1860 Census of Van Buren County, IA

VERNON Township
transcribed by Sharon Franklin

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Able, Albert
Able, James
Able, Jane
Able, William T
Alcorn, Allexander
Alcorn, James A.
Alcorn, Lizzie
Alcorn, Louisa
Alcorn, Mary
Alcorn, Mary A.
Alcorn, Parmelia
Alcorn, Rachel
Alcorn, Robert S.
Alcorn, William
Allender, Ann P
Allender, Geo C
Allender, Margaret
Allender, Margaret A
Allender, Mary A
Allender, William B
Allison, Florence M.
Allison, Jemima H
Allison, John P.
Allison, Margaret
Allison, Marian
Allison, Wm. F
Bachelder, Agnes
Bachelder, Amelia
Bachelder, George
Bachelder, Joseph
Bachelder, Katharine
Bachelder, Margaret
Bachelder, Mary A
Bailey, Abigal
Bailey, Agnes
Bailey, Augustus C
Bailey, Daniel A.
Bailey, Elizabeth
Bailey, George
Bailey, George W
Bailey, Gideon S
Bailey, Julia M
Bailey, Julia M
Bailey, Lillian Isidori
Bailey, Marshal
Bailey, Mary
Bailey, Rosetta
Bailey, Sarah
Bailey, Sarah
Bailey, Sarah
Bailey, Titus
Baker, Mary E.
Bar, Mary
Barrett, Eldon S.
Barrett, Elizabeth
Barrett, Ida
Barrett, Lavinia
Barrett, M. P.
Bartholemew, Andrew J.
Bartholemew, Christian
Bartholemew, Elizabeth
Bartholemew, Henry
Bartholemew, John
Bartholemew, Matilda
Bartholemew, Sarah
Bartholomew, Ezra
Bartholomew, Nahum
Beck, Caroline
Beck, George
Beck, Jane
Beck, John
Beck, Leonard
Beck, Mary
Bell, Amanda
Bell, Edward
Bell, Electa
Bell, Elias
Bell, Hellen
Bell, John
Bell, Rush
Bell, Sarah
Bennett, Ann A.
Bennett, Charles W.
Bennett, Ellen M A
Bennett, James H.
Bennett, Jane
Bennett, John
Bennett, John T.
Bennett, Lemuel W
Bennett, Martha J
Bennett, Mary M
Bennett, Rhoda
Bennett, Sam"l
Bennett, Sarah A
Bennett, Smantha
Bird, Elizabeth
Bird, Esther F.
Bird, Mary J.
Bird, Nancy
Blacklidge, Emma
Blacklidge, Franklin
Blacklidge, Hannah M.
Blacklidge, Jane
Blacklidge, Sam"l
Blount, Eleanor S
Blount, Erastus C
Blount, Francelia
Blount, George B
Blount, Jasper S
Blount, Letitia
Booth, Chauncy
Bowsor, Aaron
Bowsor, Ann
Boyd, Geo S
Boyer, Albert
Boyer, Clara
Boyer, Elvira
Boyer, Isaac
Boyer, Jacob
Boyer, John O.
Boyer, Joseph
Boyer, Martin
Boyer, Mary I
Boyer, Sidney
Bradford, Abert
Bradford, Alice
Bradford, Alonzo
Bradford, Annie
Bradford, Anthony
Bradford, Charles
Bradford, Cicelia
Bradford, Elizabeth E.
Bradford, Elvira
Bradford, Eveline
Bradford, Haffold
Bradford, Harriet
Bradford, Ira
Bradford, Isaac B.
Bradford, Laura A
Bradford, Leander
Bradford, Louisa
Bradford, Merilda
Bradford, Pierce
Bradford, Sarah
Bradford, Sarah
Bradford, Sarah J
Bradford, Sylvester
Bradford, Velinda
Bradford, Walter
Breeding, David
Breeding, Margaret C.
Breeding, Martha E.
Brewster, Alice
Brewster, Amanda
Brewster, Calvin
Brewster, Hardin
Brewster, Harret
Brewster, Harvey
Brewster, Isabel
Brewster, Isabel
Brewster, Julia A.
Brewster, Laura
Brewster, Nancy
Brewster, Rebecca E.
Brewster, Silas W.
Brewster, Thomas
Brisan, Jame E
Brisan, James
Brisan, Margaret
Brisan, Mary J
Brisan, Nancy
Brown, Caroline
Brown, Daniel
Brown, John L
Brown, Lear
Brown, Mary
Brown, Minerva A
Brown, Morris
Brown, Noah
Brown, Sylvanus H
Brown, Washington
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brownn, Alice
Brownn, Emma
Brownn, Laura
Brownn, Robert
Brownn, Wallace
Burkisher, Adam
Burkisher, Alice C.
Burkisher, Eliza C.
Burkisher, Mary A.
Burkisher, Sarah V.
Burns, James
Burns, John
Burns, Mary
Burns, Miles
Burns, Morris
Cackley, Charles J
Cackley, Frances
Cackley, James
Cackley, Joseph
Cackley, Louisa
Cackley, Nancy
Cackley, William C C
Campbell, John E
Campbell, William W
Cavat, Anna M.
Cavat, Caroline
Cavat, Elizabeth A.
Cavat, James
Cavat, John
Cavat, Udice
Cavat, William
Cavat, William C.
Clark, Ann
Clark, James
Clark, John
Clark, John W.
Clark, Joseph
Clark, Louisa
Clark, Perry
Clark, Susan
Clark, William
Cochran, Martha
Cox, Alonzo
Cox, Argus
Cox, Clarinda
Cox, Harvey
Cox, Juliette
Cox, Randolph
Cox, Sarah A
Cregson, Elizabeth
Cregson, Margaret
Crookshanke, Phebe A.
Crookshanks, Edward
Crookshanks, James H.
Crookshanks, Jesse
Crookshanks, Sarah
Crookshanks, Susan
Daly, Abraham
Daly, Nancy J.
Daly, Samuel
Davis, Alexander
Davis, Charles
Davis, David
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elnora
Davis, Elsie
Davis, Enoch
Davis, Extrine
Davis, Isaac
Davis, Isaac
Davis, James
Davis, John H.
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Joshua
Davis, Julia A.
Davis, Leonard
Davis, Lewis
Davis, Lucinda
Davis, Margaret
Davis, Martha
Davis, Martha
Davis, Martha
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary E
Davis, Mary Elsie
Davis, Nancy
Davis, Ora
Davis, Perry
Davis, Peter
Davis, Peter
Davis, Sam"l P.
Davis, Sarah A
Davis, Sarah J.
Davis, Van
Davis, Viola
Davis, William
Dehart, Albert
Dehart, Ann
Dehart, Edward
Dehart, Eli
Dehart, George
Dehart, Hannah
Dehart, Mary
Dehart, Milton
Dehart, Thomas
Dehart, William
Demois, Henry M
Demois, Ira W
Demois, Sarah E
Denver, William
Dickson, John H
Dickson, Melinda J
Dickson, Rob't L
Dickson, Rob't M
Dodson, Amoriah
Dodson, Anolia
Dodson, Byran
Dodson, Clarissa
Dodson, Eliza
Dodson, James
Dodson, Mary A.
Dodson, Philander
Dooly, Carter L.
Dooly, David V.
Dooly, Eli
Dooly, Elias
Dooly, John W.
Dooly, Margaret J.
Dooly, Martha M.
Dooly, Mary A.
Dooly, Moses
Dooly, Palmyra
Dooly, Sarah
Dooly, Sarah C.
Dooly, William
Duffie, Francis
Duffie, Owen
Duffie, Patrick
Duffie, Rosa
Dulin, Gustavus
Dulin, Martha A
Dunnin, James A.
Eaton, Mary A.
Eaton, Robert B.
Eaton, Sarah
Eaton, Susan E.
Eaton, William
Eaton, William
Edwards, Louisana
Ehrman, Clara E
Ehrman, Harriet
Ehrman, Henry
Ehrman, John
Ehrman, Mary E
Ekis, Barbara A.
Ekis, Daniel
Ekis, Eleanor
Ekis, George C
Ekis, Henry W.
Ekis, Israel B.
Ekis, Katharine
Ekis, Michael
Ekis, Peter
Ekis, William
Ellis, George
Ellis, Ruth A.
Estes, Anna
Estes, John M
Estes, John W
Estes, Margaret
Estes, Mary
Estes, Richard H L
Evans, Levi J
Evans, Rebecca
Fargua, James W
Fin, James
Fin, Sarah C.
Fisher, Eliza
Fitzgerrold, Madison S.
Fitzjerrold, Harriet B.
Fitzjerrold, James C.
Fitzjerrold, Martha A.
Fix, Alexander
Fix, Eliza A
Fix, Jacob
Fix, NN
Fix, Paul O
Forsyth, Boyd
Fouts, Anthan C
Fouts, William B
Fredrick, Almira
Fredrick, Isaih
Fredrick, Mary E.
Freeman, Harriett
Freeman, Merrill P
Freeman, Phebe
Freeman, Thomas A
Fruse, James D
Gamble, Hannah E.
Gamble, James C.
Gamble, John E.
Gamble, Mary
Gamble, Xenophan
Gaston, Anna
Gaston, George
Gaston, James
Gaston, John
Gaston, Rachel
Gaston, William
Genil, Augustus B.
Genil, Henry
Genil, Henry
Genil, Mary
Genil, Mary
Genil, Sarah
George, Edmund
George, James H.
George, John M.
George, Mary
George, Mary
George, Mary J.
George, Parnick
Glasscock, Chapin
Glasscock, Clay D
Glasscock, Engenus
Glasscock, Francis L
Glasscock, Polly
Glasscock, Rebecca
Glasscock, Virginia
Goddard, Clifton
Goddard, Elizabeth J.
Goddard, Erastus
Goddard, Isabel
Goddard, Tilden
Gray, Arzy
Gray, James W.
Gray, John E.
Gray, Sarepta
Green, Miles W.
Grimsley, Alice C
Grimsley, John C
Grimsley, M H
Grimsley, Mary A
Gwinip, Catharine
Gwinip, Francis M
Gwinip, Isabel
Gwinip, John
Gwinip, Martha J.
Hackard, John
Hackard, M. H.
Hackard, Sarah
Hallet, Alzina A
Hallet, Cynthia S.
Hallet, Elizabeth
Hallet, Emma
Hallet, Hainey
Hallet, Henrietta
Hallet, Huldah
Hallet, June
Hallet, Mattanah
Hanback, Florence
Hanback, Jennette
Hanback, John
Hanback, Julia
Hanback, Tho"s A
Hard, Ella
Hard, James
Hard, Katharine
Hard, Madara
Hard, Mary
Hard, Sarah
Hardin, Eliza
Hardin, George
Hardin, Isabel
Hardin, Jacob
Hardin, John
Hardin, Levi
Hardin, Maria
Hardin, Martha
Hardin, Philip
Hardin, William
Harness, John
Harness, Margaret P.
Harness, Sarah
Harness, Warren
Harness, William
Harriman, Joseph B.
Harriman, Margaret
Harriman, Wm. H.
Harrison, Alice
Harrison, Anna
Harrison, Wm. H.
Hat, Seth P.
Hathaway, Elizabeth
Hathaway, James L
Hathaway, Louisa
Hathaway, Mary
Hathaway, Taylor
Hatheway, Elija
Hatheway, Joseph
Hatheway, Lydia A.
Hatheway, Mary C
Hatheway, Sam"l
Hatheway, William
Hawk, Jacob
Hawk, Sarah
Heald, Adelade
Heald, Ephraim
Heminger, Mary
Heminger, Solon V
Heminger, Valentine
Henry, Amelia
Henry, Eva
Henry, Harret
Henry, Heman
Henry, Ora
Henry, Sam"l
Henry, Susan
Henry, Sylvester
Henry, Thomas
Henry, Volney
Hensley, Charles A.
Hensley, Eliza
Hensley, Elizabeth
Hensley, Francis
Hensley, James
Hensley, James S.
Hensley, John
Hensley, Thomas J.
Hensley, William
Hild, Augusta
Hilliard, Abigal
Hilliard, Cecilia
Hilliard, Ella E
Hilliard, Hillel
Hilliard, Lewis
Hilliard, Mary K
Hilliard, Nancy J
Hilliard, Sam'l A
Hilliard, Sarah
Hines, John
Hines, Margaret
Hoon, William
Hornbeaker, Benjamin
Hornbeaker, Elizabeth
Hornbeaker, Martin
Hunt, Mary E
Huntsman, Caroline
Huntsman, Charles B.
Huntsman, Mary M.
Huntsman, William
Hutton, Hugh
Irving, Katharine
Irving, Sarah
Jack, Delbert A
Jack, Elizabeth
Jack, Eveline
Jack, Geo W
James, John
Jett, Eliza
Jett, George
Jett, Mary F.
Jones, Agnes
Jones, Bertrand
Jones, Edward
Jones, George
Jones, Isaac
Jones, James P
Jones, Jeanette
Jones, John W.
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Martha
Kaley, Alice A
Kaley, Elizabeth
Kaley, Franklin
Kaley, Jeremiah
Kaley, Lavina J
Kaley, William
Kauffman, Isaac
Kirk, Henry C.
Kirk, James W.
Kirk, Mary D.
Kirk, Mary J.
Kutzner, Edward A.
Kutzner, Elizabeth
Kutzner, George
Kutzner, Gertrude
Kutzner, Mary
Kutzner, Oscar P.
Kutzner, Robert
Lackey, Andrew T.
Lackey, Caroline
Lackey, Eveline
Lackey, George
Lackey, William
Lackey, William
Lawtan, C. William
Leach, Charles
Leach, John
Leach, Margaret
Leach, Rebecca
Leach, Rebecca
Leach, Sarah
Leach, William
Lewis, Eliza A
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, George W
Lewis, Jacob
Lewis, John
Lewis, John C
Lewis, Nancy
Lewis, Phebe
Lewis, Resse M
Linneweaver, Amanda
Linneweaver, George P.
Linneweaver, Jacob
Linneweaver, John
Linneweaver, John J.
Linneweaver, Mary
Lippincott, Almira F
Lippincott, Aristides
Lippincott, Lucelia W
Lippincott, Otelia
Lippincott, William P
Lock, Anna B.
Lock, Charles
Lock, Harvey J.
Lock, Joshua
Lock, Kate
Lock, Nancy A.
Lock, Temperance J.
Lock, William R.
Long, Agnes
Long, Ann
Long, Elizabeth
Long, George
Long, Henry
Long, Jerome
Long, John
Long, Louisa A
Long, Lydia
Madden, Hannah
Madden, James H.
Madden, Jane
Madden, John
Madden, John R.
Madden, Lucy A.
Madden, Thomas
Mangum, Rebecca J.
Mangum, Ruth E
Marion, Robert
Marriott, Andrew
Marriott, David
Marriott, Elizabeth
Marriott, George C.
Marriott, Isaac
Marriott, James
Marriott, John
Marriott, Parent
Marriott, Sam"l J.
Marriott, Sarah
Marriott, Stacy
Marriott, William I.
Mason, Margaret
Maynard, Carrie
McConnell, Ellen C.
McCoy, Clara C
McCoy, Eliza A
McCoy, John B
McCoy, Joseph A
McCoy, Mortimer C
McCoy, Waldo E
McCrary, A. H.
McCrary, Abner N.
McCrary, Amanda
McCrary, Curtis R.
McCrary, Elizabeth
McCrary, Emiline
McCrary, Florence
McCrary, Ira C.
McCrary, J. O.
McCrary, James
McCrary, James C
McCrary, James N.
McCrary, Jasper
McCrary, John L
McCrary, Keren
McCrary, Louisa R
McCrary, Mary M
McCrary, Matilda
McCrary, Melvin B
McCrary, Miner
McCrary, Nancy S
McCrary, Nercissa
McCrary, Oran
McCrary, Oscar
McCrary, Walter C.
McCrary, William F
McCrary, William M
McCrary, Zannettah
McCune, Alvin
McCune, Emiline
McCune, Levi
McCune, Mary
McCune, William
McElroy, Andrew J.
McElroy, Sarah
McHendry, Martin
McHendry, Nancy
McIntosh, Arminda
McIntosh, Charles P.
McIntosh, Cyrus F.
McIntosh, Geo. S
McIntosh, George
McIntosh, George
McIntosh, George
McIntosh, Hannah C.
McIntosh, Isabel
McIntosh, James
McIntosh, James
McIntosh, John
McIntosh, John J.
McIntosh, Margaret
McIntosh, Mary
McIntosh, Mary I
McIntosh, Norrah E.
McIntosh, Rebecca E.
McIntosh, Susanna
McIntosh, Thomas
McIntosh, Thomas B.
McIntosh, Thomas R.
McIntosh, Virginia
McIntosh, William
McThena, Emma
Medlock, David
Medlock, Fielden
Medlock, Louisa J
Medlock, Lucy
Meredith, George
Meredith, Josephine
Meredith, William
Meridith, Jesse
Meridith, Luela
Meridith, Mary
Miller, Daniel
Miller, David
Miller, Henry
Miller, Lydia
Miller, Lydia J.
Miller, Maria E.
Miller, Nathan
Miller, Nelson
Miller, William
Minor, Franklin
Minor, George
Minor, George
Minor, Horace
Minor, Katharine
Minor, Luther
Minor, Nahum
Minor, Naomi
Mitchel, Oliver P.
Mohler, Charlotte
Mohler, Levi
Mohler, Noaha
Mohler, Sam"l
Mohler, Susanna
Mohler, William M.
Morrell, Ben F.
Morrell, Ben F.
Morrell, Charles L.
Morrell, David B.
Morrell, Mary E.
Morrell, Sarah A.
Morris, Clark F.
Morris, Eliza
Morris, Ella M
Morris, Emily S.
Morris, Howard
Morris, Lorenzo D.
Morris, Yeager
Muis, George C
Muis, Katharine
Muis, Mary M
Muis, Thomas
Muis, Thomas I
Muis, Tyler E
Muis, William
Neal, Able
Neal, Emma J
Neal, Frances E
Neal, Franklin
Neal, Huldah
Neal, Ira
Neal, John
Neal, Mary A
Neal, Roseinda
Neal, Susana
Nevin, Mary
O"Hara, Sam"l
Okendan, John
Okendan, Philadelphia
Okendan, Thomas
Okender, John
Owen, Artha E.
Owen, Douglass C.
Owen, Hannah E.
Owen, James P.
Owen, Joseph B.
Owen, Martha
Owen, Nancy M.
Owen, Richard N.
Owen, Ruth A.
Owen, Susan I.
Parish, Alpheus
Parish, Ellery
Parish, Hiram
Parish, Linneus
Parish, Sarah
Parish, William
Parker, Harret
Parker, Margaret A
Parker, Sidney
Patter, James B.
Patter, Mary
Patton, Augustus B.
Patton, David
Patton, Elizabeth
Patton, Ellen
Patton, John H.
Patton, Margaret
Patton, Rachel
Patton, William
Perkins, Mary
Peterson, Edwin O.
Peterson, Effalina
Peterson, George A.
Peterson, Jacob R.
Peterson, Jerome C.
Peterson, John
Peterson, Katharine
Peterson, Martha E.
Peterson, Mary
Peterson, Mary
Peterson, Mary E
Peterson, Mary I.
Peterson, Mileta E.
Peterson, Pricilla
Peterson, Ralph
Peterson, Ralph B.
Peterson, Stewart
Peterson, Triphena
Peterson, Walton Lee
Peterson, William H.
Pettit, Angeline
Pettit, Anzi
Pettit, Edwin
Pettit, Emma
Pettit, Giles
Pettit, Horace
Pettit, Isaih
Pettit, Viola
Pfouts, Reuben
Pfouts, Susan
Phillips, Albert
Phillips, Cllarissa H
Phillips, Oliver
Piatt, Ephraim
Piatt, Isaih
Piatt, John
Piatt, Lany
Piatt, Mary
Pierpont, John
Pierpont, Sarah
Pitchard, Ezra
Pitchard, John W.
Pitchard, Martha
Pitkin, Albert H
Pitkin, E*a A
Pitkin, Eliza A
Pitkin, Horace G
Pitkin, Jenney L
Pitzer, Amelia
Pitzer, Henry
Pitzer, Martin H
Pitzer, William
Polling, David P.
Polling, Levi
Polling, Lydia A.
Polling, Phebe
Polling, Richard
Polling, Royal
Polling, Wesley
Rabb, Melinda
Rabb, Monroe
Rabb, Sam"l
Riggan, Eliza
Riggan, George L
Riggan, John H
Riggan, Margaret A
Riggan, Sarah
Riggan, Sarah E
Robb, Harvey
Robb, Harvey
Robb, James
Robb, Jesse C
Robb, Margaret J
Robb, Mary
Robb, Mary F
Robb, Rachel
Robb, Sarah J.
Robb, Thomas
Robb, Thomas A
Roberts, Aaron W.
Roberts, Caroline
Roberts, Emily M.
Roberts, George H.
Roberts, Isaih
Roberts, James M.
Roberts, Jane
Roberts, Louisa
Roberts, Margaret
Roberts, Unity
Roberts, William M.
Roberts, William M.
Roberts, Wyatt
Robinson, Absolan
Robinson, Henry J
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Susan
Root, Erastus
Root, Esther
Root, James
Root, Nelson
Rose, Isabel
Ross, Aaron
Ross, Aaron
Ross, Abraham
Ross, Eliza J.
Ross, Francis M.
Ross, Hannah
Ross, Mary
Ross, Mary M.
Ross, Samuel
Roup, Melcinia
Rowan, Edward
Rupe, Adam
Rupe, George
Rupe, Hannah
Rupe, Jane
Rupe, John C.
Rupe, Mary
Rupe, Mary M.
Rupe, Morgan
Rupe, Orval
Sample, Elizabeth
Sample, Jeremiah
Sample, John C.
Sample, Martha
Sample, Susanna
Sanford, Melinda J
Scott, Ann
Scott, Caroline
Scott, Clara A
Scott, George A
Scott, Harriet
Scott, James H
Scott, John
Scott, Maretta
Scott, Mary I
Scott, Mary T
Scott, Matilda
Scott, Nancy J
Scott, Rebecca
Scott, Sam'l H
Scott, Sarah E.A.
Scott, Warren
Scott, Winfield
Seagrist, Sam"l
Sellers, Emily Darrah
Sellers, John
Sellers, Mahala
Sergeant, Allie
Sergeant, Cornelia
Sergeant, Ellen
Sergeant, Emiline
Sergeant, Eunice
Sergeant, Hannah
Sergeant, Huldah
Sergeant, Laura
Sergeant, Lonzo
Sergeant, Luther
Sergeant, Marion
Sergeant, Mary
Sergeant, Nahum
Sergeant, Olive
Sergeant, Oliver
Shaffer, Amanda
Shaffer, Cordelia A.
Shaffer, Emiline
Shaffer, Lavinia
Shaffer, Lavinia
Shaffer, Salem
Sharp, Francis M
Shaster, Isaac
Shaster, Margaret
Shaster, Maria
Shaster, Sarah
Shaw, Ann E.
Shaw, Benjamin
Shaw, Eli
Shaw, Phebe
Shaw, Sarah
Shaw, William
Sheimers, Robert
Sherman, Ellen
Sherman, Hadly T
Sherman, Jenette
Sherman, Uriah
Shiver, Adison
Shiver, Andrew
Shiver, Charles
Shiver, Elizabeth
Shiver, Elizabeth
Shiver, Emily
Shiver, George
Shiver, James
Shiver, Joseph
Shiver, Sarah
Shiver, Thomas
Short, Elizabeth
Short, Elnora
Short, Elvira
Short, John H.
Short, Mary F.
Short, Samuel
Simmons, Adam
Simmons, Alonzo
Simmons, David
Simmons, Frances
Simmons, George V.
Simmons, Jacob
Simmons, Jacob
Simmons, James D.
Simmons, Mary
Simmons, Mary E
Simmons, Mary F
Simmons, Mary J.
Simmons, Michael
Simmons, Pricilla
Simmons, Robert
Simmons, Sarah B
Simmons, Sarah J.
Simmons, Thomas
Simmons, Thomas
Simmons, William F
Sink, George
Sink, Sarah
Sink, Thomas
Snyder, Austin
Snyder, Charles
Snyder, Elizabeth
Snyder, Mary A
Snyder, Mary T
Snyder, Mollie
Snyder, Susan J
Spencer, Alice
Spencer, Charles
Spencer, Eliza
Spencer, Elizabeth
Spencer, John
Spencer, Martha
Stemple, Maria
Stewart, Havelan
Stewart, Henry B
Stewart, Juda M
Stewart, Minerna
Stewart, Sam"l
Stewart, Sarah
Stewart, Thomas
Stone, Crawford
Stone, Elvira
Stone, Isabel
Stone, NN
Story, Amanda
Story, Francis
Story, Harriet
Story, John
Story, Thomas C.
Story, William
Stover, Aleinda
Stover, Henry E
Stover, Jacob
Stover, Joanna
Stover, Mary
Summerlot, Adam
Summerlot, Christopher
Summerlot, Erastus
Summerlot, Mary
Summerlot, William
Swartz, Charles E
Swartz, Clarinda A
Swartz, Ida May
Swartz, Mary
Swasey, Almira
Swasey, Clara E.
Taylor, Fredrick
Taylor, Margaret
Taylor, Mollie J.
Thatcher, Aaron
Thatcher, Anna
Thatcher, Hannah
Thatcher, Isaac
Thatcher, Mark C.
Thatcher, Richard
Thatcher, Sarah
Thatcher, Thomas M.
Thatcher, Virginia
Thatcher, William H.
Thompson, George W.
Thompson, Hiram
Thompson, Hiram
Thompson, Louisa
Thompson, Martha
Thompson, Otis
Thompson, Susan C
Thompson, Wm. O.
Tiffy, Anna C.
Tiffy, Charles
Tiffy, Isaac
Tiffy, Martha E.
Tiffy, Mary E.
Tiffy, Sarah J
Tiffy, Wesley A.
Tompson, Albert
Tompson, Amanda
Tompson, Benjamin
Tompson, David
Tompson, Joseph
Tompson, Mahala
Tompson, Margaret
Twist, Charles
Twist, Mary
Twist, Sanford
Twist, William
Unoccupied, NN
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Vanauken, Calvin E.
Vanauken, Harrison M.
Vanauken, Matilda
Vanauken, Miras P.
Vandemark, Hiram
Vandemark, Mary
Walters, Elizabeth
Walters, Jerome A.
Walters, John
Walters, Margaret J
Walters, Raleigh
Walters, Sarah A
Walters, Simian
Walters, Soloman
Walters, William
Walters, Winified
Ward, Blanche
Ward, Calvin
Ward, Clara
Ward, Ellen
Ward, Jane
Ward, John
Ward, John E
Ward, John Jr
Ward, John W
Ward, Joseph
Ward, Laura J
Ward, Mary A
Ward, Sarah E
Ward, Sarah E
Warren, Ann
Warren, Christopher
Warren, Ellen
Warren, Jane
Warren, Joseph
Warren, Sarah
Webster, Amelia
Webster, James
Webster, Margaret
Wells, Alexander
Wells, Alice V
Wells, Charity
Wells, Jesse O
Wert, Julia A
West, Howard
West, James
West, Minerva
White, Amanda
White, David
White, Hannah
White, Jame
White, John
White, Margaret
White, Mathew
White, Nancy
White, Robert
White, Sarah A.
White, Wilson H.
White, Wm. H.
Wilkin, A.
Wilkin, Anna M.
Wilkin, Charles H.
Wilkin, S. C.
Williams, Edward
Williams, Henry F
Williams, Prudence
Williamson, Charles R
Williamson, Elizabeth
Williamson, George A
Williamson, James A.
Williamson, Mary E
Williamson, Wm. L
Willits, Albert S.
Willits, Eli W.
Willits, Isaac N.
Willits, Nancy
Willits, Robert
Willits, Sarah
Wirt, Amelia
Wirt, Caspar B
Wirt, Flora
Wirt, Henry H
Wirt, James M
Wirt, John F
Wirt, Joshua C
Wirt, Maria
Wirt, Martha
Wirt, Mary
Wirt, Mary E
Wirt, Rachel
Wirt, Thadeus
Wolf, Alfred
Wolf, Amanda
Wolf, Christina
Wolf, David
Wolf, Emily F.
Wolf, George
Wolf, Jacob
Wolf, James
Wolf, John
Wolf, John W.
Wolf, John W.
Wolf, Katharine
Wolf, Margaret
Wolf, Mary A.
Wolf, Mary I.
Wolf, Mary L.
Wolf, Mary M
Wolf, Rebecca
Wolf, Sarah
Wollam, Curtis
Wollam, Epraim
Wollam, Iola J.
Wollam, Ira
Wollam, Jacob
Wollam, Jacob
Wollam, John
Wollam, Josiah
Wollam, Margaret
Wollam, Nancy J.
Wollam, Sarah
Wright, Christopher
Wright, Eliza
Wright, Margaret