Civil War Veterans
Buried in Van Buren County, Iowa


Below is a list of Civil War Veterans documented by the "Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War" organization. We invite you to help us add to this list. Please email us with others who should be included along with details on unit, burial location and source of your information.

Name of Veteran State Served Branch Cemetery Location
Abernathy, James T Union, IA 13th, INF Milton, IA
Alvey, James M. Union, IA 11, INF Stockport, IA
Beall, James M Union, IA 4, CAV Birmingham, IA
Berry, Joshua R. Union, IA 14, INF Stockport, IA
Biser, Christopher C Union, IA 3rd, CAV Keosauqua, IA
Bradford, Oliver William Union, IA 14th, INF Stockport, IA
Calhoun, David K. Union, IA 19th, INF E. of Birmingham, IA
Campbell, John P. Union, IA 8th, CAV Birmingham, IA
Carr, James Union, IA 2, INF Farmington, IA
Carr, John F. Union, IA 3, CAV Farmington, IA
Clark, Thaddeus Union, IA 25, INF Stockport, IA
Cole, Calvin S. Union, IA 5th, INF Birmingham, IA
Corwin, Jacob M. Union, IA 3rd, ART Farmington, IA
DeHart, George Union, IA 15th, Co E Center Chapel
Drake, Harvey L. Union, IA 5th, INF Douds, IA
Grammer, John Bohanan Union, IA 5th, INF Birmingham, IA
Grasser, Jacob Union, IA 3rd, CAV Farmington, IA
Harness, Charles McCamez Union, IA 5th, INF Birmingham, IA
Howard, William H. Union, IA 30th, INF Stockport, IA
Huffine, John Union, IA 9, INF Stockport, IA
Hufford, John Wesley Union, IA 6th, INF Farmington, IA
Knowles, George H. Union, IA 13, INF Stockport, IA
Lewis, Samuel W Union, IA 7th, CAV Selma, IA
Masmar, John Union, IN 4, CAV Farmington, IA
Masterson, John H. Union, IA 3rd, CAV Stockport, IA
Mayne, Emmanuel Union, IA 3rd, CAV Keosuagua, IA
McCall, Robert Union, IA 5th, INF Winchester, IA
McCrady, William Alex Union, IA 5th, INF Farmington, IA
McKenney, Eli W. Union, IA 45th., INF Bentonsport, IA
Mendenhall, Isaac , IA 37th, INF Bentonsport, IA
Morris, Henry Thompson Union, IA 5th, INF Stockport, IA
Overturff, Jacob Tilson Union, IA 5th, INF Douds, IA
Pleasants, Porter Union, IA 5th, INF Birmingham, IA
Roberts, Elijah Union, IA 5th, INF Douds, IA
See, George Washington Union Birmingham, IA
Smith, James C. Union, MO 1, CAV Cantril, IA
Smith, Thomas Benton Union, MO 21st, INF Mt. Sterling, IA
Sutton, Windsor Union, IA 5th, INF Birmingham, IA
Swasey, Ezekeil A. M. Union, IA 37th, INF Farmington, IA
Twombly, Voltaire Paine Union, IA 2, INF IA
Vickers, Harvey D. Union, IA 7, CAV Farmington, IA