Snyder-Gabby, Old English Cemetery

Van Buren County, Bonaparte Township, Section 11.
Also known as: House Cemetery
   Researched and recorded by    Erma DeRosear

In 1981 Verle & Jane DeRosear and Harley & Erma DeRosear visited this cemetery. For many years there was a suspicion that it may have had ties to the English people who had settled near there.

After probing we found 13 stones, about 6 inches below the sod. The stones were lifted out and laid flat where they had fallen. We had been told by local residents that the area had been logged. At that time, many of the stones were used as props, under the wheels of trucks, which were stuck in mud.

We can only guess that the cemetery was much larger and that much historical and family information has been lost.

Some have referred to this being a Mormon cemetery. I do not believe there are Mormon burials here. Although there was a Mormon camp in the area, I feel their burying ground was at the mouth of Reed's Creek.



William               Born 26 Apr 1801    Died 24 Nov 1875  

Jane                    Died 08 Mar 1868    68yr 11mo 8da

wife of W. Bateman



Rachel                Died 05 Dec 1865    63yr 3mo 22da



Mary Jane           Died 01 Dec 1863    5yr 9mo 4da

John A.                Died 17 Jul 1860    2yr 9mo

son of J.R. 

& I. Etheridge

John D.                Died 24 Mar 1853    45yr 2mo 24da

John C.                Died 30 Jun 1852    72yr 3mo 6da

* Mary                  Died 15 Feb 1864    59yr 7mo 15da

wife of J. Etheridge

* William H.         Died 22 Aug 1865    1yr 1mo 8da                                                        



Pauline Browning   Died 06 Jan 1890    82yr 7mo



James B.                Born 01 Aug 1806    Died 14 Jan 1883

* Marion                  Born 16 Jul 1856    Died 12 Mar 1933

son of James B. Gabby



Phebe A.                Died 17 Dec 1865    42yr

wife of Peter Halfhill             1866?)

Peter                      Died 14 Feb 1865    52yr 2mo 6da

husb of Phebe Ann 




Ellen                       Died 28 Dec 1862    65yr 13 da

wife of S. House

Samuel                  Died 19 Aug 1860    65yr 4mo 16da



Adah                      Died 19 May 1869    70yr 11da

wife of Judson Lamson



Elizabeth               Died 14 Nov 1852

wife of E. Langwith

73yr 6m  13da   

Sarah                     Died 13 Sep 1857 

dau of E. & S.

Thomas                 Died 03 Feb 1875

son of E. & S.



Annie E.                Died 25 Aug 1868    1yr 11mo 7da

dau of J.R. & J. Sage

Adah                     Died 07 Aug 1865    1yr 6mo 22da

dau of J.R. & J. Sage                          (1mo 7da?)



Rebecca               Died 11 Feb 1875    in 69th year



John                      Died 14 Apr 1851    54yr 25da

James                   Born 06 Nov 1799    Died 08 Feb 1853

This is the largest stone in the cemetery, his wifes name is on the 

other side of the stone.

Ann                        Born 05 Nov 1802    Died 22 May 1869

wife of James Ware

Note: On another side of the stone, there appears to have been names

and dates of two persons.  Believe to have been etched out.



Henry                   Died 25 Dec 1853    55yr

Peter                   Died 10 Jul 1862    77yr 10mo

Margaret             Died 25 Oct 1853    29yr 5mo 9da

dau of J. & A. Wyer

John                    Died 25 Dec 1855    65yr

Anna                   Died 06 Mar 1864    65yr 3mo 16da

wife of John Wyer


* Names were obtained from an old manuscript copy of this cemetery done in

1964 by Marion Flake, a local resident.  We were unable to find these

stones, but are quite sure these names belong in this cemetery. 


See Van Buren County Gravestone Photo web site for selected gravestone photos for Snyder-Gabby cemetery.

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