Van Buren County Iowa
Old Age Pension
Tax List Results

Taxpayer Birthplace Birthdate Father Mother Residence
Allender, May Elizabeth Fairfield 1881 May 29 Allender, Jas Cohorn, Frances DesM
Canaday, Carrie R Fairfield 1864 Jun 21 Giberson, Caleb Hudson, Eliz DesM
Giberson, Warren Fairfield 1911 Sep 5 Giberson, Jas Lazenby, Ethel DesM
Giberson, Winona Fairfield 1914 Feb 19 Loving, L DesM
Hope, Stella Amy Fairfield 1871 Apr 17 Sheward, Chas Shriner, Margaret DesM
Hosette, Julia Mary Fairfield 1875 Oct 25 Droz, John B Palm, Julia DesM
Taylor, Grant Fairfield 1912 Feb 28 Taylor, P H Albright, Mora DesM

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