1860 Census of Van Buren County, IA

(Including Area Later to Become Bonaparte Township)
transcribed by Rich Lowe

There are 67 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Adams, Amanda
Alexander, James
Alexander, John J.
Alexander, Mariah J.
Alexander, Mary
Alexander, Sarah M.
Alexander, Wallace L.
Alexander, William
Alfrey, Benjamin
Alfrey, J. P.
Alfrey, James
Alfrey, Joann
Alfrey, Maggie
Alfrey, Mary E.
Ames, Philip
Ames, Susan
Amos, Barney
Amos, Elizabeth
Amos, Elizabeth
Amos, Fenna
Amos, Frank
Amos, Isaac
Amos, John
Amos, Nathan
Anderson, Ella
Anderson, Georgianna E.
Anderson, Ira
Anderson, Joseph
Anderson, Minerva
Armstrong, Albert
Armstrong, Charles A.
Armstrong, Ellen
Armstrong, Finley
Armstrong, Harrison
Armstrong, Hetta
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, Louisa
Armstrong, Lucetta
Armstrong, Minnie A.
Armstrong, Perry
Armstrong, Samuel
Armstrong, William
Armstrong, Zachary T.
Arnold, Elizabeth
Arnold, Jane
Arnold, Perces
Arnold, Sarah
B**mer, Jeremiah
B**mer, Sarah
Babcock, Cynthia
Babcock, Jan
Bailey, Agnes
Bailey, Dilla
Bailey, Emily
Bailey, James
Bailey, James
Bailey, Levi
Bailey, Lincoln
Bailey, Lonzo
Bailey, Mary J.
Bailey, Melissa
Bailey, Samuel
Bailey, William S.
Baird, Bruce
Baird, Elizabeth
Baird, Gertrude
Baird, J. H.
Baird, James
Baker, Caroline
Baker, Edmoinee
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Ella
Baker, Emily
Baker, George
Baker, Jacob
Baker, James H.
Baker, Julius
Baker, Wm.
Baker, Wm.
Barker, Dudley C.
Barker, Geo. W.
Barnes, Mary
Barnes, Wm. H.
Barnhard, Christ.
Barnhard, Eve
Barnhard, Magdalene
Barton, Amanda
Barton, Harry
Barton, John A.
Barton, Kate
Barton, Nancey A.
Barton, Phebe
Barton, William
Barton, Winfield T.
Bateman, George C.
Bateman, James A.
Bateman, Jane
Bateman, Jane
Bateman, Jennie H.
Bateman, John T.
Bateman, Mark W.
Bateman, Martha
Bateman, Mary
Bateman, Susannah
Bateman, Wesley
Bateman, Wesley W.
Bateman, William
Bateman, William
Baughman, Elizabeth
Beach, Westlaine
Beach, Wm. R.
Beam, A.
Beam, Christena
Beam, Dena
Beam, Henrietta
Beam, P.
Beatty, C.
Beatty, Lewis
Beatty, Matilda
Beatty, William
Beedle, Albert
Beedle, Andrew
Beedle, Catharine D.
Beedle, Charles
Beedle, Della
Beedle, Harriet
Beedle, John
Beedle, John
Beedle, Julia
Beedle, Mary
Beedle, Melissa
Beedle, R.
Beedle, Robert
Beedle, Rosa
Beedle, Susan
Beeson, Albert
Beeson, Ann
Beeson, Byron P.
Beeson, George
Beeson, Hiram F.
Beeson, Joseph F.
Beeson, Margaret A.
Beeson, Mary R.
Beesucker, Adel
Beesucker, John
Beesucker, Martha
Bell, Agnes
Bell, Archibald
Bell, Jane
Bell, John
Beloit, George
Beloit, Mariah
Bennett, Elizabeth
Bennett, Isaac
Bennett, J. D.
Bennett, Jacob
Bennett, Mary
Bennett, Rachel E.
Bennett, Sophrona
Bennett, William
Benson, Alfred
Benson, Ann E.
Benson, Henry
Benson, Jennie
Benson, Mary
Benson, Wm.
Birney, Benjamin
Black, Ada A.
Black, F.
Black, F. C.
Black, Frederick
Black, M. E.
Blum, Benjamin
Blum, Jonas
Bolter, Hiram
Bond, Charles
Bonner, Allice
Bonner, Ann
Bonner, Christena
Bonner, Clarra
Bonner, Clementine
Bonner, Diadern
Bonner, Elizabeth S.
Bonner, George C.
Bonner, George S.
Bonner, James
Bonner, Jane
Bonner, Joseph
Bonner, Josiah
Bonner, Kate E.
Bonner, Lydia A.
Bonner, Mary
Bonner, Sarah
Bonner, Silas
Border, Eliza
Border, George
Border, Jacob
Border, John
Border, Theadore
Bourden, U.
Bowers, Elizabeth
Bowers, John
Bowers, John
Bowers, Joseph
Bowers, Lydia
Bowers, Permilla
Bowers, Peter
Bowles, Albert
Bowles, Charles
Bowles, Jennett
Bowles, John
Bowles, Mary
Bowles, Rosetta
Bowles, William
Bowles, William
Bowman, A. J.
Bowman, Minerva
Boydon, Ebenezer
Boyer, Allice
Boyer, B.
Boyer, Margaret
Boyer, Sarah
Boyer, Susan
Boyer, Thomas
Boyer, Timothy T.
Brabham, Joseph F.
Brabham, Joseph T.
Brabham, Laura
Brabham, Nancy
Brannon, Charles
Brannon, Charles
Brannon, Eliza E.
Brannon, James
Brannon, Lorretta
Brawley, Barbara
Brawley, Thomas
Brawley, Thomas
Brawley, William
Breitenstein, Anna
Breitenstein, Jacob
Breitenstein, Jacob
Breitenstein, Julius
Breitenstein, Susan
Breitenstein, William
Brewster, Jacob
Brewster, Mary
Brewster, Willie
Briggs, Elizabeth
Briggs, George
Briggs, George W.
Briggs, Mary H.
Brock, Finton
Brock, George
Brock, Harriet
Brock, Leander
Brock, Martha
Brookes, Albert
Brookes, Charles
Brookes, Jennie
Brookes, John
Brookes, Joseph
Brookes, Mary A.
Brookes, Moriah
Brookes, William A.
Brown, Cornelius
Brown, Eli
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, George
Brown, Isaac
Brown, James
Brown, Jane
Brown, John
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Lina
Browning, A. M.
Browning, Allice V.
Browning, Charles F.
Browning, Eliza A.
Browning, Harriet
Browning, Martha A.
Bryson, Ann
Bryson, Ann E.
Bryson, Anna
Bryson, Arthur
Bryson, Emma A.
Bryson, Isaac
Bryson, James
Bryson, Josephene
Bryson, Margaretta
Bryson, Melvina
Bryson, Sarah
Bryson, Wm.
Bryson, Wm.
Buckingham, James
Buckingham, Rebecca
Burget, Frances
Burget, H. O.
Burget, Isabella
Burget, Olive
Burget, Sarah
Burke, Alexander
Burke, John
Burke, Mary
Burke, Mary
Burke, Michael
Burke, William
Burke, William
Burns, A. M.
Burns, James W.
Burns, John C.
Burns, Louisa
Burns, Lydia
Burns, Margaret E.
Burns, Rebecca E.
Burns, William A.
Burrier, Aaron
Burrier, Iowa H.
Burrier, John
Burrier, John M.
Burrier, Mahala E.
Burrier, Malinda
Burrier, Marion M.
Burrier, Minerva
Burrier, Priscilla
Cahoe, Patrick
Cameter, George
Cameter, Margaret
Cameter, N.
Campbell, A.
Campbell, Allice
Campbell, Dazarene
Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, John
Campbell, Joseph
Campbell, Martin
Campbell, William
Campbell, Wm.
Carhartt, Clay
Carhartt, Susan
Carhartt, Wm.
Carr, Adeline
Carr, Allice M.
Carr, Caroline
Carr, Charles
Carr, Emma B.
Carr, James
Carr, Laura
Carr, P. C.
Carr, Sarah
Carter, Mercena
Carter, Washington
Casey, Ann
Casey, John
Casey, John
Cassiday, Francis
Cassiday, Hugh
Cassiday, James
Cassiday, Joseph
Cassiday, Martha
Cassiday, Martha
Cassiday, Wm.
Cavanaugh, Edwin
Cavanaugh, Martin
Cavanaugh, Rachel
Chambers, Allice
Chambers, David
Chambers, Edward A.
Chambers, Harriet
Chambers, Horatio
Chambers, Louisa
Chambers, Mariah
Chambers, Samuel G.
Chapman, Emily
Chapman, Henry
Chapman, Josephine
Chapman, Julia
Chapman, Kate
Chapman, Mary A.
Chapman, Saml
Chapman, Samuel
Chapman, Sarah
Chapman, Sarah E.
Chapman, Una
Chapman, Victoria
Chapman, Wm. P.
Charlton, Ann
Charlton, Ellen
Charlton, Mary E.
Charlton, Thomas
Charlton, Wm.
Cheney, Laura
Cheney, Lydia
Cheney, Wm.
Christy, Elizabeth B.
Christy, G. E.
Christy, H. E.
Christy, S. C.
Christy, Thomas
Church, C.
Clark, Christena
Clark, Cyrus A.
Clark, Helen M.
Clark, Josephene
Clark, Margaret A.
Clark, Margaret J.
Clark, Nancey J.
Clark, Phebe
Clark, Rufus
Clark, Wm.
Cleming, Andrew
Cleming, Andrew
Cleming, Aonimta
Cleming, Robert
Cleve, Eliza
Cleve, James
Cleve, Mary
Clice, Althea
Clice, David
Clice, William C.
Clifford, Adelaide
Clifford, Amanda
Clifford, Arthur
Clifford, Ephraim
Clifford, Jesse
Clifford, Lutheria
Clifford, Mariah
Clifford, Nancy J.
Clifford, Samuel
Clifford, William
Cocker, Caroline
Cocker, Charles
Cocker, Fanny
Cocker, Hannah
Cocker, Sam
Cockley, Catharine
Cockley, Ella F.
Cockley, Jennett
Cockley, Mary
Cockley, Saml.
Cockley, Ugena A.
Cohn, Dora
Cohn, Fanny
Cohn, Hannah
Cohn, T.
Coleman, Alma
Coleman, Alma
Coleman, John
Coleman, Polly
Coler, Henry
Collen, Carrie C.
Collen, Frances C.
Collen, Jane
Collen, M. S.
Collen, Nancey M.
Collen, Sarah E.
Collins, Martha
Connaut, C.
Conner, Edwin
Conner, George
Conner, Jou*
Conner, Mary
Conrod, J.
Cook, Sarah
Cooledge, Clara
Cooledge, Douglass
Cooledge, Ellen
Cooledge, George
Cooledge, Henry
Cooledge, Henry L.
Cooledge, Jane
Cooledge, Lavina
Cooledge, Mary E.
Cooledge, Orlando
Cooley, Clara
Cooley, L.
Cooley, L. H.
Cooley, M. H.
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, Wm. B. Cooper
Cornell, Adison B.
Cornell, Francisco L.
Cornell, J. K.
Cornell, Lizzie K.
Cornell, Samantha
Cornell, Wilbur J.
Corwin, Ebenezer
Corwin, Emma
Corwin, Jacob
Corwin, James
Corwin, Lucinda
Corwin, Matilda
Corwin, Ruth
Corwin, Sally A.
Coulter, Jasper N.
Coulter, John Mc
Coulter, Josiah M.
Coulter, Margaret
Coulter, Robert W.
Coulter, Roxana
Coulter, Samuel
Coulter, Winfield S.
Cowlier, A. L.
Cowlier, Isabella
Cowlier, James
Cremyer, Allice
Cremyer, Charles
Cremyer, Harriet
Cremyer, Ida
Cremyer, Jesse
Cremyer, Sarah A.
Cremyer, Wm.
Cresup, Caroline
Cresup, Clay
Cresup, D. H.
Cresup, Daniel
Cresup, Emma
Cresup, George L.
Cresup, John
Cresup, Jont
Cresup, Laura
Cresup, Margaret
Cresup, Mariah
Cresup, Mary
Cresup, Mary
Cresup, Mary A.
Cresup, Michael
Cresup, Robert
Cresup, Roger N.
Cresup, Roger N.
Cresup, Ross
Cresup, Sarah
Cresup, Sarah
Cresup, Valera
Cresup, William
Creswell, Ann
Crew, Ann
Crew, George
Crooks, Virginia
Crown, Ellen
Crown, Mahlon
Crown, William
Cullerton, Eliza
Cullerton, John
Cullerton, Margaret
Cullerton, Mary A.
Cullerton, Perry
Cullis, Indiana
Cummins, A.
Cummins, Alex
Cummins, Harriet S.
Cummins, Isabella
Cummins, Isabella
Cummins, Lewis
Cummins, Margaret
Cummins, Robert
Cummins, Robert
Cummins, Sarah
Cummins, William
Curry, Eliza
Curry, Gustus
Curry, Louisa
Curry, Willie
Curtus, Adolphis
Curtus, Avis
Curtus, Hellen M.
Curtus, Nimrod
Curtus, Reuben B.
Curtus, Susan
Cuss, Matthias
Davisson, Charles
Davisson, Elma
Davisson, Esther
Davisson, Geo.
Davisson, Hannah
Davisson, James
Davisson, Joanna
Davisson, John A.
Davisson, John W.
Davisson, Madison E.
Davisson, Mariah
Davisson, Mary
Davisson, Sahah
Dawson, Cynthia
Dawson, Harriet
Dawson, Sarah
Dawson, William
Dean, Edmund C.
Dean, Grace
Dean, Luther
Dean, Moriah M.
Detes, Charles
Detwiler, Cordelia
Detwiler, Ella
Detwiler, John H.
Dexter, Catharine
Dexter, Daniel
Dibble, C. G.
Dibble, Ella
Dibble, Horrace
Dibble, Laura B.
Dickey, Adam
Dickey, Adam Jr.
Dickey, Bersheba
Dickey, Ella
Dickey, Emily
Dickey, Joseph
Dickey, Mary
Dobbs, Mary A.
Dofflemyer, Elizabeth
Dofflemyer, Frank P.
Dofflemyer, George
Dofflemyer, Henry
Dofflemyer, Joseph
Dofflemyer, Lucretia
Donohoo, Kate
Dorman, Nancy E.
Doty, Ann
Doty, Eno
Doty, George
Doty, Wm
Doyle, Hannah
Doyle, Thomas
Doyle, William
Dray, Anna
Dray, Anna
Dray, Charles
Dray, James
Dray, Mary
Dray, Mary E.
Dray, Obed
Dray, Obediah
Dray, Sarah
Dray, Thomas H.
Dray, Virginia
Dray, William
Dray, William
Duffin, Eliza
Duffin, Frances
Duffin, James
Duffin, John
Duffin, Mary E.
Duffin, Susan
Duffin, William H.
Dunning, Julia
Dust, David
Dust, Elizabeth
Dust, Martha
Dust, Wm.
Edgerton, Jackson
Eggleson, Thomas
Elican, Israel
Elliott, Sarah
Elliott, Thomas
Enders, Anna
Enders, Caroline
Enders, Catharine
Enders, Dorothy
Enders, Mary
Enders, Philip
Englebright, Augustus
Englebright, Catharine
Englebright, Catharine C.
Englebright, Frederick
Englebright, Philip
Englebright, Sophia
Englebright, William
Ethige, Isadora
Ethige, J. R.
Ethige, John A.
Ethige, Mary A.
Ethrage, Ann
Ethrage, Hiram
Ethridge, Henry
Ethridge, Mary
Evans, Albert
Evans, Catharine
Evans, David
Evans, David
Evans, George
Evans, Jane
Evans, John
Evans, Marion B.
Evans, Mary C.
Evans, O. W.
Ewing, Andrew J.
Ewing, Arch.
Ewing, Catharine
Ewing, Isaiah
Ewing, Jacob
Ewing, John
Farnam, Frank
Farrell, Allice
Farrell, Catharine
Farrell, John
Fassett, Azuba
Fassett, Martha J.
Fassett, Nancy
Fenning, Geo. W.
Ferris, Charles H.
Ferris, Elizabeth
Ferris, Matilda
Ferris, Robert
Ferris, Robert
Fields, Abram
Fields, Albert
Fields, Jeptha
Fields, John
Fields, Margaret
Finicole, Catharine
Finicole, H.
Finicole, Mary V.
Finley, Abigail A.
Finley, Able
Finley, Alcestus
Finley, Annetta
Finley, Elizabeth J.
Finley, Martha A.
Finley, Mary E.
Finley, Mary J.
Fisher, Edmund
Fisher, Lewis P.
Fissel, Emaline
Fissel, Laura
Fissel, Martha
Fissel, Wm.
Flamce, Betsy
Flamce, Emily
Flamce, George
Flamce, Henry
Flamce, Mary
Flamce, William
Flemming, Allice
Flemming, B.
Flemming, Jeremiah
Flemming, Margaret
Flemming, P.
Flemming, Patsy
Flemming, William
Flint, Alinda
Flood, Elizabeth
Flood, Flora
Flood, George
Flood, Lucretia
Flood, Sephen
Forbes, Alfred
Forbes, Zulina
Foregraves, Elizabeth
Foregraves, James
Foregraves, Mary J.
Forker, Wm.
Foster, Ann E.
Foster, Anna J.
Foster, Eliza J.
Foster, Esther
Foster, H. M.
Foster, Henry J.
Foster, Ira J.
Foster, J. F.
Foster, James
Foster, Keziah
Foster, Mary A.
Foster, Mary J.
Foster, Milton D.
Foster, Sarah
Foster, William
Foster, Wm. J.
Foster, Wm. L.
Fowler, Eliza R.
Fowler, Ella C.
Fowler, James
Fowler, James C.
Fowler, Netta
Fox, Cynthia
Fox, Eda J.
Fox, Ellen
Fox, Harriet A.
Fox, Hiram
Fox, Isaac
Fox, James W.
Fox, John
Fox, Joseph
Fox, Margaret A.
Fox, Sarah
Frail, Ellen
Frail, Enos
Frede, Catharine
Frede, Charles
Frede, Edward
Frede, Henry
French, Berthemia
French, David
French, Elizabeth
French, Enoch
French, John C.
Fro, Benjamin
Fro, Elizabeth
Fro, Harriet
Fro, William
Gable, Barbara
Gable, Barbara
Gable, Catharine
Gable, Henry
Gable, John
Gable, John
Gable, Mary
Gardner, Eliza
Gardner, F. B.
Gardner, James H.
Gardner, Nancy A.
Gardner, Sarah E.
Gasner, George S.
Gasner, Harriet
Gasner, Hattie J.
Gasner, Joseph
Gasner, Laura A.
Gasner, Lavanda
Gasner, Wilbur F.
Gass, E. A.
Gass, Jasper
Gass, Luella
Gass, Martha
Gass, Sarah
George, Bryan
George, Charles
George, N. M.
George, O.
George, William
Gilchrist, Izadora A.
Giles, Elizabeth
Giles, John
Giles, Josephene
Giles, Samuel
Giles, Samuel S.
Gill, Harriet
Gill, Jane
Gill, Luther
Gill, M.
Gilland, Mary
Gilland, Samuel
Gilligan, John
Glicker, Catharine
Glicker, Catharine
Glicker, Charles
Glicker, Cordelia
Glicker, Emily
Glicker, George
Glicker, Ulius
Glicker, Valentine
Gobbleman, Charlotte
Gobbleman, Fred.
Gobbleman, Jacob
Good, Elizabeth
Good, John
Good, Julia
Good, Mary
Good, Sarah
Goodin, Asa
Goodin, Caroline
Goodin, Edgar
Goodin, Eliza J.
Goodin, Ellen
Goodin, Mary A.
Goodin, William
Grant, James
Grasser, Catharine
Grasser, Elizabeth
Grasser, Elizabeth
Grasser, Emma
Grasser, Jacob
Grasser, John
Grasser, Mary
Grasser, Sophia
Graves, Alva
Graves, Eliza
Graves, Eliza
Graves, Emma
Graves, Geo. W.
Gray, Abram
Gray, C. W.
Gray, Ida Z.
Green, Hiland M.
Green, Mary
Green, Valentine
Green, W. F.
Green, William F.
Gregg, Foster
Gregg, James
Gregory, Ann S.
Gregory, Mary L.
Gregory, William L.
Griffith, Esther
Griffith, Harrison
Griffith, Joseph
Griffith, Mary
Griffith, Roxanna
Griffith, William
Grimm, Dolly J.
Grimm, Dorcas J.
Grimm, Eva J.
Grimm, George W.
Grimm, Thomas N.
Grisman, David
Grisman, David
Grisman, Elizabeth
Grisman, Emily
Grisman, John
Grisman, Mary
Grisman, Mary
Grisman, William
Grubb, Margaret
Grubb, W. W.
Grubb, Wm. F.
Guess, E.
Guess, Elenor
Guess, Emma
Guess, Frances
Guess, Hannah
Guess, John
Guess, Lydia
Guess, Margaret
Guess, Olliver
Guessford, Eliza
Guessford, F. G.
Guessford, Martha A.
Guessford, Mary E.
Guessford, William
Haden, Susan
Haight, Daniel
Haines, Ann
Haines, Charles H.
Haines, John
Haines, Mary
Haines, Peppers
Haines, Rebecca
Haines, William
Halderman, Abram
Halderman, John
Halderman, Joseph
Halderman, Keziah
Halderman, Nancy
Halderman, Sarah E.
Halderman, Susannah
Halfhill, Catharine
Halfhill, John
Halfhill, Luke
Halfhill, Martha
Halfhill, Mary A.
Halfhill, Peter
Halligan, Elizabeth
Halligan, Ellen M.
Halligan, James W.
Halligan, Mariah
Halligan, Mary
Halligan, Mary
Halligan, Melvina
Halligan, Richard
Halligan, Rosannah
Halowell, Austin
Halowell, Mary A.
Halowell, Thomas
Hamilton, Mary
Hamilton, P. F.
Hamilton, Virginia
Hampton, George R.
Hampton, Margaret J.
Hampton, Theadore
Haney, D.
Haney, Elizabeth
Haney, Mary A.
Haney, Rachel
Haney, Susan
Hanna, Mary J.
Harris, Elizabeth
Harris, M. W.
Hartman, H. W.
Hartman, Henrietta
Hartrick, Bernard
Hartrick, Coured
Hartrick, Mene
Hartrick, Sophia
Hasler, Charles
Hasler, Conrad
Hasler, Frederick
Hasler, John
Hasler, Joseph
Hasler, Joseph
Hasler, Mary
Hatfield, E. C.
Hatfield, Ella
Haugelstein, Amelia
Haugelstein, Augustes
Haugelstein, Denn
Haugelstein, Emma
Haugelstein, Louisa
Haugelstein, Rosinda
Haugelstein, Susan
Hawkins, Christain
Hawkins, Jacob R.
Hawkins, Leah
Hawkins, Levi
Hawkins, Sarah J.
Heath, Alonzo
Heath, America
Heath, Clarence
Heath, George
Hecht, Caroline
Hecht, William
Henry, Benjamin T.
Henry, Elizabeth
Henry, Hannah M.
Henry, Hetta C.
Henry, James T.
Henry, John
Henry, John W.
Henry, Sarah
Hensley, James
Herd, Daniel
Herd, Kermett
Herd, Lola
Herd, Margaret
Herd, Millard
Herd, Robert
Herd, Willie
Hilb, Adam
Hilb, Adam
Hilb, Frank
Hilb, Josephene
Hill, Alex
Hill, Anna
Hill, Eliza
Hill, Frances
Hill, Stephen
Hitchcock, Lorenzo
Hite, G. C.
Hite, G. C.
Hite, H. C.
Hite, Mary J.
Hodges, George F.
Hodges, Hannah
Hodges, Joseph
Hodges, Wm. C.
Hoffman, Andrew C.
Hoffman, Catharine
Hoffman, George
Holowell, Etta
Holowell, Ida M.
Holowell, Jasper
Hook, Amelia
Hook, Charles
Hook, Louisa
Hook, Mary
Hook, Victor
Hopkins, Fidelia
Hopkins, Hannah
Hopkins, Henrietta
Hopkins, Ida
Hopkins, Josephene
Hopkins, Thomas
Hopper, August
Hopper, Caroline
Hopper, Frances
Hopper, Francis
Hopper, Otto
Hopper, Robert
Hosmer, Amanda J.
Hosmer, George
Hosmer, Lawrence
Houghton, Alvin
Houghton, Jonas
Houghton, Mary
Houghton, Mary J.
Houghton, Olliver
House, Calvin
House, Charlotte
House, Eliza
House, Ellen
House, Emma J.
House, Green H.
House, John W.
House, Lavanche
House, Mary A.
House, Mary A.
House, Ridgley
House, Samantha
House, Samuel
House, Sarah J.
House, William
House, Wm. H.
House, Wm. R.
Houseby, Eliza
Howard, Ed
Howard, John
Howard, Margaret
Howard, Robert
Humbert, Ellis B.
Humbert, Isaiah
Humbert, Isaiah
Humbert, Martha B.
Humbert, Mary
Humbert, Mary E.
Humbert, Peter
Humbert, Serena A.
Humphrey, Anna
Humphrey, Elizabeth
Humphrey, George
Humphrey, Henry
Humphrey, James T.
Humphrey, Sarah
Humphrey, William J.
Humphrey, Wm.
Humphreys, Ella
Humphreys, H.
Humphreys, Hannah
Humphreys, Hannah S.
Humphreys, Heny J.
Humphreys, James
Humphreys, John W.
Humphreys, Mariah
Humphreys, Sarah J.
Humphreys, Wesley M.
Huning, Mariah
Hutchins, Benjamin
Hutchins, Margaret
Irvin, Elizabeth
Irvin, Isafan
Irvin, John
Irvin, Kate
Irvin, Lovina J.
Irvin, M.
Irvin, Martha J.
Irvin, Mary E.
Irvin, Thomas
Jack, Albert
Jack, John
Jack, Josephene
Jack, Martha
Jack, Susan
Jack, Thomas
Jackson, John
Jackson, Wm. F.
Jenkins, Geo. W.
Jewett, Cynthia
Jewett, Daniel
Jewett, E. F.
Jewett, Ellen
Jewett, Francis
Jewett, Mary
Job, Margaret
Johns, Elizabeth
Johns, J. W.
Johns, Mary A.
Johnston, Abington
Johnston, Amanda
Johnston, Benton
Johnston, Clarissa
Johnston, Ellen
Johnston, Harriet
Johnston, Henry
Johnston, James W.
Johnston, Jos.
Johnston, M.
Johnston, Margaret
Johnston, Margaret
Johnston, Mary J.
Johnston, Nancey
Johnston, Thomas
Johnston, William
Jones, Emily
Jones, Harriet
Jones, Mary
Jones, Roler
Jones, Wm.
Kapperman, Eliza
Kapperman, Isaac
Kapperman, P.
Kapperman, Sarah J.
Kassell, C. Risner
Kassell, Caroline
Kassell, Caroline
Kassell, Hannah
Kassell, William
Kassell, Wm.
Kauffman, Eliza E.
Kauffman, Thomas
Kean, Clara
Kean, Elizabeth
Kean, Emily
Kean, Hellen
Kean, Joseph A.
Keckley, B.
Keith, Ellen
Keith, William
Kelley, Anna
Kelley, Annis
Kelley, Bridget
Kelley, David
Kelley, Eliza
Kelley, Ellen
Kelley, Horton
Kelley, Ira
Kelley, John
Kelley, Julia
Kelley, Martha
Kelley, Mary
Kelley, Mary E.
Kelley, Unice
Kerr, Archibald
Kerr, Cynthia
Kerr, Elizabeth
Kerr, Harvey
Kerr, Hiram
Kerr, John
Kerr, John
Kerr, Walter
Kerr, William
Kerr, William
Kesling, F.
Kesling, Martha
Kesling, Sarah
Kesling, William
Ketchum, Benjamin
Kimball, Debora
Kimball, M. S.
Kimball, S. C.
Kinerston, Wm. E.
King, Adolph
King, Albert
King, Angeline
King, August
King, Dorty
King, Frances
King, George
King, George
King, Leonard
King, Miles
King, Ollive
King, Robert
King, Susan
Kirby, Drusilla
Kirby, Elizabeth
Kirby, Ellen
Kirby, John
Kirby, Robert
Kneeland, Dolly L.
Kneeland, Johnston
Kneeland, Mary M.
Knight, Amanda
Knight, Elizabeth
Knight, Hester A.
Knight, James
Knight, Marion
Knight, Mary
Knight, Moriah
Knight, Samuel
Knight, Samuel
Kuntz, Elizabeth
Kuntz, Lewis
Kuntz, Peter
Langdon, John
Langley, Charles
Langley, George
Langley, Joseph
Langley, Malinda
Leach, Ambers
Leach, Emma
Leach, J. F.
Leach, Martha
Leach, Narcis
Leach, Sarah J.
Lee, Anna
Lee, Hiram R.
Lee, Jane
Lee, Jont
Lee, Josiah
Lee, Lydia
Lee, Margaret
Lee, Margaret R.
Lee, V. C.
Lee, Wesley
Leichty, Cyrus
Leichty, John
Leizer, Robert
Leonard, Ansel L.
Leonard, David
Leonard, E. W.
Leonard, George B.
Leonard, Isaac
Leonard, Julia
Leonard, M. J.
Leonard, M. W.
Leonard, Mary A.
Leonard, Mina L.
Leonard, Sarah
Leonard, Sophia
Levi, Caroline
Lewis, Abner
Lewis, Dempster
Lewis, Diannah
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, Emily G.
Lewis, George C.
Lewis, Hezekiah
Lewis, J. G.
Lewis, James
Lewis, Jane
Lewis, John
Lewis, Jonathan W.
Lewis, Lilly
Lewis, Louisa
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary A.
Lewis, Nancey J.
Lewis, Rodman
Lewis, Sarah E.
Lewis, Theadore
Lewis, Thomas
Lewis, Uclid
Lewis, Vast*
Lewis, William
Lewis, Wm. C.
Lidolph, C. L.
Lidolph, C. L.
Lidolph, F. A.
Lidolph, Mary E.
Lidolph, Minerva
Lidolph, W. H.
Light, Joseph
Links, Sarah J.
Lohman, Alexander
Lohman, Ansenia
Lohman, H.
Lohman, Rosannah
Lohman, Terressa
Longley, Adelaide
Longley, Elizabeth E.
Longley, George F.
Longley, James W.
Longley, Leander
Longley, Sarah J.
Lorton, Andrew V.
Lorton, Charles
Lorton, John
Lorton, John
Lorton, Mary A.
Lorton, Samuel
Lorton, Sarah A.
Lorton, Sarah G.
Lorton, Thomas
Lorton, William A.
Loving, Emma C.
Loving, J. L.
Loving, Joseph O.
Lowry, Albert
Lowry, Amanda C.
Lowry, C.
Lowry, Charles
Lowry, Elizabeth J.
Lowry, George W.
Lowry, Helen
Lowry, John J.
Lowry, Rosannah
Lowry, Sarah C.
Lowry, Thomas J.
Lowry, William
Lundy, Ann
Lundy, Fred
Lundy, John
Lundy, Margaret J.
Lundy, Mary
Lundy, N.
Lundy, Nancey J.
Lundy, Nathan
Lundy, O. P.
Lundy, Phebe
Lundy, Saml
Luther, Examena
Luther, James
Luther, Martha A.
Luther, Susan N.
Mack, Allice
Mack, Angaline
Mack, H. H.
Mack, Levi
Mack, Nancey
Manhard, Dorathy
Manhard, Mary A.
Manhard, Peter
Manhard, Peter
Manhard, Ugene
Mann, Wm.
Manning, Betty B.
Manning, C. A.
Manning, H. V.
Manning, Jane
Manning, W. H.
Mark, Wm.
Maxwell, T.
McBride, Ann
McBride, Arthur
McBride, Jane
McBride, Jemima
McBride, Sarah E.
McCauslin, Olive
McCauslin, Rebecca
McCauslin, William
McComb, Mary
McCoy, Emily
McCoy, Frances
McCoy, Thomas
McCready, Catharine
McCready, Charles
McCready, Eliza
McCready, Hannah M.
McCready, Udora
McCready, Wm.
McDonald, Duncan
McDonald, Finley
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, R.
McElhaney, Robert
McGranch, Frank
McGreer, Agnes
McGreer, Alexander
McKee, Clarice
McKee, Frances
McKee, John J.
McKee, Julia
McKee, Mariah
McKee, Samuel
McKee, Samuel H.
McKee, William J.
McKee, Wm. P.
McLain, James R.
McMahon, Elizabeth
McMahon, Elizabeth
McMahon, John
McMahon, Thomas
McMahon, William
Medaugh, Benjamin
Medaugh, Darrael
Medaugh, Eliza
Medaugh, Horrace
Medaugh, James
Medaugh, John
Medaugh, Martha
Medaugh, Rhoda
Medcraft, James
Medlock, Mary C.
Meek, Abigail P.
Meek, Alinda P.
Meek, Alma J.
Meek, Alvira
Meek, Byron
Meek, Clarra
Meek, Cynthia A.
Meek, Elizabeth
Meek, Hugh
Meek, Isaiah
Meek, Jane A.
Meek, Joseph
Meek, Kate
Meek, Lewis C.
Meek, Lucia
Meek, Marrilla
Meek, Mary A.
Meek, Mary E.
Meek, Moses
Meek, Nancey A.
Meek, Phebe L.
Meek, Ralph F.
Meek, Rebecca
Meek, Robert
Meek, S. G.
Meek, Samuel
Meek, William
Meek, William
Merrick, Sarah
Merrill, Amanda
Merrill, Andrew
Merrill, Barbara E.
Merrill, Elizabeth
Merrill, George A.
Merrill, Mary A.
Merrill, Uriah
Milford, John M.
Milford, Julia
Milford, Margaret E.
Milford, Mary E.
Milford, Mary J.
Milford, Wm
Milford, Wm
Millard, Evaline
Miller, Albert
Miller, Amanda
Miller, Eliza J.
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Emanuel
Miller, Emanuel
Miller, George
Miller, Henrietta
Miller, Jacob
Miller, James
Miller, Lydia
Miller, Mariah
Miller, Martin
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Peter
Miller, Samuel
Miller, Simon P.
Miller, Soloman
Miller, Susan
Miller, Teressa
Miller, Wm
Miller, Zebulon
Millington, Phebe
Millington, Phebe J.
Millington, Thomas
Minnear, Adeline
Minnear, Arthur
Minnear, Geo. W.
Minnear, Louisa
Minnear, Minerva
Minnear, Oschar
Minor, George
Minor, Jane
Minor, Sarah
Minor, William
Mitchell, John P.
Moore, Mariah
Moore, Polly
Moore, Rachel
Moore, William
Morgan, Albert
Morgan, Cazia J.
Morgan, Mary
Morgan, Nancey
Morgan, William
Morks, Albert
Morks, Benjamin
Morks, Daniel
Morks, George
Morks, John R.
Morks, Mary E.
Morks, Samuel P.
Morks, Samuel T.
Morks, Sarah T.
Morks, William
Morrisson, A. J.
Morrisson, Benjamnin
Morrisson, Ellen
Morrisson, Emily
Morrisson, George
Morrisson, Margaret
Morrisson, Nancy
Morrisson, Sarah
Morrisson, Sarah A.
Morrisson, William H.
Morte, Wm. A.
Moss, Augustus
Moss, Carolina
Moss, Elizabeth
Moss, Frank S.
Moss, Henrietta
Moss, Henry
Moss, Horrace G.
Moss, Louisa
Moss, Mary W. S.
Moss, Moses
Moss, Moses H.
Moss, Susan
Munroe, A. F.
Munroe, Jennett
Murphy, Andrew
Murphy, Charles
Murphy, Cornelia
Murphy, Cornelius
Murphy, Correna A.
Murphy, Dilazon S.
Murphy, Elizabeth
Murphy, Ellen
Murphy, Emily
Murphy, Franklin
Murphy, Fred
Murphy, Gustena
Murphy, James
Murphy, John
Murphy, John
Murphy, John
Murphy, Martha J.
Murphy, Mary A.
Murphy, Mary W.
Murphy, Peter
Murphy, Samuel
Murphy, Thomas B.
Murphy, Thos
Murphy, Wilomeno
Murphy, Wm.
Murphy, Wm. H.
Murvin, Eliza
Murvin, Geo. W.
Murvin, John
Murvin, Martha
Murvin, Sidney J.
Murvin, Walter H.
Muse, Eliza
Muse, Mary A.
Myers, Almira
Myers, Ama
Myers, Amos
Myers, Catharine
Myers, Clarinda
Myers, Hannah
Myers, Hugh
Myers, James
Myers, Jane
Myers, John
Myers, Lewis
Myers, Lewis
Myers, Lewis
Myers, Lucinda
Myers, Mary A.
Myers, Mary A.
Myers, Mary J.
Nash, Amarilla
Nash, Thomas W.
Nash, Thos. J.
Neadham, James
Neal, Catharine
Neal, Rachel
Neal, U.
Neiswanger, M. A.
Nelson, Amanda
Nelson, Andrew
Nelson, Ed.
Nelson, Elizabeth
Nelson, Elizabeth
Nelson, James
Nelson, L. D.
Nelson, Laura
Newman, Abner
Newman, Abner Sr.
Newman, Gertrude
Newman, Jack
Newman, Octava
Newman, Roberta
Newman, Theadore
Newport, Francis M.
Newport, Mary
Normancrew, Ann
Normancrew, Henry
Normancrew, Henry
Normancrew, Lizy
Norris, Lucy A.
Nosky, Amiel
Nosky, J.
Nosky, Sibble
Nosky, Willie
Nott, Barton
Nott, Harvey
Nott, Henry
Nott, Kate
Nott, Mary
Nott, Milton
Nott, Richard
Nott, Tobitha
Nott, William
Nuse, George
Nutbaum, Christena
Nutbaum, Henry
Nutbaum, Mena
Nutbaum, Sophia
O Brien, Nancy
O Brien, Nancy J.
O Day, Bridget
O Day, Catharrine
O Day, Michael
Oday, J.
Oday, Margaret
Olliver, Eliza
Olliver, Emily
Olliver, Frank
Olliver, Harriet
Olliver, Hattie
Olliver, Jonathan
Olliver, Martha J.
Olliver, William H.
Oney, India
Oney, Joseph
Oney, Mary C.
Oslenslager, Emma
Oslenslager, Jacob
Oslenslager, Joseph
Oslenslager, Louisa
Oslenslager, M.
Otley, James N.
Otley, Mary
Otley, Preston A.
Otley, Wm.
Otley, Wm. I.
Ouren, Even
Ouren, Gilbert
Ouren, Margaret
Ouren, Margaret A.
Ouren, Martha J.
Ouren, Thomas J.
Ouren, William A.
Page, Albert
Page, Amanda J.
Page, Andrew
Page, James H.
Page, John
Page, Margaret
Page, Martha
Page, Mary
Page, Wm. S.
Paler, Joseph
Parker, Angenola
Parker, Eliza A.
Parker, J. L.
Parker, Mariah G.
Parker, P.
Parker, Wm. L.
Parker, Wm. N.
Pastlewait, Geo. W.
Pastlewait, Georganna
Pastlewait, Mariah E.
Pastlewait, Ruhawa
Pastlewait, Sarah
Pastlewait, Sarah A. J.
Patterson, Charles
Patterson, Elenor
Patterson, Henry
Patterson, James
Patterson, James
Patterson, Margaret
Patterson, Sarah
Patterson, Susan E.
Percival, Ruth
Perkins, Allen
Perkins, Amanda
Perkins, Charles
Perkins, Eliza
Perkins, Frank
Perkins, Harriet E.
Perkins, James C.
Perkins, Joseph
Perkins, Joseph W.
Perkins, Letta J.
Perkins, Mary
Perkins, Robert
Perkins, Robert
Perkins, Sally
Perkins, William
Perkins, Wm H.
Perry, Ellen
Perry, Frank
Perry, George
Perry, Hattie
Perry, John
Perry, John A.
Perry, Mary
Perry, Mary J.
Perry, Scott
Petry, Andrew
Petry, Ella
Petry, Jesse W.
Petry, John
Petry, John M.
Petry, Rachel
Petry, Robert W.
Petry, William F.
Philips, Charles
Philips, Elizabeth
Philips, Henry
Philips, Isaac
Philips, J.
Philips, Lydia A.
Philips, Mary
Philips, Mary
Pierce, Charles
Pierce, George W.
Pierce, James W.
Pierce, Jonas
Pierce, Louvica
Pierce, Margaret
Pierce, Oschar F.
Plaster, Eliza E.
Plaster, Henry
Plaster, John
Plaster, Margaret
Plaster, Mary
Plaster, Thomas L.
Plaster, Unice
Plaster, Wm.
Plum, Thomas
Poffman, George
Poley, Hannah
Poley, John
Poley, Julia
Poley, Martin
Poley, Martin
Pool, Adeline
Pool, Benton
Pool, Ewalt
Pool, Joseph
Pool, Micajah
Pool, Rebecca
Postlewait, Sarah
Preen, Charles
Preen, Clara
Preen, Flora
Preen, Jane
Preen, Jennett
Preen, Kate
Preen, Labina
Preen, Rosannah
Preen, Virginia
Pritchet, John
Pritchet, Matilda
Purvine, Elizabeth
Purvine, Harriet
Purvine, James
Purvine, Mary A.
Purvine, Mary A.
Purvine, Nancey
Querin, Emill
Querin, Frederick
Querin, George
Querin, George
Querin, Hellen M.
Querin, Mary
Querin, Wm.
Quillin, Thos.
Rader, Frank
Raise, John F.
Raise, Joseph G.
Raise, Mary
Raise, Robert C.
Raise, Sarah E.
Raise, Thomas
Reader, Martha A.
Reader, Mary
Reader, William
Reese, Caroline
Reese, Emma J.
Reese, Harrison
Reese, Joseph
Reese, Mary
Reese, Mary C.
Reeves, Ed
Reeves, Emma
Reeves, M.
Rhodes, Allice
Rhodes, Amanda M.
Rhodes, George
Rhodes, James
Rhodes, Jane
Rhodes, John H.
Rhodes, Mary E.
Rhodes, Melvina
Rhodes, Sarah A.
Rhodes, William H.
Rice, Ella L.
Rice, James W.
Rice, Mary A.
Rice, Philip R.
Rice, Philip R.
Rice, Sarah A.
Rice, Timothy
Richards, Ann
Richards, Elizabeth A.
Richards, John
Richards, Mariah
Richards, Mary A.
Richards, Samuel
Rickmeyer, Amelia
Rickmeyer, Charles
Rickmeyer, F.
Rickmeyer, Sophia
Ridgway, Clara V.
Ridgway, E.
Ridgway, Eliza
Ridgway, Mary E.
Riggle, Josiah
Riggle, Mary E.
Riggle, Sarah A.
Riland, A. T.
Riland, Curtus V.
Riland, Frank P.
Riland, Fredus
Riland, Geo. H.
Riland, Hester J.
Riland, Lewis H.
Riland, Martha W.
Riland, Mary C.
Riland, Mary J.
Riland, Sarah A.
Riley, D.
Riley, Mary
Riley, Mary
Ringer, Geo. W.
Ringer, Ruth
Risner, Catharine
Risner, Catherine
Risner, Charles
Risner, Eliza
Risner, Frederick
Risner, George
Risner, H.
Risner, Henry
Risner, Henry
Risner, Lewis
Risner, Mary A.
Risner, Mena
Rix, Peter
Robb, Joseph
Robb, Mary
Robbinson, Allice
Robbinson, Elizabeth
Robbinson, Ezra
Robbinson, Frances
Robbinson, George
Robbinson, George
Robbinson, Jacob
Robbinson, John R.
Robbinson, John W.
Robbinson, Juda
Robbinson, Mary E.
Robbinson, Mary N.
Robbinson, Peter
Robbinson, Polly
Robbinson, Sarah J.
Robbinson, Susan
Robbinson, Thomas
Robbinson, William
Robbinson, Wm. F.
Roberts, Amelia
Roberts, Charles
Roberts, Ed H.
Roberts, Eliza
Roberts, Emily
Roberts, Francis M.
Roberts, George
Roberts, Hannah
Roberts, James
Roberts, James
Roberts, Jane
Roberts, Lorenzo
Roberts, Mary F.
Roberts, Matilda
Roberts, Melissa
Roberts, Nath
Roberts, R. S.
Roberts, Rebecca
Roberts, Wm. H.
Rogers, Allice
Rogers, Hugh F.
Rogers, John
Rogers, John
Rogers, Mahala
Rogers, Mary E.
Rogers, Matilda J.
Roof, Sarah
Roth, Amelia
Roth, Elizabeth
Roth, George
Roth, John
Roth, Louisa
Roth, Mary
Roth, May
Roth, William
Rowley, Lyman
Rowley, Nora E.
Rowley, Sarah
Rowley, Wm.
Ruark, America
Ruark, Eliza J.
Ruark, Frances
Ruark, Howard
Ruark, James
Ruark, Joseph
Ruark, Joseph
Ruark, Julian
Ruark, Mariah
Ruark, Mary A.
Ruark, Sarah
Ryan, Hannah
Saddler, Eliza J.
Saddler, Joseph
Saddler, Lavina
Saddler, William
Sage, Franklin
Sage, James R.
Sage, Jane
Sage, Samuel
Sage, William
Sanders, Benjamin F.
Sanders, Eli
Sanders, Elizabeth A.
Sanders, John
Sanders, Joseph
Sanders, Margaret
Sanders, Margaret C.
Sanders, Mary E.
Sanders, Salina
Sanders, William L.
Sawyer, Arnanias
Sawyer, Caroline
Sawyer, Elenor
Sawyer, Ellen M.
Sawyer, Ellenor M.
Sawyer, Emma
Sawyer, Ida B.
Sawyer, J. B.
Sawyer, John B.
Sawyer, Martha
Sawyer, Robert
Sawyer, Sarah E.
Sawyer, T. H.
Sawyer, Thomas
Schaeffer, George
Schaeffer, Mary A.
Schaeffer, Nancey J.
Schisler, Margaret
Schramm, Allice C.
Schramm, C. F.
Schramm, Ella J.
Schramm, George
Schramm, Herdes S.
Schramm, Isabella C.
Schramm, Schillar C.
Scofield, Amanda
Scofield, Isaac
Scofield, Lucinda
Scofield, Olliver C.
Scofield, William G.
Scott, Charles
Scott, George
Scott, Jane
Scott, M.
Scott, O. H. P.
Scott, S. W.
Scott, Strong
Scott, Ugene
Seeley, Ama K.
Seeley, Elizabet
Seeley, Harriet
Seeley, Samuel
Selgrove, Allice
Selgrove, Elizabeth
Selgrove, Jane
Selgrove, Margaret
Selgrove, Mariah
Selgrove, Mary
Sewell, Amanda
Sewell, David W.
Sewell, Joseph
Sewell, Mary A.
Sewell, Samantha
Shaugg, Anstiss
Shaugg, Hannah
Shaugg, Harney
Shaugg, Mary C.
Shaw, Carolina
Shaw, Christena
Shaw, Lewis
Shaw, Michael
Shepherd, Eliza
Sherman, Emma M.
Sherman, James W.
Sherman, John H.
Shipley, J. G.
Shore, Henry
Shore, Thomas
Shreeve, Samuel
Shreeve, Samuel K.
Simms, Fred
Slaughter, Abba
Slaughter, Frank
Slaughter, Mary
Slay, Edward
Slay, Edwin
Slay, Jane
Slay, Joseph
Slay, Nancey S.
Slay, Sophia
Sly, Allice
Sly, Calvin
Smith, Abba C.
Smith, Allice
Smith, Bowen
Smith, Charles
Smith, Christian
Smith, Cora
Smith, Daniel L.
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Ellen G.
Smith, Emma
Smith, George
Smith, George
Smith, George W.
Smith, Gova
Smith, Ira
Smith, James
Smith, John P.
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Joseph A.
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Mary
Smith, Matilda
Smith, Melissa
Smith, Nancy L.
Smith, Newton
Smith, Russell
Smith, Samuel A.
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Sarah W.
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Wesley
Snyder, Julia
Snyder, Wm.
Sorge, Anna
Sorge, Berta
Sorge, Elizabeth
Sorge, Mary
Sorge, Oschar
Spurgeon, Emma
Spurgeon, Eva
Spurgeon, Frank
Spurgeon, James
Spurgeon, James
Spurgeon, John
Spurgeon, Joseph
Spurgeon, Lucinda
Spurgeon, Mary
Spurgeon, Milton
Spurgeon, Perry W.
Spurgeon, Ruth
Spurgeon, Sabetta
Spurgeon, Sarah
Spurgeon, Thomas
Spurgeon, Thomas
Spurgeon, Woodberry
Steinmyer, *ena
Steinmyer, Charles
Steinmyer, Daniel
Steinmyer, F.
Steinmyer, Frederick
Steinmyer, Lewis
Steinmyer, Melvina
Steinmyer, Mena
Steinmyer, Metah
Stephens, Charles W.
Stephens, Charles W.
Stephens, Elizabeth C.
Stephens, Elizabeth M.
Stephens, Esquire B.
Stephens, Henry
Stephens, Matilda
Stephens, Matilda J.
Stephenson, Charles
Stephenson, Charles P.
Stephenson, Martha
Stewart, Caroline
Stewart, Elizabeth
Stewart, Ella
Stewart, Henry C.
Stewart, John
Stewart, Lucy
Stewart, Lucy
Stewart, Richard L.
Stir, Clinton
Stir, Franklin
Stir, Harriet
Stir, Susan
Stir, William
Stir, William
Stir, Wm. H.
Stoddard, Abigail
Stoddard, Abigail
Stoddard, Anthony
Stoddard, Merchant
Stoddard, Orville
Stoddard, Rollins
Straw, Frederick
Straw, John H.
Straw, Julia
Straw, Margaret E.
Straw, Peter
Strong, Grose R.
Strong, Margaret
Strong, Mary M.
Strong, Robert
Strong, Sophrouia
Strong, Wm. A.
Sutton, Absolem
Sutton, Jane
Swails, James
Swails, Lydia
Swasey, Albert
Swasey, Annette
Swasey, G. C.
Swasey, Hasen D.
Swasey, J. B.
Swasey, John W.
Swasey, Louisa
Swasey, Mary A.
Swasey, Mary E.
Swasey, Melissa
Swasey, Orlando
Swasey, Sarah
Swazey, Eliza A.
Swazey, Henel
Swazey, Hennel
Swsey, E. A. M.
Swsey, Phebe
Tallman, David
Tallman, George W.
Tallman, John R.
Tallman, Mary U.
Tallman, Sabre C.
Tallman, Susan
Tate, Eliza
Tate, Francis M.
Tate, Thomas C.
Temple, Charles
Temple, George
Temple, Louisa
Temple, Mary
Temple, Mary
Temple, Mary Ann
Temple, Morris
Teneyke, Albert
Teneyke, Ann E.
Teneyke, George
Teneyke, Gilbert
Terow, Charles
Terow, Charles
Terow, Elizabeth
Terow, Hannah
Terow, Henrietta
Thena, Biddy
Thena, Ellen
Thena, Hannah
Thena, Kate
Thena, M.
Thena, Mary
Thena, Mary
Thomas, Helen
Thomas, J.
Thomas, Tesa
Thomas, William
Thompson, Charles H.
Thompson, Clark
Thompson, John
Thompson, Lydia
Thompson, Philip
Thompson, Purmelia H.
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, Sidney
Thompson, Wm.
Tipton, Catharine T.
Tipton, Mary J.
Tompkins, Albert
Tompkins, Catharine
Tompkins, Eliza
Tompkins, Elizabeth
Tompkins, James
Tompkins, John
Tompkins, Levi
Tompkins, Mary
Tompkins, Mary
Tompkins, Melvina
Tompkins, Sarah
Tompkins, Sarah A.
Tompkins, Uriah
Tower, Daniel W.
Tower, Esther
Tower, Leander
Tower, O.
Tower, Sarah A.
Treadway, James
Tripp, David
Tripp, Letitia
Tripp, Sylvester J.
Trotter, John
Trotter, Mary
Trotter, Thomas
Trotter, William
Turton, Bunyon
Turton, Elizabeth
Turton, Elizabeth
Turton, Elwin J.
Turton, Henry A.
Turton, James H.
Turton, Simeon D.
Turton, Wm. H.
Tuttle, Allice
Tuttle, Almira
Tuttle, Charles
Tuttle, Georgia
Tuttle, H. B.
Tuttle, Jennie
Tuttle, Martin
Tuttle, Mary
Tuttle, S. B.
Tuttle, Sarah
Urrwin, Eliza
Urrwin, George W.
Urrwin, Jont
Urrwin, Martha
Urrwin, Sidney J.
Urrwin, Walker H.
Van Doren, Anna
Van Doren, Sarah
Van Doren, Wm.
Van Fleet, Asa
Van Fleet, Henrietta
Van Fleet, Hess
Van Fleet, J.
Van Fleet, Jennie
Van Fleet, M.
Van Fleet, William
Van Sagen, Charles
Van Sagen, Frederick
Van Sagen, Frederick
Van Sagen, John
Van Sagen, Joseph
Van Sagen, Louisa
Van Sagen, Margaret
Van Sagen, Thomas
Vickers, Geo. W.
Vickers, Lamertine
Vickers, Larry A.
Vickers, Margaret A.
Vickers, Mariah W.
Vickers, Mary
Vickers, Michael F.
Wagen, Palenia
Wagoner, Allice C.
Wagoner, America
Wagoner, Benjamin
Wagoner, Benjamin
Wagoner, Charles
Wagoner, Ida M.
Wagoner, Jacob
Wagoner, Kate
Wagoner, Margaret
Wagoner, Martha G.
Wagoner, Mary
Wagoner, William
Wagus, Wm
Walker, A.
Walker, A. R.
Walker, Adison
Walker, Amelia J.
Walker, Ami
Walker, Ann M.
Walker, Ann M.
Walker, Berthemia M.
Walker, Elizabeth
Walker, Jane
Walker, John
Walker, John
Walker, Mary A.
Walker, Mary A.
Walker, Melvina J.
Walker, Sarah
Walker, Sarah
Walker, Sarah
Walker, William
Walker, William
Ward, Adelia
Ward, Isabella
Ward, James
Ward, Samuel
Wardell, Ed
Ware, C. M.
Ware, Catharine
Ware, Edward
Ware, Elizabeth
Ware, Elizabeth
Ware, Frank
Ware, Isabella
Ware, Jane
Ware, Josiah
Ware, Margaret E.
Ware, Mary A.
Ware, Mary E.
Ware, Minor
Ware, Nancey
Ware, Olive
Ware, Samuel
Ware, Thomas C.
Ware, Thomas W.
Ware, Uforma
Ware, William
Warren, Charles
Warren, Franklin
Warren, John
Warren, Mary
Warren, Phebe
Warren, William
Washington, Virginia
Watts, Agnes
Watts, Ellen
Watts, Isaac
Watts, Isaac
Watts, Jennett
Watts, Mary
Watts, Mary
Watts, Peter
Watts, Richard
Watts, Robert
Welbaum, Benjamin
Welbaum, Francis J.
Welbaum, Jacob S.
Welbaum, John H.
Welbaum, Lewis
Welbaum, Mary M.
Welbaum, Noah
Welka, Amelia
Welka, Caroline
Welka, Christian
Welka, Doretta
Welka, Elizabeth
Welka, Mary
Welka, William
Welka, William Sr.
Wells, Aura
Wells, Austin
Wells, Betsy
Wells, Hulbert
Wells, Joshua
Wells, Mariam
Wells, Permelia
Wells, Sarah
Welsh, James
Welsh, Mary
Welsh, Mary
Wescott, Albert
Wescott, Charles
Wescott, Harriet
Wescott, Luella
Wescott, Nancey
Wescott, Rebecca
Wescott, Rhodes
Wescott, William
West, Catharine
West, Eliza
West, Eliza J.
West, Francis M.
West, George
West, James
West, Lucetta
West, Mary C.
West, Nancey A.
West, Rufus G.
Wheat, John
Wheat, Mary
Wheat, Robert
Wheeler, Elizabeth
Wheeler, James J.
Wheeler, Margaret
Whitall, Albert
Whitall, F.
Whitall, Frank
Whitall, George
Whitall, James
Whitall, Jane
Whitall, Sarah
Whitall, Thomas
White, James
White, Jane
White, Luetta
White, Ruth
White, Thomas
White, William
Whiteley, Joseph
Whiteley, Joseph G.
Whiteley, Mary R.
Whiteley, Sarah A.
Whiteley, Sarah E.
Whiteley, Thomas C.
Whitlock, Albert
Whitlock, Catherine
Whitlock, Edward
Whitlock, Emma
Whitlock, F.
Whitmore, Ann
Whitmore, Hazard
Whitmore, Josephene
Whitmore, Sampson
Whitmore, Wm. A.
Wilcoxon, H. F.
Wiley, A. E.
Wiley, Eli A.
Wiley, Mary A.
Wiley, Rhoda A.
Wiley, William
Wiley, William
Williams, David
Williams, E.
Williams, Georgianna
Williams, Ida
Williams, Patrick
Williams, Philora
Williams, Wm.
Williamson, Elenor R.
Williamson, J.
Williamson, Joseph H.
Williamson, Julia C.
Williamson, Mary W.
Willis, Elizabeth
Willis, Emma
Willis, Frank
Willis, George
Willis, Jane
Willis, Virginia
Willis, William
Willis, Wm. B.
Wilson, Adaline E.
Wilson, Albert
Wilson, Albert
Wilson, Allice
Wilson, Barbara E,
Wilson, Caroline
Wilson, Charles M.
Wilson, Delilah J.
Wilson, Edson
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Emily
Wilson, Emily M.
Wilson, George
Wilson, Hannah
Wilson, Henry C.
Wilson, Irvin
Wilson, Jacob A.
Wilson, John
Wilson, John C.
Wilson, Leana
Wilson, Levi E.
Wilson, Lina J.
Wilson, Maranda
Wilson, Maranda
Wilson, Martha
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Mary E.
Wilson, Mary J.
Wilson, Mary J.
Wilson, Matilda
Wilson, S. S.
Wilson, Sally A.
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, Urban
Wilson, Walter
Wilson, Wilburn
Wilson, William
Wilson, William J.
Wilson, Wm. R.
Winfield, Annanias
Wire, Abram
Wire, Ann
Wire, Augustus
Wire, Elizabeth
Wire, Elizabeth
Wire, Fred
Wire, George
Wire, Jane
Wire, John
Wire, John G.
Wire, John J.
Wire, M. J.
Wire, Margaret
Wire, Martha
Wire, Nancy
Wire, Peter
Wire, Philip
Wire, Sarah N.
Wire, Wm.
Wire, Wm.
Wire, Wm.
Wood, Jane
Woods, Emma
Woods, Hannah
Woods, John
Woods, Rachel
Woods, Zachariah
Wright, Aaron
Wright, Catharine
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, Jesse
Wright, Josephene
Wright, Lucy A.
Wright, Mary
Wright, Neah
Wright, Rebecca
Wright, Sarah
Wulfrune, Joseph
Wulfrune, Sophia
Wurple, Fred
Yack, Caroline
Yack, Elizabeth
Yack, Fred
Yack, Mary
Young, Abram
Young, Almira
Young, B. H.
Young, Benjamin
Young, C.
Young, Comeger
Young, Ellen
Young, Hannah M.
Young, Isaac F.
Young, John
Young, Margaret B.
Young, Mary
Young, Mary
Young, Peter W.
Younkin, Caroline
Younkin, Joseph
Younkin, Rufus
Younkin, Samuel
Younkin, Susan
Yue, James
Zane, Levi
Zane, Levi J.
Zane, Mary A.
Zane, Wm. H.
Zink, Abraham
Zink, George
Zink, Jackson
Zink, Magdalene
Zink, William