1860 Census of Van Buren County, IA

transcribed by Fran Hunt

There are 20 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Abbott, Albert F.
Abbott, Benjamin
Abbott, Charles P.
Abbott, Elizabeth J.
Abbott, George
Abbott, Mary E.
Abbott, N.
Abbott, Nathan
Ailer, David
Ailer, Elvira
Ailer, George
Ailer, Hannah E.
Ailer, John W.
Ailer, Mary
Ailer, Sarah
Allen, Aeriel A.
Allen, Albert
Allen, Annett
Allen, C.
Allen, David C.
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Frances M.
Allen, Jacob W.
Allen, Jerusha M.
Allen, John C.
Allen, Joseph H.
Allen, Lemuel
Allen, Levi J.
Allen, Mary C.
Allen, Sarah A.
Allen, Sarah C.
Allen, Sophia L.
Allen, Zilphia A.
Anderson, Harriet
Anderson, J.W.
Bailey, Alva J.
Bailey, Etta L.
Bailey, William
Ballard, James M.
Ballard, John H.
Ballard, Leander L.
Ballard, Martha J.
Ballard, Sarah J.
Ballard, Stradder
Bealer, Jacob
Bealer, Joseph
Bending, Gustin
Benjamin, A.
Benjamin, Cynthia
Benjamin, Joseph
Benjamin, Rosannah
Benning, Anna
Benning, Christian
Benning, J.H.
Benning, Julius
Berger, Jasper
Berger, Rachel A.
Berger, Susan A.
Binder, Hannah
Binder, Henry
Binder, Henry
Binder, John
Binder, Mary
Binder, William
Bingaman, Ada
Bingaman, Amanda C.
Bingaman, Ann
Bingaman, Elizabeth
Bingaman, Ida
Bingaman, James
Bingaman, John
Bingaman, Lewis L.
Bingaman, Marion
Bingaman, Martha J.
Bingaman, Mary A.
Bingaman, Pleasent
Bingaman, Sarah J.
Bingaman, Susannah
Bingaman, Wm.
Bingaman, Wm. H.
Blair, Mary
Blair, William
Bonner, A.
Bonner, Catharine
Bonner, Emaline
Bonner, George
Bonner, Isadora
Bonner, John
Bonner, John M.
Bonner, LaFayette
Bonner, Leonard
Bonner, Mariah
Bonner, Mary
Bonner, Mary A.
Bonner, R.A.
Bonner, Ralph
Bonner, Rebecca
Bonner, Solamon
Bonner, Volony
Borgelson, Charles
Bowman, Cena
Bowman, Daniel
Bowman, David A.J.
Bowman, Samuel
Boyd, Horrace
Bradley, Amanda
Bradley, Clinton
Bradley, Francis
Bradley, Israel
Bradley, Mary
Brookmeyer, Caroline
Brookmeyer, Charles
Brookmeyer, F.W.
Brookmeyer, Louisa
Brookmeyer, William
Brown, Allice M.
Brown, Christopher C.
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary A.
Brown, Morris C.
Buckels, Abner
Buckels, John W.
Buckels, Julian
Buckels, Lewis
Buckels, Mary A.
Buckels, William
Busy, Orange
Busy, Sarah E.
Busy, Susan
Cambridge, Eliza A.
Cambridge, John
Cambridge, John
Cambridge, Mary J.
Cambridge, Parmelia
Cambridge, Theodore
Cameron, Joseph
Canterberry, Allice
Canterberry, Araminta C.
Canterberry, John
Canterberry, John
Canterberry, Nancey
Canterberry, Quincy A.
Claflin, Charles
Claflin, Emaline
Claflin, George
Claflin, Hannah W.
Claflin, Ira
Claflin, Julia
Claflin, Mary F.
Clark, Bessa
Clark, Samuel
Clark, Sarah J.
Clark, William
Clark, Wm. J.
Clayton, Amos
Clayton, George
Clayton, John C.
Clayton, Lace
Clayton, Samuel
Clayton, Wm. H.H.
Clendenon, James
Clendenon, Jane
Clendenon, Robert
Cline, Frederick
Coleman, Amanda E.
Coleman, James
Coleman, Joab H.
Coleman, Thomas J.
Coleman, William
Cope, Elizabeth
Cope, Ephraim
Cope, Levi J.
Cope, William H.
Corothers, E.
Crandle, Abraham
Crandle, Benjamin
Crandle, Jacob
Crandle, James
Crandle, Jane
Crandle, Mary
Crandle, Patty
Crandle, William
Criss, Emily A.
Criss, Jacob
Criss, John D.
Criss, Lydia A.
Criss, Mary M.
Criss, Sarah A.
Criss, Temperance
Crooks, Austin
Crooks, Eliza
Crooks, Finley
Crooks, J.W.
Crooks, Virgil
Davis, Aaron
Davis, Benjamin
Davis, David
Davis, Eli
Davis, Elias C.
Davis, Elijah L.
Davis, Eliza
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Franklin P.
Davis, Hester E.
Davis, Mariah J.
Davis, Nancy
Davis, Neri
Davis, Sarah
Dickason, Charles
Dickason, LeRoy
Dickason, Nancey
Dickason, S.C.
Dickason, Wesley
Downing, Daniel
Downing, James
Downing, John
Downing, Levi
Downing, Levi
Downing, Phebe
Downing, Reuben
Drew, Elizabeth
Drew, James
Drew, James F.
Ellis, Eliza J.
Ellis, Emma
Ellis, Gilbert
Ellis, L.
Ellis, Laura
Ellis, William
Emerick, Eliza
Emerick, Hannah
Emerick, Hester
Emerick, James
Emerick, Jane
Emerick, Mary
Emerick, Silas
Emerick, William
Emrick, Jacob
Emrick, Sarah
Epperly, Francis S.
Erickman, Helena
Erickman, Jacob A.
Farris, Alvis
Farris, Charlotte
Farris, James L.
Farris, John S.
Farris, Jonathan
Farris, Jont
Farris, Mariah
Farris, Samuel
Farris, William
Ferguson, Eliza A.
Ferguson, Elizabeth
Ferguson, Hester
Ferguson, Jackson
Ferguson, John B.
Ferguson, John W.
Ferguson, Jont F.
Ferguson, Walter
Fergusson, Hannah
Fergusson, J.
Fissell, Elizabeth E.
Fissell, Hiram B.
Fissell, Melissa
Fissell, Ronna
Freeberry, Mary C.
Freeberry, Oloff
Frisbee, Allice
Frisbee, Archibald
Frisbee, Elizabeth
Frisbee, Elizabeth
Frisbee, Esther
Frisbee, Thomas C.
Gardner, Aaron
Gardner, Almeda
Gardner, Clarrisa
Gardner, James
Gardner, John
Gardner, Louisa
Gardner, Mary
Gardner, Thomas
Gardner, William
Garrett, Adolphus
Garrett, Alva
Garrett, Austin
Garrett, John A.
Garrett, Louisa B.
Garrett, Rachel
Garrett, William G.
Glanville, Emory
Glanville, Esther
Glanville, William
Glenn, Adaline
Glenn, Cynthia
Glenn, Harriet
Glenn, John
Glenn, Lonzo
Glenn, Mary J.
Glenn, William
Glenn, William
Goff, Alvin
Goff, Charles
Goff, Harriet
Goff, Henry
Goff, Jeremiah
Goff, John W
Goff, Martha A
Goff, Mary J
Goff, Thomas
Gray, America
Gray, James P.
Gray, John
Gray, John
Gray, John R.
Gray, Mary
Gray, William
Green, Alfred
Green, Calista
Green, Caroline
Green, Cornelius
Green, Ephaim
Green, Frances
Green, Marion
Green, Mary
Green, Mary A
Green, Rebecca
Green, Richard
Green, Robert
Green, Samuel
Green, William
Haney, Andrew J.
Haney, David
Haney, Elizabeth
Haney, Francis M.
Haney, George
Haney, James O.
Haney, John W.
Haney, Josephine
Haney, LeRoy
Haney, Mary A.
Haney, Moses
Haney, Moses
Haney, Nancey
Haney, Ransom E.
Haney, Solomon C.
Haney, Thomas
Haney, Thomas W.
Haney, Zedock D.
Harman, Eliza
Harman, Fred
Harman, Louisiana
Harman, Nancy
Harman, Samuel
Harman, Susan
Harman, Wm.
Harman, Wm.
Harrington, Calvin
Harrington, Emaline
Harrington, Geo. S
Harrington, George R
Harrington, George W.
Harrington, Isaac
Harrington, Jane
Harrington, Mary A
Harrington, Mary J
Harrington, Richard S.
Harrington, Saml
Harrington, Samuel
Herd, Sarah
Hilliard, Minerva M.
Hilliard, Sarah
Hissam, Thomas
Hocum, Allice
Hocum, Clay
Hocum, Fanny A.
Hocum, John M.
Hocum, John Q.
Hocum, Luther
Hocum, Mahala
Hocum, Malona A.
Hocum, Margaret
Hocum, Martin H.
Hocum, Melinda
Hocum, Polly M.
Hocum, Samuel
Hocum, Samuel D.
Hocum, Virginia F.
Hootman, D.
Hootman, Hannah
Hootman, Jacob
Hootman, James H.
Hootman, John A.
Hootman, Mary C.
Hootman, Sarah
Hootman, Susannah
Hopkins, Marland
Hopkins, Milton
Hopkins, Rebecca
Hopkins, Stephen
Humphrey, Ada
Humphrey, Edgar
Humphrey, G.
Humphrey, Helora
Humphrey, Ida
Humphrey, Silena
Jennings, Zeron
Johnston, Catharine A.
Johnston, Everett
Johnston, Louisa J.
Johnston, Sarah A.
Jones, Allice A.
Jones, Almira
Jones, Edwin
Jones, George W.
Jones, H.N.
Jones, Henry V.
Jones, Hulda
Jones, Mary A.
Lady, John V.
Lady, Olliver
Lady, Peter
Lady, Sarah A.
Lambert, Isaac
Lambert, Isaac M.
Lambert, Josephus
Lambert, Nancey
Lasley, Sarah
Lawrence, Charles
Lawrence, Emily
Lawrence, Ferdinand
Lawrence, Frederica
Lawrence, John
Lyle, Elizabeth
Lyle, George
Lyle, John
Lyle, Louisa J.
Lyle, Robert
Lyle, Sarah E.
Lyming, Benton
Lyming, Columbus
Lyming, George
Lyming, John
Lyming, Lewis C.
Lyming, Mary C.
Lyming, Sophia
Lyming, Thera A.
Lyming, William H.
Mathewson, Benjamin
Mathewson, Jennett
Mathewson, Jesse
Mathewson, Julia
Mathewson, Juliett
Mathewson, Julina
Mathewson, Lucy
Mathewson, Wellington
Matthias, Ada T.
Matthias, Emily J.
Matthias, Frank G.
Matthias, James C.
Matthias, Laura
Matthias, Susannah
Matthias, Wm.
McGuire, Andrew
McGuire, Anna
McGuire, John
McGuire, Lydia
McGuire, Mary E.
Mercer, Susan
Miller, Charlotte
Miller, Cordelia
Miller, Cynthia A.
Miller, David
Miller, Francis
Miller, Hiram
Miller, John
Miller, Sarah E.
Miller, Sylvester
Miller, Tabitha
Moore, Abigail
Moore, Angelina
Moore, Edward
Moore, Ellen
Moore, Emaline
Moore, Henrietta
Moore, Henrietta
Moore, Jacob
Moore, John H.
Moore, Joseph
Moore, Joseph
Moore, L. Perry
Moore, Levi
Moore, Lucy
Moore, Lucy
Moore, Mary J.
Moore, Mary R.
Moore, Michael
Moore, Samuel H.
Moore, Sarah A.
Moore, Sarah C.
Morris, Albert
Morris, Daniel
Morris, Harriet
Morris, Mary
Morris, Mary C.
Morris, Thomas
Morris, Virginia
Morrison, Emit
Morrison, Nancey M.
Morrison, Salathiel
Morrison, Sally
Morrison, W.
Morrison, Wm. A.
Mussetter, Alma A.
Mussetter, Henry
Mussetter, Mariah A.
Mussetter, Minnie
Mussetter, Olive
Neal, Abigail
Neal, Aquilla J.
Neal, Horace E.
Neal, Ida V.
Neal, James E.
Neal, Margaret B.
Neal, Mary A.
Neal, Phebe H.
Neal, Sarah L.
Neal, William
Neal, William H.H.
Nencyhulser, A.
Newberry, Charles
Newberry, Edward
Newman, A.G.
Newman, Amanda J.
Newman, Caroline
Newman, Charles
Newman, Cyrus
Newman, Henry
Newman, Nancey W.
Newman, Victoria
Newman, William
Newman, Wm. B.
Parker, Catharine
Parker, Elenor
Parker, Elizabeth
Parker, Emaline
Parker, James
Parker, James
Parker, James B.
Parker, John
Parker, John
Parker, Joseph
Parker, Lavina
Parker, Martin V.B.
Parker, Mary W.
Paxton, Amelia
Paxton, Benjamin
Paxton, Betty
Paxton, Charles
Paxton, James
Paxton, Joseph
Paxton, Mary
Paxton, Samuel
Paxton, Thomas
Perry, J.
Perry, Joseph
Perry, Ursula
Pettit, Atemacy
Pettit, Barton W.
Pettit, Henry G.
Pettit, L.W.
Pettit, Laura
Pettit, Laura E.
Pettit, Mary L.
Pettit, Samuel W.
Pettit, Thomas J.
Pettit, William B.
Pettit, Wm.
Plowman, Catharine
Plowman, Charles
Plowman, Frederick
Plowman, George
Plowman, Jasper
Plowman, Lewis
Plowman, Margaret
Plowman, Mary A.
Plowman, Moses
Plowman, Paul
Plowman, Thomas
Plowman, William
Pollock, James
Pollock, Joseph
Pollock, Nancey M.
Pollock, Sophrona
Pugh, Annanias
Pugh, Jont
Pugh, Jont
Pugh, Rachel
Rambo, Angeline
Rambo, Charles
Rambo, Cyrus
Rambo, Eliza J.
Rambo, George
Rambo, George W.
Rambo, John H.
Rambo, Mary E.
Riley, Allice
Riley, Bethsaida
Riley, Francis M.
Riley, Mary A.
Riley, Minerva J.
Riley, Sylvester
Robbinson, Buchanan
Robbinson, Caroline
Robbinson, Caroline M.
Robbinson, Fernando C.
Robbinson, Florida
Robbinson, Hannibal
Robbinson, Louisiana
Robbinson, William
Robbinson, William B.
Roush, Eliza
Roush, James
Roush, John
Roush, Mahala
Roush, Martha
Roush, Samuel
Roush, Voli H.
Russell, Elizabeth H.
Russell, George R.
Russell, Hannah
Russell, James H.
Russell, John
Russell, John E.
Russell, Mary M.
Russell, Rebecca J.
Russell, Silas N.
Russell, William A.
Schuler, George
Schuler, Sarah L.
Sellers, Mary M.
Shuler, E.W.
Shuler, Elizabeth E.
Shuler, Hannah E.
Shuler, J.W.
Shuler, Jacob
Shuler, Margaret
Shuler, Mary J.
Sites, George
Sites, George
Sites, K
Slater, America
Slater, John
Slater, Martha
Slater, Rachel
Slater, Susannah
Smith, Ada L.
Smith, Anna
Smith, Cora B.
Smith, Frank R.
Smith, Margaret E.
Smith, Minerva
Smith, Otis D.
Smith, Ottoe D.
Smith, Samuel Jr.
Smith, Thomas C.
Smith, Thomas H.
Snyder, Elizabeth
Snyder, John B,
Snyder, Mary J.
Specknell, Leonard
Specknell, Mary E.
Specknell, Rachel
Specknell, Rosannah E.
Specknell, Sarah C.
Specknell, William
Spence, D.P.
Spence, Josiah E.
Spence, Mary E.
Spence, Rachel
Spence, William T.
Spencer, Elizabeth
Spencer, Samuel
Steel, James
Steel, James T.
Steel, Jane
Steel, John F.
Steel, John P.
Steel, Joseph W.
Steel, Martha J.
Steel, Sarah E.
Stone, James
Stone, John
Strang, Ferdinand
Strang, John
Strang, John
Strang, Joseph
Strang, Kerniguntes
Strang, Kuinguntes
Strang, Sophia
Strang, Sovina
Sullivan, Lonzo
Sullivan, Sally
Suprigren, Frances N.
Suprigren, Mary
Taylor, Sarah
Teneyke, George
Teneyke, Giles K.
Teneyke, Rose
Teters, Wm.
Timberman, Benjamin
Timberman, Elizabeth
Timberman, Elizabeth
Timberman, John
Timberman, Philip
Timberman, William
Tollman, James R.
Tollman, Jennett
Tollman, Josephene
Turner, Jane
Turner, William A
Vail, John
VanFleet, Aaron
VanFleet, Abraham
VanFleet, Julia
VanFleet, Mary J.
VanFleet, Matty
VanFleet, Thomas
VanFleet, William
VanTreese, Elizabeth
VanTreese, Elvira
VanTreese, Emily
VanTreese, Isaac
VanTreese, Mary
Vincent, Catharine
Vincent, Catharine
Vincent, Emma J.
Vincent, H.B.
Vincent, Laura
Vincent, Malochi
Vincent, Olive M.
Vincent, Sarah A.
Vincent, Virginia
Vincent, Wesley W.
Wadkins, John W.
Wadkins, Julia G.
Wadkins, Mary E.
Wadkins, Milton G.
Wadkins, Moses
Wadkins, Rebecca
Wadkins, Simeon
Waller, Clara A.
Waller, John K.
Waller, Lucinda J.
Waller, Mary
Waller, Mary E.
Walls, Ann
Walls, Jacob
Walls, Peter B.
Ward, Eliza J
Ward, Jeremiah
Ward, Margaret J
Ward, Phebe
Ward, Rebecca E
Warner, John
Warner, Julia J.
Wicks, David
Wicks, George
Wicks, Ruth
Wicks, Sarah H.
Wicks, Thomas
Wicks, William C.
Wilson, Eliza J.
Wilson, Elizabeth A.
Wilson, Elvira
Wilson, Harry
Wilson, Nathan
Wilson, Phileman
Wilson, Sarah
Winney, George
Winney, John
Winney, Sarah
Witam, Charlotte
Witam, Ellen
Witam, George
Witam, Jordan
Wright, Jane
Wright, Margaret E.
Wright, Mary A.
Wright, William
Writs, Anna
Writs, Anna
Writs, Catharine
Writs, Henry
Writs, Louisa
Writs, Rhinehart
Writs, Rosannah
Writs, Susannah
Writs, Uelery
Yost, James