1860 Census of Van Buren County, IA

JACKSON Township
transcribed by Fran Hunt

There are 30 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Abernathy, James
Abernathy, William M.
Abrnathy, Eliza A.
Abrnathy, Franklin M.
Abrnathy, Hamilton D.
Abrnathy, James H. C.
Abrnathy, Madison L.
Abrnathy, William F.
Anderson, William
Anget, John
Anthony, Lewis
Anthony, Mary E.
Anthony, William H.
Baker, James
Baker, Margaret
Baker, Sarah E.
Baker, Thomas
Barker, Anna
Barker, Emiline
Barker, James
Barker, James H.
Barker, Jessee
Barker, Sarah J.
Bickle, Jacob
Blakeley, Herbert
Blakeley, John
Blakeley, Martin
Blakeley, Mary
Blakeley, Sarah
Blakeley, Taylor
Blakly, LeRoy
Blakly, Susan
Blakly, William R.
Blanchard, Andrew
Blanchard, Asa J.
Blanchard, Carrie M.
Blanchard, Clarissa
Blanchard, Ephraim
Blanchard, Franklin
Blanchard, Franklin P.
Blanchard, Jane
Blanchard, Lucy Lee
Blanchard, Margaret
Blanchard, Mary
Blanchard, William F.
Blanchard, William W.
Boran, Basil
Boran, Beverly H.
Boran, Cassea
Boran, Erastus
Boran, Leanora A.
Boyd, Hamilton
Boyd, Iram
Boyd, Mary J.
Boyd, Sarah
Boyd, Sarah E.
Boyd, Susan M.
Boyd, William H.
Bradford, Sarah
Branner, William
Briggs, Adeline
Briggs, Frances
Briggs, Franklin
Briggs, Harlan
Briggs, Hiram
Briggs, Jame
Briggs, Jerome
Brooks, Amanda M.
Brooks, Charles L.
Brooks, Eliza
Brooks, George W.
Brooks, James
Brooks, Joshua P.
Brooks, Minerva
Brooks, Rebecca
Brown, Barbara
Brown, Elija
Brown, Robert
Burchit, Burr
Burchit, Burr B.
Burchit, David
Burchit, Eli
Burchit, Elizabeth
Burchit, John
Burchit, Josiah
Burchit, Mahlane
Burchit, Mary
Burchit, Nancy
Burchit, Nancy
Burchit, Sarah
Burlingame, Sarah S.
Canfield, Alfred
Canfield, George
Canfield, Hezekiah
Canfield, Lucinda J.
Canfield, Mary
Canfield, Sarah F.
Canun, Andrew H.
Canun, Carmelia
Canun, George
Canun, John
Carr, Elizabeth
Carr, John
Carr, Margaret
Carr, Margaret J.
Carr, Sarah
Carr, Thomas
Carr, Washington
Case, Samuel
Cassady, Adam S.
Cassady, Adrian
Cassady, Alvin
Cassady, Andrew A.
Cassady, Daniel
Cassady, Elizabeth M.
Cassady, Elnore V.
Cassady, Elzephen P.
Cassady, James W.
Cassady, Joanna
Cassady, John
Cassady, John
Cassady, John J.
Cassady, Leander P.
Cassady, Lydia A.
Cassady, Martha J.
Cassady, Rachel
Cassady, Rebecca
Cassady, Sarah
Cassady, Sarah E.
Cassady, Thomas
Cassady, Volney N.
Cassady, William
Cassady, William C.
Cassady, William P.
Clarke, Laura F.
Clarke, Margaret
Clarke, Rudolph
Clarke, Sarah R.
Clarke, Susanna
Clarke, William W.
Clemens, Joseph
Clements, Laura
Clements, Lucinda
Clements, Oscar
Clements, Sarah V.
Cloot, Frank
Cloot, Helen
Cloot, Hellem
Cloot, Henry
Cloot, Henry
Cloot, John
Cloot, Joseph
Coleman, Alethia
Coleman, Alfred
Coleman, David
Coleman, Emma
Coleman, Frances
Coleman, Lucinda
Cooley, Mille
Cooly, Alwerla L.
Cooly, Benjamin F.
Cooly, Caleb S.
Cooly, Esther S.
Cooly, Henry C.
Cooly, Sarah A.
Covault, Elizabeth
Covault, Hannah M.A.
Covault, James A.
Covault, John Lewis
Creath, Cerilda
Creath, Eliza J.
Creath, Elsie A.
Creath, Emma A.
Creath, George B.
Creath, John
Creath, Lucy
Creath, Luella J.
Creath, Martin C.
Creath, Mary A.
Creath, Nancy
Creath, Nancy
Creath, William H.
Crowder, Alonzo F.
Crowder, Cordelia
Crowder, Elizabeth
Crowder, Elzia
Crowder, Harrison
Crowder, John
Crowder, Martha L.
Crowder, Thomas F.
Crowder, William M.
Daughters, Alice E.
Daughters, Amanda J.
Daughters, Calvin
Daughters, Curtis B.
Daughters, Franklin P.
Daughters, Hester A.
Daughters, Ira J.
Daughters, John C.
Daughters, Lucretia
Daughters, Samuel
Daughters, Sarah E.
Davis, Arvila F.
Davis, Cecelia A.
Davis, Minerva E.
Davis, Rebecca
Davis, Sarah M.
Davis, Susan E.
Davis, Weymouth
Denny, Charlotte M.
Denny, Delila A.
Denny, Florence A.
Denny, Rachel E.
Denny, Strothy
Die, Thomas
Dimick, Adolphus
Dimick, George S.
Dimick, George W.
Dimick, Martha J.
Dimick, Oliver
Doty, Edwin
Doty, Eliza
Doty, Henrietta
Doty, James
Doty, Joseph
Doty, Mary
Doty, Oscar
Doty, William
Douglass, Delarma
Douglass, Eliza
Douglass, Emma
Douglass, Harvey
Douglass, John
Douglass, Mary E.
Douglass, Olive
Douglass, Oscar A.
Dowell, Elija R.
Dowell, Jacob
Dowell, James
Dowell, John
Dowell, Mary F.
Dowell, Richard
Dowell, Sarah
Downing, Alexander
Downs, Elizabeth
Downs, Jonathan
Drew, Mary
Drew, Mary S.
Drew, William
Duncan, Abigal
Duncan, Alice
Duncan, David E.
Duncan, Florence B.
Duncan, Lydia
Duncan, Margaret E.
Duncan, Martha J.
Duncan, Rebecca J.
Duncan, Thomas P.
Dunlap, John
Dunlap, Joseph W.
Dunlap, Margaret
Dunlap, Mary
Dunlap, Matilda
Dunlap, Robert
Dunlap, Samantha
Eckman, Eliza J.
Edmundson, John C.
Edmundson, Mary
Edmundson, William
Edmundson, William F.
Elrod, William F.
Fisher, Charles W.
Fulkerth, Abey
Fulkerth, Asa
Fulkerth, Everett
Fulkerth, Katharine
Fulkerth, Katharine
Fulkerth, Loran
Fulkerth, Orion
Fulkerth, Samantha
Fulkerth, Thomas
Fulkerth, William
Gamble, Harvey
Gamble, Henry J.
Gamble, Melinda
Gamble, Sarah
Gandy, Elizabeth P.
Gandy, Samuel W.
Ginrich, Jacob
Ginrich, Magdelena
Ginrich, Magdelena
Ginrich, Mary
Gonger, Andrew
Gonger, Curtis
Gonger, Cynthia
Gonger, Elizabeth
Gonger, Emory
Gonger, James
Gonger, Mary
Granville, John O.
Granville, Joseph B.
Granville, Joshua
Granville, Mary
Gray, Amanda
Gray, Margaret
Gray, Susan
Gray, Tillman
Gray, William J.
Griffen, Amanda
Griffen, Sylvia
Guthrie, William
Hagler, Amos
Hagler, Cleveland
Hagler, Comfort
Hagler, David
Hagler, Eliza
Hagler, George
Hagler, John C.
Hagler, John F
Hagler, Mary E.
Hagler, Nancy
Hagler, Nancy
Hagler, Nancy
Hagler, Rachel
Hagler, Sarah
Hagler, Susanna
Hagler, Thompson
Hagler, William
Hale, Armilda
Hale, Asa B.
Hale, Charles W.
Hale, Elizabeth
Hale, Lucy J.
Hale, Martha
Hale, Martha A.
Hale, Nancy
Hale, Onias
Harbine, Elizabeth
Harbine, Emma A.
Harbine, Jane
Harbine, John C.
Harbine, Laura L.
Harbine, Lydia A.
Harbine, Mary E.
Harbine, Samuel
Harbine, Sarah M.
Harbine, Squire
Harbine, William
Harbine, Zidena
Hargrow, Edwin E.
Hargrow, Hannah E.
Hargrow, Jame
Hargrow, John Q.
Hargrow, William J.
Harman, Jediah
Harmon, Caleb
Harmon, Eve
Harmon, George
Harmon, Hannah
Harmon, Hannah
Harmon, Hiram
Harmon, Jacob
Harmon, John
Harmon, John
Harmon, John
Harmon, Joseph
Harmon, Louisa A.
Harmon, Margaret J.
Harmon, Mary
Harmon, Mary A.
Harmon, Sarah
Harmon, Sarah
Harrell, Charlotte A.
Harrell, Dodridge
Harrell, Henry
Harrell, Hiram
Harrell, James
Harrell, Jeremiah
Harrell, John R.
Harrell, Martha
Harrell, Nancy
Harrell, Peter
Harrell, Stephen
Harrell, William J.
Harridge, Edward
Harridge, Joseph
Harridge, Sarah
Harridge, Thomas
Harridge, Thomas
Harridge, Wilberforce
Harridge, William
Hayden, Augustus C.
Hayden, Blancit
Hayden, Burnis B.
Hayden, Daniel
Hayden, Darel W.
Hayden, Harriet G.
Hayden, Jacob
Hayden, Jacob F.
Hayden, John
Hayden, John
Hayden, John R.
Hayden, Katharine
Hayden, Laura
Hayden, Mary A.
Hayden, Mary E.
Hayden, Mary G.
Hayden, Mildred W.
Hayden, Sarah A.
Hays, Asa
Hays, Frank
Hays, John C,
Hays, Knapp
Hays, Laura A.
Hays, Levi
Hays, Margaret M.
Hays, Mary E.
Hays, Minerva J.
Hays, William J.
Hazlett, Andrew
Hazlett, Elizabeth
Hazlett, Mary E.
Hazlett, William
Herring, Eleanor
Herring, Lucinda
Herring, Samuel
Hines, Elizabeth
Hines, James
Hines, John
Hines, Katherine
Hines, Margaret
Hines, Mary J.
Hines, Thomas
Hitt, Ann
Hitt, Caleb
Hitt, Daniel A.
Hitt, David W.
Hitt, Frances
Hitt, George
Hitt, John
Hitt, Minerva
Hitt, Pinetta
Hitt, Samuel
Hitt, Sarah
Hitt, Thomas
Holder, Eleanor
Holder, Margaret
Holland, Elisha C.
Holland, John
Holland, Lydia R.
Holland, Marietta
Holland, Mary J.
Holland, Sarah
Holland, Sarah A.
Holland, William W.
Hollingsworth, Melissa
Hollingsworth, Wm. J.
Hoskins, Erastus
Hoskins, Lydia
Huddlestone, Calvin
Huddlestone, Charles
Huddlestone, David
Huddlestone, Mary A.
Huddlestone, Nelson
Huddlestone, Sarah J.
Huddlestone, Urias
Humphrey, Martha
Humphrey, Monona
Humphrey, Thomas
Hunter, Fermandes F.
Hunter, Francis M.
Hunter, Joanna D.
Hunter, John M.
Hunter, John W.
Hunter, Joseph
Hunter, Mary J
Hunter, Theadore L.
Irish, Alonzo
Irish, Cecelia
Irish, Florence A.
Irish, J. D.
Irish, Mary E.
Irish, Samuel E.
Isenhower, Caleb
Isenhower, Clarissa A.
Isenhower, Lavina E.
Isenhower, Margaret
Isenhower, Sarah E.
Isenhower, William A.
Johnson, Clarke H.
Kendrew, Louise E.
Kendrew, Lydia J.
Kendrew, Marion W.
Kendrew, Mary
Kendrew, Mary F.
Kendrew, Nancy E.
Kendrew, William
Kennedy, Dicea A.
Kennedy, Elizabeth
Kennedy, Elizabeth
Kennedy, Mary H.
Kennedy, Robert
Kenton, Hiram
Kenton, Sarah J.
Kettle, Elizabeth
Kliss, William
Klum, Azena
Klum, Hannah
Klum, Henry
Klum, Jacob
Klum, Laura
Klum, Sarah A.
Knight, Albert A.
Knight, Dell
Knight, Elizabeth
Knight, John
Knight, John Wesley
Knight, Martha J.
Knight, Melissa
Knight, Not Named
Knight, Rebecca
Knight, Susan
Knoop, David
Lane, Alden
Lane, Alonzo H.
Lane, Alva E.
Lane, Augustine
Lane, Charles A.
Lane, David P.
Lane, Diana
Lane, Mary L.
Lane, William D.
Lee, Jackson
Leforsmit, James
Leverton, Alma
Leverton, Clarissa
Leverton, James
Leverton, John W.
Leverton, Lucretia
Leverton, Sarah
Martin, Aaron
Martin, Jame
Martin, John
Martin, Lavina
Martin, Rebecca
Matherson, Elizabeth
Matherson, James
Matherson, Lihu
Matherson, Mary A.
Mathews, Daniel E.
Mathews, Mary E.
Mathews, Sarah
Mathews, William
Maxwell, Angeline
Maxwell, Clarinda L.
Maxwell, Isaac V.
Maxwell, Mary B. H.
Maxwell, Mary E.
Maxwell, William
Mayne, Alvadus
Mayne, Cliffton
Mayne, Grace
Mayne, Mary
Mayne, Philander
McBride, Alexander
McBride, Asa
McBride, Edward
McBride, Francis E.
McBride, Harriet
McBride, Henrietta
McBride, Isaac M.
McBride, Jane
McBride, John
McBride, Katharine
McBride, Leander
McBride, Lotty
McBride, Mary
McBride, Mary
McBride, Mary E.
McBride, Tillman
McBride, William
McBride, William
McCoy, Jonathan
McCoyd, Anna
McCoyd, Elizabeth
McCoyd, Elvira M.
McCoyd, Giddy M.
McCoyd, John
McCoyd, Jonathan
McCoyd, Luhama A.
McCoyd, William
McGraff, Elizabeth
McGraff, Henry
McGraff, John Q.
McGraff, Mary A.
Mcintire, Ann E.
Mcintire, Cassea A.
Mcintire, Felicia A.
Mcintire, James O.
Mcintire, John M.
Mcintire, Marcella
Mcintire, Mary J.
Mcintire, Robert
Mcintire, Sarah E.
Mcintire, Stephen
McMannus, Benton
McMannus, Charlotte
McMannus, Delbert M.
McMannus, Elizabeth
McMannus, Ellen
McMannus, Emma R.
McMannus, Francis
McMannus, Francis L.
McMannus, James
McMannus, James
McMannus, Jane
McMannus, Jasper
McMannus, John
McMannus, Katharine
McMannus, Martha E.
McMannus, Milton
McMannus, Newton
McMannus, Rachel E.
McMannus, Rebecca
McMannus, Rose
McMannus, William
McMannus, William J.
McMannus, William W.
Miller, Christian
Miller, Elias
Miller, Frances
Miller, Mary
Miller, Nancy
Milner, Altazea
Milner, Courtland
Milner, Franklin
Milner, Harriet
Milner, Harriet N.
Milner, Harvey
Milner, John T.
Milner, Leander
Milner, Oran
Milner, Theodore
Milner, Thomas
Milner, Virginia
Milner, William
Minor, David
Monjas, Harriet
Monjas, Samuel
More, Adaline
More, Alvin
More, Charles
More, Charles W.
More, Charles W.
More, Elizabeth
More, Franklin P.
More, George W.
More, Henry S.
More, James H.
More, Melinda
More, Melinda
More, Rachel
More, Sanford
More, Thomas
Mosher, Caroline T.
Mosher, Charles E.
Mosher, Eunice
Mosher, Napolean
Mosher, Rebecca
Mowery, Joseph
Mowery, Sarah
Mowery, Wiley
Nash, Alice Eva
Nash, Allen
Nash, Elizabeth
Nash, Emma
Nash, Ephraim
Nash, Louis
Nash, Mary J.
Nash, Samuel
Nash, Sarah
Nash, Stephen
Nash, Thomas
Nash, William M.
Naugle, Charles B.
Naugle, Israel
Naugle, Josephine
Naugle, Lyman H.
Naugle, Mary
Neace, David
Palmer, Eveline
Palmer, George R.
Palmer, Isaac
Palmer, James
Palmer, Mahala
Palmer, Nirah
Palmer, Samuel
Palmer, Sarah
Palmer, William
Park, Aaron
Park, Henry
Park, Stephen
Park, William
Parker, Alfred
Parker, Calvin
Parker, Eliza E.
Parker, Elizabeth
Parker, Lucinda
Parker, Preston
Parker, Sarah A.
Parker, Sarah J.
Parker, William H.
Parnu, Henry W.
Parnu, Juliette F.
Parnu, Parmelia
Parsons, Isaac
Pearce, George
Pearce, Joseph
Pearce, Martha
Pearce, Mary
Pearce, Nancy
Pearce, Nancy J.
Pearce, William
Pennington, Charlotte E.
Pennington, George
Pennington, Mary F.
Pennington, Mary M.
Pennington, Sarah A.
Perry, Sarah
Perry, Selana R.
Peterson, Jame
Peterson, John J.
Peterson, Margaret
Pickens, Elizabeth
Pickens, Levi
Pickett, Asel C.
Pickett, Belinda
Pickett, James
Pickett, James M.
Pickett, Josephine
Pickett, Leroy S.
Powell, Ancell
Powell, Ann E.
Powell, Bartlett
Powell, Benjamin
Powell, Edgar
Powell, Eldridge
Powell, Elisha
Powell, Elizabeth
Powell, Elizabeth H.
Powell, Emily
Powell, Erastus M.
Powell, Florence
Powell, Jacob C.
Powell, Jane
Powell, Jane
Powell, Jane E.
Powell, John
Powell, Josephine
Powell, Katharine E.
Powell, Louisa
Powell, Margaret
Powell, Margaret V.
Powell, Mary
Powell, Mary C.
Powell, Mary M.
Powell, Matilda
Powell, N.N.
Powell, Rachel
Powell, Snowden B.
Powell, Susan A.
Powell, Thomas
Powell, William C.
Price, Elihu
Price, Elisha J.
Price, Elizabeth
Price, Elvira
Price, Jane
Price, Jemima
Price, Josephin
Price, Sarah
Price, Sarah A.
Price, Stephen W.
Price, Thomas J.
Price, William
Price, William H.
Ralston, Angeline
Ralston, Eliza
Ralston, Katherine
Ralston, Lora
Ralston, Lorenzo
Ralston, Millie A.
Ralston, Nelson
Ralston, Rachel
Ralston, Rebecca
Ralston, Thomas
Ralston, Thomas
Raston, Rachel
Ray, Katharine J.
Ray, Samuel
Reynolds, Reuben
Rhodes, Edward
Rhodes, Jane B.
Rhodes, John
Rhodes, Katherine
Rhodes, William
Rhodes, William P.
Riddington, Ann
Riddington, Ann
Riddington, David
Riddington, David I.
Rinabarger, Adam
Rinabarger, Amanda J.
Rinabarger, Amanda L.
Rinabarger, Amanda M.
Rinabarger, Artemesia
Rinabarger, Asa
Rinabarger, Eda
Rinabarger, Eliza
Rinabarger, Elizabeth
Rinabarger, Eva
Rinabarger, Eva J.
Rinabarger, George
Rinabarger, Henry
Rinabarger, John
Rinabarger, Lavina
Rinabarger, Lucinda
Rinabarger, Mahala
Rinabarger, Mary
Rinabarger, Mary E.
Rinabarger, Nancy J.
Rinabarger, Rebecca
Rinabarger, Sarah
Rinabarger, Sarah M.
Rinabarger, William
Rinabarger, William F.
Rinabarger, Winfield
Robins, Daniel L.
Robins, Laura L.
Robins, William L.
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Naman
Roby, Christopher
Roby, Cynthia A.
Roby, George E.
Roby, Henry
Roby, James
Roby, John W.
Roby, Katharine
Roby, Louisa
Roby, Sarah K.
Roby, Singleton
Roby, Singleton
Roby, Stephen
Rose, Alfred
Rose, Arthur
Rose, Charles
Rose, Clemen
Rose, Harriet
Rose, Jacob
Rose, Jame
Rose, John
Rose, John C.
Rose, Louisa
Rose, Martha E.
Rose, Mary
Rose, Mellissa
Rose, Nancy
Rose, Ruhama
Rose, Samuel
Rose, Sarah E.
Rose, William
Rush, Sarah
Russell, Elizabeth
Russell, Hannah J.
Russell, James A.
Russell, Jane
Russell, Joanna
Russell, John
Russell, Lydia
Russell, Mary
Russell, Robert
Russell, Samuel J.
Russell, William D.
Russell, William F.
Sanders, Alice
Sanders, George
Sanders, Jame
Sanders, John
Sanders, Mary
Sanders, Nancy
Sanders, William
Saylor, George W.
Saylor, Josiah F.
Saylor, Mary O.
Saylor, Robert B.
Saylor, Sarah
Severe, Almia
Severe, Benjamin
Severe, Charles W.
Severe, Jame
Severe, Jefferson
Severe, Prithena
Severe, Sarah
Shuster, Alma
Shuster, Harriet
Shuster, Samuel
Shuster, Sarah
Simons, Eliha
Simons, Imogen A.
Simons, Jenette N.
Simons, Sarepta
Simpson, Alexander H.
Simpson, Eldorado
Simpson, Elizabeth
Simpson, Ella E.
Simpson, Henry
Simpson, James
Simpson, John
Simpson, Lona
Simpson, Mary
Simpson, Rachel
Smart, Jackson
Smart, Louisa A.
Smith, Alice
Smith, Amanda
Smith, Ann
Smith, Charles W.
Smith, Eliza J.
Smith, Emily
Smith, George
Smith, George W.
Smith, Henry H.
Smith, Ira
Smith, Jane
Smith, John P.
Smith, John Wesley
Smith, Levi
Smith, Mahlane
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary E.
Smith, Rosebury
Smith, Rufus
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Sarah F.
Smith, Zadi M.
Stephens, Adam
Stephens, Cobb
Stephens, David
Stephens, Elizabeth
Stephens, Elizabeth
Stephens, Elizabeth
Stephens, John
Stephens, Joseph
Stephens, Joseph
Stephens, Mary
Stephens, Philimania
Stephens, Philip
Stephens, Rachel A.
Stephens, Thomas J.
Stephenson, Ada
Stephenson, Charles F.
Stephenson, Charles W.
Stephenson, Luela
Stephenson, Mahala
Stephenson, Mary
Stith, Emily
Stubbs, Louisa
Stubbs, Mary
Stump, Daniel A.
Stump, Jackson
Stump, Jeremiah P.
Stump, Joseph
Stump, Louisa M.
Stump, Sallie
Stump, Sarah E.
Stump, Wilhelmina
Sulivan, David
Sulivan, Frank
Sulivan, Homer M.
Sulivan, Lizzie
Sulivan, Rebecca
Swank, Alonzo
Swank, Ezekiel
Swank, Lorenzo
Swank, Mary C.
Swank, Sarah
Swank, Wallace
Swank, William M.
Tallan, Katharine
Tallan, Michael
Tallan, Michael
Tallan, Patrick
Tallan, Thomas
Tanget, Marian
Tazewell, Littleton
Thayer, Calvin
Thayer, Evangeline
Thayer, Mary
Thompson, Alpheus M.
Thompson, Alpheus S.
Thompson, Daniel L.
Thompson, David R.
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Isaac H.
Thompson, Margaret J.
Thompson, Mary E.
Thompson, Nancy A.
Thompson, Ninian
Thompson, Oscar D.
Thompson, Polly
Thompson, William
Thompson, William E.
Thompson, Zephaniah
Trubelker, Artilda
Trubelker, James
Trubelker, Sarah
Trubelker, William D.
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Vail, Ann S.
Vail, Caroline
Vail, Eli
Vail, Emma
Vail, Franklin
Vail, John
Vail, Maria
Vail, Thomas
Valentine, Charles A.
Valentine, Emma
Valentine, Harret
Valentine, Ida M.
Valentine, Obadiah
Valentine, Santley
Valentine, Sarah J.
Valentine, Wardworth
Valentine, William
Van Vacter, William
Vaughan, Thomas
Walker, Arvila
Walker, Elizabeth A.
Walker, George
Walker, James M.
Walker, Wilkinson
Wallace, Anna
Wallace, Anna E.
Wallace, Anna Armina
Wallace, Cornelius J.
Wallace, Ellen J.
Wallace, Emen L.
Wallace, Flora
Wallace, Francis L.
Wallace, George W.
Wallace, James M.
Wallace, Jerial D.
Wallace, Leanora
Wallace, Logan
Wallace, Lucy
Wallace, Nancy
Wallace, Newton L.
Wallace, Onias F
Wallace, Patsy
Wallace, Sarah J.
Wallace, Sarah L.
Wallace, William C.
Wallace, Zachariah J.
Wandel, Charles
Wandel, David W.
Wandel, Eliza A.
Wandel, Irena
Wandel, Mary A. F.
Warley, Aker
Warley, Hannah
Warley, Lewis
Warner, Ann R.
Warner, Charles H.
Warner, Frances V.
Warner, Isaac
Warner, Louisa A.
Wearing, Albert M.
Wearing, Ezra M.
Wearing, James K.
Wearing, John C.
Wearing, Louisa A.
Wearing, Margaret
Weatherington, Frances L.
Weatherington, Henry
Weatherington, Mary
Weatherington, Patrick H.
Weatherington, Richard M.
Weatherington, Sarah A.
Weatherington, William
Welling, Sylvester
Wells, Albert H.
Wells, Charles S.
Wells, Ellen A,
Wells, George C.
Wells, Horatio
Wells, Martha M.
Wells, Stiles H.
Wells, Willis
Wescott, Alvin
Wescott, Christopher L.
Wescott, Cornelia
Wescott, Elvina
Wescott, Ezra
Wescott, Lyman
Wescott, Marvin
Wescott, Melissa
Wescott, Merrill
Wiley, Effe A.
Wiley, Esther
Wiley, Hamilton L.
Wiley, Katharine E.
Wiley, Lester A.
Wiley, Lindle A.
Wiley, Lucinda A.J.
Wiley, Nathaniel P.
Wilson, Alice A.
Wilson, Amanda J.
Wilson, Ann M.
Wilson, Anna
Wilson, Benjamin S.
Wilson, Curtis F.
Wilson, Daniel F.
Wilson, Eliza J.
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Elzia A.
Wilson, Emily A.
Wilson, Erastus
Wilson, Josiah
Wilson, Leroy
Wilson, Mahlane
Wilson, Mary E.
Wilson, Mary K.
Wilson, NN
Wilson, Omer
Wilson, Rachel A.
Wilson, Rufus M.
Wilson, Sarah E.
Wilson, Sarah E.
Wilson, Sarah F.
Wilson, Sarah J.
Wilson, Susan
Wilson, Vacter
Wilson, Vacter
Wilson, Vance
Wilson, William A.
Wodden, Herman
Wodden, Mary E.
Wood, Alman A.
Woodward, Abel
Woodward, Allen
Woodward, Everetta
Woodward, Lucy
Woodward, Stanley
Worthington, Andrew J.
Worthington, Banson
Worthington, Elizabeth
Worthington, Emily
Worthington, Emma
Worthington, George
Worthington, Isaac
Worthington, Isaac
Worthington, John
Worthington, Lafayette B.
Worthington, Margaret
Worthington, Margaret A.
Worthington, Mary J.
Worthington, Moses N.
Worthington, Nancy J.