Maj. J.C. McCrary spoke with feeling of the deceased members
who passed away in the last 2 years.

August 17, 1887 Pioneer Meeting

Transcribed by volunteer Sherri Meck

AGIRO - Hannah Agiro born in Keosauqua, in 1842, died March 3, 1886. She left a husband and family of small children to mourn their loss.

BEATTY - Henry Beatty, of Irish descent, came to the county in 1844, settle in Des Moines township. He was a farmer, died July 17, 1887, and was an honest personable citizen.

BECHTEL - Stephen Bechtel, Union Tp., came to Iowa in 1841, died March 25, 1887 having the esteem of all his neighbors.

BOWMAN - Samuel Bowman came to Iowa in 1849; in 1862 he moved to Clark county, Mo.; he died Feb. 1st, 1886; he was a warm hearted, genial friend and neighbor and took great interest in pioneer meetings.

BOYER - Jacob Boyer came from Pennsylvania to Iowa in 1842, died July 17, 1886 being near 70 years of age. He was a model farmer and had a place for everything and every thing in its place. In all business matters his word was his bond but he is gone leaving a wife and three children to mourn their loss.

BROCK - Fenton Brock came to Iowa in 1843, located in Farmington, was a hotel keeper and quite familiarly known in this county. He died in Farmington on the 6th day of April 1887.

BROWN - David Brown came to Iowa in 1838 and died Nov. 23, 1886, in Chequest tp. He was a good man.

CHENEY - E.J. Cheney came to the state in 1846, died in Keosauqua on the 29, day of November 1885. He was a carpenter by trade, a fine workman, a quiet good citizen respected by all who knew him.

CHRISTY - Thomas Christy came to this county in 1842 with his parents, settled in Bonaparte, went to California in 1850, elected Sheriff in 1853, elected Supervisor in 1872, to the Legislature in 1875, died July 11, 1887. Mr. Christy was a gentleman of fine social qualities always affable and pleasant, strictly honest but he too was gone, and greatly missed at Bonaparte.

DALTON - Nancy Dalton came to Van Buren County in 1837 and settle in Farmington. Her first husband's name was Lawson G. Jones; she was subsequently married to John Dalton, her former husband having died in 1846. She died in Vernon, July 10, 1885, at the age of 75 years.

GAMES - John Osceola Games was born in Keosauqua in 1846 died in Bloomfield Sept. 30, 1886. He was the son of the late Dr. G.W. Games, and leaves a wife and four little children to mourn their loss.

HARDY - Of Alameda Hardy, I have not been able to get the exact date of her coming. She died June 3, 1887. She was a quiet mother and had the misfortune of losing her husband many years ago.

HENRY - S.S. Henry located in Bentonsport July 4th 1838. The deceased was born in New Hampshire Dec. 24, 1805, and died March 25, 1885 in the 81, year of his age. He was above the average of men in point of intellect, he was generally well posted and gave his views without fear, favor, or affection. As a citizen he was strictly honest, kind as a neighbor. His life and manhood were spent here and he left many kind and sympathetic neighbors and six children to mourn their loss.

HILLIS - Mrs. Ed. Hillis, the wife of the late Ed. Hillis, died May 19, 1886. She was a woman much loved by all who knew her.

IZENHOUR - Caleb Izenhour came to Iowa 1840 and died Sept. 24, 1886. He was a quiet good man, although not brilliant yet solid and practical, such was develope the resources of the country.

JOHNSTON - David Johnston came to Iowa in 1842, died Oct. 8, 1885. He was a son of James Johnston and ex-sheriff of Van Buren county and was 57 years of age.

KERR - Christopher Kerr came to Iowa in 1849, and died July 9, 1886 aged 69.

KINNERSLY - J.J. Kinersly came to Iowa in 1841. He was an Englishman by birth, was a resident of Keosauqua, as most of you know. He built up for himself a fine reputation as a good honest citizen and died Nov. 26, 1886, loved by all who knew him.

LANGFORD - Anderson Langford came to Iowa in 1837, died March 25, 1886. The deceased was a farmer of Des Moines township and honest industrious man universally respected. His first wife preceded him many years ago. He left a second wife and children to mourn their loss.

LOWE - Esther Lowe came to Iowa in 1846 and died Nov. 30, 1885. I had no personal acquaintance with her.

McCRARY - James McCrary came to Iowa in 1837, settled in Van Buren county, died Sept. 23, 1885. He was born in Iredell county, North Carolina, Nov. 22, 1797, he removed with his parents to Indiana territory in 1812. Nov. 21, 1821 he was married to Matilda Forest. The lived together 57 years, raised a large family, six still living. She preceded him to the spirit world. He was nearly 88 years old at the time of his death. He left the world suddenly and I believe without an enemy.

McCRARY - Samuel McCrary came to Iowa in 1843, died May 20, 1887 aged 46 years. The deceased was a quiet, industrious citizen, honest and much respected by his neighbors.

McPHERRIN - Minerva McPherrin came to Iowa in 1842, died June 7, 1887. She was an excellent woman, made no effort at show or style, but strove to be practically good. (incomplete)

MARRIOTT - William Marriott came to Van Buren county in 1849, died March 19, 1886. He was a man that paid strict attention to his business and not very apt to meddle with the business of other, he made no effort for show or distinction but to be a plain honest farmer, and he succeeded well.

MEEK - Dr. S.G. Meek, of Farmington, came to Iowa over 40 years ago, died Oct. 17, 1886. He was a man much respected, both personally and professionally, but he too is gone.

MILLER - Daniel Miller was one of the earliest settlers in the county. I have not been able to get the precise date of his coming. He died March 15, 1887 in Chequest township, being 102 years and 8 months old.

PENDER - Robert Pender came to Iowa in 1845, and died December 7, 1885.

PORTER - Charles Porter was one of the early settlers of Lick Creek township, died January 14, 1887. Mr. Porter was a Tanner, he was an excellent citizen, respected by all who knew him.

PUGH - Annanias Pugh one of the oldest settlers in Chequest township, who was overlooked last meeting, died December 1883. I failed to get his age. Supposed to be in 80.

REAM - Mrs. Margaret Ream came to this state in 1845, settled in Van Buren Township. She was the wife of the late Jacob Ream and the mother of our fellow citizen Benjamin Ream. She died Nov. 31 '85'.

SHEPHERD - Zarina Shepherd came to this county in 1839, died March 4, 1887. The deceased was a good wife and mother. Was the wife of Dr. N. Shepherd of Washington township. She was a true mother having the confidence of all who knew her.

SMITH - Sarah W. Smith of Farmington came to Iowa in 1838, died March 2, 1886 aged 83.

STEVENS - Died in Bentonsport, Iowa, Dec. 10, 1885, Mrs. Sally Q. Stevens, aged 75 years and 12 days. She came to Iowa in April 1845 and settled in Van Buren county. She was loved by all who knew her.

STRUBLE - Mrs. Louisa Struble, of Des Moines township, died August 5, 1887, aged 78 years. Her husband preceded her several years.

TACKABERRY - F.J. Tackaberry came to Iowa in 1842; he was an Irishman by birth, possessed largely that fraternal feeling which is characteristic of his countrymen. He was both genial and hospitable. He died on the 7, day of March 1886.

THATCHER - Mrs. Virginia Thatcher came to Iowa in 1849, was born June 24, 1847, was married March 19, 1857, died March 16 1887 aged 50 years. She was the daughter of Wm. P. Lippencott and the wife of A.H. Thatcher. She was the mother of two children, a model wife and mother, but she has passed away.

TOWER - Oramel Tower came to Farmington in 1837, died in Ottumwa, (IA) June 16, 1886, aged 87 years.

TRITES - Lewis Trites came to Iowa in 1845, he was a tanner, conducted that business for Dr. Games for many years, was strictly honest and industrious. Died at peace with all men, having the respect of all who knew him.

VALENTINE - Obadiah Valentine came to Van Buren county in 1840, subsequently removed to Mo., died in 1886. He was a good old gentleman, much respected by all who knew him.

WILSON - Benjamin Wilson came to Iowa in 1845, died July 10, 1885 in his 81 year. Mr. Wilson was a man very much esteemed by all who knew him, both in church and state. His wife and children survive.

Source: Van Buren Co. Genealogical Society Obituary Book G, Pages 99 & 100, Keosauqua Public Library, Keosauqua, IA

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