Van Buren County

1895 Iowa Population Census

The 1895 Iowa Population Census is of great value to genealogy researchers due to the lack of an 1890 Federal Census, which was destroyed by fire. The 1895 Iowa Census represented the status of households as of Jan. 1, 1895. In addition, the census enumerator was instructed as follows:

"If any member of the family has died since January 1, 1895, the same should be entered and described as if living. Persons born in the year 1894 and having died before January 1, 1895, should be included and their names enclosed thus ( ), with "B. D." added. Persons who have died in 1894, and having been born previous to January 1, 1894, should be included and their names enclosed thus ( ), with "D" added, and the same entries made in other columns as if living. No child born since January 1, 1895, should be enumerated."

Bonaparte Twp. Completed
   Bonaparte Town-Bonaparte Twp. Completed
Cedar Twp. Completed
Chequest Twp. Completed
Des Moines Twp. Completed
Farmington Twp. Completed
   Farmington Town-Farmington Twp Completed
Harrisburg Twp. Completed
Jackson Twp. Completed
   Cantril Town-Jackson Twp. Completed
   Milton Town-Jackson Twp.  
Lick Creek Twp  
Union Twp.  
Van Buren Twp.  
Vernon Twp.


Village Twp.  
Washington Twp.