1871 Pioneer Association of Van Buren County IA

Fair Grounds
Sept 21, 1871

In accordance with previous notice and arrangement on the second day of the County Fair the 21st day of Sept 1871 a large number of Old Settlers congregated on the fair ground and gathered near and about when the dinner and address were about to come off and the following old settlers names were enrolled by the Secretary Bertrand Jones to wit:

Alexander, W H Harrisburg Mar 1840
Bailey, Gideon S. Henry Jun 1837
Baldwin, Charles Van Buren Mar 1841
Barker, Joseph Washington Mar 1839
Barnes, Hiram Union 1839
Bechtel, Stephen Union 1840
Beers, J M Van Buren May 1836
Bell, Eli D Van Buren Mar 1837
Bell, James Van Buren Mar 1837
Bell, John R W Van Duren Mar 1837
Blanchard, Asa Jackson Jul 1840
Blanchard, G B W Jackson Jul 1840
Blanchard, W F Jackson Jul 1840
Brewster, Thomas Henry Oct 1839
Brown, Noah G Washington Mar 1840
Brown, O B Washington Mar 1840
Brown, Rachel Mrs. Van Buren May 1840
Bryan, A Village Dec 1838
Burns, James Farmington Mar 1838
Burrier, John Farmington Oct 1840
Burton, John W Washington Feb 1837   ,
Calhoun, Ross Union Aug 1841
Cantrill, L W Van Buren Sep 1839
Carmear, Curtis Cedar Apr 1841
Cassady, John Jackson Oct 1837
Claflin, Ira Chequest Nov 1838
Clayton, James H Van Buren Nov 1836
Cline, Adam Harrisburg Nov 1839
Coleman, J T Rev Union Mar 1840
Cowles, C W Washington Apr 1838
Cresap, John T B Van Buren Jul 1834
Cresap, Roger N Bonaparte Jul 1834
Cresswell, Mathew Harrisburg May 1841
Cresswell, R Jr. Washington May 1841
Cresswell, R Sr. Washington May 1841
Creswell, M O Cedar Apr 1842
Culbertson, J S Union Mar 1839
Davis, Extine Henry May 1841
Davis, Peter Henry Apr 1839
DeHart, Edward Vernon Apr 1839
DeHart, Eli Henry Apr 1839
DeHart, George Vernon May 1839 or Apr 1840
Deming, Abigail Mrs Union Sep 1838
Deming, Jonathan Van Buren Oct 1839
Duffield, George C Van Buren Apr 1837
Duffield, James Van Buren Oct 1836
Duffield, James Sr Van Buren Oct 1836
Duffield, John Van Buren Oct 1836
Ehrman, M E Mrs Henry May 1840
Ellis, George Henry May 1839
Ellis, Jeremiah Van Buren May 1839
Ellis, Lorenzo Chequest Jul 1837
Ervin, Sarah Mrs Henry Oct 1836
Fellows, S D Van Buren Apr 1837
Forbes, Robert Van Buren May 1841
Frazer, Stephen J Lick Creek Oct 1839
Games, George W Van Buren Jun 1838
Gaston, William Henry May 1839
Gilbert, Harriett Mrs Washington Feb 1837
Goddard, Ed Van Buren Oct 31 1840
Gray, R B Farmington Mar 1833
Grooms, W S Des Moines Apr 1839
Hancock, Frederick Washington Nov 1838
Hardy, Dudley Henry Jun 1837
Henry, Ed Harrisburg Feb 1840
Henry, Sylvester S Henry May 1838
Hootman, C Van Buren Nov 1839
Hootman, Henry Van Buren Oct 1839
Humphry, G B Chequest Oct 1839
Johnston, J E Van Buren Oct 1841
Johnston, S B Washington Oct 1841
Jones, Bertrand Henry Jun 1837
Jones, John Union Apr 1841
Jones, R W Van Buren Mar 1841
Keplinger, Adam Union Apr 1835
Kinersley, J J Van Buren Mar 1839
King, Russo Van Buren May 1837
Langford, H H Des Moines Apr 1837
Langford, Perry Des Moines Apr 1837
Langford. Anderson Des Moines Apr 1837
Leffler, Monsent Harrisburg Oct 1837
Lewis, Wm A E Village May 1839
Lippincott, W A Washington May 1840
Lippincott. W P Vernon May 1840
Manning, Edwin (Merely a visit) * see footnote Jan 1837
Marriott, Wm Henry May 1840
Martin, Abner Van Buren Aug 1837
Mathias, Thornton Van Buren Apr 1840
McCrary, Abner H Henry Apr 1837
McCrary, John C Henry Apr 1837
McCutcheon, R S Washington Apr 1837
McIntosh, James Henry Oct 1839
McKibbin, James Van Buren Nov 1841
McPherrirs, A Van Buren Oct 1841
McSneeley, Miles Washington May 1838
Meredith, Andrew Van Buren Jun 1837
Meredith, John Harrisburg May 1837
Meredith, Lee Roy Van Buren Jun 1837
Moore, George L Washington Mar 1839
Moore, James R Washington Mar 1839
Morris or Moris, Margaretta Mrs Jackson Aug 1832
Morris, Wm C Cedar Sep 1838
Mort, Jeremiah Van Buren Apr 1841
Muir, Thomas Union May 1840
Muir, W L P Vernon May 1840
Mussetter, Henry Chequest Jun 1837
Neal, Abel Henry Mar 1836
Near, Uriel Bonaparte Mar 1836
Nelson, Isaac Village May 1836
Nelson, Jonathan Village Nov 1838
Newman, William Union Apr 1837
Ogle, Joseph Union Nov 1838
Parker, James H Union May 1837
Parsons, James Des Moines Oct 1841
Pearson, B F Van Buren Jun 1837
Peterson, John G Jackson Oct 1839
Peterson, Ralph Henry Oct 1839
Phillips, Moses Union Mar 1837
Phoutz, Reuben Van Buren Jun 1841
Preen, R N Mrs Farmington May 1839
Rail, Adam Lick Creek Nov 1838
Rail, Benjamin Lick Creek Sep 1838
Rail, Joseph - Sep 1838
Richey, James A Union Apr 1837
Rigsby, Benj Henry Oct 1839
Rinabarger, Henry Henry May 1840
Robinson, James Lick Creek Oct 1837
Rutledge, R B Union Jun 1837
Ryan, Jacob Village Nov 1839
Sargent, Nahurn Sr Henry Apr 1840
Scott, William Van Buren Oct 1837
Seaman, Robert Des Moines Jan 1839
Shepherd, F O Washington Mar 1839
Shepherd, Henry C Washington Mar 1839
Shepherd, Nathan Washington Mar 1839
Shepherd, William Henry Apr 1841
Silvers, Jacob Des Moines Oct 1840
Skinner, John S Union Dec 1837
Smart, James Washington Oct 1835
Smith, H D Jackson Oct 1839
Smith, Jacob Des Moines Mar 1837
Smith, James Washington Jun 1833
Smith, R D Van Buren Nov 1840
Spencer, John Jr Henry Sep 1840
Spencer, John Sr Van Buren Sep 1840
Stannard, S L Chequest Feb 1838
Stine, Henry Van Buren Jun 1839
Stoddard, Orville Farmington Mar 1839
Stotts, Joseph Des Moines Mar 1837
Thatcher, Amos Union May 1839
Thatcher, Jonathan Van Buren May 1839
Thatcher, M C Vernon May 1839
Thomas, A Henry Oct 1839
Vallentine, Abadiah Des Moines Jun 1838
Vinson, Cuthbert Chequest Oct 1841
Vinson, Maluchi Chequest Oct 1841
Walker, Joel Van Buren May 1839
Walker, Wesley Van Buren May 1839
Warner, John Des Moines Feb 1838
Whitlock, A Bonaparte Mar 1831
Whittaker, S D Union May 1837
Whittaker, S P Union Dec 1837
Whittaker, W W Union Feb 1836
Whitten, Samuel Village Apr 1840
Wood, Clement Washington May 1839
Wright, John R Jackson Mar 1839
Yeager, C E Van Buren Dec 1837
* handwritten in pencil "merely a visit" and "April 1839"
Originally copied from records found in the Auditor's office in the Van Buren County Courthouse at Keosauqua, Iowa by Helen Burchett. Reviewed and corrected by Rich Lowe from original ledger Dec. 2009.

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