1870 Census of County, IA
transcribed by Donald Detwiler

There are 28 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Alexander, *. P.
Alexander, A. J.
Alexander, Almira
Alexander, G. W.
Alexander, Hester A.
Alexander, James H.
Alexander, Laura
Alexander, Lucinda
Alexander, Marlin
Alexander, Thos.
Alexander, W. H.
Alexander, William
Anderson, A. S.
Anderson, Annie
Anderson, Augustas
Anderson, J. C.
Anderson, Josephine
Askens, Samuel
Ayers, Frances
Ayers, Jonathan
Ayers, Lewella
Ayers, W. E.
Baber, C. M.
Baber, Nancy
Baber, Oliver
Baber, Willie
Barnet, A. C.
Barnet, E. E.
Barnet, J. P.
Barnet, Joseph
Barnet, M. A.
Barnet, W. B.
Barr, Barbara
Barr, David
Barr, K. B.
Barr, Maggie
Barr, Margaret
Barr, Mary
Barr, R. R.
Barr, Robert
Battie, Joseph
Battie, Sarah
Baugher, George
Baugher, James
Baugher, John
Baugher, John Q.
Baugher, Rosanna
Baugher, Thomas
Bayles, Charles
Bayles, Henry
Bayles, Jemima
Bayles, Maliki
Bayles, Mary
Bayles, Philip
Beck, George
Beck, Helen
Beck, J. Q.
Beck, Philip
Bell, Catherine
Bell, Howard
Bell, John H.
Bell, Kate
Bell, Keith
Bell, Kirk
Bell, Ralph
Bennett, A. E.
Bennett, C. W.
Bennett, Delia
Bennett, G. W.
Bennett, J. D.
Bennett, J. F.
Bennett, J. H.
Bennett, Jacob
Bennett, M. H.
Bennett, M. J.
Bennett, N. S.
Bennett, S. M.
Bennett, W. H
Blackford, Clara
Blackford, Effa
Blackford, J. N.
Blackford, Mattie
Blackford, Nancy
Blackford, R. L.
Blackford, Rosa
Blackford, W.F.
Blessington, Annie
Blessington, Carrie
Blessington, Ella
Blessington, Enr***a
Blessington, Mary
Blessington, T. E.
Bleucoe, George
Bonner, B. F.
Bonner, Eliza
Bonner, G. W.
Bonner, James
Bonner, Martha
Bonner, S. M. C.
Bonner, S. W.
Booher, J. A.
Brooker, A. D.
Brown, James
Brownlee, Samuel
Bucher, David S. B.
Bucher, Fannie B.
Bucher, J. W. B.
Bucher, Philip A.
Bucher, S. B.
Bucher, Sarah
Bucher, Sherman B.
Bucher, W. A.
Bucher, Wilson B.
Burgraf, Caroline
Burgraf, Herman
Burgraf, Julius
Burgraf, Otto
Burgraf, Sophia
Burtch, Matilda
Burtch, William
Byer, Frank
Byer, Mary
Calhoun, James
Calhoun, James
Calhoun, Jane
Campbell, Albert
Campbell, Benton
Campbell, C. M.
Campbell, Harriet
Campbell, Hevina
Campbell, Lewis
Campbell, M. B.
Campbell, Mary
Casady, John
Casady, Mary
Casady, Michael
Casady, Michael
Casady, Patrick
Cass, E. E.
Cass, I. E.
Cass, Laura
Cass, Marshall
Cass, P. M
Cass, Riley
Cass, Wallace
Chaney, A. E.
Chaney, Alfred
Chaney, C. M.
Chaney, H. M.
Chaney, Margret H.
Cheeney, A. E.
Cheeney, B. A.
Cheeney, B. F.
Cheeney, B. F.
Cheeney, Daniel
Cheeney, Edith
Cheeney, Ella L.
Cheeney, H. M.
Cheeney, L. C.
Cheeney, L. E.
Cheeney, Lydia
Cheeney, R. A.
Cheeney, W. F.
Christian, A. L.
Christian, Eminna
Christian, Gertrude
Christian, L. M.
Christian, Lewille
Clark, A. S.
Clark, C. F.
Clark, Corta
Clark, Jasper
Clark, Joseph
Clark, M. J.
Clark, Margaret
Clarke, John
Cline, Adam
Cline, John
Cline, L. A.
Collins, Annie
Cooley, George
Corbet, Almira
Corbet, Charles
Corbet, E. E.
Corbet, J. M.
Corbet, John
Corbet, O. F.
Corr, C. E.
Corr, E. E.
Corr, John
Corr, John T.
Corr, M. A.
Corr, M. E.
Corr, M. E.
Corr, T. L.
Corr, William
Craig, Lorilla
Craig, S. E.
Cresswell, A. E.
Cresswell, Alice
Cresswell, Catherine
Cresswell, F. H.
Cresswell, George
Cresswell, Heminger
Cresswell, Ida
Cresswell, John
Cresswell, Lina
Cresswell, M.
Cresswell, S. H.
Custar, C. L.
Custar, F.A.
Custar, J. L.
Custar, Laura
Custar, Martha A.
Custar, Orva
Custar, R. L.
Davis, E. J.
Davis, G. W.
Davis, M. A.
Davis, W. A.
Dean, Hugh
Dean, Letitia
Deavilt, J. C. F.
Derr, Alpha
Derr, C. N.
Derr, H. J.
Derr, Jessie
Derr, Lucinda
Derr, M. B.
Derr, S. E.
Derr, W. H.
Detwiler, C. H.
Detwiler, Catherine
Detwiler, Ella
Detwiler, F. P.
Detwiler, Henry
Detwiler, J. H.
Detwiler, Lucy
Detwiler, M. E.
Detwiler, M. F.
Detwiler, Mary
Detwiler, William
Dodd, Alice
Dodd, Charles
Dodd, James
Dodd, John
Dodd, John
Dodd, L. W.
Dodd, Susan
Douglas, Carrie
Douglas, Elizabeth
Douglas, Eva
Douglas, G. B.
Douglas, Laura
Downard, E. J.
Downard, F. E.
Downard, John
Drake, Jane
Drake, Joseph
Drummond, Mary
Drummond, Rachael
Dunn, Augustus
Dunn, E. A.
Dunn, Emily
Dunn, Henry
Dunn, Nancy
Dunn, S. L.
Easling, Charlott
Easling, E. E.
Easling, H. L.
Easling, Horace
Easling, L. E.
Easling, Minor
Eaton, H. W.
Eaton, M. E.
Eaton, S. J.
Eaton, Susan
Ebe, H. F.
Ebe, L. B.
Ebe, Margaret
Ebe, Peter
Ely, A. C.
Ely, Albert
Ely, B. F.
Ely, J. W.
Ely, Mary
Ely, Robert
Emerick, Edward
Emrick, William
Endersby, A. O.
Endersby, Amelia
Endersby, Annie
Endersby, Arthur
Endersby, Arthur E.
Endersby, B. F.
Endersby, Charles
Endersby, Eliza
Endersby, Etta
Endersby, Eva
Endersby, Lucretia
Endersby, S. A.
Endersby, Susan E.
Endersby, U. S.
Endersby, V. C.
Endersby, William
Ephland, George
Ephland, L. A.
Euber, Ellen
Euber, J. W.
Farnum, Charles
Farnum, Clinton
Farnum, F.
Farnum, Grace
Farnum, Mary
Feggty, J. J.
Feggty, J. M.
Feggty, K. E.
Feggty, L.A.
Feggty, Martha
Feggty, Newton
Feggty, Ollie
Ferrin, John E.
Ferrin, Sarrah J.
Ferrin, W. A.
Fitzgerald, Ambrose
Fitzgerald, Hubert
Fitzgerald, M. A.
Fitzgerald, Mary
Fitzinger, Catherine
Fitzinger, Jacob
Fitzinger, John
Fletcher, C. W.
Fletcher, E. C.
Fletcher, Phillip
Fletcher, W. H.
Fletcher, William
Flum, Henry
Gaddis, A. B.
Gaddis, Benjamin
Gaddis, M. H.
Gaddis, Sarah
Gilbert, Aaron
Gilbert, Agnes
Gilbert, F. J.
Gilbert, George
Gilbert, H. P.
Gilbert, Henrietta
Gilbert, Jane
Gilbert, Jemima
Gilbert, W. H.
Gillaspie, Solomon
Gillespie, Alexander
Gillespie, Calvin
Gillespie, Hugh
Gillespie, Nancy
Gillespie, William
Gouch, John
Guiton, Annie
Guiton, George
Guiton, W. A.
Gussford, Eliza
Gussford, M. A.
Gussford, P. J.
Gussford, William
Harlan, C.
Harlan, Delana
Harlan, Elihu
Harlan, Ella
Harlan, Hiram
Harlan, Howard
Harlan, Martha
Harlan, Mathew
Harlan, Miriam
Harlan, Nathan
Harlan, Norman
Harlan, Rufus
Harlan, Whitson
Harr, Angelian
Harr, Martha
Harr, Mary
Harr, Nettie
Harr, Susan
Harr, W. H.
Harris, A. M.
Harris, Adeline
Harris, G. W.
Harris, Margaret
Harris, S. A.
Harris, Stephen
Hays, George
Hays, M. H.
Henderson, Charles
Henry, Alfred
Henry, Archer
Henry, Bell
Henry, Charles
Henry, E.
Henry, Edward
Henry, Emma
Henry, Etta
Henry, Francis
Henry, Hannah
Henry, Hugh
Henry, J. H.
Henry, J. W.
Henry, John
Henry, L. H.
Henry, Louis
Henry, M. E.
Henry, Philip Jr.
Henry, Philip Sr.
Henry, Preston
Henry, Resin
Henry, S. F.
Henry, S. J.
Henry, Thomas
Henry, W. A.
Henry, Wesley
Henry, William
Henry, William
Hiller, Charlotta
Hiller, J. A.
Hiller, M. E.
Hiram, Isabel
Hixon, Ella
Hixon, George
Hixon, James
Hixon, Lewis
Hixon, Martha
Hogate, Jessie
Hogate, Martha
Holmes, D. G.
Holmes, D. J.
Holmes, Edith
Holmes, J.
Holmes, J. A.
Holmes, J. H.
Holmes, John
Holmes, Laura
Holmes, Lydia
Holmes, Margaret
Holmes, Minnie
Holmes, Nancy
Holmes, S. S.
Holmes, W. W.
Houlsworth, E. J.
Houlsworth, S. H.
Houser, David
Hudson, Abby
Hudson, Catherine
Hudson, Emily
Hudson, Lemuel
Hudson, William
Huggins, Alfred
Huggins, C. W.
Huggins, David
Huggins, Elizabeth
Huggins, Elizabeth
Huggins, Etta
Huggins, Luther
Huggins, M. F.
Huggins, Melvira
Huggins, Nancy
Huggins, Virginia
Huggins, W. F.
Ingle, Samuel
Israel, Clarabell
Israel, G. H.
Israel, J. D.
Israel, J. T.
Israel, Juliet
Israel, Lauissa
Israel, Netta
Jackson, Charles
Jackson, Clara
Jackson, Elizabeth
Jackson, George
Jackson, Margret
Jackson, Pemelia
Jacobs, Andrew
Jacobs, Christine
Jacobs, John
Jacobs, Minnie
Jacobson, A. J.
Jacobson, Edwin
Jacobson, Elizabeth
Jacobson, Murnson
Jacobson, Sarah J.
Jacobson, W. A.
Jenkins, A. A.
Jenkins, B. F.
Jenkins, Edith A.
Jenkins, Lulu
Jenkins, W. T.
Jewett, N. A.
Jewett, Ozro
Jewett, Polly
Johnson, A. D.
Johnson, Annie
Johnson, B.
Johnson, C. P.
Johnson, Claudelia
Johnson, David
Johnson, E. J.
Johnson, G. M.
Johnson, M. F.
Johnson, M. L.
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Rosa
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, Thomas
Keck, A. B.
Keck, E. E.
Keck, H. J.
Keck, Henry
Keck, Mary
Keck, S. C.
Kelly, A. B.
Kelly, Charles
Kelly, Levi
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Richard
Kelly, S. J.
King, Albert
King, Martin
King, Mary
King, Mary
King, Michael
King, Thomas
Klice, Ada
Klice, George
Klice, Rachael
Klise, Adelia
Klise, Esther
Klise, John
Knight, William
Kuhn, Barbara
Lackey, Henry
Lacky, Henry
Lee, Laura
Leffler, Andrew
Leffler, Elizabeth
Leffler, George
Leffler, Irena
Leffler, J. A.
Leffler, Jacob
Leffler, James
Leffler, Mary
Leffler, Melinda
Leffler, Monsier
Lewis, C. A.
Lewis, C. W.
Lewis, G. W.
Lewis, H. A.
Lewis, Margaret
Lewis, R. H.
Lucas, Albert
Lyon, F. M.
Lyon, H. G.
Lyon, John
Lyon, Nannetta
Lyon, Sarah
Lyon, Sarah
Lyons, Allie
Lyons, C. H.
Lyons, S. J.
Mack, Alice
Mahler, Annie
Mahler, Edmund
Mahler, Emily
Mahler, Maxamillian
Mahler, Rosena
Marshall, Benjamjin
Marshall, Gertrude
Marshall, Grant
Marshall, Maria
Marshall, Nellie
Marshall, Samuel
Marshall, Susan
Marshall, W. G.
Martin, A. J.
Martin, Alexander
Martin, E. C.
Martin, E. L.
Martin, F. A.
Martin, F. M.
Martin, Franklin
Martin, John
Martin, M. C.
Martin, M. L.
Martin, Mary A.
Martin, O. A.
Martin, Parker
Martin, Sarah
Martin, Sarah J.
Martin, W. A.
Martin, W. E.
Martin, William
Masden, Emily
Masden, Fred
Masden, J.
Masden, Madg
Masden, Maud
McComb, Ellmer E.
McComb, Eva M.
McComb, H.
McComb, Jane
McComb, Jane B.
McComb, M. E.
McComb, Martha
McComb, Mary
McComb, Matilda
McComb, Thomas
McCracken, Charley
McCracken, Cynthia
McCracken, Joseph
McCracken, M. J.
McCrudy, John
McCullough, A. F.
McCullough, B. M.
McCullough, D. C.
McCullough, F. R.
McCullough, M. L.
McCullough, R. M.
McCullough, S. W.
McCullough, W. W.
McDonald, C. W.
McDonald, Charles
McDonald, Helen
McDonald, J. D.
McDonald, Martha
McDonald, Martha
McDonald, R. E.
McDonald, W. C.
McGoun, M. L.
McGoun, Margaret
McGoun, N. W.
McGoun, R. S.
McGoun, T. S.
McGreer, George
McGreer, John
McGreer, Louisa
McGreer, William
McLain, A. L.
McLain, Ella
McLain, Emily
McLain, J. M.
McLain, R. E.
McLain, T. J.
McLain, W. D.
Mendenhall, America E.
Mendenhall, E.
Mendenhall, George
Mendenhall, J. W.
Mendenhall, James
Mendenhall, Laura
Mendenhall, Margret
Mendenhall, Mary
Mendenhall, Mary
Mendenhall, Nellie
Mendenhall, Willie
Mercer, S. F.
Meredith, Eliza
Meredith, J. T.
Meredith, L. B.
Meredith, M. J.
Meredith, Mahala
Mickle, Mary
Middleton, Paul
Middleton, Sarah
Middleton, W. S.
Miller, A. F.
Miller, Abraham
Miller, Abram
Miller, Albert
Miller, Alexander
Miller, Amelia
Miller, Andrew
Miller, Ann
Miller, Annie
Miller, C. E.
Miller, C. L.
Miller, C. O.
Miller, Deborah
Miller, E. A.
Miller, E. E.
Miller, E. J.
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, F. A.
Miller, G. W.
Miller, Geo. W.
Miller, Hattie
Miller, J. A.
Miller, James
Miller, Janetta
Miller, John
Miller, John K.
Miller, Joseph
Miller, Kitty
Miller, L. A.
Miller, L. P.
Miller, Levi
Miller, Lewis
Miller, Lydia
Miller, Lydia
Miller, M. Frank
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary J.
Miller, Michael
Miller, Philip
Miller, Robert
Miller, S. A.
Miller, S. A.
Miller, S. H.
Miller, Sammuel
Miller, Sarah
Miller, Sophia
Miller, W. H.
Miller, William
Miller, William J.
Mitcheler, Harriet
Mitcheler, S.
Mitchell, Charles
Mogel, A. M.
Mogel, L. A.
Mogel, M. C.
Mogel, Olive
Mogel, Valentine
Moore, Abigail
Moore, E. S.
Moore, James R.
Moore, John
Morrison, Hannah
Morrison, Jonas
Morti, Fredrick
Murphey, S. P.
Myer, Conrad
Nelson, Albert
Nelson, Caroline
Nichols, J. E.
Nichols, Jane
Nichols, W. H.
Nicholson, J. H.
Nicholson, M. B.
Nicholson, Milton
Nicholson, S. A.
Nixon, B. A.
Nixon, Ella
Nixon, Jacob
Nixon, Sarah
Norton, Jerimah
Orlandon, Almyra
Orlandon, L. A.
Orlandon, M. C.
Orlandon, W. R.
Parrish, A. R.
Parrish, H. V.
Parrish, M. S.
Parrish, N. J.
Pease, Catherine
Pease, J. B.
Pease, John
Pender, Phebe
Pender, R. C.
Percival, Charlotta
Percival, J. B.
Percival, Laura
Percival, Minnie
Percival, Nettie
Percival, Pricilla
Percival, William
Perry, Aaron
Perry, David
Perry, Ellen
Perry, Franklin
Perry, John
Perry, Maggie
Perry, Rosetta
Perry, Sarah
Perry, W. H.
Petrie, Andrew
Petrie, C. A.
Petrie, Huldah
Petrie, John
Petrie, John
Petrie, Joseph
Petrie, Sophia
Phillips, Amanda
Pindle, Albert
Pindle, C. E.
Pindle, D. F.
Pindle, J. B.
Pindle, M. E.
Pindle, M. F.
Pindle, Presley
Piper, Elizabeth
Piper, Emma
Piper, John
Piper, Lillie
Piper, M. E.
Piper, Nancy
Piper, Rebecca
Piper, Samuel
Pratt, E. M.
Pratt, F. A.
Pratt, H. A.
Pratt, O. F.
Pratt, Robert
Price, Lindsey
Price, Marian
Price, Mary
Pring, E. L.
Pring, Sarah
Pring, Thomas
Proper, A. E.
Proper, Alice
Proper, Bertie
Proper, C. L.
Proper, Caroline
Proper, Caroline
Proper, Datus
Proper, Eddie
Proper, Elmina
Proper, H. M.
Proper, Lewis
Proper, Lydia
Proper, Marcus
Proper, Martha
Proper, Mary
Proper, Milton A.
Proper, O.
Proper, W. L.
Proper, Worthy
Radastock, E.
Radastock, F.
Radastock, M. M.
Randall, J. M.
Riley, Elizabeth
Robbins, Laura
Robbins, W. C.
Roberts, Elme*
Roberts, Ency
Roberts, Etna
Roberts, Isaac
Roberts, J.
Roberts, Mahala
Roberts, Martha
Roberts, Samuel
Row, C. H.
Row, George
Row, J. R.
Row, M. E.
Russell, Adam
Russell, Ellen
Russell, John
Russell, M. A.
Russell, Martha
Russell, Mathew J.
Russell, Nancy
Russell, Sam'l
Russell, Samuel
Saddler, Anna
Saddler, Joseph
Saddler, Maria
Sage, Frank
Saggerty, George
Saggerty, Thomas
Saulsbury, S.
Saunders, E. J.
Saunders, Enoch
Saunders, Flint
Saunders, Joseph
Saunders, M. A.
Saunders, Margaret
Saunders, Robert
Saunders, William
Schmidt, C. E.
Schmidt, C. W.
Schmidt, Eve
Schmidt, F. A.
Schmidt, J. L.
Schmidt, John P.
Schmidt, M. A.
Schmidt, M. A.
Schmidt, S. E.
Schmidt, William
Sever, Andrew
Sever, J. A.
Seward, B. P.
Shawley, Andrew
Shull, Franklin
Shull, Sarah
Shull, Thomas
Slocum, A. G.
Slocum, Blanch
Slocum, George
Slocum, Thomas
Smith, Claude
Smith, Earl
Smith, George
Smith, J. D.
Smith, M. E.
Smith, M. J.
Smith, M. J.
Smith, Martha
Smith, Moses
Smith, Virginia
Snyder, A. M.
Snyder, Adam
Snyder, Adelaide
Snyder, W. M.
Spaw, Benton
Spaw, Franklin
Spaw, Louisa
Spaw, N. A.
Spaw, W. A.
Speer, Franklin
Speir, Frank P.
Speir, Kesiah
Speirs, James
Spraker, Ellsworth
Spraker, Jacob
Spraker, N. E.
Spraker, O. B.
Sprankle, E. V. B.
Sprankle, F. M. J.
Sprott, Ida
Sprott, S. D.
Sprott, S. E.
Sprott, S. J.
Sprott, Thomas
Sprott, William
Squire, Effa
Squire, Jane
Squire, John Jr.
Squire, John, Sr.
Squire, Mary
Squire, Matilda
Squire, Sidney
Squire, W. E.
Squires, C. L.
Squires, F. E.
Squires, F. F.
Squires, Loretta
Stackbarger, Sarah
Stackberger, M.
Stackberger, Sarah
Stackberger, Telia
Stark, Mary
Steele, Catherine
Steele, Elizabeth
Steele, Gertrude
Steele, Henry
Stephens, C. J.
Stephens, H. R.
Stephens, Mary E.
Stephens, W. U.
Stephenson, J. H.
Stephenson, Rebecca
Stephenson, S. J.
Steve, Anna
Steve, Caroline
Steve, Clement
Steve, Clement
Steve, George
Steve, Mary
Steve, Varonica
Stevens, Angeline
Stevens, Anna
Stevens, C. E.
Stevens, Catherine
Stevens, D. F.
Stevens, Daniel
Stevens, Elizabeth
Stevens, George
Stevens, George
Stevens, George P.
Stevens, Jacob
Stevens, John
Stevens, John
Stevens, Rebecca
Stevens, S. E.
Stevens, William
Stonehouse, A. E.
Stonehouse, E. C.
Stonehouse, R.
Stonehouse, S. E.
Stuart, A. A.
Stuart, E. C.
Stuart, E. M.
Stuart, J. T.
Stuart, M.
Sturdevant, Annie
Sturdevant, Calusa
Sturdevant, Ellen
Sturdevant, Ida
Sturdevant, Josephine
Sturdevant, M. A.
Sturdevant, Mary
Sturdevant, R. J.
Sutherland, D
Sutton, Josephus
Sutton, Martha J.
Sutton, Stella V.
Sweeny, John
Tade, Elizabeth
Tade, John
Tade, John D.
Tade, Mollie
Tade, Nellie
Tade, S. E.
Tade, W. A.
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, Sydney
Tracy, Alice
Tracy, Benjamin
Tracy, Eveline
Tracy, George
Tracy, Nancy
Tully, Alice
Tully, Alonzo
Tully, Margret
Tully, Mary
Tully, S. M.
Tully, William
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Vale, Anna
Vale, Benjamin R.
Vale, J. G.
Vale, John L.
Vale, Lydia A.
Vale, Martha M.
Vanstenburg, Annie
Vanstenburg, Elizabeth
Vanstenburg, Emma
Vanstenburg, Eugene
Vanstenburg, Walter
Varner, Eli
Varner, J. M.
Varner, J. M.
Varner, J. O.
Varner, L. R.
Varner, R. L.
Varner, Susanna
Wagner, Charles
Walker, A. E.
Walker, L. A.
Walker, William
Wallingford, H.
Wallingford, J. M.
Wallingford, John
Wallingford, M. A.
Wallingford, M. J.
Wallingford, Sarah
Wallingford, W. H.
Ware, Alpha
Ware, Elias
Washabaugh, L.
White, Jane
White, John
White, Maria
White, Samuel
Wilhelm, Catherine
Wilhelm, David
Wilhelm, Frances
Wilhelm, Isaiah
Wilhelm, J. H.
Wilhelm, Levina
Wilhelm, Noah
Wilhelm, S. A.
Wilhelm, Solomon
Winslow, Hattie
Wolf, E. A.
Woods, A. H.
Woods, Elizabeth
Woods, Ellen
Woods, Henrietta
Woods, Jessie
Woods, M. V.
Wycth, Silas
Wyer, M. A.
Wyer, William
Wythe, G. E.
Wythe, Harriet