Van Buren County Iowa
Old Age Pension
Tax List Results

Taxpayer Birthplace Birthdate Father Mother Residence
Beatty, Willa Viola Douds 1894 Sep 6 Liming, Wm McCollaugh, Alice DesM
Boyer, Katherine E Douds 1875 Mar 4 Smith, E C Smith, Marjorie DesM
Brooks, Peter E Douds 1900 Feb 18 Brooks, John Nason, Edith DesM
Buckles, Ellsworth R Douds 1906 Sep 15 Buckles, E E Saylor, Ethel DesM
Caughill, Weltha Josephine Douds 1905 Dec 7 Laughlidin, C P Creek, Anna DesM
Gibson, Forrest William Douds 1913 Feb 19 Gibson, Will H Groves, Alice DesM
Green, Van Oscar Douds 1909 Mar 8 Green, George Nason, Viola DesM
Green, Verda Edith Douds 1909 Apr 19 Nutt, Austin Overturff, Maggie DesM
Harryman, Lela Anna Douds 1897 Jun 13 Shaffer, J E Rambo, Anna DesM
Moore, Julia Margaret Douds 1900 May 23 Doud, Thomas Laughlin, Nina DesM
Nelson, Millie Douds 1875 Sep 30 Whitten, J E Morrison, Nancy DesM
Plowman, Anson F Douds 1903 Dec 14 Plowman, Geo Anson, Amanda DesM
Rambo, Argus Leland Douds 1894 Jun 5 Rambo, Cyrus Denning, Flora DesM
Rambo, James Ernest Douds 1869 Apr 26 Rambo, Geo W Farr, Jane DesM
Ratcliffe, Gerald Douds 1901 Apr 10 Ratcliffe, R A Armentrout, Pearl DesM
Ratcliffe, Howard L Douds 1869 Jun 3 Ratcliffe, Aaron Morrison, Clarlotte DesM
Ratcliffe, Kenneth Dale Douds 1903 Jan 25 Ratcliffe, R A Armentrout, Pearl DesM
Stagers, Flavil W Douds 1906 Dec 13 Stagers, Daniel Channell, Margaret DesM

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