.
Brown, Dorothy
Brown, Eliza
Brown, Eliza
Brown, Emily
Brown, Esther
Brown, Esther
Brown, George
Brown, H. C.
Brown, Hugh
Brown, Ira G.
Brown, Jacob
Brown, James
Brown, James H.
Brown, Jeremiah
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John G.
Brown, L.
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary
Brown, N.
Brown, Phebe E.
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Sarah
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brussenden, Wm.
Buckmaster, Fred
Buckmaster, Rebecca
Buckmaster, Sarah
Burris, Alexander
Burris, Elizabeth A.
Burris, Fanny A.
Burton, Daniel
Burton, E. F.
Burton, Edward
Burton, Elizabeth
Burton, Elizabeth
Burton, John
Burton, Juia
Burton, William
Byers, Adison
Byers, George
Byers, James
Byers, Julia J.
Byers, Margaret
Byers, Mary J.
Byers, Robert
Byers, W. W.
Cahill, Betsy
Cahill, Daniel
Cahill, John
Cahill, Julia
Cahill, Mary
Cahill, Mary
Calahan, Bridget
Calahan, Edward
Calahan, James
Calahan, John
Caldwell, H. C.
Caldwell, Harriet
Caldwell, Jane
Caldwell, Van
Campbell, Archibald
Campbell, Archibald P.
Campbell, Bethuel
Campbell, Catharine
Campbell, Isabella A.
Campbell, James
Campbell, John
Campbell, Margaret J.
Campbell, Martha E.
Campbell, Mary A.
Campbell, Nancey
Carter, Elmeda J.
Carter, James W.
Carter, John
Carter, Laura
Carter, Mariah L.
Carter, Milo D.
Carter, Mortimore
Carter, Nancey E.
Carter, R. S.
Carter, Rebecca
Carter, Roena
Castor, Arnold
Castor, Rebeca
Chambers, Mary E.
Cheney, Aurilda J.
Cheney, E. J.
Cheney, Edward J.
Cheney, Elizabeth J.
Cheney, Frank P.
Cheney, Joseph W.
Cheney, Mary A.
Chittendon, Eliza S.
Chittendon, Jennett
Claflin, Cathaine D.
Claflin, E. K.
Claflin, Eliza R.
Clark, Amasa
Clark, F. O.
Clark, Mary M.
Claypool, Carrie
Claypool, James
Claypool, Jesse
Claypool, Mary
Claypool, Matilda
Claypool, William
Clayton, J. H.
Clayton, Mary A.
Clifford, Elizabeth J.
Clifford, John C.
Clifford, Margaret M.
Clifford, Nancey A.
Clinton, Augusta H.
Clinton, Henry C.
Clinton, John
Clinton, Mary
Clinton, Mary K.
Coates, Kate M.
Cocherell, Alpheus
Cocherell, Henson
Cocherell, James
Cocherell, Jane
Cocherell, Nancey
Cocherell, Robert
Cocherell, William
Colimer, Mary A.
Cook, Capitola
Cook, Catharine
Cook, Deleno
Cook, F. M.
Cook, George W.
Cook, John D.
Cook, John K.
Cook, Lucena
Cook, Martha
Cook, Mary
Cook, Melissa
Cooper, Elizabeth
Cooper, Henry
Cooper, Isam
Cooper, Silas
Cornegys, N.
Craig, Alexander
Craig, Anna
Craig, Charles
Craig, Henry
Craig, Hester
Craig, Jane
Craig, John
Craig, John P.
Craig, Mary
Craig, Mary A.
Craig, Mary G.
Craig, William
Craig, William
Craig, Wm.
Crandle, Hack
Crandle, Lucinda
Crandle, Margaret
Crandle, Sarah
Crandle, St. Clair
Crandle, William
Creasey, George
Creasey, Jacob
Creasey, Margaret A.
Creasey, Sarah
Creswell, America
Creswell, Isaac
Creswell, Mary
Crouse, Henry
Crutcher, Emma K.
Crutcher, Frank J.
Crutcher, Martha A.
Crutcher, W. Y.
Cruthers, Cornelius
Cruthers, John
Cruthers, John J.
Cruthers, Mary
Cruthers, Mary A.
Cubberly, Charles
Cubberly, Edward
Cubberly, J. W.
Cubberly, James
Cubberly, Jesse
Cubberly, John
Cubberly, Lydia
Cubberly, Mary
Cubberly, Sarah
Cutberth, Allice A.
Cutberth, Geo. R.
Cutberth, Geo. R. C. F.
Cutberth, Lincoln H. H.
Cutberth, Lucy B.
Cutberth, Mary
Cutler, FLora J.
Dahlberg, Charles
Dahlberg, Charlotte
Dahlberg, Inyar
Dahlberg, John P.
Dahlberg, Peter
Dahlberg, Robert N.
Danham, Susan
Daugherty, B.
Daugherty, James
Daugherty, Martha J.
Daugherty, Mary
Daugherty, Sarah
Davis, A. F.
Davis, Aaron
Davis, Adaline
Davis, Arthur G.
Davis, David Jr.
Davis, Dorathy C.
Davis, Hannah
Davis, Harriet O.
Davis, Harvey
Davis, Joanna M.
Davis, John E.
Davis, Mack
Davis, Peter L.
Davis, Rachel A.
Davis, Washington
Davis, Winfield S.
Davis, Wm. C.
Dawson, Elbridge
Dawson, Elizabeth
Dawson, Iona
Dawson, Jonth
Dawson, N. R.
Dawson, Orin
Dickey, Mary
Dickey, Rachel
Dodson, Harriet
Donahoo, Elizabeth M.
Donahoo, John W.
Donahoo, Theadore
Dooley, Isabella
Dooley, Sarah
Dooley, William
Dougherty, Henrietta
Dougherty, Jane
Dougherty, John
Douglass, Amanda
Douglass, Eliza
Douglass, Elizabeth
Douglass, George
Douglass, Mary
Douglass, Wm. H.
Dowell, Alexander
Dowell, Franklin
Dowell, Jennett
Dowell, Rebecca
Dowell, Sylvester
Downing, Lucena
Draper, Almira
Draper, Mary
Draper, Richard
Dries, Delida
Dries, Frederick
Dries, Nancy J.
Drummond, Able
Drummond, Andrew
Drummond, Betsey
Drummond, Emma F.
Drummond, Henry
Drummond, Marsha
Drummond, Martin
Drummond, Mary
Drummond, Polly A.
Drummond, Unice
Drummonds, Abba
Drummonds, J.
Drummonds, Marrietta
Drummonds, Martin V.
Duffield, Alva
Duffield, Archey W.
Duffield, Catharine
Duffield, Frank A.
Duffield, Geo. C.
Duffield, George W.
Duffield, Harrison
Duffield, Henry
Duffield, James
Duffield, James
Duffield, Jane H.
Duffield, John
Duffield, Joseph
Duffield, Margaret
Duffield, Margaret J.
Duffield, Olive
Duffield, Roswell M.
Duffield, Thomas
Duffield, Zervia A.
Duncan, Samuel
Eager, Charles H.
Eager, Lewis
Eager, Mary
Edwards, James W.
Ekis, Daniel
Ellis, Jeremiah
Epison, James
Ernst, Lewis
Ernst, Mary
Ernst, Sophia
Evans, Clark
Evans, George
Evans, Isaac
Evans, John
Evans, Judah J.
Evans, Laura
Evans, Olive
Evans, Philip
Evans, Sally
Ewing, R. H.
Ewing, Sabrina
Fasnacht, Allice
Fasnacht, Ann
Fasnacht, Benjamin F.
Fasnacht, Catharine
Fasnacht, Ed
Fasnacht, George W.
Fasnacht, Lewis C.
Fasnacht, Margaret
Fasnacht, Nathaniel E.
Fasnacht, Rebecca
Fasnacht, Rufus
Fasnacht, Samuel
Fasnacht, William
Fellows, Almon
Fellows, Asa
Fellows, Erastus
Fellows, Evan
Fellows, F. W.
Fellows, Frank
Fellows, Gavit
Fellows, Jonathan
Fellows, Josephene
Fellows, Margarett
Fellows, Mary
Fellows, Matidla A.
Fellows, Purmelia
Fellows, Stephen D. ?
Fellows, Susannah
Fellows, Susannah A.
Fellows, Whiting A.
Fellows, Wm M Van B.
Fenton, Elizabeth
Fenton, Ella
Ferrin, Daniel
Ferrin, John W.
Ferrin, Lucinda
Ferrin, Matilda O.
Ferrin, Rebecca A.
Fickey, James
Fickey, William
Filch, Charles
Filch, Flora
Filch, Lucy
Filch, Lucy J.
Fitzgibben, Kate
Fitzgibben, Patrick
Forbes, Andrew
Forbes, Benjamin
Forbes, James
Forbes, Martha M.
Forbes, Mary J.
Forbes, Robert
Forbes, Robert
Forbes, Ruth
Forbes, Sarah A.
Forbes, Susannah
Forbes, Thomas
Ford, Ann
Ford, Belvidier
Ford, Charles
Ford, Ella
Ford, Frances
Ford, Frank
Ford, Henry
Ford, Henry
Ford, Jemmima
Ford, John R.
Ford, Martha
Ford, Oschar
Ford, U.
Ford, Wm. H.
Foster, S. R.
Fought, George
Frazee, Bascum
Frazee, Caroline
Frazee, Elizabeth
Frazee, Elizabeth
Frazee, John J.
Frazee, Malinda J.
Frazee, Martha J.
Frazee, Mary
Frazee, Mary
Frazee, Melvina
Frazee, Rachel
Frazee, Samuel
Frazee, Serena
Frazee, Sophia
Frazee, Stephen
Frazee, Stephen
Frazee, Stephen J.
Frazee, William
Frazee, William
Freeman, Benjamin
Freeman, Columbus
Freeman, Emily
Freeman, Frances
Freeman, John
Freeman, Joseph
Freeman, Joseph
Freeman, Lucinda
Freeman, Mary A.
Freeman, Sarah J.
Fronaberger, J.
Funk, Albert
Funk, Carrie
Funk, Charles
Funk, Cloe
Funk, Elizabeth L
Funk, Henry
Funk, Howard
Funk, Johannah
Funk, Mariah A.
Funk, Mary A.
Funk, Oschar
Funk, Susan
Funk, Susan
Funk, William
Funk, Wm. H.
Games, Eliza
Games, Geo. W.
Games, Osceola
Games, Tuscaloo
Garrison, Mc
Garway, Timothy
Gaylord, Delilah
Gaylord, Edward
Gaylord, Emma L.
Gaylord, Fanny
Gaylord, Mary
Gaylord, Sarah
Gebhardt, Bernard G.
Gebhardt, Geo. C.
Gebhardt, Jane
Gebhardt, Mary E.
Gebhardt, Medill C.
Gilfillan, G. W.
Gochenour, Benjamin P.
Gochenour, Christena
Gochenour, Eli
Gochenour, Jeremiah
Gochenour, Leah
Gochenour, Obadiah
Godard, Edward
Godown, Adelaide E.
Godown, Allice S.
Godown, George W.
Godown, H. C.
Godown, Horrace D.
Godown, Lucinda M.
Godown, Nancey
Godown, Oschar H.
Godown, Thomas W.
Godown, Unice J.
Gogis, Henry
Goodfellow, H. C.
Goskin, Timothy
Graham, J. C.
Graham, Lucy
Graves, Ella
Graves, Emily
Graves, Frank
Graves, Geo. R.
Grayham, Ann
Grayham, Lovica
Grayham, Margaret
Grayham, Margaret
Grayham, Martha
Grayham, Sarah
Grayham, Wm.
Griffin, Benjamin
Griffin, Lavina
Griffin, Margaret
Griffin, Wm. K.
Griffith, Isaac
Groom, Eliza J.
Groom, Francis S.
Groom, John F.
Groom, Morrison
Groom, Thos. J.
Groom, W. S.
Groom, Wilmoth A.
Groom, Wm. N.
Guernsey, Henry
Guernsey, Mary
Guernsey, Nusum
Guernsey, Ruth
Gurnesey, George S.
Gurnesey, Julia
Gurnesey, Minnie
Gurnesey, Olive M.
Haines, Catharine
Haines, Clay
Haines, David
Haines, Delazon
Haines, Elizabeth
Haines, John
Haines, John B.
Haines, Rebecca
Haines, Samuel
Haines, Thomas W.
Haines, Wilson D.
Halford, Adaline
Halford, John
Halford, Marrietta
Halford, Martin
Halford, Wealthy
Halford, Wm. R.
Hall, Charles
Hall, Emma
Hall, Josephene
Hall, Kate
Hall, Margaret
Hall, Mary
Haney, Aaron
Haney, Mary M.
Haney, Melissa
Hargis, Drusilla
Hargis, Elizabeth
Hargis, Lucinda
Hargis, Martha
Hargis, Rebecca J.
Hargis, Thomas
Harman, Margaret
Harper, Albert A.
Harper, Ann F.
Harper, Aurillia J.
Harper, John F.
Harper, Lucius
Harper, Mary
Harper, Matilda E.
Harper, Wm. C.
Harrison, Ann
Harrison, Elizabeth
Harrison, Francis
Harrison, John
Harrison, Joseph
Harrison, Susannah
Harrison, Thomas
Hartley, Mahlon
Hartley, Mary A.
Hartley, William
Hartson, Clarrissa
Hartson, Darius
Hartson, Geo. D.
Hartson, Louisa
Hartson, Mary
Hartson, Parlee
Hartson, William
Hartzell, Cordelia
Hartzell, Eliza
Hartzell, Emaline
Hartzell, Thomas B.
Harvey, Josiah
Harvey, Phebe
Harvey, Thomas
Harvey, Thomas
Hasness, Catharine
Hassman, Anna
Hassman, George
Hassman, John
Hassman, Margaret
Hassman, William
Henry, Duane
Henry, Ellen
Henry, Nathan
Henry, Riley
Henry, Walter
Henry, Zerrillia
Hern, Alexander
Hern, Benjamin
Hern, Delazon
Hern, Ebenezer
Hern, Edward
Hern, John W.
Hern, Leah
Hern, Martha
Hern, Nancey
Hern, Nancey E.
Hern, Perry
Hern, Rachel
Hern, Samuel
Hern, Thomas
Hicks, Martha
Hill, Charlotte
Hill, John
Hilyer, Catharine
Hilyer, Cynthia
Hilyer, Delilah
Hilyer, Frank C.
Hilyer, Malinda
Hilyer, Malothi
Hilyer, Nancey
Hilyer, Thomas
Hines, Mary
Hoar, Caroline
Hoar, Caroline
Hoar, Eliza
Hoar, William
Hoar, William
Hoffman, J.
Hootman, Anna M.
Hootman, Christena
Hootman, Henry
Hootman, Jacob
Hootman, Jacob G.
Hootman, Martha L.
Hootman, Mary
Hootman, Mary C.
Hopkins, M.
Hopkins, Margaret
Houk, Clarissa A.
Houk, Clementine I.
Houk, Eliza C.
Houk, Elizabeth
Houk, Henry
Houk, Jacob
Houk, Lucinda
Houk, Lucinda A.
Houk, Melissa J.
Houk, Nancey A.
Houk, Rhodolphus
Houk, Wm. A.
Howard, Clara B.
Howard, Elizabeth J.
Howard, George
Howard, Josephene
Howard, Mary
Howard, T. H.
Hudson, John
Huff, Sarah
Hughes, Ann
Hulbert, Adariel
Hulbert, D. S.
Hulbert, Elizabeth
Hulbert, Mahala
Hunt, Eliza A.
Hunt, Jacob S.
Hunt, John S.
Hunt, Mary E.
Hunt, Nancey E.
Hunter, Chester
Hunter, David
Hunter, Elizabeth
Hunter, Emeraldi
Hunter, Granville
Hunter, Hugh
Hunter, John L.
Hunter, Lydia A.
Hunter, Margareen
Hunter, Mary
Hunter, Matilda
Hunter, Robert
Hunter, William
Hurley, Aaron E.
Hurley, David
Hurley, Emory H.
Hurley, James E.
Hurley, Jane
Hurley, John
Hurley, Josephene
Hutchinson, Wm.
Ingalls, Adda
Ingalls, Charles
Ingalls, Ella L.
Ingalls, Lavena
Jackson, Allice L.
Jackson, Caroline
Jackson, Henrietta
Jackson, James H.
Jackson, Jeremiah
Jackson, Jonathan
Jackson, Mary C.
Jackson, Rachel
Jackson, Rebecca J.
Jackson, Ritta
Jamison, Ann
Jamison, Anna
Jamison, Danl
Jamison, Jane
Jamison, John
Jamison, Lillian
Jamison, Marien
Jemison, Charles
Jemison, Frank
Jemison, Henrietta
Jemison, Horrace G.
Jemison, Josiah C.
Jemison, Silas A.
Jemison, William
Jemison, William
Jenkins, Josephene
Jewett, John
Johnston, Abba
Johnston, Amanda M.
Johnston, Benjamin
Johnston, Catharine E.
Johnston, F. A.
Johnston, Francis
Johnston, James
Johnston, Lewis
Johnston, Martha
Johnston, Mary E.
Johnston, Sarah
Johnston, Thomas
Johnston, Wm. H.
Johnston, Wm. N.
Jones, Clarinda
Jones, James
Jones, John
Jones, Larinda
Jones, Leander
Jones, Mariah
Jones, Marybee
Jones, Melissa J.
Jones, Richard
Jones, Samantha
Jones, William
Julian, Auretia
Julian, Elizabeth H.
Julian, Jane H.
Julian, Manuella
Julian, Marion C.
Julien, Stanslaw
Kauffman, Ava
Kauffman, Benjamin F.
Kauffman, Christian B.
Kauffman, D. W.
Kauffman, Ella
Kauffman, Florence
Kauffman, Geo. W.
Kauffman, Mary A.
Kays, Harriet
Kays, Martin
Kays, Mary E.
Kays, Mary J.
Kays, Samuel
Kays, Wm. T.
Keller, Absolem
Keller, Anna E.
Keller, Eliza
Keller, James
Keller, John
Keller, Sarah J.
Keller, William P.
Kelley, Charles
Kenedy, Ann
Kenedy, Daniel
Kenedy, M.
Kenedy, Rebecca
Kenedy, Thomas
Kent, Byron
Kent, Cassius
Kent, Daniel
Kent, Dorastus M.
Kent, Electa L.
Kent, Elijah
Kent, Ellenor
Kent, Emma E.
Kent, Erastus
Kent, Florrence
Kent, Gurley
Kent, John J.
Kent, Lucinda
Kent, Mortimore
Kent, Nancey A.
Kent, Olive J.
Kent, Sarah C.
Kent, Silas
Kent, Wellington
Kerr, Charles P.
Kerr, Elizabeth
Kerr, Isabella
Kerr, John
Kerr, Martha J.
Kerr, Robert J.
Kerr, Samuel
Kerr, Samuel A.
Kerr, William A.
King, Adelia
King, Allice
King, Eva
King, Margaret J.
King, Mariah E.
King, Russo
King, Samuel
King, Sarah
King, Stephen
King, Virginia
Kinnersley, Augusta C.
Kinnersley, Edwin R.
Kinnersley, Hawthorn A.
Kinnersley, James J.
Kinnersley, Lucy
Kinnersley, Margaret D.
Kinnersley, Orin
Knapp, Hannah
Knapp, J. C.
Knapp, Jo
Knapp, Keo
Knapp, Sarah A.
Knox, Jane E.
Kuhl, Ustena
Kuntz, Augusta
Kuntz, Charles
Kuntz, Charles
Kuntz, Charley
Kuntz, Dora
Kuntz, Jacob
Kuntz, Julia
Kuntz, Mena
Kuntz, Peter
Lane, David
Lane, Ellen
Lane, Lizzy
Lanum, Joseph H.
Latham, Geo. W.
Latham, J. W.
Latham, Juliett A.
Latham, Mary A.
Lawson, John
Lea, Claibourne
Lea, Helena
Lea, Henrietta
Lea, Rutledge
Lea, Sarah H.
Leach, Adalaide
Leach, Anna M.
Leach, Jane E.
Leach, Margaret
Leach, Mary A.
Leach, Matthias
Leach, P.
Leach, Robert B.
Leach, Sarah A.
Leach, William
Legg, Ella M.
Legg, James
Legg, Louisa J.
Legg, Louisa J.
Legg, Martha E.
Legg, Samuel D.
Lenager, Able W.
Lenager, Allice C.
Lenager, Benjamin A.
Lenager, C. R.
Lenager, Catharine
Lenager, Mary E.
Lenager, R.
Lenager, Sarah J.
Levan, John
Lewis, Geo.
Lewis, George
Lewis, Nelson
Lewis, Sarah
Lewis, Sophia
Lippencott, Allen G.
Lippencott, Sarah A.
Lockwood, Cordelia J.
Lockwood, Isaac
Lockwood, Mariah
Lockwood, Nancey A.
Lockwood, Robert
Lusk, B. F.
Lynch, Bridget
Lynch, Catharine
Lynch, Joana
Lynch, John
Lynch, Mary
Lynch, Michael
Lynch, Ugene
Mangum, A. W.
Mangum, Clara
Mangum, Jane
Mangum, Lysander F.
Mangum, Mary O.
Mangum, Mileta E.
Mangum, Samantha K.
Manning, Anna G.
Manning, Calvin
Manning, E.
Manning, Edwin R.
Manning, Mary
Manning, Nancey
Manning, William S.
Maple, Beecher
Maple, Mary A.
Maple, Robert
Marble, Robert
Markley, Cassins M. C.
Markley, Mercy E.
Markley, Philip
Marlow, Benjamin
Marlow, Hannah
Marlow, Hinda H.
Marlow, Isabella
Marlow, Milton H.
Marshall, Bertha
Marshall, Eliza A.
Marshall, Elizabeth G.
Marshall, Thomas
Martin, Abner
Martin, Albert
Martin, Catharine
Martin, Charlotte
Martin, John
Martin, Julius
Martin, Kate L.
Martin, LaMar
Martin, Louisa
Martin, Morris
Martin, Olive
Martin, Orin
Martin, Patrick
Martin, Sylvester
Martin, Volney
Mathias, Charles H.
Mathias, Sarah E.
Mathias, Thornton
Mathias, William F.
Matlock, Alex
Matthias, Clara
Matthias, James
Matthias, James
Matthias, Mary
Matthias, S*****
Maxwell, Joseph
Maxwell, Mary
May, Charles
May, Christena
May, Joseph
May, Mary
May, Michael
May, Michael
Mayne, Carrie
Mayne, Emanuel
Mayne, Grace
Mayne, Joel
Mayne, Le Roy
Mayne, Martha A.
Mayne, Winfield S.
McArthur, Hattie
McArthur, Henry
McArthur, Henry C.
McArthur, Margaret
McArthur, Margaret W.
McArthur, Victoria
McArthur, Wm.
McBride, A.
McBride, Eddie
McBride, Ida
McBride, Margaret
McClurg, Joseph
McCourtney, Andrew
McCourtney, Elisha
McCourtney, John
McCourtney, Robert
McCrea, David
McCrea, Emily
McCrea, Mary E.
McCulley, Ann R.
McCulley, Naomi C.
McCulley, Sarah C.
McCulley, Wm.
McCurren, Henry
McElfresh, Benjamin
McElfresh, Benjamin F.
McElfresh, Francis M.
McElfresh, Mary A.
McElfresh, Minerva J.
McElfresh, Samuel J.
McElfresh, Sarah A.
McElfresh, William H.
McGaffey, Adaline
McGaffey, Alfred
McGaffey, Charles
McGaffey, David
McGaffey, Jane
McGraw, Bridget
McGraw, John
McGraw, M.
McIntyre, Allice J.
McIntyre, Amos B.
McIntyre, Andrew K.
McIntyre, Geo.
McIntyre, George R.
McIntyre, Milton C.
McIntyre, Sarah
McIntyre, Sarah C.
McKee, Ann
McKibben, Charles A.
McKibben, George J.
McKibben, James
McKibben, Jane Mc
McKibben, John
McKibben, Mary J.
McKibben, Susannah
McKibben, William D.
McKinney, James
McKinney, Parthena
McLaCurdy, Patrick
McLain, Henrietta
McLain, J. M.
McLain, James
McLain, Joseph
McLain, Joshua W.
McLain, Mary
McLain, Mary M.
McLain, William
McMarron, E.
McNeer, Jennie
McNeer, Sarah
McNeer, William
McPherron, Andrew
McPherron, James H.
McPherron, John M.
McPherron, Mary C.
McPherron, Minerva
Meek, Caroline
Meek, Fayette
Meek, L. S.
Mercer, Cynthia
Mercer, Effa
Mercer, Elijah
Mercer, Elizabeth
Mercer, Finley
Mercer, George
Mercer, Henrietta
Mercer, John
Mercer, Lavina
Mercer, Mary
Mercer, Mary
Mercer, Sol R.
Mercer, Solomon
Mercer, Stephen
Meredith, Abigail
Meredith, Andrew
Meredith, Andrew F.
Meredith, David M.
Meredith, Harvey E.
Meredith, Isabella
Meredith, LeRoy
Meredith, Nancey
Meredith, Susannah
Meredith, Volney
Meredith, William A.
Miles, Albert
Miles, George
Miles, James
Miles, Josephene A.
Miles, Mary
Miles, William
Miles, William J.
Miller, Allice
Miller, Alzada
Miller, Amanda J.
Miller, Amanda J.
Miller, Americus
Miller, Angeline S.
Miller, Catharine
Miller, Clifton
Miller, Clora
Miller, Daniel
Miller, David
Miller, Edmund
Miller, Eliza
Miller, Eliza
Miller, Eliza S.
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Elizabeth M.
Miller, Fanny
Miller, Fanny
Miller, Frances A.
Miller, Francis M.
Miller, Frank
Miller, Frank
Miller, George
Miller, George
Miller, George
Miller, Georgia
Miller, H. G.
Miller, Harriet E.
Miller, Harry
Miller, Henry
Miller, Henry C.
Miller, Izadora
Miller, J. J.
Miller, Jacob
Miller, James
Miller, James Jr.
Miller, Jane
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John A.
Miller, John B.
Miller, John H.
Miller, Jone
Miller, Kate
Miller, Lizzy L.
Miller, Lucinda
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary A.
Miller, Mary M.
Miller, Nancey
Miller, Nancey
Miller, Nancey J.
Miller, Osamaguin
Miller, Oschar M.
Miller, R. L.
Miller, Saml B.
Miller, Sarah C.
Miller, Sarah E.
Miller, Sarah J.
Miller, Susan E.
Miller, Susannah
Miller, Theodore
Miller, Thomas
Miller, Thomas
Miller, W. H.
Miller, Walter J.
Miller, William
Miller, William
Miller, William J.
Miller, Wm. N.
Millington, Ada
Millington, Buchanan
Millington, Grace
Millington, Ira
Millington, Nancey
Millington, Olivia
Millington, Seth
Millington, Seth
Mills, Hepsabah
Minwick, John
Minwick, Julia
Minwick, Saml
Minwick, Sarah
Mitchell, Benjamin E.
Mitchell, Calvin E.
Mitchell, Hezekiah L.
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, John P.
Mitchell, Joseph E.
Mitchell, Maranda
Mitchell, Mary A.
Mitchell, Mary J.
Mitchler, Ann
Mitchler, Harry
Mitchler, J. D.
Mitchler, Levi
Mitchler, Lizzy
Mitchler, Mary
Mitchler, Samuel
Mitchler, William
Molerhill, John
Molerhill, Mary
Molerhill, Susan
Molerhill, Thos.
Monnett, Elenor
Monnett, John
Monnett, Lausca
Monnett, Leon
Moore, Adaline
Moore, Alexander
Moore, Alfred
Moore, Charles
Moore, Charles M.
Moore, Charlotte
Moore, Daniel L.
Moore, Edward
Moore, Eliza
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Ellen
Moore, Emily
Moore, Freeman H.
Moore, Gilbert
Moore, H. H.
Moore, Harriet
Moore, Henry
Moore, Horrace
Moore, Isabella
Moore, John
Moore, John M.
Moore, Laura J.
Moore, Lucy
Moore, Mariah
Moore, Mary
Moore, Mary
Moore, Nathan
Moore, Oschar
Moore, Samuel
Moore, Sarah E.
Moore, Walter
Moore, Wealthy
Moore, William
Mority, Mary
Mority, Patrick
Morris, Alfred
Morris, Ava
Morris, Bayard T.
Morris, Elisha
Morris, Emma H.
Morris, Florence
Morris, Howard
Morris, L. D.
Morris, Laina S.
Morris, Loraine
Morris, Lucy D.
Morris, Mira
Morris, Olive
Morris, Paulena
Morris, Sarah C.
Morrison, Andrew
Morrison, Emmit
Morrison, Nancey M.
Morrison, Salathiel
Morrison, Sarah
Morrison, W.
Morrow, John
Mort, Aaron
Mort, Charles
Mort, Christopher
Mort, Conrad
Mort, David
Mort, Eliza J.
Mort, Elizabeth
Mort, Elizabeth E.
Mort, Emma J.
Mort, George
Mort, James
Mort, Jane A.
Mort, Jeremiah
Mort, Joseph
Mort, Ruth A.
Mort, Sarah
Mort, William
Morton, J. N.
Moxley, Edgar
Moxley, F. A.
Moxley, Liviston
Moxley, Mariah
Moxley, Melissa J.
Moxley, William
Mullen, Manlius
Mullen, Thos.
Murphy, Daniel
Murray, Allice
Murray, Charlotte
Murray, Harriet
Murray, James
Murray, John
Myers, Eliza J.
Myers, Elizabeth A.
Myers, Elizabeth T.
Myers, M. M.
Myers, Margaret E.
Myers, Mary A.
Myers, Mary A.
Myers, Mary A.
Myers, Samuel
Newport, John
Nichols, Elizabeth
Nixon, Geo. W.
Nixon, Hannah
Nixon, John
Norris, Alex.
Nourse, Caroline
Nourse, J.
O Ray, John
Ober, Charles P.
Ober, Hannah
Ober, Henry J.
Ober, Kate D.
Ober, Myra H.
Ober, Nancey A.
Orth, Clarence W.
Orth, Emma C.
Orth, Mary
Orth, Rosa
Orth, Wesley
Orth, Wm. H.
Paine, Thomas
Painter, J. W.
Painter, Joshua
Painter, Kerrilla ???
Painter, Robert
Parker, Caziah
Parker, Florida O.
Parker, George W.
Parker, Gertrude
Parker, Mary V.
Parker, Robert
Parker, Thos.
Parks, Ann
Parks, Arza
Parks, Clara
Parks, Elizabeth
Parks, Isabella
Parks, James
Parks, John
Parks, John K.
Parks, Margaret
Parks, Mary A.
Parks, Matilda J.
Parsons, Eliza A.
Parsons, Ellen T.
Parsons, George T.
Parsons, James A.
Parsons, James R.
Parsons, Lambert
Parsons, Robert H.
Parsons, Sarah
Parsons, Sarah
Parsons, Sarah E.
Parsons, William
Paxton, Matty
Peacock, Clark
Peacock, Esther
Peacock, Esther A.
Peacock, Henry
Peacock, James
Peacock, Margaret E.
Peacock, Mary J.
Peacock, Sarah
Pearce, Mary A.
Pearce, William
Pearson, B. F.
Pearson, Emma J.
Pearson, Faneas M.
Pearson, Franklin A.
Pearson, Justus C.
Peck, Charles H.
Peck, Dorastus
Peck, Ellen
Peck, Ellen R.
Peck, Leonard
Peck, Manly
Pell, John
Pell, Sarah
Pernot, John B.
Peyton, Elizabeth
Peyton, Geo.
Peyton, George
Peyton, Lewis
Peyton, Sarah
Philips, Elizabeth
Philips, Emily
Philips, Henry
Philips, Ira
Philips, Lura
Philips, Melissa
Philips, Ora
Philips, Perry
Piper, Alonzo
Piper, Frederick
Piper, John
Piper, John F.
Piper, Mary
Piper, Mary A.
Piper, William
Platt, Arthur
Platt, Charles
Platt, Edward
Platt, Emaline
Platt, Geo.
Platt, William
Plowman, Elizabeth
Pombley, Voltaire
Pool, Benjamin
Pool, Catharine
Pool, Conrad
Pool, Elizabeth
Pool, Enoch
Pool, Manuel
Pool, Ruth A.
Pool, Samuel
Pool, Samuel
Price, Ann A.
Price, Jane E.
Price, Joseph S.
Price, Martha E.
Price, Ozias F.
Price, Sarah
Price, Theophilus J.
Price, Wm. J.
Pritchet, Isaac
Pritchet, John
Prosser, H. L.
Prosser, Mary A.
Prosser, Mary E.
Purgua, Oliver
Purler, Brunswick
Purler, Cazia A.
Purler, George F.
Purler, Isaac
Purler, Jennett
Purnell, Charles
Purviance, Ada
Purviance, Alfred
Purviance, Anna
Purviance, Caroline
Purviance, Clara
Purviance, Franklin
Purviance, Helen
Purviance, Mariah
Purviance, Sarah
Randal, Sarah
Rankin, Amanda
Rankin, Archibald
Rankin, George
Rankin, James
Rankin, Mary
Rankin, Thomas
Raridon, John
Rayner, Frederica
Reagler, Charles
Reagler, Frederick
Ream, Albert O.
Ream, Allice A.
Ream, Benjamin S.
Ream, Dora
Ream, Drusilla L.
Ream, Fanny
Ream, Jacob
Ream, Margaret
Ream, Margaret S.
Ream, Mary
Ream, Mary C.
Ream, William
Reed, Frank
Reed, John
Reyner, Amelia
Reyner, Charles
Reyner, John
Reyner, John
Reynolds, Ruth
Richards, Ann L.
Richards, Betsy J.
Richards, Jonas S.
Richards, Joseph W.
Richards, Newton R.
Richards, Sarah M.
Richards, William
Richmond, Albert
Richmond, Elvira J.
Richmond, Frank
Richmond, Kate
Richmond, Sarah
Richmond, T. W.
Rickard, Charles
Rickard, Ellen
Rickard, Jennett
Rickard, Mariah
Rickard, Mark
Rickard, Sarah
Riggin, Nancey
Riley, Susan
Risch, Matthew
Risner, Kate
Robbins, Eliza
Robbins, Milton
Robbins, Sasanah
Robbins, William
Robbinson, Elvira
Robbinson, James
Robbinson, James
Robbinson, John
Robbinson, Margaret
Robbinson, Mary J.
Robbinson, Nancey
Robbinson, Rachel
Robbinson, Rachel
Robbinson, Robert
Robbinson, S.
Robbinson, Samuel
Robbinson, Thomas
Roberts, Isaac
Rogers, Charles
Rogers, Mary
Rohland, D. P.
Rohland, Mary J.
Rohland, Nancey
Rohland, Winfield M.
Root, Ada
Root, Ann
Root, Charles M.
Root, Frank
Root, James M.
Root, Jane
Root, Lysander
Root, Marietta
Root, Moses B.
Root, Nancey
Roush, Albert
Roush, Clifton R.
Roush, Eliza J.
Roush, Mahala R. J.
Roush, Th**ston F.
Rutlege, James W.
Rutlege, Mary A.
Rutlege, R. B.
Rutlege, Samantha
Rutlege, William
Sands, Emily
Sands, Emily
Sands, Hattie
Sands, J. D.
Sands, Sahagan
Sands, Winney
Savage, Adaline
Savage, Drusilla
Savage, Emily
Savage, George W.
Savage, John
Savage, Lewis K.
Savage, William
Sawyer, George
Scad, Ruth
Scott, Laura J.
Scott, Susannah
Scotten, Eliza J.
Scotten, Elizabeth
Scotten, James
Scotten, James
Scotten, Nancey A.
Scotten, Sarah
Scotten, Sarah E.
Scotten, William
Seaman, Eliza
Selby, Martha
Selby, Melissa
Shane, Angeline
Shane, John
Shane, Mary
Shay, John
Shearer, Elizabeth
Shearer, Julia
Shepherd, Ama L.
Shepherd, Anna
Shepherd, Cass
Shepherd, Charles
Shepherd, E. D.
Shepherd, Elvira
Shepherd, Harriet A.
Shepherd, Helen
Shepherd, Henry M.
Shepherd, Huston
Shepherd, James
Shepherd, James N.
Shepherd, Jane
Shepherd, Jane
Shepherd, John S.
Shepherd, Mary A.
Sherrod, Amos
Shipley, Hester L.
Shipley, James
Shipley, Mary
Shipley, Nancey
Shipley, Samuel
Shotten, Eliza
Shotten, George
Shotten, Mary M.
Shotten, Nancey
Shotten, Peter
Shrader, Henry
Shrader, Sarah
Sickels, Almira
Sickels, Rachel
Sloane, Frances
Sloane, J. S.
Sloane, Maggie E.
Sloane, Robert
Sloane, Sarah A.
Smith, Adeline
Smith, Barbara A.
Smith, Caroline H.
Smith, Charles E.
Smith, David
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Eliza E.
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth J.
Smith, Frances A.
Smith, Frances H.
Smith, George E.
Smith, J. F.
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith, John C.
Smith, Josephene
Smith, Leander
Smith, Marion D.
Smith, Martha A.
Smith, Martha J.
Smith, Martha T.
Smith, Mary E.
Smith, Mary H.
Smith, Melinda P.
Smith, Samuel M.
Smith, Sarah E.
Smith, Silas T.
Smith, Wm. H.
Snodgrass, J. C.
Spencer, Elbert
Spencer, John
Spencer, Lydia
Spencer, Mary
Spencer, Mary
Spencer, Thomas
Spohn, Lucinda
Spohn, Lucy
Spohn, Sophia
Spohn, William
St. John, Agnes
St. John, Carlisle
St. John, James
St. John, John F.
St. John, Mary A.
St. John, Robert S.
St. John, Selina
St. John, Seth
St. John, Seth
Stannard, Arthur
Stannard, Betsy A.
Stannard, Fanny O.
Stannard, Melissa
Stannard, Obed.
Stannard, Priscilla J.
Stannard, Saml.
Stannard, Wm. H.
Stearns, Emil
Stearns, Simon
Steel, Geo. K.
Steel, Horrace
Steel, Julia A.
Steel, Kate G.
Steel, Olliver W.
Steel, Sarah
Steel, Wallace
Steeves, Ellen
Steeves, Emma
Steeves, Harvey
Steeves, John
Steeves, John Jr.
Steeves, Mahala
Steeves, Mary
Steeves, Mary
Steeves, Morris
Steeves, Sarah A.
Stein, J.
Stein, Sally
Stephenson, Henry
Stephenson, James
Stephenson, Job S.
Stephenson, Martha
Stephenson, Matilda
Stewart, Geo. W.
Stewart, Louisa E.
Stewart, Rebecca A.
Stewart, Wm. M.
Stidger, Adelaide
Stidger, Beatrice
Stidger, Charles W.
Stidger, Eliza C.
Stidger, George
Stidger, George
Stidger, George
Stidger, John S.
Stidger, Mary A.
Stidger, Nathan
Stidger, Norton
Stidger, William
Stidger, Willis
Stillman, Emily
Stillman, Esther
Stillman, James
Stillman, John H.
Stillman, Sarah
Stillman, Warren
Stout, Catharine
Stout, David
Stout, James
Stout, John
Stout, Malinda
Stout, Martha
Stout, Mary
Stout, Moses
Stout, Sarah A.
Stultz, George
Sullivan, Amanda
Sullivan, Drusilla
Sullivan, John H.
Sullivan, Martha E.
Sunderlin, Harley
Surley, Samuel
Swartz, E. D.
Swartz, G. B.
Swartz, G. H.
Swartz, J. D.
Swartz, Josephene
Swartz, L. B.
Swartz, M. J.
Swasey, Almira
Swasey, Corry E.
Swiers, Anna
Swiers, Ellen
Swiers, Emma
Swiers, Esther
Swiers, Hester A.
Swiers, John
Swiers, Joseph J.
Swiers, Mariah
Swiers, Mary
Swiers, Sarah A.
Swiers, Sarah C.
Swiers, William
Talbert, Charles B.
Talbert, Harriet A.
Talbert, John R.
Talbert, Robert
Talbert, Sarah
Talbert, Virginia
Talbert, William
Talbert, William
Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, Geo. W.
Tays, Harry
Terrier, Joseph
Terrier, Sarah
Territt, Michael
Thompson, Drusilla
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Joseph
Thompson, Sarah J.
Thompson, Wm. L.
Thornburg, Allice
Thornburg, Charles
Thornburg, Lewis W.
Thornburg, Martha A.
Thornburg, Sarah J.
Thornburg, Thomas
Thrill, Anna
Thrill, Emma
Thrill, F.
Thrill, Gustus
Thrill, Ottoe
Tille, James B.
Tille, Rebecca
Tille, Russell
Tollman, Allice
Tollman, Eliza A.
Tollman, Nancey
Tollman, Silas
Tool, Geo. W.
Tool, Jane
Tool, Martha A.
Tool, Sarah E.
Tool, Sylvanus Mc
Tool, Wilmeth
Tool, Wm.
Treblecock, Ann
Treblecock, Frank
Treblecock, Frank
Treblecock, George
Treblecock, John
Treblecock, Lovica
Treblecock, Margaret
Treblecock, Perry
Trevat, H.
Trites, Fanny B.
Trites, Francis P.
Trites, Geo. L.
Trites, Rebecca
Trites, William T.
Trumball, Thomas
Tuttle, Eldorado
Tuttle, Elmira
Tuttle, Geo. W.
Tuttle, George
Tuttle, J. M.
Tuttle, Laura
Tuttle, Laura M.
Tuttle, Logan
Tuttle, Mary
Tuttle, Rebecca A.
Tuttle, William
Vail, Chrisena
Vail, Elizabeth
Vail, Ephraim
Vail, Hannah
Vail, James
Vail, Jont.
Vail, Mary A.
Vail, Peter
Valentine, Alpha
Valentine, Ida M.
Valentine, Jasper
Valentine, John
Valentine, Julia W.
Valentine, L.
Valentine, Letty
Valentine, Margaret
Valentine, Mary A.
Valentine, O.
Van Brink, Andrew
Van Brink, Franklin
Van Brink, Henry
Van Brink, Lewisa L.
Van Brink, Nancey J.
Van Dyke, Wm.
Varner, John
Varner, Julia A.
Varner, Mary A.
Vaughn, David
Vaughn, Elizabeth
Vaughn, Mary
Villiard, Frank
Wagner, Andrew
Wagner, Catharine
Wagner, Joseph
Wagner, Leopold
Wagner, Margaret
Wagner, Mariah
Walker, Alfred
Walker, Amanda
Walker, Clarence
Walker, Edward
Walker, Eliza
Walker, Emma
Walker, Flora
Walker, Joel
Walker, Mary
Walker, Rose A.
Walker, Serena
Walker, Wesley
Walker, William
Walker, Willie
Ward, Geo. W.
Ward, John
Ward, Mary J.
Ward, Minerva
Warner, Albert
Warner, Francis
Warner, Jacob
Warner, Lucinda E.
Warner, Martha
Warrenton, Alexander
Warrenton, Almira
Warrenton, Charlotte
Warrenton, Hetta
Warrenton, John A.
Warrenton, Mary
Warrenton, Nancey C.
Whelen, Allice
Whelen, Anna
Whelen, Elizabeth
Whelen, Hannah
Whelen, Hannah C.
Whelen, Henry
Whelen, Mary
White, Able
White, Amanda E.
White, C.
White, Mary
White, Nelson
White, Orin J.
White, Saml
White, Sampson
White, Sarah O.
White, Usil D.
Wiley, Arthur
Wiley, George
Wiley, James
Wiley, James C.
Wiley, Jemima
Wiley, Mahala
Wiley, Mary
Wiley, Rebecca
Wiley, Wilson
Wilson, B. S.
Wilson, Benjamin
Wilson, Benjamin
Wilson, Charlotte J.
Wilson, Claibourne
Wilson, David
Wilson, E. G.
Wilson, Elizabeth A.
Wilson, Elizabeth L.
Wilson, Flora A.
Wilson, Florence J.
Wilson, Henry B.
Wilson, Herbert L.
Wilson, Irwin
Wilson, James A.
Wilson, James A.
Wilson, John W.
Wilson, M. A.
Wilson, Margaret
Wilson, Margaret
Wilson, Mary A.
Wilson, Mary E.
Wilson, S. N.
Wilson, Sarah M.
Winnie, Henry J. Jr.
Winnie, John E.
Winnie, Louisa C.
Winnie, Roderick H. B.
Witham, Harriet
Wolbert, Henry
Wolbert, Henry
Wolbert, John
Wolbert, M.
Woods, Franka E.
Woods, John W.
Woods, Matilda R.
Woods, Susan F.
Woods, Thomas H.
Woods, William W.
Woodward, Charlotte
Woodward, James
Woodward, Julia
Wortman, John
Wright, Albert
Wright, Arthur L.
Wright, Carroll
Wright, Craig L.
Wright, Frank O.
Wright, G. G.
Wright, Geo. F.
Wright, George G.
Wright, Harriet A.
Wright, Hattie
Wright, J. C.
Wright, John R.
Wright, John W.
Wright, Joseph A.
Wright, Lucia
Wright, Margaret D.
Wright, Mary D.
Wright, Mary H.
Wright, Susan
Wright, Thomas S.
Yacum, Sarah
Yeager, C. G.
Yeager, Hattie
Yeager, Minerva
Zochour, Caroline
Zochour, George
Zochour, Nicholas