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World War One (WWI) Selective Service System Draft Records

In 1917 and 1918 approximately 24 million men registered for the draft in the United States. These included men born from Sept 11, 1872 to Sept 12, 1900. Be aware that these are records of people who registered for the draft. Everyone who registered did not actually serve in the military during World War One. Van Buren County Iowa Registrants totaled 2,732 men.

During World War I there were three registrations. At each of the three registrations, a different form was used, with a slight variation of questions asked. Thus, you will find a variation in completed fields in your search results. See sample registration card.

1 - The first, on June 5, 1917, was for all men between the ages of 21 and 31. 
2 - The second, on June 5, 1918, registered those who attained age 21 after June 5, 1917. (A supplemental registration was held on August 24, 1918 for those becoming 21 years old after June 5, 1918. This was included in the second registration.) 
3 - The third registration was held on September 12, 1918 for men aged 18 through 45.

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