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Van Buren County Iowa

Published by R. L. Polk & Co.
Population, 200. On the Des Moines river, and on the C., R. I. & P. Ry., in Washington township. Van Buren county, 7 miles e of Keosauqua, the judicial seat, and 4 from Bonaparte, both of which places afford banking facilities. Has Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian churches and a graded public school. Exp., Am. Tel., W.U., Minnie Fulton, postmaster.
Boone, R L, drugs and physician
Butler Ella Mrs, hotel
Davis A E, garage
Davis J O, r r and exp agt
FULTON MINNIE, Postmaster and Notary
Gardner A R, coal miner
Johnson N, general store
Morris Geo, produce
Rigler Geo A, poultry breeder
Rowland Lloyd, livery
Sanderson Joseph, live stock
Swinney O produce
Thompson F C, genl store and hdwe
Toshalis K J, restaurant
Tyler H L, general store
Union Telephone Co
Population, 600. On the C. B. & Q. R. R. in Union township, Van Buren county, 12 miles n. of Keosauqua, the judicial seat. Has M. E., Presbyterian. Free Methodist and Adventist churches, a bank and a weekly newspaper, the Enterprise. Tel, W. U. Exp, Adams. W. R. Shott, postmaster.
Albright Harry W, hardware
Alton E H & Co (Elmer A Alton), furniture and undertakers
Anderson Bros, garage
Arbaugh S W, garage
Bailey Charles, contractor
Bailey R W, feed mill
Bauman S H, veterinary surgeon
Birmingham Farmers Mutual Tel Co
Birmingham Savings Bank (capital $15,000), N L Calhoun pres E V Funk Cashr
Boes Leverett G, real estate and ins
Bonnett Frank, harness
Busch & Bietel, general store
Calhoun & Ebert, live stock
Carruthers D V, livery
Corry Frank M, general store
Countryman George W, contractor
Cupp & Roth, general store
Dustin E L, meats
Enterprise The (weekly), Shewald & Hope pubrs
Exchange Theatre, Anderson & Bradford proprs
Funk E V, cashr Birminghan Savings Bank
Graham J H & Son, coal and lumber
Hostman C, dray
Johnson H B, live stock
Kerr S A, grain and seeds
Kirkpatrick & Farrell, hardware
Mass T S, lumber
Norcross Lena C Mrs, jeweler
Norris Jay C, physician
Randall Hotel
Ruggle's Pharmacy
Sadler C G, restaurant
Sherman T R, blacksmith
Sheward & Hope, publrs Enterprise
Shott W R, Postmaster
Stout R H, r r, exp and tel agt
Strickling F E, physician
Taylor H A, poultry and produce
Teeter O D, contractor
Troette C J, hotel
Union Telephone Co, L G Boles, pres
Winslow A L, coal
Woods H E, physician
Population, 700. Settled in 1857. (should be 1837) An incorporated town on the C., R. I & P. Ry., and on the Des Moines river. In Bonaparte township, Van Buren county, 12 miles se. of Keosauqua, the judicial seat, and 131 from Des Moines. Has Baptist, Methodist an Presbyterian churches, excellent public schools, an opera house seating 500, water works, a bank and a weekly newspaper, The Record. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. E. W. Chapman, postmaster.
Blackford W S & A V (W Scott and Aaron V), hardware
Blackmer Benjamin P, physician
Bogle Wm I Dr, drugs
Bonaparte State Bank, O C Pettit cashr
Boston Store, dry goods
CHAPMAN E W, Insurance and Postmaster
Commercial Hotel
Cresap Roger N, physician
Cresap & Henry, feed mill
Derr & Cummings, restaurant and meats
Doughty P A, grocer
Farmers Connective Telephone Co, J W Batchelor pres , David Hornbaker sec
Farmers' and Traders' State Bank (captial $50,000), J A Johnson cashr
Glasgow & Co, milliners
Henry & Hooper, coal
Hooper J S, livery
Hornbaker M F, county supervisor
Hornbaker & Batchelor, hardware
Iowa Savings Bank (capital $15,000), E Stadler pres, R E Meek cashr
Jackson's Billiard Hall
Johnson J A, cashr Farmers & Traders State Bank
Lane Walter, jeweler
Lydolph Annie, notions
McCausland W S, shoes and men's furnishings
Macklin F, ice
Madden R E, r r, exp and tel agt
Meek R E, cashr Iowa Savings Bank
Miller S P, feed
Noske, Emil, harness
Page A J, cigars
Page Wm C & Son, furniture and undertakers
Palace Theature, moving pictures
Percival Charles S, dentist
Persinger, J W, blacksmith
Pettit O C, cashr Bonaparte State Bank
Record The (weekly), Albert G Roberts publr
Roberts Albert G, publr The Record and printer
Sandord, C E, grocer
Stadler Ernerst, grain and livestock
Stafford John E, garage
Steadman Wm, restaurant
Umphrey A J, blacksmith
Union Telephone Co, H G Donnelly mngr
Wallingford Henry, poultry breeder
Weiher Charles, notions
Whiteley Joseph S, physician
Whiteley J W & Sons, general store
Population. 500. An incorporated town on the Burlington Route, in Jackson township, Van Buren county, 10 miles southwest of Keosauqua, the judicial seat. Settled in 1874. Has Christian and Methodist Episcopal churches, a graded public school and 2 banks. Exp., Adams, Tel., W. U. Carrie A. Jones postmaster.
Cantril Drug Co
Cantril Hotel, Fred Wellington propr
Cantril Lumber Co
Cantril Savings Bank (capital $10,000) J M Silver pres, Walter Miller cashr
Carpenter G A, dentist
Casady Benjamin, cashr State Bank of Cantril
Casady J H & Co, produce
Casady S A, physician
Cretcher & Wells, hardware
Harbridge B, feed mill
Harbridge James, general store
Harbridge J F, hardware
Hetzler Wm, r r and exp agt
JONES CARIE, Postmaster
Jones Wiley A, physician
McManis C C, real estate
Miller Henry, racket store
Miller Walter, cashr Cantril Sav Bank
Norris C G & Co lumber
Payne J E, livery
Pool A D, harness
Robbins George, garage
Roberts M T, meats
Saar John, county supervisor
State Bank of Cantril (capital $25, 000) G L Norris pres Benjamin Casady cashr
Statler J L, physician
Theime G H, physician
Welborn W W & Emma G, undertaker
Population, 300. Formerly known as Douds Station, is located on the Des Moines river and on the C., R. I. & P. Ry., in Village township, Van Buren county, 14 miles n. w. of Keosauqua, the judicial seat. Has a new $30,000 schoolhouse, 2 churches and 2 banks. Tel., W. U. Exp., American. Mark R. Doud, postmaster.
Brown Elizabeth, hotel
Camblin George, garage
Campbell W W, furniture and undertaker
Channell Bros, live stock
Channell & Greenfield, drugs
Cooper J M, general store
Doud A L, cashr Iowa Savings Bank
Doud Bros Coal Co, miners
DOUD MARK R, Postmaster
Douds Switchboard Co
Elsenholn L, farm implts
Elsensohn Frank, garage
Farmers' & Traders' State Bank (capital $10,000), T G McClure pres Chas Graham cashr
Ferguson James A, general store and meats
Ferguson Roller Mills (James Ferguson)
Graham Charles, cashr Farmers' & Traders' State Bank
Greenfield E T, hay and grain
Greenfield & Channell, grain and feed
Iowa Savings Bank (capital $15,000), H V Bucey pres, A L Doud cashier
Johnson N, general store
McClure Thomas G, physician
McCrary Curt, lumber
Morrison H W, harness
Morrow J M, real est and ins
Mort Carl, r r, exp and tel agt
Parks Bros, livery and oils
Parks L F, real estate
Pedrick H C, hardware
Peppers C L, restaurent
Plowman Bros, live stock
Pollock Roscoe, physician
Ratcliff Coal Co, miners
Sadler Minnie, hotel
Salter B F, blacksmith
Sanford A S, flour and feed
Saxman John, grocer
Spalding J H, dentist
Swift Co, produce
Talbot Sisters, general store
Walker John, agricultural implements
Wiley George W, contactor
Population, 1200. An incorporated town located on the Des Moines river and on the C., R. I. & P. Ry., and the Burlington Route (depots 300 yards apart), in Farmington township, Van Buren county, 20 miles se. of Keosauqua, the judicial seat, 30 nw. of Keokuk, and 132 southeast of Des Moines. Has water works and electric light plants owned and operated by the town, 7 churches, and excellent public school system, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the News Republican. In the immediate vicinity are coal mines, stone quarries and lime works. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams and Am. J. S. Forgrave postmaster.
Ball B O, grocer
Beaty W D, bakery
Beeson Geo J C, cashr Union Trust and Savings Bank
Beeson & Gray (W H Beeson, R L Gray), The Glasgow Tailors
Boyer A E, cement contractor
Boyer R M & Sons, swine breeders
Brown A J, livery
Carr J E, real estate
Cheave & Hull, auto garage
Chigspriggen Cigar Mnfg Co, S M Haley propr
Corns R, contractor
Farley L E, r r and exp agt
Farmington Brick & Tile Works
Farmington Lumber Co, W M McIntosh mngr
Farmington Opera House
Farmington Telephone Co, C L Paisley pres, Reta L Paisley sec, J S Forgrave sec and mngr
Farmington Vinegar & Pickle Works
Fichtenmueller Bros, hardware
First National Bank (capital $25,000), W B Seeley pres M Harnagle cashrr
Folker Harry E, jewelry and music
FORGRAVE J S, Postmaster
Franks C P, drugs
French W S & Son, livery and stock breeders
Freshwater Arthur, photographer
Gentner Wm H, general store
Gentner Wm H jr Mrs, milliner
GLASCOW TAILORS THE, W A Beeson Mngr, Merchant Tailors
Greenleaf A, medicine mnfr
Grimm T W, general storer and jewelry
Haglestange George, contractor
Harnagle M, cashr First Natl Bank
Hartrick Henry & Sons, automobiles, machinists and wagonmakers
Idle Hour Theatre, G M Samson propr
Jenkins Eugene, auto garage
Jones H E, monuments
Kelley Co, hardware, implements and automobiles
Kessler Frank, meats
Kick Fred, drugs
Kirkpatrick Wm J, physician
Linderholm Martin J, dentist
Lueckel J W, billiards
McWilliams H A, dentist
Marmion B F, swine breeder
Masmer Anna, cleaning and dyeing
Miller H W, confectionery
Miller J W, general store
Mott W H, physician
Neff George R, physician
News-Republican, W E Strimback editor
Noske Gus, harness
Paisley Charles L, physician
Perkins Harley, garage
Rabb Clayton, cigar mnfr
Reckmeyer Mayme, milliner
Rider G F, swine breeder
Sherrick Charles W, general store
Sibert A M, r r and exp agt
Smith H F, hotel
Steinmeyer, contractor
Strimback W E, editor News-Republican
Talbott A O & Co, grain
Texter George H, shoes
Thero H O, produce
Turner Henry H, osteopath
Union Trust & Savings Bank (capital $10,000), J T Hackworth pres, George J Beeson cashier
VanAukan H H, live stock
Vincent Hotel
Ware Philip F, music, furniture and undertaker
Waste R E, restaurant
White, Wilber F, restaurant
Williams Millinery Co
Wolf T E, furniture
Population, 1,200. Settled in 1836. An incorporated town in Van Buren county, of which it is the judicial seat, is located on the Des Moines river and on the C., R. I. & P. Ry., 51 miles northwest of Keokuk and 121 southeast of Des Moines. The town owns and operates its own electric light plant and water works department and has an efficient fire department. There are Baptist, Christian, Congregational and Methodist churches, excellent schools, an opera house, 2 banks and 2 weekly newspapers, the Republican and the State Line Democrat. Ships hardwood lumber, building stone, grain and live stock. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Geo. F Smith, postmaster.
Bell H C, r r, exp and tel agt
Blackledge & Blackledge, real estate
Brownlee Samuel, newsdealer and billiards
Buckels George R, county attorney
Calhoun Julian C, lawyer
Channel P E, harness
Clark Arthur L, music
Clemens David, pianos
Cochrell Chas, blacksmith
Community Hall, Mrs M P Wolford mngr
Craig James A, physician
De Hart M H, country auditor
Donahue W C, real estate and loans
Ellis Wm, horse breeder
Farmers' Telephone Co, Robt Dorothy mngr
Fellows S L, live stock
Gazette Steve, confectioner
Gilchrist James R, ice and coal
Haney Wm S, sheriff
Harwood James W, lawyer
Houdescheldt L S, machinist
I O O F Library
Irish S E, lawyer
Kelley Wm, junk
Keosauqua Electric Light Co (municipal)
Keosauqua Lumber Co, H B Carroll mngr
Keosauqua Pickle Co, J J Wilson mngr
Keosauqua State Bank (capital $27,800), G W Davidson pres, J L Therme cashier
Keosauqua Water Works
Kepler C S, tailor
Lewis Drug Co
Lodwig E A, bakery
Lyric Theater, Jesse Parker propr
McClurg Frank M, dentist
Maltbie, Beer & Wright, genl store
Manning C J, coal
Manning Hotel
Manning Stanley W, cashr Manning's Bank
Manning's Bank, S W Manning cashier
Mathiah O D, hardware
Meek R E, county treasurer
Meredith Lizzie V, county supt of schools
Miller Craig K, tailer and florist
Minnich J W, tinners
Mounce A H, clerk of court
Newbold W B, lawyer
Overman James M, grocer
Parish T L, poultry and eggs
Pember C S, well driller
Peters A A & Co, general store
Prall George A, contractor
Republican The, Rowley & Landes publs
Rigsby Fred, garage
Rinaboyer J W, osteopath
Robinson Eva W, county recorder
Roush M F, garage
Rowley & Landes (John H Landes) publishers The Republican
Russell Charles R, physician
Secor A J, county agentt
Sherman Elmer E, physician
Sloan & Sloan (Robert and H B) lawyers
SMITH GEORGE F, Publishers State Line Democrat and Postmaster
Smith L E, jeweler
State Line Democrat, G F Smith publr
Stong Bros, notions
Strickling Joseph C, drugs
Therme J L, cash Keosauqua State Bank
Thomas Wm, livery
Trotter George, restaurant
Truock Abe, junk
Umphrey George D, veterinary surgeon
Union Opera House
Union Telephone Co, J W McIntosh mngr
Van Auken Allen, auctioneer
Van Buren Absttract Co, G R Buckles propr
Van Zant, E E, feed
Walker & McBeth (Wm M Walker, R R McBeth), lawyers
Weisegerber Louis, restaurant
Population. 50. On the Des Moines river. and on the C., R. I. & P. Ry., in Lick Creek township, Van Buren county, 6 miles n. of Keosauqua, the judicial seat, and usual banking point. Has a Methodist church. Tel., W. U. Exp, Am. Richard Skinner, postmaster.
Gilbert C W, saw mill and lumber
Herrman Diana Mrs, hotel
Maxwell S & Son, stone quarry
Mercer C R, r r and exp agt
Plowman L , live stock
SKINNER RICHARD, General Store and Postmaster
Strong Bros, general store
Population, 1,000. An incorporated town on the Burlington Route, in Jackson township, Van Buren county, 16 miles s. w. of Keosauqua, the judicial seat. Has Baptist, Christian, Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian churches, excellent educational facilities, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the Herald. Ships grain, seed, produce and live stock. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams.
Abolt J, cement sidewalks
Atkins D C, poultry and hides
Atkins Walter H, physician
Brody Philip, clothing and men's furnishings
Citizens' Bank (capital $25,000). J D Rowland pres, Wm F Edmonson cashier
Cooley Bros (James and Frank), livery
Edmondson Wm F, cashier Citizens' Bank
Engler H C, harness
Gibson Chan, jeweler
Guernsey Newsome R, publr Milton Herald
Hill H C, stationery
Hitchcock F E, poultry
Holland Elisha C, cattle breeder
Hoskins McManis & Co, grocers
Isenhour L C, grain and coal
Johnson L M, meats
Jolly Hardware Co
Jolly Ruth, photographer
Lemon B F Mrs, bakery and restr
Linbury W A, wagonmaker
McClurg Curtis, dentist
McElrop H B, cigars
Maggie A H, grocer
Miller Harry, restaurant
Milton Opera House
Milton Herald, N E Guernsey publr
Milton Independent Telephone Co
Milton Lumber Co, lumber, coal and grain
Mitchell & Son, broom mnfrs
Moon W D, garage and auto repairer
National Bank of Milton (capital $25,000), H C Tayor pres, U G Rice cashier
Norman & Warner, drugs
Price G W, clothing and men's furngs
Randolph J M, automobiles and garage
Randolph R H, cement blocks
Real Thomas, harness
Rice U G, cashr National Bank of Milton
Rinaberger S H, drugs
Rowland Bros (Robert R and Jonathan D), general store
Stevenson C N, physician
Talbott Mayme C Mrs, milliner
Teeter George, restaurant
Thompson Stella Mrs, hotel
Toops L E, feed barn
Wagler Bros, furn and undertkrs
Zuhlke Warner H, jeweler
Population, 375. On the Fox river and on the Burlington Route, in Vernon township, Van Buren county, 10 miles south of Keosauqua, the judicial seat. Has Christian and Methodist churches, and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams.
Cassady H J, poultry and eggs
Dill J H, blacksmith
Drummond A A, restaurant and meats
Hamilton R F, blacksmith
Hotel Sterling, J R Hornbaker propr
Jenkins J H Mrs, variety store
Keeler John W, produce
Kerr J W, general store, wagons and grain
McNamar W L, furniture
Mt Sterling Drug Co
Mt Sterling Lumber Co
Mt Sterling Savings Bank (capital $10,000), J A Johnson pres, W B Welch cashr
Parish & Kerr, undertakers
Park Bros, livery
Park O D, garage
Parsons E J, jeweler and garage
Raucher H R, hardware and farm implements
Roberts A L, drugs
Shriver L W, feed mill
Smith S A, livery and feed
Toben Russel D, physician
Welch W B, cashr Mt Sterling Savings Bank
Wolfe C C & Co, real estate and meats
Population, 120. On the C., R. I. & P. Ry., in Van Buren township, and county, 4 1/2 miles north of Keosauqua, the judicial seat and nearest banking point. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. J. H. Wiley, postmaster.
Downard B F, coal miner
Farmers' Telephone Co
Fulton H H, exp and tel agt
Meyers C, restaurantt
Sluttts John, wagonmaker
Union Telephone Co
WILEY J H, Fruit Grower and Postmaster
Population, 150. On the Des Moines river and on the C.. R. I. & P. Ry., in village township. VanBuren county. 18 miles n. w. of Keosauqua, the judicial seat. Has a Methodist Episcopal church and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Mrs. M. J. Stump, postmaster.
Adams A B, printer and real estate
Archibald C E, general store
Boldun John A, live stock
Harlan Mark T, restaurant
Harrison J E, poultry
Harrison Oliver, coal miner
Hill W E, cashr Selma Savings Bank
Hughes O B, general store, grain and lumber
Jones John A, garage
Michael Ed, live stock
Michael Will, live stock
Riggs J W, live stock
Ritz Henry W, agrl implts
Robinson C, r r, exp and tel agt
Selma Savings Bank (cap $10,000), Will Michael pres, W E Hill cashr
Stearns L W, cement
STUMP M J MRS, Postmaster
Waterman Coal Co
Population, 400. On the Burlington Route, in Cedar township, Van Buren county, 15 1/2 miles n. e. of Keosauqua, the judicial seat. Has Christian, Friends and Methodist Episcopal churches, a bank and a weekly newspaper, the News. Exp., Adams Tel., W. U. Gus Anderson, postmaster.
ANDERSON GUS, Postmaster
Berry W A, architect
Calhoun C L, auto livery
Clark L L, billiards
Farmers' Telephone Co
Fickle & Holiday, garage and machine shop
Graber Fred J, physician
HARLAN ISAIAH, Justice of the Peace, Notary, Insurance, Loans, Real Estate and Collections
Hawkins & Davidson, furniture and undertakers
Hiatt A R Mrs, milliner
Hutchinson Lumber Co
Lawson Wm, blacksmith
Miller George W, county supervisor
Morriss S C & H J, horse breeders
Morriss & Morriss, physicians
Mott M C, cashier Stockport Savings Bank
Pratt & Gardner, grocery and meats
Rhymas F A, real estate and live stock
Russell & Mathews, general store
Silver J A & Co, grocer, poultry and produce
Silver J C, hog breeder
Simpkins Frank, grain and live stock
Smith Bros, general store
Stockport Brick & Tile Factory
Stockport Creamery
Stockport Drug Co, A R Hiatt propr
Stockport News, H R Tillotson publr
Stockport Opera House, C B Wheatley mngr
Stockport Savings Bank (capital $25,000), J H McCarty pres, M C Mott cashr
Stump Fred, restr and soft drinks
Tillotson H R, publr Stockport News
Union Telephone Co
White Andrew, hotel
Workman R A, hardware and electric light plant
Workman & Yost, coal, grain and live stock
Zimmerman J L, r r, exp and tel agt

Transcribed by volunteer Rich Lowe

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