Van Buren County Iowa
Old Age Pension
Tax List Results

Taxpayer Birthplace Birthdate Father Mother Residence
Daniels, Lizzie Douds 1908 Aug 8 Wear, Weldy Nason, Oletha Jack
Daniels, Mabel G Douds 1904 Jul 5 Doud, V P Hudson, Emma Jack
Greenfield, Earl Leo Douds 1900 Oct 8 Greenfield, E T Findlay, Alice Jack
Greenfield, Ernest Truman Douds 1876 Dec 23 Greenfield, Cyrus Nedrow, Sarah Jack
Greenfield, Nellie Victoria Douds 1881 Dec 13 Morrow, Richard Williams, Margaret Jack
Hanshaw, Winifred Douds 1873 Dec 23 Walker, Hiram Kriss, Emma Jack
Harryman, Harvey Hill Douds 1896 Aug 13 Harryman, F S Hill, Jennie Jack
Harter, Mildred Elizabeth Douds 1914 Jan 30 Anderson, Lewis Knox, Florence Jack
Kerr, Ira C Douds 1885 Feb 12 Kerr, Ed V Nickel, Anna Jack
Kerr, Veryl Douds 1913 Sep 17 Kerr, Ira C Lowe, Gertrude Jack
Schleeter, Jessie C Douds 1905 Aug 19 Pool, Rilles Ranard, Alice Jack
Smith, Ruth Douds 1902 Dec 15 Nedrow, Irwin Manbeck, Anna Jack
Strait, Merle C Douds 1908 May 21 Strait, Victor Parsons, Belle Jack
Trout, L R Douds 1891 Feb 17 Trout, H L Jones, Alma Jack
Trout, Nellie Douds 1889 Aug 30 Sadler, M S Lewis, Addie Jack
Weir, Oletha Douds 1883 Dec 24 Nason, Geo Mofler, Emily Jack
Zeitler, Ruby Irene Douds 1898 Feb 19 Buckles, O W Downing, Nora Jack

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