1870 Census of County, IA
transcribed by Sharon Franklin

There are 39 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Abbott, Thomas
Abell, Albert
Abell, Fanny J.
Abell, James
Abell, William T.
Adams, Allen B.
Adams, Ameritta
Adams, David
Adams, Elizabeth
Adams, Elizabeth
Adams, Frederick G.
Adams, Guy
Adams, Leanna
Adams, Rosetta
Adams, Samuel
Adams, Samuel A.
Adamson, Albert S.
Adamson, Martha J.
Adamson, Seth
Alladia, William
Anderson, Benjamin M.
Anderson, Calvin A.
Anderson, Emma A.
Anderson, Frances E.
Anderson, George W.
Anderson, Martha E.
Anderson, Mary J.
Anderson, Melvina A.
Anderson, William H.
Armentrout, Alice Mary
Armentrout, Christann
Armentrout, Daniel
Armentrout, David
Armentrout, George E.
Armentrout, Lucinda
Armentrout, Margaret E.
Armentrout, Mary Ann
Armentrout, Michael
Armentrout, Peter
Armentrout, Peter A.
Armentrout, Thomas J
Bacon, Betsey J.
Bacon, Carrie
Bacon, Frank
Bacon, Henry
Bacon, Nancy A.
Bacon, Nellie
Bacon, Truman
Baker, Caroline F.
Baker, Ella C.
Baker, George C.
Baker, Jacob W.
Baldwin, Albert
Baldwin, Eli T.
Baldwin, George W.
Baldwin, Ida
Baldwin, Izora
Baldwin, Juton O.
Baldwin, Margaret
Baldwin, Mary
Baldwin, Matilda J.
Baldwin, Smith
Baldwin, William E.
Barker, Elias
Barker, Hanabal
Barker, Sarah
Barker, Sidney W.
Barker, William
Barton, Edward
Bates, Alice
Bates, Allen
Bates, Elizabeth
Bates, Elizabeth
Bates, Euphronius
Bates, Everitt B.
Bates, James M.
Bates, Joel
Bates, John W.
Bates, Mary
Bates, Samuel
Bates, Samuel
Bates, Sarah
Bates, Thomas
Bates, Thomas
Beaman, Alice M.
Beaman, David C.
Beaman, George C.
Beaman, James L.
Beaman, Lewella
Benning, Augustus
Benning, Christian
Benning, Dora
Benning, Dora
Benning, Edward
Benning, Elizabeth
Benning, Frederick
Benning, Henry
Benning, John
Benning, Mary Ann
Beumont, Hester A.
Bickford, Dennis
Bickford, Emery
Bickford, George W.
Bickford, James M.
Bickford, Ruth
Bickford, Sarah A.
Biggs, Amos W.
Biggs, Delilah
Biggs, Ephraim
Biggs, Lillie
Biggs, Lucinda
Biggs, Rhoda
Biggs, Sarah A.
Biggs, Theodore
Birch, Elizabeth
Birch, William
Bishop, Rachael
Black, Clay
Black, Hiram
Black, James
Black, John B.
Black, Joseph W.
Black, Lutitia
Black, Mary E.
Black, Robert R.
Bogg, Joseph
Boggs, Catherine
Boggs, Giddeon
Boggs, James
Boggs, Mary A.
Boggs, William A.
Brandell, Franklin
Breckenridge, Charles
Breckenridge, David H.
Breckenridge, George
Breckenridge, James
Breckenridge, John
Breckenridge, Mary A.
Breckenridge, Matilda
Breckenridge, Newton
Breckenridge, Rhoda
Brewster, Lavina J.
Brewster, Marion
Brewster, Norman
Brewster, Thomas B.
Brewster, Walter
Brimstead, John
Brimstead, Louisa
Brinckley, Andrew
Brinckley, Jacob
Brinckley, Louis H.
Brinckley, Mary
Brown, Ada F.
Brown, Anna
Brown, Catherine
Brown, Cynthia
Brown, Cynthia E.
Brown, Dora
Brown, Eliza A.
Brown, Elza
Brown, Florence
Brown, Florinda
Brown, George
Brown, Hannah J.
Brown, James
Brown, Jerusha
Brown, John
Brown, John C.
Brown, John P.
Brown, Lewella
Brown, Lucretia
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Margaret A.
Brown, Octave
Brown, Oliver
Brown, Sarilda
Brown, Susan
Bryan, Abraham
Bryan, Mary A.
Bryan, Rebecca C.
Bryan, Sarah
Bryan, Sarah Ellen
Bunn, Sarah J.
Burkholder, Adam E.
Burkholder, Alda May
Burkholder, David J.
Burkholder, Dora A.
Burkholder, Lydia
Burkholder, Mary L
Burkholder, Samuel
Burns, Christina
Burns, Henry
Burns, Jane
Burns, John
Burns, Sophia
Burns, William
Burns, Winfield
Camblin, Aaron S.
Camblin, Alice
Camblin, Cephus D.
Camblin, Deliah
Camblin, Elizabeth
Camblin, George
Camblin, Hannah
Camblin, John
Camblin, Martha
Campbell, Alice
Campbell, Archibald
Campbell, Archibald P.
Campbell, Calista
Campbell, Carrie
Campbell, Catherine
Campbell, Emily
Campbell, Isaac W.
Campbell, John P.
Campbell, Louisa
Campbell, Margaret
Campbell, Mary
Campbell, Thomas A.
Campbell, William
Carr, Carrie
Carr, Edde
Carr, Eliza
Carr, George W.
Carr, John W.
Carr, Katie
Carr, Stephen
Carr, Stephen
Carr, William P.
Casey, Anna
Casey, Eliza
Casey, Hannah
Casey, James
Casey, John
Casey, Margaret
Casey, Patrick
Chambers, Christanna
Chase, Edwin
Chase, Hattie
Chase, John
Chase, Minnie
Chase, Nancy A.
Chase, Ruth
Chase, Silas
Clifford, Enos D.
Clifford, John
Clifford, Thomas B.
Clifford, Tinsley
Collins, John J.
Collins, Mary E.
Colton, Alva M.
Colton, Amelia
Colton, Gilbert
Colton, Mary
Cook, Joseph
Coombs, Jane
Crandall, Angenora
Crandall, Charles
Crandall, Clark
Crandall, Dalozan
Crandall, James
Crandall, John
Crandall, Nancy O.
Crandall, Rachel M.
Crandall, Rhoda
Crandall, Sarah E.
Crawford, Candace
Crawford, Catherine
Crawford, Celitta
Crawford, Ella J.
Crawford, James
Crawford, James G.
Crawford, Lavina
Crawford, Mollie
Crawford, Rebecca E.
Crawford, Waller D.
Crawford, William B.
Culbertson, Elizabeth J.
Culbertson, Frances E.
Culbertson, Mary
Culbertson, Mary L.
Culbertson, Rosetta H.
Culbertson, Samuel
Culbertson, William
Culbertson, William
Cummings, Ady W.
Cummings, James W.
Cummings, Mary
Curry, Mary
Daily, John
Daily, Sophia
Daily, William J.
Davidson, Andrew
Davidson, Garvin
Davidson, John
Davis, Isaac S.
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary E.
Dawson, George
Dawson, George
Dawson, John
Dawson, Mary
Dawson, Mary Ann
Dickson, Lee Roy
Dodson, Sarah
Dornsyph, Jerome
Dornsyph, Rebecca
Doud, Abram L.
Doud, Ann M.
Doud, Cunelus R.
Doud, Cynthia C.
Doud, David
Doud, David
Doud, Edward
Doud, Edward D.
Doud, Eliab
Doud, Eliza L.
Doud, Elizabeth
Doud, Elizabeth O.
Doud, Everett
Doud, Fletcher W.
Doud, Harriet J.
Doud, Henrietta
Doud, Henry
Doud, James E.
Doud, John
Doud, John
Doud, Kate C.
Doud, Lois K.
Doud, Mary
Doud, Mary J.
Doud, Mary J.
Doud, Melissa
Doud, Milo
Doud, N**ie
Doud, Oran
Doud, Philo
Doud, Samuel
Doud, Sarah
Doud, Sarah M.
Doud, Seymour M.
Doud, Sophrona A.
Doud, Stanford
Doud, Thomas
Doud, Thomas P.
Doud, Upton
Doud, Virginia
Doud, William A.
Downing, Thoessissa
Drake, Henry
Drake, Marion D
Drake, Mary
Dulin, Oscar
Duly, Isabelle
Duly, Sarah
Duly, William
Dunn, James R.
Dunn, Margaret A. A.
Dunn, Mary Jane
Dunn, Mathew H.
Dunn, Sarah E.
Dunn, William J.
Dyer, Alice
Dyer, Charles
Dyer, Eva
Dyer, Mary Ann
Dyer, Rhoda F.
Dyer, William G.
Earhart, Jacob
Earhart, Margaret
Earhart, May
Earhart, Orie
Easling, Georgianna
Easling, Peter W.
Easling, Precilla P.
Elerick, Charles F.
Elerick, George W. Jr.
Elerick, James
Elerick, Maria J.
Elerick, Marvin A.
Elerick, Minnie B.
Elmore, Emma W.
Fartherson, Lizzie
Felmelee, Jane
Felmelee, John H.
Felmelee, Oscar R.
Felmlee, Ann E.
Felmlee, Dorcus
Felmlee, Elizabeth
Felmlee, Peter
Felmlee, Sarah M.
Findley, Agnes
Findley, Alexander
Findley, Alexander
Findley, Ellen
Findley, George W.
Findley, Jeannette
Findley, Margaret
Findley, Rebecca E.
Findley, Sarah
French, Ella
French, George W.
French, George W.
French, John
French, Litter
French, Mary
French, Nancy
French, Rachael
French, Rachael
French, Sarah
Freshwater, Archibald
Freshwater, Daniel
Freshwater, Ella May
Freshwater, Emily J.
Freshwater, George W.
Freshwater, William E.
Gaibbie, Elizabeth
Gaibbie, Thomas
Gardner, Adda H.
Gardner, Amanda E.
Gardner, Charles
Gardner, Charles S.
Gardner, Charles T.
Gardner, Eliza
Gardner, Henry
Gardner, Hugh
Gardner, James G.
Gardner, Jane
Gardner, John
Gardner, Margaret M.
Gardner, Mary
Gardner, Mary A.
Gardner, May
Gardner, Oscar S.
Gardner, Perry S.
Gardner, Rachael
Gardner, Rachael E.
Gardner, Robert
Gardner, Thomas
Gardner, William
Garrett, Clarinda
Garrett, Henry
Garrett, Jacob S.
Garrett, James M.
Garrett, John
Garrett, John F.
Garrett, Laura
Garrett, Therana
Garrison, Jane
Garrison, Lucy Ann
Garvey, Almira
Garvey, Francis D.
Garvey, John
Garvey, Martin
Garvey, Mary
Garvey, Timothy
Garvey, Timothy
Giddeon, Amanda
Giddeon, Charles O.
Giddeon, Margaret J.
Giddeon, Martha D.
Giddeon, Mary E.
Gilbert, Charles
Gilbert, Charles
Gilbert, Clarinda J.
Gilbert, Clinton
Gilbert, Coldore P.
Gilbert, Daniel
Gilbert, David
Gilbert, David L.
Gilbert, Debbery
Gilbert, Emma A.
Gilbert, Francis
Gilbert, Frederick
Gilbert, George
Gilbert, Hannah
Gilbert, John W.
Gilbert, Justin
Gilbert, Lizzie
Gilbert, Malachi
Gilbert, Margaret
Gilbert, Margaret J.
Gilbert, Oliver
Gilbert, Parker
Gilbert, Phebe
Gilbert, Riley
Gilbert, Samantha
Gilbert, Victoria
Glenn, Cynthia
Godown, Elisha
Godown, Ella
Godown, Finley
Godown, Francis
Godown, Henretta
Godown, John
Godown, Josephene
Godown, Mahala
Godown, Mark C.
Godown, Nancy
Graham, Alexander
Graham, Alexander A.
Graham, Lizzie
Graves, Charles B.
Graves, Cincinnatus
Graves, Elmor G.
Graves, Emma S.
Graves, Frank W.
Graves, Mary E.
Gray, David H.
Gray, Julia
Gray, Lewis C.
Gray, Martha
Gray, Mary
Gray, Nancy A.
Gray, Phidelia L
Gray, Robert
Green, Achsah
Green, Albert
Green, Arthur
Green, Charles
Green, Dillie
Green, Edith J.
Green, Elizabeth
Green, Elizabeth E.
Green, Henry
Green, John R.
Green, John W
Green, Otelia E.
Green, Robert
Green, Thomas
Green, William
Green, William
Greenfield, Anna
Grimsley, Alice J.
Grimsley, Anna Bell
Grimsley, David
Grimsley, Eliza J.
Grimsley, Isaac A.
Grimsley, Jesse
Grimsley, John William
Grimsley, Laura
Grimsley, Mary Frances
Grimsley, Thomas
Grimsley, William F.
Grovener, Celestia J.
Grovener, Clara
Grovener, Cora
Grovener, Elizabeth
Grovener, George W.
Grovener, Helen M.
Grovener, John S.
Grovener, Waldo
Guthrie, Sarah
Hackett, Amanda M.
Hackett, Ellen F.
Hackett, Iowa V.
Hafford, Edwin
Hafford, Edwin H.
Hafford, Lelia
Hafford, Margaret B.
Hafford, Margaret E.
Hafford, Melvina T.
Hafford, Oscar T.
Hall, Frank J.
Hall, Ida C.
Hall, Melinda
Hall, Perry J.
Ham, Ephraim
Ham, George
Ham, Henry
Ham, Jacob
Ham, Laura A.
Ham, Mary M.
Ham, Samuel
Ham, William
Hancock, Edward
Hancock, Joseph
Haney, Adeline
Haney, Francis
Haney, James
Haney, James
Haney, Jane
Haney, John
Haney, John T.
Haney, Martha
Haney, Mary A.
Haney, Ranson
Haney, Robert
Haney, Sarah A.
Haney, Tillie
Haney, William E.
Hanshaw, Adda
Hanshaw, George W.
Hanshaw, Joseph
Hanshaw, Mary J.
Hanshaw, Roselphia
Hanshaw, Vail
Hanshaw, William
Haymaker, Amanda
Haymaker, Minnie
Hem, Caroline
Hem, Electa
Hem, Francis
Hem, Francis A.
Hem, Jacob
Hem, John W.
Hem, Lewis
Hem, Louisa J.
Hendricks, Margaret
Herriman, Charles
Herriman, Lewis
Herriman, Margaret
Herriman, Samantha
Hewitt, George
Hibbew, George
Hibbew, Mary
Hill, George
Hix, Alva
Hix, Emily J.
Hix, John L.
Hix, Mahala
Hix, Marietta
Hix, Mary
Hix, Matilda
Hix, Ratliff M.
Holcomb, Ann
Holcomb, Niles
Hollen, Henry B.
Hollen, Ida B.
Hollen, Independence
Hollen, John T.
Hollen, Mary E.
Hollen, Rebecca
Hollen, Samuel
Hollen, Sarah J.
Hollen, Susan A.
Holtz, Frederick
Horton, Edgar D.
Horton, Frank
Horton, Nellie
Horton, Sarah
Horton, Thomas J.
Hughs, Catherine
Hull, Alfred
Hutchins, Jane
Jackson, Aldula
Jackson, Alice A.
Jackson, Anna M.
Jackson, Caroline
Jackson, Charles
Jackson, Deberah
Jackson, Elna
Jackson, Hannah A.
Jackson, Harriet E.
Jackson, Jennie
Jackson, Jessee A.
Jackson, John L.
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, Margaret
Jackson, Mary J.
Jackson, Oliver
Jackson, Paul W.
Jackson, Tempsey
Jackson, Thadius
Jackson, William
Jackson, William
Jackson, William J.
Jenning, Jonathan
Jenning, Sarah
Jennings, Charles F.
Jennings, David
Jennings, Eli
Jennings, Henry H.
Jennings, Isaac
Jennings, Laura A.
Johnson, Abbie A.
Johnson, Catherine
Johnson, Charles W.
Johnson, Dorinda
Johnson, Emma
Johnson, Hannah
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, John E.
Johnson, Louisa
Johnson, Minnie
Johnson, Permelia
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, Virginia
Johnson, William
Johnson, William F.
Johnston, James
Johnston, Mary
Johnston, Nancy
Johnston, Prudence
Johnston, Thomas
Kasner, Benjamin
Kasner, Margaret
Kepple, Ida A.
Kimble, Eliza
Kimble, Elizabeth
Kimble, Eudora
Kimble, Francis M.
Kimble, James
Kimble, Mary
Kimble, Mary A.
Kimble, Thomas
Kindall, Ellen
Kindall, William
Kinston, Elizabeth
Kirkum, Arilla
Kirkum, Eliza
Kittle, Daniel K.
Kittle, Della
Kittle, Dora
Kittle, George
Kittle, Lavina
Kittle, Roger
Land, Charlie C.
Land, Chester W.
Land, Marshall J.
Land, Sarah A.
Land, Tamson L.
Land, William K.
Laughlin, John
Laughlin, Margaret
Laughlin, Nina
Laughlin, William
Laughlin, William
Lawton, Jacob
Lefever, Catherine
Lefever, Eli
Lefever, Ellis
Lefever, Jacob
Lefever, Sarah
Leonard, Clara
Leonard, Ephraim
Leonard, George B.
Leonard, Mary
Leonard, Sarah
Lewis, Charles
Lewis, Charlotte M.
Lewis, Effie A.
Lewis, George
Lewis, James H.
Lewis, Jessie E.
Lewis, John
Lewis, John V.
Lewis, Joseph
Lewis, Margaret A.
Lewis, Marie C.
Lewis, Minnie E.
Lewis, Nannie E.
Lewis, Samuel
Lewis, William E. A.
Lewis, William G.
Liber, Charles H.
Loftiss, Jefferson
Loftiss, Martha E.
Loftiss, Rosa Jane
Loftiss, Susan L.
Loftiss, Thomas
Loftiss, Vesta
Loomis, Caroline
Loomis, Elizabeth
Loomis, Franklin
Loomis, George
Loomis, James
Loomis, Jessie C.
Loomis, Logan
Loomis, Logan
Loomis, Rosetta
Lucas, Catherine E.
Lucas, Della L.
Lucas, Hiram B.
Lucas, Samuel
Malermans, Ellen
Malermans, John
Mann, Casander R.
Mann, Dora
Mann, Emery L.
Mann, Isaiah
Mann, Lutitia
Mann, Mary E.
Mann, Sylvester
Mann, William A.
Marshall, Anna
Marshall, Charles A.
Marshall, James
Marshall, Jesse
Marshall, Lucinda
Marshall, Martha
Marshall, Martha
Marshall, Mary
Marshall, Nancy
Marshall, Sarah M.
Marshall, Temperance
Marshall, Walter
Marshall, William L.
Martin, Ellen
Martin, Henrietta
Martin, John H.
Martin, Julius
Martin, Mary
Martin, Nancy
Martin, Perry
Martin, Sarah
Martin, Sarah Frances
Martindale, George
Martindale, Mensor
Martindale, Nancy
Martindale, Susanna
Martindale, Susanna
Martindale, William
Matheny, Mary A.
McCullough, Alice Iowa
McCullough, Andrew
McCullough, Ira H.
McCullough, Loretta G.
McCullough, Lucetta E.
McCullough, Margaret B.
McCullough, Mary
McCullough, Melvina R.
McCullough, Olitta C.
McCullough, William E.
McGill, Adrianna
McGill, Albert
McGill, Arrelia
McGill, Chester F.
McGill, Emily
McGill, Gilbert F.
McGill, Hannah
McGill, James Jr.
McGill, James Sen.
McGill, Lizzie E.
McGill, Marcella C.
McGill, Margart
McGill, Mary E.
McGill, Minnie E.
McGill, Nancy J.
McGill, Samuel
McGill, Samuel W.
McGrew, Finley L.
McGrew, Harry
McGrew, Sarah
McGuire, Anna
McGuire, Edith L.
McGuire, Mary
McHugh, Ann
McHugh, Charles
McHugh, Daniel
McHugh, James
McHugh, John
McHugh, Mary B.
McHugh, Ruth Ann
McHugh, Sarah
McKee, Addison
McKee, Charity
McKee, Effie
McKee, Lillie
McKee, Nathaniel W.
McKee, Nora A.
McKernn, Maria T.
McKerron, Arthur S.
McKerron, Mary E.
McMulgraves, James
McMulgraves, John
Michael, Joseph
Michael, Margaret
Miller, Albert
Miller, Albert D.
Miller, Alice
Miller, Alzada
Miller, Anna Maria
Miller, Burtha A.
Miller, David E.
Miller, Eliza Ann
Miller, George
Miller, George E.
Miller, Henry
Miller, Ida B.
Miller, John
Miller, John W.
Miller, Laura
Miller, Laura
Miller, Lewis
Miller, Martin
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary A.
Miller, Mary M.
Miller, Minonette
Miller, Pliny
Miller, Temperence
Miller, Theodore
Mitchum, Lewis K.
Mix, Susan H.
Mix, William H.
Mix, Winniford
Moore, Chloe E.
Moore, Cynthia J.
Moore, Dewitt C.
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Frank
Moore, James
Moore, Jane A.
Moore, Jannetta
Moore, John J.
Moore, Margaret E.
Moore, Mary
Moore, Mary A.
Moore, Nancy
Moore, Nancy E.
Moore, Samuel M.
Moore, Sarah
Morgan, Eveline
Morgan, Harriet
Morgan, Mary
Morgan, May
Morgan, Thomas
Morgan, Thomas
Morrison, Alexander
Morrison, Jeanette
Morrison, Jeannette
Morrison, Lillie I.
Morrison, Mary
Morrison, Norman
Morrison, Norman
Morrison, Sarah C.
Morrison, William
Morrison, William M.
Morrow, Charles H.
Morrow, Elizabeth
Morrow, Elizabeth A.
Morrow, Elizabeth J.
Morrow, George
Morrow, George B.
Morrow, George W.
Morrow, Harry
Morrow, Jane
Morrow, John Thomas
Morrow, Lewis E.
Morrow, Lydia A.
Morrow, Mary
Morrow, Richard
Morrow, Richard
Morrow, Samuel
Morrow, Sylvanus
Morrow, Thomas
Morrow, Thomas
Mumaw, John W.
Mumaw, Mary
Mumaw, Nathan W.
Mumaw, Samuel J.
Murphy, Thomas B.
Myers, Elijah
Myers, Francis M.
Myers, Mary Jane
Myers, Sarah
Myers, Thomas
Nedrow, Alexander
Nedrow, Ange**a
Nedrow, Francis M.
Nedrow, John F.
Nedrow, Lena L.
Nedrow, Phebe E.
Nelson, Ama
Nelson, Amos
Nelson, Andrew
Nelson, August
Nelson, Christina
Nelson, Clara J.
Nelson, Edward
Nelson, Elizabeth
Nelson, Elizabeth J.
Nelson, Et
Nelson, Frank
Nelson, George
Nelson, Hettie
Nelson, Ida
Nelson, Isaac
Nelson, James
Nelson, Jehu
Nelson, Jessee
Nelson, Jonathan
Nelson, Jonathan C.
Nelson, Joseph
Nelson, Kate
Nelson, Margaret
Nelson, Melissa
Nelson, Nancy
Nelson, Phebe
Nelson, Rachael
Nelson, Sarah F.
Nelson, Urena
Nelson, Wilbur
Nelson, William P.
Nelson, Zebulon
Nutt, Caroline
Nutt, Ella C.
Nutt, Owen
OBrien, Margaret A.
OBrien, Mary E.
OBrien, Samuel E.
OBrien, William C.
Oglebee, Calvin
Overturff, Allen
Overturff, Amoretta
Overturff, Bell
Overturff, Dorsey N.
Overturff, Effie May
Overturff, George E.
Overturff, Jacob L.
Overturff, Laura
Overturff, Martha
Overturff, Mary
Overturff, Sarah A.
Overturff, Sarah J.
Overturff, Torrence
Park, John
Park, John B.
Park, Laura L.
Park, Rachael Ann
Park, Stephen
Park, William
Parker, Charles
Parker, Elwood
Parker, Frederick
Parker, Lewis
Parker, Mary E.
Parker, Virginia
Parker, Wilson S.
Parks, Aaron
Parks, Frank
Parks, Fredie
Parks, Guy
Parks, Ida
Parks, Mabel C.
Parks, Margaret R.
Parks, Martha
Parks, Matilda
Parks, Oscar H.
Parks, Stephen
Parks, William A.
Parrott, George W.
Parrott, Julie
Parrott, Nettie
Parsons, Andrew
Parsons, Carrie
Parsons, Eliza
Parsons, Elizabeth
Parsons, James M.
Parsons, Mary
Parsons, Silvey
Patton, John H.
Patton, Mary
Patton, Mary J.
Payne, Ada C.
Payne, David
Penn, A*****
Penn, Albert
Penn, Alice
Penn, Benjamin
Penn, Campsey
Penn, Charles N.
Penn, Charles W.
Penn, Ellen
Penn, Eva
Penn, Greenberry
Penn, Henry O.
Penn, John C.
Penn, Joseph
Penn, Joseph
Penn, Josephine
Penn, Mabel
Penn, Marietta
Penn, Mary
Penn, Mary Ann J.
Penn, William S.
Penrod, William
Pickler, Charles
Pickler, Eliza J.
Pickler, Ella
Pickler, Henry
Pickler, John
Pickler, Minnie
Ploughman, Anna M.
Ploughman, Daniel
Ploughman, Jasper
Ploughman, Nancy
Ploughman, Thomas
Pool, Benjamin
Pool, Conrad
Pool, Emanuel
Pool, Enoch
Pool, Isaac
Pool, Matilda
Pool, Rachael
Pool, Samuel
Pool, Samuel
Pool, Sarah A.
Price, Ettie J.
Price, Milly
Puryear, Charles
Puryear, Gholston
Puryear, Giles
Puryear, Jane
Puryear, Mary
Puryear, Thomas
Rathbun, Lutitia
Ratliff, Aaron L
Ratliff, Charlotte
Ratliff, Howard
Ratliff, Jessee
Ratliff, Rosanna
Ratliff, Samuel Z. L.
Ray, Frederick
Reeves, Ellen
Reeves, James R.
Reeves, John
Reeves, Mary A.
Richards, Emily
Richards, George
Richards, James
Richards, Jane
Richards, Joseph
Richards, Richard
Richardson, Addie
Richardson, Agnes
Richardson, Alice
Richardson, Anna
Richardson, Elizabeth
Richardson, Ellen
Richardson, George
Richardson, George
Richardson, James
Risser, George N.
Ritz, Anna
Ritz, Anna
Ritz, Henry
Ritz, John U.
Ritz, Louisa
Ritz, Susan
Robinson, Alice
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, George W.
Robinson, Joseph
Robinson, Lucilla
Robinson, Malonia
Robinson, Margaret
Robinson, Martha
Robinson, William
Robison, Elizabeth
Rogers, Alexander
Rogers, Bazil
Rogers, Clara E.
Rogers, Isaac F.
Rogers, Ruth
Roland, John W.
Roper, George A.
Roper, George W.
Roper, Mary A.
Roper, Sarah
Russell, John
Ryan, Abraham L.
Ryan, Bates L.
Ryan, Caroline
Ryan, Charles
Ryan, Emma B.
Ryan, Irene
Ryan, Jacob
Salter, Asa
Salter, Benjamin
Salter, Catherine
Salter, Grant
Salter, Ruth
Salter, Thomas
Salter, William
Sanford, Delia
Sanford, Nathan
Schuyler, Mary
Schuyler, Sarah
Schuyler, William
Schuyler, William V.
Scotte, Mary E.
Sears, Ocey
Sennard, Flora J.
Shaw, David
Shaw, Eddie
Shaw, Jane
Shaw, John
Shaw, Nancy
Shaw, Sarah
Shaw, Sherman
Shaw, William
Shaw, William
Shay, Ellen
Shay, Martha
Shay, Mary A.
Shay, Mathew
Shay, Michael
Shearer, John
Shearer, John V.
Shearer, Julia A.
Shearer, Julia Ann
Shearer, Margaret
Shearer, Martin
Shelby, David
Shelby, Jemima
Shelby, Moses
Shelby, Ohio
Shepherd, Berlin W.
Shepherd, Elizabeth N.
Shepherd, Francis M.
Shepherd, Harriet E.
Shepherd, James W.
Shepherd, John Q.
Shepherd, Rosa B.
Shevling, Edward
Shevling, Harley
Shevling, Lewis
Shevling, Sarah S.
Shick, Elizabeth
Shively, Ann
Shively, Catherine
Shively, Charles
Shively, Elizabeth
Shively, John
Shively, Susan
Shively, Thomas C.
Sickles, Darcus
Slutts, Elsie L. J.
Slutts, George D.
Slutts, George W.
Slutts, Mary Ann
Slutts, Sarah E.
Smith, Belle
Smith, David C.
Smith, Delilah J.
Smith, Earnest
Smith, Ellen L.
Smith, Emma
Smith, Hannah
Smith, Iva Jane
Smith, James D.
Smith, John T.
Smith, Jonas
Smith, Libbie
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Rankin
Smith, Robert
Smith, Willie
Spencer, Abram
Spencer, Cornelia
Spencer, James H.
Spencer, Jane
Spencer, Martha A.
Spencer, Sarah E.
Sperry, Elizabeth
Sperry, Elizabeth
Sperry, John W.
Sperry, Lavina
Sperry, Rebecca
Sperry, Reuben
Sperry, Samuel
Sperry, Walter
Sperry, William
Spurback, Amanda
Spurback, Catherine
Spurback, Ira
Spurback, Ira
Spurback, Lewis
Spurback, Mary A.
Spurback, Mary J
Spurback, Sylvester
Spurback, William
Stamm, Benjamin
Stamm, Charles A.
Stamm, George M.
Stamm, John W.
Stamm, Lewis E.
Stamm, Martha J.
Stamm, William H.
Stephens, Joseph
Stephenson, Alvah
Stephenson, Benjamin F.
Stephenson, Henry
Stephenson, Lillie B.
Stephenson, Martha E.
Stephenson, Sarah J.
Still, Sarah E.
Stockard, Alexander
Stockard, Janet
Stockard, John
Stokes, Anna
Stokes, Florence
Stokes, George
Stokes, Jessee M.
Stokes, John W.
Stokes, Jose N.
Stokes, Mary D.
Stokes, Oliver O.
Stoops, Albia
Stoops, Elmyra
Stoops, Eugene
Stoops, Ida
Stoops, Jessee T.
Stoops, Mahlon
Stoops, Mary
Stoops, Mary
Stoops, Ovid
Stout, Lucinda
Stover, Ella
Stover, Grant
Stover, Hattie
Stover, James
Stover, Joseph
Stover, Margaret
Stover, Peter
Stover, Shepherd
Stroud, Harriet J.
Stroud, Henry
Stroud, Homer M.
Stroud, Joel
Stroud, Martha E.
Stroud, Mary
Stroud, Mary S.
Stroud, Samuel
Stroud, Samuel
Stuffle, Elizabeth
Stump, Anna J.
Stump, Calone
Stump, David
Stump, George
Stump, George
Stump, Mary
Stump, Mary
Stump, Mary C.
Stump, Nicholas
Stump, Noah
Stump, William J.
Sullivan, Cecelia
Talbot, Benjamin F.
Talbot, Boardman C.
Talbot, Francis
Talbot, Harriet J.
Talbot, Isaac N.
Talbot, Martha S.
Talbot, Mary
Tannehill, Eliza
Tannehill, Francis M.
Tannehill, Mary
Tannehill, William
Taylor, Daniel
Taylor, Eliza
Taylor, Emily
Taylor, Israel
Taylor, Levina M.
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Phebe J.
Taylor, Virginia
Thatcher, William H. H.
Timbermeui, Benjamin
Tobias, Martha A.
Tobias, William V.
Tool, Flora S.
Tool, Frances J.
Tool, George S.
Tool, George W.
Trout, Alice V.
Trout, Anna
Trout, Charles F.
Trout, Elizabeth
Trout, Emma
Trout, Hiram L.
Trout, John
Trout, John Sen.
Trout, Sarah A.
Trout, Sidney P.
Turner, Edward L.
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, Germina J.
Turner, Henry
Turner, Hiram
Turner, Hiramm
Turner, James O.
Turner, Joseph
Turner, Joshua
Turner, Margaret
Turner, Rebecca
Turner, Robert
Turner, Robert
Turner, Ruth
Turner, Samuel
Turner, Susan
Turner, William H.
Unoccupied, NN
Unoccupied, NN
Unoccupied, NN
Unoccupied, NN
Unoccupied, NN
Unoccupied, NN
Unoccupied, NN
Unoccupied, NN
Utter, Abraham
Utter, Harriet
Utter, James F.
Utter, Jane
Utter, Maria
Utter, Mathison H.
Valentine, Anna
Valentine, Charles
Valentine, Clara
Valentine, Hattie
Valentine, Ida
Valentine, Obediah
Valentine, Robert S.
Valentine, William
Van Antwerp, Harmon
Van Antwerp, Jane
Van Antwerp, Joel K.
Van Antwerp, Reo A.
Van Ausdillon, Sarah
Wainscott, Greenville
Wainscott, Margaret
Wainscott, Samuel M.
Walker, Ada M.
Walker, Anna L.
Walker, Eddie
Walker, Elizabeth
Walker, Fanny
Walker, Frances E.
Walker, George A.
Walker, George B.
Walker, John M.
Walker, Joseph B.
Walker, Lydia A.
Walker, Minnie L.
Walker, Nancy
Walker, Nancy S.
Walker, William H.
Walker, Zachariah
Washington, Alice A.
Washington, Lavina
Weir, Eliza
Weir, John Irvin
Weir, Leslie Grant
Weir, Mary Bell
Weir, Thomas
Welch, George W.
Welch, James F.
Welch, Nancy J.
Wells, John
Wells, John W.
Wells, Orlena C.
Wells, Sarah C.
Welsh, John
Welsh, Mary E.
Welsh, Nancy
Welsh, Nancy J.
Welsh, Phillip
Welsh, Rosetta P.
Welsh, Stephen
Wetmore, Annie
Wetmore, Elbridge
Wetmore, Elsie
Wetmore, Margaret
Wheatley, Adda
Wheatley, Elizabeth
Wheatley, Henry
Wheatley, Sarah
Wheatley, Witter
Wheler, Henry A.
Wheler, Jane M.
Wheler, Melissa C.
Wheler, Nellie J.
Wheler, Wallis B.
Wheler, William H. K.
Whetsell, Emery M.
Whetsell, Emma
Whetsell, John
Whetsell, Sarah M.
White, Anna
White, George
White, Ira
White, Matilda
Whitten, Lyman
Whitten, Malissa
Whitten, Rebecca
Whitten, Samuel
Williams, Absolam
Williams, James A.
Williams, John L.
Williams, Joshua
Williams, Logan
Williams, Margaret
Williams, Margaret J.
Williams, Mary B.
Williams, Mary Jane
Williams, Sarah E.
Williams, William H.
Willis, John A.
Willis, John S.
Willis, Lavina
Willis, Mary Ann
Willis, Silva L.
Wilson, Alice M.
Wilson, Catherine
Wilson, Charles R.
Wilson, Isaac L.
Wilson, Jemina C.
Wilson, Martha J.
Wilson, Mary
Winsell, Anna
Winsell, David
Winsell, Fletcher
Wirt, Charles
Wirt, David
Wirt, Emma
Wirt, William
Wright, Emery
Wright, Eugenia
Wright, Ezra J.
Wright, Harriet
Wright, Harriet F.
Wright, Isaac G.
Wright, James C.
Wright, Jennette
Wright, John Charles
Wright, Maria
Wright, Parvin
Wright, Rachael
Wright, Robert B.
Wright, Samuel M
Wright, Susan E.
Wright, Thelessa
Wright, William
Yarnell, Charles L.
Yarnell, Eli
Yarnell, Eli E.
Yarnell, Emma J.
Yarnell, John F.
Yarnell, Lora G.
Yarnell, Lucy
Yarnell, Mary O.
Young, Eveline
Young, James F.
Young, Rebecca
Young, William