1875 Atlas

1875 Atlas Van Buren Co. Iowa Patron Listing

Resident Residence BusinessNativity Came to StatePost Office
Baxter, M. D.MiltonPostmasterUnion Co., Ohio 1852Milton
Bauch, C.MiltonFurniture Mnfr. And Dir.Hanover, Ger 1849Milton
Brown, T.M.Section 10FarmerScotland Co., Mo 1861Lebanon
Carr, J.W.MiltonMerchantFranklin Co., Ohio 1853Milton
Creath, M.C.Section 26FarmerMadison Co., Ohio 1850Cantril
Cantril, L.W.CantrilMerchantLogan Co., Ohio 1839Cantril
Crooks, C.L.CantrilPhysician and SurgeonNoble Co., Ohio 1858Cantril
Daughters, I.J.MiltonTeacherRipley Co., Ind 1857Milton
Drummond Mart VMiltonGrocerOhio 1854Milton
Edmondson, W.F.Section 5FarmerHenry Co., Ind 1846Oak Pn't
Edmonds, B.F.CantrilChair ManufacturerRoss Co., Ohio 1864Cantril
Faeth, ConradMiltonCarriage and Wagon MnfrLee Co., Iowa 1841Milton
Foster, HarveySection 11FarmerHamilton Co., O 1860Lebanon
Grady, J.W.Section 10FarmerHighland Co., O 1873Milton
Holland, Wm. W.Section 20FarmerSussex Co., Del 1840Milton
Holmes, Hugh F.Section 14FarmerBourbon Co., Ky 1858Lebanon
Harbin, SquireSection 15FarmerClinton Co., Ohio 1842Milton
Hagler, D.B.Section 28FarmerMadison Co., Ill 1864Milton
Hargrove, J.Q.Section 8FarmerHancock Co., Ill 1854Milton
Holland, J.C.Section 8FarmerSussex Co., Del 1840Milton
Holder, A.F.CantrilGrain and Stock DealerBarbour Co., W.Va 1851Cantril
Hosick, JohnCantrilLimber DealerGuernsey Co., Ohio 1854Cantril
Hoskins, OmarSection 36FarmerMorgan Co, Ohio 1839Cantril
Hanks, J.W.CantrilLivery and Sale StableBedford Co., Pa. 1871Cantril
Leaverton, JamesSection 15Far. & Stock BreederWayne Co., Ind. 1850Milton
McManis, JamesMiltonProprietor Jackson HouseRush Co., Ind 1858Milton
McLean, A.A. & SonMiltonAgl. Imp's, Hardwre & TinwareFayette Co., Pa 1855Milton
Mitchell, Mary M.Section 18FarmerPreston co., W.Va. 1857Milton
McIntire, SarahSection 16FarmerShenandoah Co., Va 1856Milton
Mosher, C.E.Section 12FarmerWindsor Co., Vt 1854Cantril
Miller, ChristianMiltonProp'r Milton Flour MillsCanada 1855Milton
Marson, A.L.MiltonProp'r Milton Pump and Lightning Rod Co.VanBuren Co. Iowa 1848Milton
Nagle, JacobCantrilProprietor Nagle HouseBelmont Co., Ohio 1846Cantril
Price, T.J.Section 15FarmerBarron Co., Ky 1839Cantril
Pitman, S.B.Section 2FarmerLaurel Co., Ky 1835Cantril
Russell, Wm.D.MiltonMerchantSussex Co., Del 1846Milton
Russell, James A.MiltonMerchantSussex Co., Del 1846Milton
Robinson, D.A.Section 3FarmerSaratoga Co, N.Y. 1856Milton
Robertson, W.M.CantrilPhysician and SurgeonHolmes Co., Ohio 1839Cantril
Schwachheim, Thomas F.CantrilBlacksmithLee Co., Iowa 1850Cantril
Summers, L.F.MiltonPhysician Scotland Co., Mo 1872Milton
Stott, Chas.Section 13FarmerVan Buren Co., Ia 1847Cantril
Stewart, MorganSection 34FarmerOhio Co., W.Va 1854Cantril
Smith, JacobSection 8FarmerColumbia Co., Pa 1837Cantril
Tuley, CarolineSection 27FarmerColumbiana Co., O 1844Cantril
Troths, W.J. & BroCantrilWagon and Carriage MnfrOhio and Illinois 1874Cantril
Van Fleet, AaronSection 14FarmerFranklin Co., Ohio 1841Cantril
Vanfleet, Thos.Section 14FarmerVan Buren Co., Ia 1848Cantril
Vinson, H.B.Section 25FarmerMercer Co., Ohio 1841Cantril
Worley, A.H.Section 19FarmerFayette Co., Pa 1860Milton
Wilson, G.W.Section 16Farmer and Stock BreederMorgan Co., Ohio 1847Milton
Wilson, JosiahSection 11FarmerDearborn Co., Ind 1848Lebanon
Wilson, D.L.Section 12FarmerDearborn Co., Ind 1849Lebanon
Westcott, V.MiltonProp'r Southwestern HotelMorgan Co, Ohio 1850Milton
Warner, Isaac N.Section 26Farmer & Stock BreederScoharie Co., N.Y. 1838Cantril
Williams, J.H.CantrilFurniture DealerCrawford Co., Pa 1867Cantril
ResidentResidence BusinessNativity Came to StatePost Office
Adams, S.A.IndependentGeneral MerchandseHolmes Co., Ohlo 1848Hickory
Avery, J.T. & P.Section 6FarmerWhite Co., Tenn 1839Hickory
Barker, Peter J.IndependentSpeculatorBelmont, N.Y. 1842Hickory
Baker, Geo. A.IndependentPhys. And SurgeonJackson Co., Ohio 1868Hickory
Baldwin, E.T.Section 2FarmerBelmont Co., Ohio 1845Hickory
Crawford, JamesDoud's StationPhys. And SurgeonPerry Co., Ohio 1844Doud's Sta'n
Casner, Benj.Section15FarmerGuernsey Co., O 1849Hickory
Doud, Eliab.Section 26FarmerLuzerne Co., Pa. 1843Doud's Sta'n
Doud, DavidSection 26FarmerLuzerne Co., Pa. 1841Doud's Sta'n
Evans, David J.Doud's StationWagon & Plow Mfr.Washington Co., Pa 1845Doud's Sta'n
Elerick, JamesDoud's StationFarmerBelmont Co., Ohio 1854Doud's Sta'n
Elerick, G.W.Section 8FarmerBelmont Co., Ohio 1849Hickory
Findlay, AlexSection 29Farmer &Coal Dlr.Ayrshire, Scotland 1855Doud's Sta'n
Findlay, AgnesSection 29TeacherAlleghany Co., Md. 1855Doud's Sta'n
Hinkle, AbramSection 17FarmerPendleton Co., W.Va. 1870Hickory
Harlan, J.B.IndependentAgt K.&D.M.R.R.Clark Co., Mo. 1854Hickory
Herriman, C.H.IndependentMnfr & Repairer of Plows and WagonsTuscarawas Co., O 1844Hickory
Huckleberry, F.N.IndependentCuston MillVan Buren Co., Ia. 1850Hickory
Jackson, J.O.Doud's StationAgt K.&D.M.R.R.Van Buren Co., Ia. 1853Doud's Sta'n
Jackson, John T.Section 16FarmerBelmont Co., Ohio 1846Hickory
Kellogg, Theo. D.Doud's StationPhys. And SurgeonCanada East 1866Doud's Sta'n
Mix, W.H.IndependentDry Goods and Grocs.Wyoming Co., N.Y. 1867Hickory
Michael, J.H.Section 18FarmerWapello Co., Iowa 1846Hickory
Martin, JuliusSection 18FarmerVan Buren Co., Ia. 1839Hickory
Miller, JohnSection 25FarmerVan Buren Co., Ia. 1841Doud's Sta'n
McCullough, A.Section 23FarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind 1849Doud's Sta'n
Nelson, IsaacSection 6FarmerPendleton Co., W.Va. 1836Hickory
Nutt, OwenSection 13FarmerBirmingham Eng 1841Doud's Sta'n
Nelson, J.W.Section 6FarmerPendleton Co., W.Va. 1838Hickory
Overturff, J.T.IndependentStock DealerFayette Co., Pa 1850Hickory
Perry, DanielSection 30FarmerClinton Co., Pa 1849Hickory
Rosser, Geo. N.Section 30FarmerFauquier Co., Va 1838Hickory
Smith, HopkinsIndependentGrocerCrawford Co., Il 1852Hickory
Smith, RankinIndependentPhys. And SurgeonCrawford Co., Il 1852Hickory
Stokes, O.O.Section 1FarmerVan Buren Co., Ia. 1843Doud's Sta'n
Walker, J.M.Section 4FarmerVan Buren Co., Ia. 1840Hickory
Walker, Joseph E.Section 11FarmerVan Buren Co., Ia. 1853Hickory
Walker, George, B.Section 14FarmerChampaign Co., Ill 1859Doud's Sta'n
Young, James F.Section 3FarmerVan Buren Co., Ia. 1850Hickory
ResidentResidence BusinessNativity Came to StatePost Office
Ayers, W.E.Section 9FarmerFayette Co., Pa 1844Utica
Bell, J.H.Section 33FarmerAuburn, N.Y. 1840Bonaparte
Christian, A.J.Section 13FarmerHawkins Co., Tenn 1838Bonaparte
Cass, LeroySection 18FarmerChautauqua Co., N.Y. 1854Pierceville
Dodds, D.J.Section 9FarmerJefferson Co., Ill 1851Bonaparte
Drakes, JosephSection 3FarmerEngland 1848Utica
Ely, John W.Section 8FarmerHampshire Co., VA 1869Utica
Fritsinger, JacobblankFarmerWayne Co., Ohio 1848Bonaparte
Fitzgerald, A.Section 17FarmerPittsylvania Co., Va 1837Bentonsport
Gilbert, H.P.Section 31FarmerMonroe Co., Ind 1837Bentonsport
Horn, H.N.Section 1FarmerWashington Co., Pa 1857Hillsboro'gh
Hervey, W.A.Section 2FarmerJefferson Co., N.Y. 1852Hillsboro'gh
Horn, Wm. H.Section 35FarmerButler Co., Ohio 1855Bonaparte
Israel, J.D.Section 4FarmerButler Co., Ohio 1843Utica
Jewett, N.A.Section 5FarmerJefferson Co., N.Y. 1839Pierceville
King, MartinblankFarmerIreland 1850Bonaparte
Keck, HenrySection 5FarmerWestmorel'd Co., Pa 1849Utica
Leffler, JacobSection 19FarmerVan Buren Co., Iowa 1845Bentonsport
Leffler, MansuetSection 17FarmerBaden, Germany 1837Bentonsport
Leffler, JamesSection 18FarmerVan Buren Co., Iowa 1845Bentonsport
Lyon, JohnSection 7FarmerSaratoga Co., N.Y. 1839Pierceville
Miller, Geo. W.Section 26FarmerFayette Co., Pa 1857Bonaparte
Martin, A.Section 14FarmerTaylor Co., Va 1849Bonaparte
McCullough, D.C.Section 4FarmerCumberland Co., Pa 1855Utica
McLain, RobertSection 8FarmerCarroll Co., Ohio 1860Pierceville
Mahler, Maximi'nSection 32FarmerGermany 1865Bentonsport
Pease, J.B.Section 24Farmer and MchtWashington Co., Pa 1851Big Mound
Piper, JohnSection 12FarmerFayette Co., Pa 1857Bonaparte
Proper, Lewis W.Section 15FarmerTompkins Co., N.Y. 1843Bonaparte
Proper, O.C.Section 14FarmerTompkins Co., N.Y. 1847Bonaparte
Pring, Thos. R.Section 17FarmerChampaign Co., O 1856Pierceville
Rounkles, John P.Section 26FarmerMaryland 1858Big Mound
Russell, SamuelSection 27Farmerblank 1850Bonaparte
Randall, J.M.Section 6PhysicianFulton Co., Ill 1869Utica
Sprankle, Wm. U.blankFarmerAdams Co., Pa 1869Bonaparte
Steele, HenrySection 3FarmerFayette Co., Pa 1857Hillsboro'gh
Vale, Jacob G.Section 15FarmerYork Co., Pa 1850Bonaparte
Wallingford, Wm. H.Section 26FarmerWarren Co., Ill 1867Bonaparte
Woods, A.H.Section 31FarmerWest Virgina 1837Bentonsport
ResidentResidence BusinessNativity Came to StatePost Office
Brooker, W.H.BonaparteProb Marble WorksVan Buren Co., Iowa 1847Bonaparte
Boyer, T.W.BonaparteMerchantMuskingum Co., O 1854Bonaparte
Bateman, W.BonaparteRetiredEngland 1845Bonaparte
Cheney, Geo. L.BonaparteMfr & Jobber of Plymouth Buck Gloves and MittensGrafton Co, N.H. 1860Bonaparte
Corwin, W.E.BonaparteMerchantVan Buren Co., Iowa 1840Bonaparte
Clark, Wm.Section 6FarmerFayette Co., Pa 1853Bentonsport
Cresap, R.T.BonapartePro. Bonaparte Billiard ParlorsMaryland 1856Bonaparte
Christian, A.L.BonaparteStock DealerMcMinn Co., Tenn 1838Bonaparte
Christy & JohnsonBonaparteMerchantsOhio 1842 & 1837Bonaparte
Custer, John L.BonaparteMnfr. Patent Grass Seed CleanerTuscarawas Co., O 1845Bonaparte
Entler & MeekBonaparteMfr. And Wholesale Dlrs in Furniture, Sash, Doors & BlindsEstablished 1868Bonaparte
Entler & BrownBonaparteMnfrs. Cooking and Heathing Stoves and Roofing MaterialsEstablished 1874Bonaparte
Frankel, SamuelBonaparteJeweler & WatchmkrPrussia 1868Bonaparte
Hanback & WilsonBonapartePropr's PotteryEstablished 1867Bonaparte
Meek & Bros.BonaparteProps. Woolen and Flouring MillsOhio & Michigan 1837Bonaparte
Meek, Wm.BonaparteMerchantVan Buren Co., Iowa 1849Bonaparte
Rees & RiggleBonaparteCarriage & Wagon ManufacturersWales and Ohio 1854 & 1870Bonaparte
Ryland, B.D.BonaparteSuperin't Bonaparte Flour MillBrook Co., Va 1869Bonaparte
Robison, J.R.BonaparteProprietor Tonsorial ParlorsVirginia 1863Bonaparte
Rigler, F. & C.Section 6FarmerGermany 1845Bentonsport
Smith, Geo. F.BonaparteNewspaper PublisherSt.Lawrence Co., NY 1869Bonaparte
Shipley, James G.BonapartePostmasterPhiladelphia, Pa 1857Bonaparte
Thompson, DavidSection 17FarmerLincoln Co., Me 1857Bonaparte
ResidentResidence BusinessNativity Came to StatePost Office
Alcorn, James A.Mt. SterlingMerchantIreland 1855Mt.Sterling
Bowman Bros.Mt. SterlingMerchantKnox Co. Mo 1866Mt.Sterling
Bradford, H.E.Mt. SterlingMerchantHillsboro Co., N.H. 1847Mt.Sterling
Blackledge, Sam'lSection 9FarmerColumbiana Co., O 1840Mt.Sterling
Bruster, IsabellaSection 20FarmerHamilton Co., O 1844Keosauqua
Brower, DavidSection 27FarmerPreble Co., Ohio 1849Vernon
Cabley, Wm. C.C.Section 23FarmerJackson Co., Ohio 1851Vernon
Davis, A.H.Mt. SterlingGrain & Ag'l Imp'tsMorgan Co., Ohio 1846Mt.Sterling
DeHart, GeoSection 29FarmerCanada 1839Mt.Sterling
Ellis, GeorgeSection 22FarmerSullivan Co., N.Y. 1839Vernon
Henninger, Val'tneSection 17FarmerTuscarawas Co., O 1859Keosauqua
Kingsbury, David D.Section 19FarmerVan Buren Co., Ia 1853Keosauqua
Lawhead, R.J.Section 27FarmerLogan Co. Ohio 1875Vernon
Lippincott, Wm. P.Section 27FarmerGloucester Co., N.J. 1840Vernon
Lineweaver, Geo. P.Section 26FarmerLebanon Co., Pa 1847Vernon
Madden, ThosSection 31FarmerIreland 1841Mt.Sterling
Muir, W.P.Section 35FarmerPhiladelphia, Pa 1840Vernon
Pettit, EdwinSection 9FarmerKentucky 1836Mt.Sterling
Phillips, IraSection 19Fruit and NurseryMadison Co., Ohio 1843Keosauqua
Peterson, RalphSection 19FarmerAdams Co., Ohio 1839Keosauqua
Rockefellow, Dew'tSection 28FarmerOrange Co., N.Y. 1869Mt.Sterling
Snare, GeorgeSection 31FarmerArmstrong Co., Pa 1849Mt.Sterling
Stover, JacobSection 5FarmerMontgomery Co., O 1847Mt.Sterling
Simmons, DavidSection 26FarmerMiami Co, Ohio 1857Vernon
Simmons, MichaelSection 36FarmerMiami Co, Ohio 1857Willit's St'n
Story, GeorgeSection 27FarmerVan Buren Co., Ia 1840Vernon
Thatcher, I.B.Mt. SterlingLumber and Grain DirClinton Co., Ohio 1839Mt.Sterling
Thatcher, Aaron H.Mt. SterlingBlacksmithClinton Co., Ohio 1839Mt.Sterling
Taylor, FrederickSection 19Farmer & PhysicianEngland 1857Keosauqua
Thompson, HiramSection 25FarmerOxford Co., Mo 1840Vernon
Thompson, OtisSection 25FarmerOxford Co., Mo 1840Vernon
Warren, JosephSection 30Stock RaiserIreland 1854Keosauqua
Willits, Isaac N.Section 28FarmerWayne Co., Ind 1842Vernon
Wolf, James M.Section 34FarmerOxford Co., Mo 1851Mt.Sterling
ResidentResidence BusinessNativity Came to StatePost Office
Beaman, D.C.KeosauquaAttorney at LawLawrence Co., O 1844Keosauqua
Bonney, J.H.Section 19FarmerSteuben Co., N.Y. 1839Keosauqua
Brown, AlexKeosauquaCounty AuditorLuzerne Co., Pa 1842Keosauqua
Brown, John G.KeosauquaCashier of BankAlbany, N.Y. 1843Keosauqua
Bleakmore, Jno. B.KeosauquaDruggistMoundsvulle, W.V. 1859Keosauqua
Baldwin, ChasKeosauquaAttorney at LawGuernsey Co., Ohio 1841Keosauqua
Bell, JamesKeosauquaBlankKentucky 1836Keosauqua
Clayton, James H.Section 27FarmerPerry Co., Ohio 1836Keosauqua
Clarke, R.L.KeosauquaCounty TreasurerPortage Co., Ohio 1856Keosauqua
Duffield, Geo. C.Section 22FarmerJefferson Co., Ohio 1837Pittsburg
Duffield, JamesSection 21FarmerJefferson Co., Ohio 1837Pittsburg
Fletcher, Chas. H.KeosauquaPres. St. L., K. & St. P.R.RClark Co., Ohio 1837Keosauqua
Groome, W.S.Section 31FarmerFranklin Co., Ohio 1839Lebanon
Henry, George A.KeosauquaPublisherBedford Co., Pa 1851Keosauqua
Jackson, JonathanSection 23FarmerVan Buren Co., Iowa 1845Keosauqua
Knapp, Joseph C.KeosauquaDistrict JusgeBerlin, Vermont 1843Keosauqua
Kinersly, Jas. J.KeosauquaMcht Grist MillEngland 1839Keosauqua
Lea, RutledgeKeosauquaAttorney at LawGreenfield, Ohio 1855Keosauqua
Leach, Wm.Section 11FarmerWashington Co., Va 1840Killbourne
Martin, A.Section 17FarmerHillsboro Co., N.H. 1836Mount Zion
Moore, H.H.KeosauquaPostmasterBedford Co., Pa 1846Keosauqua
Manning, EdwinKeosauquaMerchant & BankerTolland Co., Ct 1838Keosauqua
Myers, M.M.Section 25FarmerLoudon Co., Va 1843Keosauqua
Park, J.Section 15FarmerWashington Co., Va 1846Pittsburg
Shane, John W.KeosauquaSheriffJefferson Co., Ohio 1856Keosauqua
Sloan, Joshua S.KeosauquaMerchant Chester Co., Pa 1852Keosauqua
Stidger, Geo.KeosauquaPhysician & SurgeonJefferson Co., Ohio 1850Keosauqua
Seaman, Robt.Section 12FarmerWarren Co., Ind 1839Keosauqua
Trimble, D.P.KeosauquaHarness & SaddleryPreston Co., Va 1870Keosauqua
ResidentResidence BusinessNativity Came to StatePost Office
Bailey, James F.Section 26FarmerBelmont Co., Ohio 1850Bentonsport
Burton, John W.Section 34FarmerScott Co., Ky 1836Bentonsport
Edmonson, H.B.Section 26FarmerKentucky 1844Bentonsport
Keck, Peter R.Section 34FarmerWestmorel'd Co. Pa 1846Bentonsport
McCune, Alex S.Section 12Retired FarmerCumberland Co. Pa 1857Pierceville
Morris, S.M.Section 13FarmerHarlan Co. Ky 1838Bentonsport
Shepherd, NathanSection 27FarmerJefferson Co. Ohio 1839Bentonsport
Shepherd, F.O.Section 22FarmerClermont Co., Ohio 1839Bentonsport
Siddorn, ThomasSection 16FarmerEngland 1956Bentonsport
Walker, Benj.Section 24FarmerButler Co., Ohio 1850Bentonsport
ResidentResidence BusinessNativity Came to StatePost Office
Blackledge, H.Section 35Farmer & Stk. DlrColumbiana Co., O 1845Mt. Sterling
Blackledge, EnochSection 35FarmerColumbiana Co., O 1845Mt. Sterling
Boston, AbnerSection 10FarmerVan Buren Co., Iowa 1844Keosauqua
Cretcher, M.Q.Section 11FarmerLogan Co., Ohio 1842Mt. Sterling
Cretcher, Wm.Section 9FarmerVan Buren Co., Iowa 1847Cantril
Downs, A.B.Section 4FarmerLoudon Co., Va 1841Cantril
Ellis, BradfordSection 9FarmerBourbon Co., Ky 1837Keosauqua
Gray, FrankSection 5FarmerCrawford Co., Oa 1867Pittsburg
Gray, P.A.Section 5FarmerTioga Co., N.Y. 1868Pittsburg
Hoskins, MontereySection 20FarmerVan Buren Co., Iowa 1849Cantril
Hilles, EdmundSection 4Farmer and J.P.Washington Co., Pa 1843Cantril
Jones, IraSection 15FarmerChampaign Co., O 1847Mt. Sterling
Kittle, D.H.UptonGen'l BlacksmithingRandolph Co., W.Va 1866Upton
Knox, WesleySection 4FarmerMorgan Co., Ohio 1856Mt. Sterling
McCance, JamesUptonPhysician & Surg'nLawrence Co., Pa 1856Upton
Miller, JohnSection 26Farmer & Stk. RaiserFulton Co., Il 1839Mt. Sterling
McCrary, SamuelSection 12FarmerHamilton Co., O 1842Keosauqua
Rider, E.H.Section 3FarmerKnox Co., Ohio 1856Mt. Sterling
Silver, J.M.Section 20FarmerVan Buren Co., Iowa 1849Cantril
Silver, DavidSection 18Far & Stk. RaiserHamilton Co., O 1849Cantril
Silver, JacobSection 29FarmerHamilton Co., O 1940Cantril
Tharp, Wm. M.Section 1Farmer & Stk. RaiserLewis Co., Va 1953Mt. Sterling
Teter, A.J.UptonMerchantSt. Clair Co., Ill 1848Upton
Woodin, HermanSection 16FarmerLitchfield Co., Ct 1845Cantril
Watkins, John F.Section 20FarmerWales 1861Keosauqua
(Post-office, Farmington)
ResidentResidence BusinessNativity Came to StatePost Office
Burg, LewisFarmingtonCarriage and Wagon MnfrBavaria 1853Farmington
Bowman & BoyerFarmingtonAgents Agricultureal Impl'mtsEstablished 1874Farmington
Cooley, M.H.FarmingtonPostmasterFranklin Co., Mass 1848Farmington
Campbell, J.A.FarmingtonMachine and Repair ShopLawrence Co., Ohio 1840Farmington
Cross, J.N.FarmingtonAgt. B.& S.W.R.R. & Am. Ex. CoFulton Co., Ill 1860Farmington
Carr, Peter C.Section 11FarmerMuskingum Co., Ohio 1849Farmington
Doeling, ChasFarmingtonCigar ManufacturerGermany 1848Farmington
Deane, E.C.FarmingtonMerchantBoston, Mass. 1857Farmington
French, John C.Section 10FarmerVan Buren Co., Iowa 1850Farmington
Gleckler, C.A.FarmingtonMerchantGermany 1856Farmington
Gray, R.B.Section 12FarmerMontgomery Co., Mo 1833Farmington
Griffith, O.FarmingtonBaker and ConfectioneryGeauga Co., Ohio 1848Farmington
Hurd, S.M. & SonFarmingtonProprietor Farmington MillsSteuben co., N.Y. 1869Farmington
King, AugustFarmingtonCarriage and Wagon Manuf'rGermany 1855Farmington
Lee, J.C.FarmingtonProprietor Union HotelBerks Co., Pa 1854Farmington
Lehmann, JohnFarmingtonTailorGermany 1837Farmington
Mooers, L.M.FarmingtonEditorKennebec Co., Me 1869Farmington
Moore, JohnFarmingtonSaloon and RestaurantVermillion Co., Ill 1848Farmington
McElroy, JohnSection 3FarmerMorgan Co., Ohio 1856Farmington
Poole, BentonSection 25FarmerLee Co., Iowa 1849Farmington
Rice, A.A.Section 1Civil EngineerMiddlesex Co., Mass 1854Farmington
Rice, J.W.FarmingtonGroceries and GlasswareMiddlesex Co., Mass 1839Farmington
Raddatz, G. & Co.FarmingtonGrocers & Commission Mchts.Hamburg 1874Farmington
Scott, O.H.P.Section 35ContractorWashington Co., Ohio 1855Farmington
Smith, Geo. W.Section 12FarmerWorcester Co., Mass 1838Farmington
Schafer, LudwigSection 35Prop'r Farmington BreweryGermany 1864Farmington
Therme, L.L. & SonFarmingtonDruggist and BooksellerFrance 1855Farmington
Tower, EsterSection 12FarmerNorfolk Co., Mass 1837Farmington
Whittail, Geo.FarmingtonProprietor Whittall HouseEngland 1836Farmington
Walker, A.C.FarmingtonFarmington FerryFayette Co., Indiana 1858Farmington
Whittock, F.W.FarmingtonPhys. And SurgeonGermany 1837Farmington
Warren, Chas.Section 3FarmerBurlington Co., N.J. 1845Farmington
Weekly, S.G.Section 11FarmerMuskingum Co., Ohio 1840Farmington
ResidentResidence BusinessNativity Came to StatePost Office
Bailey, G.T.Section 1FarmerKentucky 1837Bentonsport
Boyer, IsaacSection 8FarmerAdams Co., Pa 1850Vernon
Babb, SamuelSection 14FarmerWarren Co., Ohio 1836Vernon
Bradford, AlbertSection 13FarmerRhode Island 1843Vernon
Henry, VolneySection 10FarmerVan Buren Co., Iowa 1843Vernon
Phillips, AlbertSection 7FarmerChampaign Co., O 1843Keosauqua
ResidentResidence BusinessNativity Came to StatePost Office
Fry, A.A.WinchesterMerchantDelaware Co., O 1833Winchester
Fast, WilliamSection 8FarmerGreen Co., Pa 1857Birmingh'm
Huffman, H.Birmingh'mMerchantFloyd Co., Ind 1836Birmingh'm
Moss, C.L.Birmingh'mProp'r Birmingham MillsNew Haven Co., Ct. 1836Birmingh'm
Miller, Wm. K.Birmingh'mPhysicianLawrence Co., Ill 1865Birmingh'm
Parker, W.R.Birmingh'mEditor EnterpriseVan Buren Co., Ia 1852Birmingh'm
Pitkin, E.Birmingh'mBankerWashington Co., Vt 1847Birmingh'm
Shaw, J.N.Birmingh'mCheese Manufactu'rHerkimer co., N.Y. 1871Birmingh'm
Skinner, J.S.Section 19FarmerSeneca co., N.Y. 1838Birmingh'm
ResidentResidence BusinessNativity Came to StatePost Office
Askew, Wm.Section 33FarmerEngland 1857Utica
Day Bros.Section 32Fars. & St'k BreedersHamilton Co., O 1844Utica
Dow, Caleb W.Section 20FarmerGrafton Co., N.H. 1846Wilsonville
Helterbran, D.K.Section 27FarmerWestmorel'd Co., Pa 1856Hillsboro'gh
Keck, J.A.Section 32FarmerWestmorel'd Co., Pa 1846Utica
Lane, Francis H.Section 16Farmerblank 1839Wilsonville
Nixon, SamuelSection 31FarmerWayne Co., Ohio 1848Utica
Plumer, Wm. F.Section 34FarmerWashington Co., O 1856Bonaparte
Wentz, HenrySection 26FarmerGermany 1854Hillsboro'gh
ResidentResidence BusinessNativity Came to StatePost Office
Bott, AbelSection 32FarmerLewis Co., W.Va. 1839Doud's St'n
Doud, F.W.KilbourneAgt. K.& D.M.R.R.Van Buren Co., Ia 1852Kilbourne
Elerick, L.C.Section 22FarmerBelmont Co., Ohio 1855Birmingh'm
Greenfield, JasSection 6FarmerHarrison Co., Ohio 1855Doud's St'n
Glotfeity, NelsonSection 1DairymanSomerset Co., Pa 1846Birmingh'm
Lindsay, Otis W.Section 24FarmerVan Buren Co., Iowa 1852Birmingh'm
Porter, Chas.KilbourneFarmerDerbyshire, Eng 1844Kilbourne
Tower, J.H.Section 6FarmerHamilton Co., O 1848Doud's St'n
ResidentResidence BusinessNativity Came to StatePost Office
Bergen, S.R.LebanonPhys. And SurgeonJefferson Co., Ind 1839Lebanon
Hanshaw, W.R.Section 10FarmerBelmont Co., Ohio 1850Portland
Roush, J.A.Section 23FarmerCarroll Co., Ohio 1845Lebanon
Smith, R.D.LebanonMerchantDearborn Co., Ind 1840Lebanon
Stanard, S.L.Section 24FarmerSullivan Co., N.H. 1836 Lebanon Township

Transcribed Dec. 2022 by volunteer Christina Hedstrom


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