Surname Index for
Bethel (DM) Cemetery
Des Moines Township - Sect. 4   ( Recorded in 1999 )
The Van Buren County Genealogical Society has published a book containing inscriptions of gravestones for this cemetery for all surnames shown including maiden names. For those with ancestors buried in this cemetery, this booklet is a "must have" for researchers who know the importance of documentation.
HERE to order a copy of this publication.
Total Bethel (DM) Cemetery Records: 37

37 Matching Record(s)
Surname Cemetery
BishopBethel (DM)
BonnerBethel (DM)
BorderBethel (DM)
BradyBethel (DM)
BrentBethel (DM)
BrillBethel (DM)
BrooksBethel (DM)
ChaplinBethel (DM)
ClarkBethel (DM)
ColeBethel (DM)
ColemanBethel (DM)
CraigBethel (DM)
DavisBethel (DM)
ElbertBethel (DM)
EllisBethel (DM)
ElseBethel (DM)
GodownBethel (DM)
GrayBethel (DM)
HogueBethel (DM)
HolmesBethel (DM)
KingBethel (DM)
LenagarBethel (DM)
LenegarBethel (DM)
LoganBethel (DM)
MassonBethel (DM)
MillerBethel (DM)
PattersonBethel (DM)
PotterBethel (DM)
PrallBethel (DM)
RickettsBethel (DM)
ShonsBethel (DM)
SquiresBethel (DM)
TagueBethel (DM)
ThomasBethel (DM)
WalterBethel (DM)
WorkmanBethel (DM)
WrightBethel (DM)

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