1870 Census of Van Buren County, IA
transcribed by Fran Hunt

There are 12 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Alvey, Elmira
Alvey, James M.
Alvey, Lena E.
Alvey, Willie B.
Alvy, Albert
Alvy, Franklyn
Alvy, John
Alvy, Lydia
Anderson, George
Anderson, Isaac
Anderson, Johnathan
Anderson, Johnathan
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Nancy
Anderson, Nancy
Anderson, Sarah
Anderson, U.G.
Bailey, Anna J.
Bailey, Cyntha J.
Bailey, Edmond
Bailey, Ellen
Bailey, Emma
Bailey, Flora
Bailey, Jabes H.
Bailey, Josiah
Bailey, M.M.
Bailey, Mary
Bailey, Oliver
Bailey, R.M.
Bailey, W.A.
Bailey, W.S.
Bailey, Willis
Barger, A.A.
Barger, A.G.
Barger, Catherine
Barger, D.C.
Barger, Dniel
Barger, J.A.
Barger, J.W.
Barger, L.A.
Barger, M.C.
Barger, N.L.
Barger, W.F.
Barger, W.F.
Barton, E.B.
Barton, Eliza
Barton, Sarah
Barton, William
Barton, William
Bayles, J.W.
Berry, Anginora
Berry, Calista E.
Berry, Catherine J.
Berry, Charlotte B.
Berry, Harvey P.
Berry, James
Berry, John
Berry, John L.
Berry, Joshua R.
Berry, Martha J.
Berry, William H.
Blalock, J.E.
Blancher, C.A.
Blancher, D.A.
Blancher, I.M.
Blancher, J.L.
Blancher, T.E.
Blancher, W.W.
Boley, J.P.
Boley, Nancy
Boley, W.A.
Boley, W.H.
Boly, David T.
Boly, James F.
Brattain, Alfred
Brattain, Charles
Brattain, Edgar
Brattain, Mary
Brattain, Ruth
Busby, Nathan
Busby, Rachael
Campbell, E.F.
Campbell, I. S.
Campbell, M.C.
Campbell, N.D.
Campbell, W.N.
Carter, William
Clark, E.A.
Clark, Elbert
Clark, L.L.
Clarke, S.E.
Coburn, James
Coburn, Margaret
Colthrain, A.J.
Colthrain, Aladelphia
Colthrain, Dodge
Colthrain, Mary
Colthrain, R.J.
Colthrain, William
Coltrain, A.M.
Coltrain, Almira
Coltrain, Cynthia
Coltrain, Elisa
Coltrain, F.P.
Coltrain, J.D.
Coltrain, J.N.
Coltrain, James
Coltrain, John
Coltrain, Julia
Coltrain, Lydia
Coltrain, Melvina
Coltrain, Rachael
Coltrain, Sarah
Coltrain, Susas
Coltrain, Thomas
Coltrain, W.C.
Cornelly, Perry
Douglas, A.J.
Douglas, Louis J.
Douglas, Mellissa B.
Douglas, S.
Douglas, Willis A.
Douthert, Emeline
Douthert, Franklin R.
Douthert, G.W.
Douthert, J.C.
Douthert, R.A.
Douthert, Robert
Douthert, W.T.
Dray, Charles
Dray, Francis
Dray, James
Dray, Lewis
Dray, Mary
Dray, Obidiah
Dray, Sarah
Dray, Thomas
Endersby, Eliza
Endersby, Elizabeth
Endersby, Fredrick
Endersby, J.H.
Endersby, Janeta
Endersby, Melvina
Farmer, James E.
Farmer, John E.
Farmer, Margret
Farmer, Mary
Farmer, Melissa J.
Farmer, Samuel
Farmer, Samuel
Farmer, Sarah
Farmer, William F.
Giangue, A.T.
Giangue, Bertha
Giangue, Edwin
Giangue, Sarah
Gipson, Matilda
Harlan, A.S.
Harlan, Albert
Harlan, Anna
Harlan, Annie C.
Harlan, Catherine
Harlan, Catherine
Harlan, Charles F.
Harlan, E.C.
Harlan, E.E.
Harlan, Eber
Harlan, Elihu
Harlan, Enos
Harlan, Euginia E.
Harlan, Francis M.
Harlan, George
Harlan, J.Y.
Harlan, James
Harlan, Je****** A.L.
Harlan, Jessie A.F.
Harlan, John
Harlan, John
Harlan, John Q.
Harlan, Levi
Harlan, Martha C.
Harlan, Mary
Harlan, Mary A.
Harlan, Mary E.
Harlan, Mary J.
Harlan, Matilda A.
Harlan, N.B.
Harlan, Nancy
Harlan, Nancy
Harlan, Nancy I.
Harlan, Nathan
Harlan, Samuel A.
Harlan, Sarah
Harlan, Thomas O.
Harlan, Vinna
Harlan, W.C.
Harlan, Walter S.
Harlan, William R.
Harlan, Wm. H.
Holiday, Elizabeth
Holiday, Isaac
Holliday, Frank
Holliday, Harvey
Holliday, J.D.
Holliday, Laura
Holliday, Susan
Holt, Sarah S.
Hopper, Amanda M.
Hopper, Hannah
Hopper, James H.
Hopper, John H.
Hopper, Mary
Hopper, Mary S.
Hopper, Sarah L.
Hopper, William
Howard, Albert
Howard, Elizabeth
Howard, Elizabeth C.
Howard, George W.
Howard, Isaac
Howard, Martha F.
Huff, Addie
Huff, Clara
Huff, Enos
Huff, Mary
Huff, Mary
Huff, Polk
Huff, Sarah
Huff, W.S.
Huffrine, Alexander
Huffrine, Betsey
Huffrine, John
Huffrine, Josephine
Huffrine, Sarah
Huffrine, Thomas
James, Elizabeth
James, H.H.
James, Henry E.
James, Joseph C.
James, Joseph P.
James, Lillian M.
James, M.F.
James, Reuben E.
James, Sally Ellen
James, Thomas
James, William F.
Jolley, B.B.
Jolley, L.H.
Jolley, Lillie M.
Jolley, Lucilta E.
Kilden, William
Kildew, Hiram
Kildew, Mary
Kildew, Rebecca
Kildew, William
Kirby, John
Knowle, Harvey A.
Knowle, Laura E.
Knowle, Layfyette
Knowle, Martha J.
Knowle, Virgil
Lane, Elizabeth
Lane, Francis H.
Lane, George W.
Lane, Joseph
Lane, Mary E.
Lane, Rosetta
Lane, Samuel J.
Lane, William
Lazenby, Charles
Lazenby, Elizabeth
Lazenby, H.W.
Lazenby, J.A.
Lazenby, M.A.
Lazenby, N.A.
Lazenby, P.A.
Lazenby, Robert
Lazenby, Thomas
Lazenby, William
Livers, Catherine
Long, Alma
Long, B.F.
Long, George
Long, H.A.
Long, Jane
Long, Luther
Long, Mary
Mastersen, William
Mastersen, William
Mayhew, G.A.
McClellan, B.A.
McClellan, James
McClellan, Newton A.
McClellan, Sylva J.
McCrary, Al**
McCrary, M.A.
Milican, Calvin
Milican, E.A.
Milican, Elizabeth
Milican, F.E.
Milican, O.L.
Milican, W.A.
More, A.
Morris, A.H.
Morris, Ashbury D.
Morris, B.C.
Morris, Charles
Morris, Ellen J.
Morris, Emma
Morris, Frank
Morris, Harriet
Morris, Henry
Morris, Henry T.
Morris, Jane
Morris, Margaret A.
Morris, Rebecca E.
Morris, Sally Ann
Morris, Sherman
Murdock, Han****
Murdock, Thomas
Murphy, Lucy
Murphy, Mary E.
Murphy, Phebe
Murphy, William
Murphy, William
Parrie, Wm. L.
Perry, A.J.
Perry, E.S.
Perry, Maggie A.
Perry, Mary Emma
Perry, Sarah J.
Phillips, Bell
Phillips, Emma
Phillips, Henry C.
Phillips, James
Phillips, Mandania
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Rebecca
Phillips, Saml
Phillips, Sarah
Phillips, Thomas C.
Phillips, William
Ruby, Anna
Ruby, H.T.
Ruby, Jabez
Ruby, Mathew
Ruby, Mellissa
Ruby, Willis
Runyan, A.M.
Runyan, Albert
Runyan, Ambrose
Runyan, C.E.
Runyan, E.A.
Runyan, Ersula
Runyan, George
Runyan, J.F.
Runyan, Jacob
Runyan, John
Runyan, Johnathan
Runyan, Joseph
Runyan, L.M.
Runyan, Lewis
Runyan, Mary
Runyan, Melissa
Runyan, Walter
Savage, Anna
Savage, H.E.
Savage, Harriet
Savage, John
Savage, Samuel
Savage, Seth
Savage, Walter
Savage, William
Shellman, Emma
Shellman, H.L.
Shellman, J.B.
Shellman, J.W.
Shellman, L.G.
Shellman, M.L.
Shellman, N.A.
Shellman, Pornina
Shellman, S.W.
Shellman, W.H.
Simons, A.F.
Simons, Maria E.
Simpkins, H.E.
Simpkins, Leo
Simpkins, Matilda A.
Simpkins, Phebe
Simpkins, Rosa
Simpkins, T.D.
Spencer, Absalom
Spencer, America
Spencer, Eleanor
Spencer, Frank L.
Spencer, John M.
Spencer, John W.
Spencer, Martin A.
Spencer, Mary N.
Spencer, Nancy
Spencer, Scott W.
Spencer, W.H.
Spencer, Warren D.
Spencer, William
Spencer, William N.
Spray, Abraham L.
Spray, Dydenn
Spray, Elizabeth M.
Spray, Hannah M.
Spray, Henry
Spray, Iowa P.
Spray, Isaiah
Spray, James W.
Spray, John T.
Spray, Mary P.
Spray, William W.
Stanley, John H.
Stanley, Mary
Stanley, Nancy A.
Stanley, Samuel J.
Stanley, W.M.
Sutton, James
Syphen, Elliot
Syphen, J.A.
Syphen, J.R.
Syphen, Jacob
Syphen, Virginia
Taylor, Charley S.
Taylor, Eliza J.
Taylor, Elizabeth J.
Taylor, James W.
Taylor, John P.
Taylor, Mary A.
Taylor, Nancy E.
Taylor, Nancy M.
Taylor, Sarah E.
Taylor, W.E.
Taylor, Wm. Allen
Turner, H.H.
Turner, Johnathan
Turner, M.A.
Turner, O.J.
Unoccupied, No Name
Unoccupied, No Name
Veatch, E.E.
Veatch, Mary A.
Veatch, Samuel
Walker, Adeline
Walker, E.J. McC
Walker, Eva R.A.
Walker, Ida E.
Walker, M.P.
Walker, Thomas
Waters, L.E.
Watson, A.A.
Watson, Annie
Watson, C. A.
Watson, D.J.
Watson, Ellen
Watson, Emeline
Watson, Frances
Watson, Francis
Watson, H.H.
Watson, I.N.
Watson, J.C.
Watson, J.H.
Watson, J.H.
Watson, Josephine
Watson, Leonidas
Watson, M.C.
Watson, Maggie
Watson, Martha
Watson, Martha
Watson, Martha
Watson, Mary
Watson, Millard
Watson, Nicholas G.
Watson, W.S.
Watson, William
Williams, David A.