1870 Census of County, IA
transcribed by Joanna Mulford

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Akey, Daniel
Akey, Henry
Akey, Mary
Akey, Sarah
Aylor, Absolam
Aylor, John N
Aylor, Louisa
Baker, Albert
Baker, Annie
Baker, Barbara
Baker, Clara
Baker, Drusilla
Baker, Edward
Baker, Elsey
Baker, Horace
Baker, Jonathan E
Beard, Howard
Beard, Jefferson
Beard, Lorinda
Beard, Luther
Beard, Nathan
Beard, Oscar
Beard, Seth
Beer, Andrew
Beer, Benjamin
Beer, Mary Ann
Beer, Samuel
Beggs, Elenor
Beggs, Elizabeth
Beggs, Elizabeth A
Beggs, Eva
Beggs, Ida M
Beggs, James
Beggs, James
Beggs, James
Beggs, James F
Beggs, John
Beggs, John J
Beggs, Lewella
Beggs, Margaret J
Beggs, Mary
Beggs, Mattie
Beggs, Robert
Beggs, William
Bennett, Carrie
Bennett, Charles C
Bennett, Forrest D
Bennett, James
Bennett, James W
Bennett, Maria L.
Bennett, Thomas R
Bennett, William
Bond, Ezra
Bond, Henry
Bond, Nancy
Bonner, Andrew
Bonner, Eliza
Bonner, George
Bonner, John
Bonner, Mary Ann
Bonner, Rebecca
Brent, Eliza
Britton, Asahel
Brooks, Allen
Brooks, Alma
Brooks, Frances
Brooks, Loring
Brooks, Mary
Brooks, William
Brooks, William
Brooks, William
Brooks, Winfield
Brown, Nianthus
Bunnell, Charles S
Bunnell, David C
Bunnell, Mary O
Bunnell, Melissa B
Bunnell, Sarah J
Byers, James
Cantril, Charley
Cantril, Hattie
Cantril, Lemuel
Cantril, Malinda
Cantril, Newton
Carter, Florena
Carter, Jane
Carter, John D.
Carter, Laura
Carter, Milo D
Carter, Mortimore
Carter, Rebecca
Carter, Richard S
Caruthers, Byron E.
Caruthers, Edward D
Caruthers, John
Caruthers, John
Caruthers, Mary
Caruthers, William F
Castor, Arnold
Castor, Rebecca
Cecil, Amos
Cecil, Ephriam
Cecil, Ezra
Cecil, Lydia A
Cecil, Lydia J
Cecil, Martha
Cecil, Morris
Cecil, Sarah J
Cecil, William
Clayton, James H
Clayton, Mary A
Cocherell, Alpheus
Cocherell, Eliza J
Cocherell, Hanson
Cocherell, James
Cocherell, Louisa
Cocherell, Mary
Cocherell, Robert
Cocherell, William H
Coffman, Clay
Coffman, George W
Coffman, Sarah A
Craig, Alexander
Craig, Elsey
Craig, Hester
Craig, James
Craig, Jeane B.
Craig, John
Craig, Mary G.
Craig, William
Crandall, Adda L
Crandall, Mary
Crandall, Robert
Creasey, George O
Creasey, Ira W
Creasey, Jacob
Creasey, Jacob C
Creasey, Sarah J
Davis, Aaron W
Davis, Adda
Davis, Cornelia A.
Davis, David J
Davis, Elbert
Davis, Eliza J
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Emmet
Davis, Hannah
Davis, Harvey
Davis, Henry
Davis, Peter L
Davis, William C
Davis, Winfield S.
Dewey, Harry H
Dewey, Henry H
Dewey, John C
Dewey, Lucy A
Dewey, Lydia L
Dewey, Margaret E
Dewey, Mary L
Dewey, William W
Douglass, Frank
Downing, John
Downing, John J
Downing, Minnie
Downing, Nancy A
Drake, Nancy J.
Drummond, Abba
Drummond, Able
Drummond, Henry
Drummond, John
Drummond, Martin
Drummond, Martin
Drummond, Mary A
Drummond, Mary M
Duffield, Alva
Duffield, Edger
Duffield, Emma
Duffield, George W
Duffield, Henry
Duffield, James Jr
Duffield, James Sr
Duffield, Jane H
Duffield, John
Duffield, Margaretta
Duffield, Margarette J
Duffield, Mary
Duffield, Olive
Duffield, Ora
Duffield, Zurvia A
Edwards, William H
Elliott, Elizabeth A
Elliott, Jehu
Elliott, Sarah E
Evans, Clark
Evans, George
Evans, John
Evans, Judah J
Evans, Laura
Evans, Mary D
Evans, Phillip
Evans, Sarah
Evens, Isaac
Evens, John
Evens, Mary J
Farris, George S
Fate, Alice C
Fate, Martin W
Fate, Mary A
Fate, Minnie
Fate, Sarah E
Fate, William H
Fellow, Harriet
Fellow, Harry
Fellow, Whiting
Fellows, Allen D.
Fellows, Ann
Fellows, Asahel G.
Fellows, Clay
Fellows, Erastus
Fellows, Evans
Fellows, Fulmer W
Fellows, Homer
Fellows, Jonathan
Fellows, Josephene
Fellows, Lena
Fellows, Louisa A
Fellows, Marriet
Fellows, Mary
Fellows, Mary E
Fellows, Matilda
Fellows, Oce
Fellows, Omer
Fellows, Orville
Fellows, Rebecca
Fellows, Seward
Fellows, Sherman
Fellows, Stephen D
Fellows, Susanna
Fellows, Theadore G
Fellows, Thomas H.
Fellows, William M. B.
Fickey, James
Fickey, Melissa
Fickey, William
Forbes, Benjamin
Forbes, Cyntha
Forbes, Elizabeth
Forbes, James
Forbes, Margaret E.
Forbes, Martin M
Forbes, Robert
Forbes, Ruth Ann
Forbes, Sarah A
Forbes, Susanna
Forbis, Andrew
Forbis, Elizabeth
Forbis, Mary F
Forbis, Nancy E
Frazee, Bascom
Frazee, Bertha
Frazee, Jacob J
Frazee, Jennie
Frazee, Minnie
Frazee, Samuel
Frazee, Sophia
Frazee, Stephen J
Funk, Albert
Funk, Elizabeth
Funk, George D
Funk, Jason
Funk, Maria A
Funk, Mary A
Funk, William H
Games, Eliza
Games, George W
Games, Lutia
Games, Oceola
Garrett, Charles
Garrett, Ezra L
Garrett, James
Garrett, Liliie
Garrett, Rebecca
Garrett, Rosa
Gibson, Isaac
Gibson, John
Gibson, Sarah
Godown, Adelaide E.
Godown, Alice S.
Godown, Angess
Godown, Ella D
Godown, Emma J.
Godown, George W.
Godown, Henry C
Godown, Horace D.
Godown, Mary
Godown, Nancy
Godown, Oscar K
Godown, Thomas W
Graves, Benjamin
Graves, Betty
Graves, Frank
Graves, Jane
Graves, Phillis
Graves, Willie
Groom, Eliza J
Groom, Frances S
Groom, Henry C
Groom, William
Groom, William S
Groom, Wilmouth A
Guernsey, Henry
Guernsey, Henry C.
Guernsey, Newsom
Guernsey, Newsom
Guernsey, William
Hammond, Susan
Haney, Moses
Haney, Moses
Haney, Nancy
Haney, Solomon C
Harrison, Joseph
Hearn, Alexander
Hearn, Dallizon
Hearn, Ebenezer
Hearn, Jane
Hearn, Jane A.
Hearn, John
Hearn, Leir
Hearn, Mary A
Hearn, Nancy
Hearn, Perry
Hearn, Rachael
Hearn, Samuel
Hearn, Sarah
Hearn, Thomas
Hearn, William
Heller, David P.
Heller, Elmer E.
Heller, Mary
Heller, Rebecca
Hellyer, Delilah
Hellyer, Frank T
Hellyer, George
Hellyer, Malotha
Hellyer, Melinda
Hellyer, Thomas
Hinsley, Josephine
Hollingshead, Allen
Hollingshead, Anthony
Hollingshead, Charles
Hollingshead, Elizabeth
Hollingshead, Gaines
Hollingshead, Mary
Hollingshead, Samuel
Hollingshead, William
Horn, Franklin P
Horn, John R
Horn, Martha A
Horn, Mary A
Horn, Norman B
Horn, Susanna
Horn, Thomas
Horn, West W
Howard, Clara
Howard, Edger
Howard, Elzabeth J
Howard, George
Howard, Josephene
Howard, Mary
Howard, Thomas
Howard, Thomas H
Hulbert, Adarial
Hulbert, Charles
Hulbert, David S
Hulbert, Mahala
Hull, Henry
Jameson, Frank
Jameson, Horace
Jameson, William
Jameson, William
Jamison, Annie
Jamison, Cora M.
Jamison, Daniel S
Jamison, Elsworth
Jamison, Florence L.
Jamison, Louisa
Jamison, Sherman
Johnson, Eddie
Johnson, Frank
Johnson, Hattie
Johnson, James E
Johnson, Nancy
Johnson, Sarah L
Jones, Betsey J
Jones, Clarinda
Jones, Eliza
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Ella
Jones, Ellis
Jones, Isaac
Jones, James
Jones, James
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, John H
Jones, Leander
Jones, Luther
Jones, Maria
Jones, Mary Ann
Jones, Mary B
Jones, William
Keller, Absolam
Keller, Eliza
Keller, Emma J
Keller, James J
Keller, John
Keller, Margaret
Keller, William P
Kent, Byron
Kent, Emily
Kent, Olive
Kirkendall, Ed
Kirkendall, Elijah B
Kirkendall, Emmet
Kirkendall, Flora
Kirkendall, Jay
Kirkendall, Lizzie
Kirkendall, Mary
Knox, Mary A
Lady, John V
Lady, Oliver C
Lady, Peter
Lady, Sarah A
Lamum, Earnest
Lamum, Elizabeth
Lamum, Frank
Lamum, Marion
Leneger, Abel W
Leneger, Allice T
Leneger, Benjamin
Leneger, Catherine
Leneger, Catherine
Leneger, Catherine R
Leneger, Isaac R
Leneger, Runnels
Leneger, Sarah J
Lewis, Belle
Lewis, Charles
Lewis, Elmer
Lewis, George W
Lewis, Jane
Lewis, John
Lewis, Lucinda
Lewis, Minnie
Lewis, Nellie
Lewis, Nelson
Lewis, Oce
Lewis, Sarah
Lindsey, Aaron
Lindsey, Ann E
Lindsey, Cynthia M
Lindsey, Hellen
Lindsey, Millietta
Lindsey, Nancy W.
Lindsey, Susan E
Lindsey, William
Loftiss, William
Lowe, Cornelius
Lowe, Elizabeth
Lowe, Emma J
Lowe, Flora
Lowe, John C.
Lowe, Phebe
Lowe, William
Maltbie, Emma E.
Maltbie, John A
Maltbie, Margery
Maltbie, Milo B
Mangum, Alcephus W
Mangum, Charley A
Mangum, Clara
Mangum, Edward C
Mangum, Lysander F
Mangum, Mary E
Mangum, Mary O
Mangum, Mileta
Mathias, Anne B
Mathias, Annie
Mathias, Charles H
Mathias, Clara
Mathias, Cora
Mathias, Earl M
Mathias, Elizabeth
Mathias, Etta M
Mathias, Florence E
Mathias, James E
Mathias, James Jr
Mathias, James Sr
Mathias, John E
Mathias, Mary
Mathias, Owen D
Mathias, Sarah A
Mathias, Sumner
Mathias, Thornton
Mathias, William F.
McCollum, Byron
McCollum, Frank
McCollum, John
McCollum, Mary A
McCullough, Ann R
McCullough, Jane
McCullough, John Calvin
McCullough, Naoma C.
McCullough, William
McElfresh, Benjamin
McElfresh, Edwin E
McElfresh, Hugh
McElfresh, Itily
McElfresh, James
McElfresh, Jesse C
McElfresh, Josephen
McElfresh, Josephene
McElfresh, Lowe
McElfresh, Margaret
McElfresh, Mary A
McElfresh, Minerva J
McElfresh, Rachel
McElfresh, Samuel J
McElfresh, Socrates
McGaffey, Adeline
McGaffey, Albert
McGaffey, Charles
McGaffey, David
McGaffey, Jane
McKibbin, James
McPherrin, Anderson
McPherrin, James H.
McPherrin, John V.
McPherrin, Mary
McPherrin, Minerva
McPherrin, William
Meek, Catherine
Meek, Lewis
Meek, Stephen
Miller, Alpha
Miller, Amanda J
Miller, Belle
Miller, Charles
Miller, Charles
Miller, Clifton
Miller, Daniel
Miller, Edwin
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Eva
Miller, Francis
Miller, Henry C
Miller, Ida
Miller, Jackson J
Miller, James M
Miller, Jessie
Miller, John H
Miller, Mattie
Miller, Nancy
Miller, Nancy
Miller, Ora
Miller, Osamagrim
Miller, Sarah E
Miller, Theadore E
Miller, Theadore F
Miller, Thomas C
Montril, Hattie
Moore, Annie
Moore, Bessie
Moore, Henry
Moore, Jane
Moore, Margaret
Moore, Sarah
Moore, William
Morris, Annie
Morris, Myra
Morris, Palena
Mort, Aaron
Mort, Charles
Mort, Clara
Mort, Conrad
Mort, Dallas
Mort, David
Mort, Eliza J
Mort, George
Mort, James
Mort, Jannie
Mort, Jeramiah
Mort, Ruth Ann
Mort, Sarah
Mullen, Sarah
Murray, Alice
Murray, Charlotte
Murray, George
Murray, Hattie
Murray, James
Murray, John
Murray, Joseph
Murray, Olive
Murray, Oridge
Murray, Susan
Nixon, Abigail
Nixon, Eberilla
Nixon, Jonathan
Norris, Cordelia J.
Norris, Elizabeth
Norris, Harietta
Norris, John
Norris, Samuel
Pace, Sarah
Pace, Sarah E
Pace, Thomas H
Pace, William E
Parker, Calvin
Parker, Mary
Parks, Ann
Parks, Belle
Parks, Carrie
Parks, Clara
Parks, Cora
Parks, Hugh
Parks, John
Parks, John
Parks, Lizzie
Parks, Maggie
Parks, Martha
Parks, Mattie
Parks, Molley
Parks, Susan
Parks, William
Patterson, Emma
Patterson, Emma
Patterson, James
Patterson, James
Patterson, John
Patterson, John
Patterson, Mary
Patterson, Mary C
Patterson, Nancy
Patterson, Sarah
Patterson, Susan
Peacock, Anna
Peacock, Clark
Peacock, Eddie
Peacock, Henry
Peacock, Hester
Peacock, James
Peacock, Lizzie
Peacock, Margaret
Peacock, May
Peacock, Sarah
Pearson, Adeline
Pearson, Phebe
Pearson, Phineas A
Pfoutz, Minnie
Pfoutz, Reuben
Pfoutz, Susan
Platt, Edward H
Platt, George
Platt, Mattie
Ploughman, Maggie
Pool, Benjamin
Potter, Emma
Powell, Bartlett
Preen, Kate
Rayborn, Asa
Rayborn, Flora C.
Rayborn, John
Rayborn, John
Rayborn, Lucian R
Rayborn, Mansfield
Rayborn, Nancy
Ream, Alice
Ream, Annie
Ream, Benjamin
Ream, Carrie
Ream, Charley
Ream, Jacob
Ream, Jacob J
Ream, Jennette
Ream, Maley
Ream, Margaret
Ream, Rachel
Ream, William
Ream, Willie
Reed, Agnes
Reed, Andrew
Reed, David G
Reed, Frank
Reed, George W
Reed, John
Reed, Mariah
Reed, Mary A
Reed, Sarah E
Reed, Thompson
Rice, Mary C
Rickett, Elizabeth
Rickett, James M
Rickett, Joshua
Rickett, Mary E
Roberts, Isaiah
Roberts, Margaret
Roberts, Wiatt
Robinson, Elvira
Robinson, James B
Robinson, Joanna
Robinson, Rachel
Robinson, Rachel
Robinson, Samuel
Robinson, Samuel
Roop, Elizabeth
Roush, Albert
Roush, Arga J
Roush, Clifton R
Roush, Eliza J
Roush, Grace
Roush, Henry
Roush, Lillie
Roush, Mahala J
Roush, Maria E
Roush, Preston F
Roush, Van
Russell, Aaron
Russell, Allen
Russell, Elizabeth
Russell, Nancy E.
Russell, Perry
Russell, Sarah L.
Russell, Wilson A
Scotten, Andrew W
Scotten, Eli
Scotten, Eli W
Scotten, Emmitt
Scotten, James N
Scotten, Mary E
Scotten, Nancy M
Scotten, Salathiel
Scotten, Sarah
Seamen, John
Seamen, Robert
Searight, David J
Shaw, Albert
Shaw, Carrie
Shaw, Della M
Shaw, Eli
Shaw, Tamer
Shaw, William
Skeins, Isaac
Smith, Andrew J
Smith, Ann
Smith, Arty
Smith, Belva D
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth J
Smith, Emma
Smith, George
Smith, James
Smith, James T
Smith, Jennie
Smith, John C
Smith, Mabel
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Marion
Smith, Martha T
Smith, Mary A
Smith, Permelia
Smith, Taylor
Smith, William A
Smith, William R
Snelling, Elmyra
Snelling, George
Snelling, George W
Snelling, Hannah
Snelling, James
Snelling, James
Snelling, Mary
Snelling, Mary
Snelling, Nancy
Snelling, Palina
Snider, Abraham
Snider, Anna M.
Snider, George W. G.
Snider, Henry
Snider, John
Snider, Maggie
Snider, Mary
Snider, Sarah
Spencer, Elbert
Spencer, John
Spencer, Lydia
Spencer, Mary
St Clair, James
St Clair, Maggie M.
St Clair, Sarah
Steeves, Alfred
Steeves, Ellen
Steeves, Harvey
Steeves, John
Steeves, Mahala
Steeves, Mary
Steeves, Morris
Stout, Catherine
Stout, Charles E
Stout, David F
Stout, George
Stout, Jennette
Stout, John H
Stout, Mary
Stout, Mary B
Stout, Mary E
Stout, Melinda
Stout, Moses
Stout, Otis
Stout, Sarah A
Swiers, Annie
Swiers, Bessie
Swiers, Ellen
Swiers, Emma
Swiers, Esther
Swiers, George W
Swiers, John
Swiers, Joseph
Swiers, Maria
Swiers, Mary
Swiers, Nora
Swiers, Sarah A
Swiers, Susie
Swiers, William
Talbot, Frank
Taylor, Andrew
Taylor, Caleb
Taylor, Drusilla
Taylor, Hattie
Taylor, Hillis Mc
Taylor, Jacob
Taylor, James
Taylor, Jane
Taylor, John
Taylor, Kate
Taylor, Martha
Taylor, Martin
Taylor, Milton
Taylor, Minnie
Taylor, Patience
Taylor, Samuel
Taylor, Samuel
Taylor, William
Taylor, Wilson
Taylor, Worth
Thatcher, Florence
Thatcher, Hannah
Thatcher, Isaac
Thatcher, Jonathan
Thatcher, Melinda
Thatcher, Stella
Thatcher, Tam**in
Toler, Christina
Toler, Ellen
Toler, Lucinda
Toler, Maria
Tolor, John
Triblecock, Frank
Triblecock, John
Triblecock, Levina
Triblecock, Margaret
Tuttle, Clara
Tuttle, Eldorado
Tuttle, Elmira
Tuttle, George W
Tuttle, Logan
Tuttle, Rebecca
Tuttle, Sherman
Tuttle, William
Twombley, Chloe
Twombley, Voltaire P
unoccupied, --
Unoccupied, blank
Vance, Benjamin
Vance, Louisa
Vance, Mary
Vance, Wiatt W
Vantreese, James
Walker, Amanda
Walker, Emma
Walker, Flora J
Walker, Jane
Walker, Josiah
Walker, Lydia A
Walker, Mary
Walker, Morris G
Walker, Rilla
Walker, Rosa A
Walker, Rosa A
Walker, Wesley
Walker, William
Ward, Almyra
Ward, Eliza A
Ward, Mary J
Ward, Minerva
Warner, Alva J
Warner, Charlotte
Warner, David
Warner, Francis
Warner, Lucinda E
Warner, Mary A.M.
Warner, Mary E
Warrington, Catherine
Warrington, Charlotte
Warrington, John A
Warrington, Lorie
Wells, Rachel
Whitcanack, Mary
White, Mary
White, Sampson
White, Samuel
Whitecannack, William
Wiley, Belle
Wiley, Charles W
Wiley, Charlotte
Wiley, George
Wiley, James
Wiley, James C
Wiley, James P
Wiley, Martha
Wiley, Mary
Wiley, Rebecca
Wiley, Robert
Wiley, William A
Wiley, William A
Wiley, Wilson
Wilkin, Abe
Wilkin, Jennie
Wilkin, Lear
Wilkin, Neal
Wilson, Adam C
Wilson, Anna
Wilson, Boyleton S
Wilson, Ebenezer G
Wilson, Henrietta S
Wilson, Herbert L
Wilson, James L
Wilson, Jessie
Wilson, Lizzie B
Wilson, Mary A
Wilson, Mary Ann
Wilson, Sarah M
Wilson, Solon E
Wilson, William C
Wright, Ellen
Wright, Jane
Wright, Mary
Wright, Sarah
Wright, William