Abandoned Towns of Van Buren County
Abner Kneeland's Colony of Salubria
Adam Rail
Agricultural Data for Van Buren County
Along the Bayous of Keosauqua
Along the Freedom Trail
The Amazing Merchandise Executive, Andrew J. Davis
American Gothic Trail
Ancient Mound Builders in Van Buren County
Andrew Jackson Davis
Annie's Orphans
Anniversary Celebrations
An Author From Farmington
An Evening With Mark Twain
An Injured War Veteran From Douds
An Odd and Deadly Pair
Armistice Day Eleven Eleven
Armistice Day Reflections
As it Was in 1857
The Army that Passed through Iowa as a Navy - Kelly's Army
The Athens of Iowa
Augustus C. Hall
Banking Practices on the Iowa Frontier
The Banished Landmark That Vanished
A Barn Raising in 1888
The Beginning of Printing In Iowa
The Bells of St. Mary
Bentonsport in the Early Days
Berryman Jennings
Bird Artist William Savage
Birmingham's College: Wolf Academy
Birmingham's Rutledge Family
The Black Hawk Medicine Company
Blackhawk Visited the Fordyce Inn
Blackledge and Blackledge
BLUE POINT (sequel to The Boys Broke Their Little Gas Motor)
Boats Were Built For Cargo in Van Buren County
The Bonaparte Inn
Bonaparte's Beginnings
Bonaparte's Plan to Become County Seat
Bonneyview in Keosauqua
Boom Times in Van Buren County
Born in the Old Brick
The Boys Broke Their Little Gas Motor
Bridges of Van Buren County
Buckskin Breeches
Candling Eggs
Calendar of Iowa Events During 1838
Cantril Bankers
Carriage and Auto Maker
Cars Were Still a Novelty 100 Years Ago
A Catalyst for the Historical Society
Catching the Fever
CHAUTAUQUA Adult Education at its Best
Church Services Weren't Always Peaceful Gatherings
The Circus Came to Town in 1871
Cigar Manufacturing
Claimed New Life at Bentonsport
The Coleman Road
The Colossal Picnic Through Iowa
Congressional Medal of Honor
Connection with Daniel Boone
Controversy concerning the Des Moines Valley Railroad
The Controversy Over Sunday Movies in Farmington
A Counterfeit Silver Dollar
Countywide School Events
Courthouse Costs Overran the Budget
The Court Vs. Maxine Lowe
Dale's Mountain Lion
The Dance of the Honey Bees
Daniel Lane, Congregational Missionary
Daniel Lane's Keosauqua Academy
A Daring Escape
David Evans Leads Company Through Iowa
Daylight Saving Time
Dedicated to Public Safety
Deeper and Deeper Snow
Demographics Don't Add Up
Depression Hit Van Buren County
Depression Prices
The Disowned Clan Migrates to Van Buren County
Donít Rely On Everything You See in Print
Donít Worry! You'll Live Longer!
Douds and Leando - A combined population of 294
Douds-Leando Consolidated Schools in the 1940's
Dr. McClure's Impressive Home
A Drug Problem in Van Buren County
Early Dawn, Chief of the Fire People
Early Mail Delivery Routes
Early Post Office History
An Early Resident Passing Through
Earthquakes in Iowa
Education in Early Schools Emphasized Exercising The Mind
Edwin Manning
Elevations and Mountains in Van Buren County
Elizabeth Ross Chapter of DAR Contributes to Settling Area
Ely's Cabin was on the north side of the river
Estimated Population Statistics
Even Cantril and Stockport Had Newspapers
Faith on the Frontier
Family Historians
Family History is Fun and Rewarding
Farmington's Reign as Van Buren's Leading City
Fatal Fall from Roof
The Fate of Black Hawk's Remains
Fish Mongers, Peddlers and Stanley Parties
Ferries as an Early Form of Transportation
First House and Birth in Van Buren County
The Flash Flood of 1866
Floods In Pioneer Days (man still canít harness nature!)
The Fordyce Contribution to Winchester
Free Banking 1837-1863
French Influence in Van Buren County
Friends in High Places
From a Keosauqua Paper in 1854
From the Mississippi to the Horseshoe Bend
From an Old Zion Methodist Song Book
Fun on the Frontier
The Galland Brothers Help Settle Iowa Region
GENEALOGY: Family History Research
Geographical Descriptions in Van Buren County
George Franklin Wright
A Glimpse of Iowa in 1846
Gold in California
Gold in Iowa
Gondoliers on the Bayou
The Goodie Garden Cafe in Keosauqua
The Governor was well received in Bonaparte
Grand Army of the Republic
The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR)
Grandma's Chamber Experience
Great Men From Keosauqua
The GREAT TEDDY Speaks at Mt. Zion
Growing Up With Natural Remedies
Hats off to Hazel Lanman (African Americans in Keosauqua)
Henry Clay Caldwell
He's in the 4-H Hall of Fame
He Still Wants to Travel Just Seven
Homemaker from Hillsboro
Honey War and Border Dispute
Hope in an Era of Despair
Hotels in Van Buren County
Howard's Grandma Was From Keosauqua
How Did They Cope with the Temperatures
A Hub of Commerce and Politics
I Am An Ioway
The Ice Storm of 1937
If You Can't Lick em . . Join em!
I Knew Her As "Aunt Mae"
The Importance of the Military Tract in our Settlement
Indian Agent Joseph Street
Inflation in the 1950s!
Iowa Creameries
Iowa Early Baptist History
Iowa Old Press Tour of Van Buren County in 1854
The Iowa Indians
Iowa's Part in the Revolutionary War
Iowa Territorial Militia
Iowa Town/City Population Estimates 1857
The Iowa State Census of 1885
The Island in the Des Moines River
"It is None of Your Beeswax"
It Was Part of the Promise
Jesse James Legends
Joseph F. Perkins
Joshua G. Newbold
Julia Baldwin McKibbin
The Kensington Rune Stone
Keokuk: Chief of the Sac and Fox Nation
Keosauqua's Infamous "Nigger Hill"
The Keosauqua Frontier
The Keosauqua Portland Road
Keosauqua's Three-Prong Beginning
KE-O-SHAW-QUA, The Recluse
Kickapoo Joy Juice
A Kilt for "Old Boney"
Largest Village?
Latest Population Estimates for 2006
The Lawless Frontier: Brawls and Murder
Lawrence S. Ross 1838-1898
Letters To Iowa
The Life of Black Hawk
Lindsay Wilderness
Logs were used to make the first structures
A Look at the New Territory in 1838
Lumber Dealer in Milton
Lucas Arrives in Iowa
The Manufacturing Hub of Bentonsport
The Many Ambitions of William S. Sterling
Many Border Changes
The Many Newspapers of Van Buren County
Martin Van Buren
Meek's Mills Drew People From Far and Near
Meetiní at the Cominí out of the Ford
Methodist Fighter and Pioneer
Missouri's Women in Battle
Mormon Influence in Van Buren County
The Mormon War
Moses Shinn
Moss Didn't Grow Under Their Feet
Muir's Cabin
My Little Ten Dollar TV
Mystery Surrounded Black Hawk
Native Wildlife
Neither Side Got Sweet Revenge
New Lexington, Wisconson Territory
New Settlement Revealed
A Nineteen-year-old Color Bearer
The Nixon's Lived in Ottumwa
Notes from an old store ledger
The Little Tar Paper Shack
The Old Church Tree
The Old Country Doctor and the Glass Straw
The Old Country School House Learning Center
Old Settlers and Pioneers
Old Trails and Inns in Northeast Van Buren County
On the Cutting Edge of Technology
On the Other Side of the River
Opera House Performances in Bonaparte
Origin of the Name Des Moines
Origin of the Name Des Moines Part 2
O. S. Wilkins, Postmaster at Pittsburg
The Other Church in Douds
Our Natural Bird Sanctuary
Our New Bridge Was Cause for Celebration
Parrots in the Wild Iowa Timber
The Pearson House
The Peavine Villages of Van Buren
A Peek at Van Buren in 1835
People Were Not Always Aware of Other Nearby Settlers on the Frontier
The Perilous Flood of 1851
The Pesky Sesesh
The Phelps Diary
Phil Stong's Hawkeyes
Phil Stong's Home in Pittsburg
Picturing Ft. Madison in the 1830s
A Powerful Pioneer Evangelist
Planning an Invasion--at Waterloo!
Population Figures for 1890
Postal Rates are a Great Value
Preparing for the Trip
Prices and Wages in the 1870s & 1880s 
The Pioneer Farmers 
Preemption of Land Dates Back to 1602
The Process of Butchering
Prominent Attorney from Keosauqua
Prominent Mormons Buried at Iowaville
The "Red People" of Iowa
Reedís Intimate View of Black Hawk
Remembering Van Burenís 70 Villages - Part I
Remembering Van Burenís 70 Villages - Part II
Remembering Van Burenís 70 Villages - Part  III
Rich Coal Deposits
Rise and Fall of Village Population
A Roadside Omelet 
Rock Port
Rose Gardens, White Houses and Green Shutters
Rutledge-Lincoln Connection
Sac and Fox Indian Treaty
Sauk and Fox Indian Homes
Selecting a Capital for the New Territory
She Rode Home With Her Hero in His Truck
A Short Sermon From a Lay Preacher
Sickness Among the Pioneers
The Sight of Strangers Along the Trail
The Sign Above the Hotel Dining Room Bar
Simplicity Unlocks Many Doors
The Skunk River War in Iowa
Small Operation Brick Making in Pioneer Days
Small Pox Epidemic
Solving A Problem With A Neighbor
Some Interesting Information in the 1895 Atlas of Iowa
Some Prominent People from Pittsburg
Special Business Inventory 1882
Squatter Settlement in Van Buren County
Squatters at Leando
The Stars Come Out Tonight in Our Home Town
State Number 29
Steamboating on the Des Moines
Stockport Has A Birthday
The Story of Gilbert's Mill
Summer Fun in Leando
A Symbol of Independence
Take Your Pick . . Kilbourne or Kilbourn
Tarred and Feathered in Farmington
There Will Be No Charge for the Portrait
These Are Good Times: Make The Most Of It
They Fled to Iowa Leaving Breakfast Untouched!
Thousands Came to Pay Respects
A Time of Great Emergency
Times Were Hard When They Came
Toby and Suzie Tent Show Theatre
TORNADO April, 1967
Tornadoes in Iowa
Total Solar Eclipse of 1869
A Tour of Historic Bentonsport
Towns in Van Buren County Gain Population
Traces of Upton Still Remain
Travel by Stagecoach
A Twister in Douds
Twombly's Burial Records
Twomblys helped Pittsburg thrive
Uglier than a Pan of Home Made Soap
Van Buren Continues Population Decline
Van Buren County Beatnik
Van Buren County Money and Certificates
Van Buren County's Own "Boss" Entler
Van Buren Pearls
Van Buren's Whisky-A-Go-Go
The Village Blacksmith
The Village of Winchester
Villages Threatened on the Des Moines
Wages in 1950
Walter Whitten by "Old Timer"
Was there ever a ďgood timeĒ for a broken arm?
We Built a Network of Railroads
Weather Was Harsh
The Weekly Selma Star
We Saw Them Pull a Body from the River
We Were Kind to the Visitors
West of the Bend
What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You
Where Was Iowaville?
Winter In Iowa
You Had to be Your Own Mechanic
Young's Party
Zebulin M. Pike's Expedition
Andy Reddick is a 5th generation Van Buren county citizen and historian who writes a weekly column published in both the Van Buren County Leader-Record and the Van Buren Register newspapers. Special thanks go out to Mr. Reddick for sharing this valuable and informative Van Buren county history with genealogists with Van Buren county roots. He is also the author of "Boughten Goods". Published in 2002, the book contains Andy's entire family genealogy with the main characters woven into a history of the US from colonial times to the present. Surnames include: Fellows, Ratcliff(e), Morrison, Dodson, Harrison, Franklin, Pierce, Cozad (Cossart); Reddick lines include Speck, Stahl, Bradley. A handsome new revised version of Boughten Goods was published by AuthorHouse in November, 2005. Palimpsest of Van Buren (A History of Keosauqua and Van Buren County, Iowa) was released in April, 2006 by PublishAmerica. Also released during 2006 was Squelching the Sesesh, a historical book about Iowa's involvement in the Civil War.  In 2008, On the Banks of Keosauqua's River was released by Lulu Publishing, which is a history of Keosauqua with pictures, and also during 2008 Country Facts and Folklore Assortment, a collection of 184 of the published newspaper articles that appear on the website. In addition to that, Andy co-authored the Keosauqua portion of Van Buren County, Iowa: A Pictorial History, released by the Villages of Van Buren. Email Andy to find out how to obtain copies. 

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