1878 Jackson Twp., Van Buren County, IA
Biographical Directory of Citizens

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Abernathy, Ira, far., P.O. Milton.

Abernathy, W. M., far., P.O. Milton.

Anderson, W. T., laborer, Milton.

Bauch, C., cabinet-maker, Milton.

Bauch, H. E., cabinet-maker, Milton.

Baxter, Cyrus D., publisher of the Milton Herald, with Richard McNeal, Milton; was born Aug. 27, 1853, in De Kalb Co., Ind.; in 1869, he engaged in the office of the Waterloo Press, of that county, to learn the printer's trade; in the spring of 1874, went to Toledo, Ohio, and engaged in the office of the Daily Democrat; the following fall, returned to Waterloo, and, in the spring of 1875, visited the Southwest; went to Texas and engaged in the office of the Dallas Commercial a short time, and visited the different parts of the State prospecting, hunting, etc., till in the fall of 1876; came to Milton in January, 1877, and engaged with A. L. Morrison in publishing the Headlight; sold out the following fall, and in the spring of 1878, in company with Mr. McNeal, purchased the office and commenced publishing the Milton Herald. Mr. Baxter has no family.

Baxter, M. D., photographer, Milton.

Beard, W., Baptist minister, Milton.

Beeler, Joseph, far., P.O. Milton.

Bell, F., superintendent hoop-pole shop, Milton.

Bell, R. P., far., S. 8; P.O. Milton.

Bell, T., blacksmith, Milton.

Beuchler, J. H., blacksmith, Cantril.

Blanchard, A. S., far., Sec. 29; P.O. Milton.

Blanchard, G. B. W., laborer, Milton.

Blanchard, W. F., far., Sec. 19; P.O. Milton.

Boyd, Solomon, laborer, Milton.

Campbell, A. S., far., S. 4; P.O. Lebanon.

Campbell, E., lumber and grain dealer, Milton.

Campbell, William S., far., Sec. 5; P.O. Oak Point.

Canfield, A., far., S. 2; P.O. Lebanon.

Cannon, Z., produce merchant, Milton.

Cantril, E. E., prop. Saw-mill, Cantril.

Cantril, L. W., attorney and collecting agent, Cantril; owns 116 acres of land adjoining the town, beside most of the vacant lots; came with his parents to Van Buren Co., Iowa, in September, 1839, and located near Lebanon, in this township; his early life was spent on a farm, and learning the carpenter and joiner's trade, which latter business he followed principally for eighteen years; commenced reading law in 1848, which he practiced some in connection with his other business; finally completed reading in the office of Work & Main, in Keosauqua, and was admitted to the bar in 1870; commenced the mercantile business in Keosauqua in 1866, which he continued successfully about five years purchased the land upon which Cantril is now located, in 1870, after the railroad reached the place, in 1872, laid out the town, and gave it his name; commenced the mercantile business the same year, which he continued till the fall of 1877; sold out to S. N. Norris & Son, and the same fall went to Castle Rock, Col., for his health; followed mercantile business there; returned in the fall of 1878, satisfied to remain in Van Buren Co., expecting to devote his time principally to the practice of his profession. Married Lydia Roberts, of this county, March 1, 1846, and she died Sept. 10, of the same year; again married, Hannah Roberts April 5, 1848, and she died March 27, 1869; was again married, to Harriet E. Brooks Jan. 2, 1870; she was born in Ohio Dec. 8, 1834; have five children living, three by second wife, and two by third wife--Melissa, Newton, Charley, Elmer and May; lost five of second wife's children--Mary L., Lydia, Nelson, Clarissa and John. Mr. Cantril's father died at Afton, Iowa, March 27, 1869, and his mother, Oct. 13, 1875. Member of the M. E. Church; Republican.

Carmine, Allen, retired, Milton.

Carr, J. W., dealer in dry goods and general merchandise, Milton; born Nov. 14, 1836, in Franklin Co., Ohio; has parents moved to Madison Co., Ill., in 1844, where his father died in October, 1845; his mother returned to Ohio; in the spring of 1853, he came to Van Buren Co., and located in Jackson Tp., where he followed farming summers and teaching school winters, till July, 1860; commenced the mercantile business in Milton, in company with George Smith and Robert Russell, coming in as a partner in 1862; in 1864, they purchased Smith's interest, and, in 1867, he purchased Mr. Russell's interest; in January, 1875, his father-in-law, Joseph Moore, came in as a partner. He was married to Henrietta Moore Dec. 20, 1860; she was born July 21, 1840, in Franklin Co., Ohio; her parents emigrated to Iowa in 1842. Mr. Carr has the reputation of being a thorough and successful business man, and the leading merchant of Milton. Democrat.

Casady, Allen, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 23; P.O. Cantril; born June 10, 1823; came to this county in 1837; owns 142 acres of land, valued at $3,000; belongs to the Universalist Church. Married Betty Ann Harrison; she was born in October, 1826; mother of two living children--William C. and John J; emigrated direct from Indiana with his father, when he was 14 years old, and has resided on the same farm since; moved into a little double shanty of two rooms, 12 feet square, each with a dirt floor, where thirteen persons stayed through the winter; had a chimney on each end, made out of sticks and mud; used Jackson bedsteads at that time; had never seen a stove; there were only three families in the township when he first came; the oldest building standing in the county is on his place; the first winter they had to boil corn, and grated it on a grater for thirteen persons about a month.

Casady, E. P., far., Sec. 19; P.O. Milton.

Casady, J. J., far.; P.O. Cantril.

Casady, Wm., wagon-maker, Milton.

Casady, Wm. P., far., S. 20; P.O. Cantril.

Clark, G. P., carpenter, Milton.

Cloat, Henry, farmer; P.O. Milton.

Conwell, G. W., carpenter, Milton.

Cooley, F., far., P.O. Milton.

Cooper, S. W., carpenter, Milton.

Cowan, J. T., far., S. 2; P.O. Lebanon.

Creath, J. W., far., S. 36; P.O. Cantril.

Creath, M. C., far., Sec. 26; P.O. Cantril.

Creath, W. H., far., Sec. 35; P.O. Cantril.

Day, John, miller, Cantril.

De Hart, J. M., far., Sec. 15; P.O. Cantril.

Downes, J., retired; P.O. Milton.

Duff, T., far., Sec. 6; P.O. Oak Point.

Duncan, D. E., far., Sec. 34; P.O. Cantril.

Dye, T., dairyman, S. 3; P.O. Milton.

Dysart, H. M., Postmaster, Milton.

Elwell, Jacob, far., P.O. Oak Point.

Emerick, J., far., P.O. Lebanon.

Evans, L. C., far., S. 4; P.O. Oak Point.

Faeth, Conrad, wagon manufacturer, Milton.

Fisher, Thos. M., far., P.O. Cantril.

Fleming, W. B., Deputy County Clerk, Keosauqua.

Foster, H., far., S. 10; P.O. Cantril.

Gibson, R. A., harness-maker, Milton.

Gilfillan, G W., physician, Milton.

Gnash, Wm., druggist, Milton.

Grady, John W., far.; P.O. Lebanon.

Gray, C. M., cabinet-maker, Cantril.

Gray, T., far., S. 17; P.O. Milton.

Gray, Wm. J., far., P.O. Lebanon.

Gutherie, Wm., far., S. 7; P.O. Milton.

Hagler, D. B., far., Sec. 28; P.O. Milton.

Harris, G. W., far., S. 6; P.O. Milton.

Harris, Isaiah, butcher; P.O. Milton.

Hagler, J. C., farmer, stock dealer and shipper; P.O. Milton; owns 400 acres of land in this county and 240 in Greene Co., near Rippey, and eight acres in Woodbury Co.; he was born March 19, 1814, in Stewart Co., Tenn.; parents emigrated to Madison Co., Ill., in the spring of 1832, and, in the fall, to Warren Co.; he then came to Iowa, made a claim near where Burlington now stands; there was then only one log cabin there; remained there till the spring of 1833; then returned to Illinois; the winter following went up to Dubuque, then a small town; followed teaming with ox-team from Galena to Mineral Point, Platteville and Dubuque; in the fall of 1833, returned to Illinois. Married there Rachel Baker Nov. 30, 1837; she was born May 10, 1817, in St. Clair Co., Ill.; in the spring of 1843, he came to Jackson Tp., this county, and located on his farm near Milton; his brother, Amos Hagler, in company with two other families, were the earliest settlers in this township, they having located here in the spring of 1838; his brother died Nov. 10, 1864. Mr. Hagler has followed the stock and shipping business for the last twenty years. Has five children living--George W., Nancy E., Fletcher, Susannah and David M.; lost two--Elisha and Mary. Has served as Notary Public several years; also as Trustee, member of School Board, etc. Member of M. E. Church; Republican.

Hagler, J. M., proprietor of Milton Steam Mills with Julius Miller, Milton; born May 4, 1833, in Warren Co., Ill., in the summer of 1853, he went with an ox-team by overland route to California; followed mining there till the spring of 1860; then went to Silver City, Nevada; mined there; in the fall of 1861, came to Van Buren Co., and purchased a farm near Milton. Married Sarah A. Price Aug. 14, 1862; she was born Feb. 18, 1843, in Rush Co., Ind. Followed farming till Jan. 1, 1877; he purchased one-half interest in the Milton Mills. Has seven children--Emma H., Addie K., Jane C., David F., Marietta, Alvin A., Fletcher A.; lost one daughter--Lois A. Member of the M. E. Church; Greenbacker.

Hahn, E. E., far., S. 32; P.O. Milton.

Hale, O., far., S. 29; P.O. Milton.

Halstead, I., far., P.O. Milton.

Harbin, S., far., P.O. Milton.

Harbin, Wm., far.; P.O. Cantril.

Hargrove, J. Q., far., S. 17; P.O. Milton.

Hargrove, W. L., retired, Milton.

Harman, Henry, far.; P.O. Cantril.

Harrel, D., hardware merchant, Milton.

Harrel, H., merchant, Milton.

Harrel, Hiram, far., S. 19; P.O. Milton.

Harrel, J. R., far.; P.O. Milton.

Harrel, S., merchant, Milton.

Helsel, T., far., S. 6; P.O. Oak Point.

Henthorn, N., laborer, Milton.

Herring, E., far., S. 7; P.O. Milton.

Hitt, D. A., far., S. 1; P.O. Lebanon.

Holder, A. F., stock dealer, Cantril.

Holland, E., far., S. 20; P.O. Milton.

Holland, J. C., far., S. 8; P.O. Milton.

Holland, William W., retired farmer; P.O. Milton; born in Sussex Co., Del., June 5, 1809; came to this county in 1840, bought his land, and, in 1842, moved his family; has 700 acres of land, valued at $15,000. Married Sarah Robbins; she was born in Sussex Co., Del., Oct. 20, 1811; mother of seven children; four living--John C., Hannah, Elisha, Lydia; emigrated direct from Delaware to the land where he now lives; moved into a shanty 14 x 16 with a man of the name of Downs; there were ten persons in the two families; next season built a log shanty 18 x 20; used Jackson bedsteads--one post and two poles; went to Bonaparte to mill; had to eat flour without bolting; came here in limited circumstances; could not get credit for a scythe; was not a man that wanted much credit; was trusted by a man the name of Thomas Downs for $1.37 1/2; demanded a note, or what was called a due bill, the only one he has ever paid for a store debt. Mr. H. was among the earliest settlers, and is one of the wealthiest in the township; there were at the time he first came here plenty of Indians passing through the county. Deer, wolves, and all kinds of game were in abundance. Burnt the first brick that was burnt in the county; when he first came here, walked most of the way from Cincinnati, over 600 miles, also looking at land in Michigan, walking on foot 800 miles.

Hollingsworth, W. J., plasterer, Milton.

Holmes, H. F., farmer, Sec. 14; P.O. Lebanon.

Holmes, W. C., far.; P.O. Lebanon.

Hoskins, John, far.; P.O. Cantril.

Huddleston, C. W., far., S. 6; P.O. Milton.

Hull, Joseph A., far.; P.O. Milton.

Humbert, E. B., far., S. 9; P.O. Milton.

Humbert, Isaiah, blacksmith, Lebanon.

Humbert, P., far., S. 8; P.O. Milton.

Humphrey, Isaiah, blacksmith, Lebanon.

Hunter, G., far., S. 3; P.O. Milton.

Isenhour, Caleb, far., Sec. 23; P.O. Cantril.

Jones, W. A., physician, Cantril.

Kennedy, Wm., far., S. 6; P.O. Oak Point.

Kittle, John, farmer; P.O. Milton.

Klate, A., far., Sec. 18; P.O. Milton.

Larkin, A. B., farmer, Sec. 29; P.O. Milton.

Leaverton, J., far., S. 15; P.O. Milton.

Lewis, N., far., S. 6; P.O. Oak Point.

Lightfoot, E., far., S. 11; P.O. Cantril.

Linn, Alexander, retired farmer; P.O. Cantril; owns a farm in Des Moines Tp., of 300 acres, valued at $40 per acre; born Feb. 8, 1808, in Crawford Co., Penn. Married there to Sarah Cunningham Sept. 13, 1836; in the spring of 1845, emigrated to Iowa, and located in Franklin Tp., Lee Co., where he remained till the spring of 1865; then moved into Des Moines Tp., this county; left his farm and moved to Cantril in February, 1878; has five children living--Ebenezer, Alonzo, Milton, John M. and Amelia A.; lost one--Jerusha. Ebenezer served his country three years, in Co. E of the 19th Iowa V. I., and John M. is now in the mercantile business in Cantril, having commenced in 1875; he was born Oct. 23, 1849, in Lee Co.; married to Emma H. Morris, of this county, Dec. 25, 1873; they have one daughter--Bertha M. All are members of the Presbyterian Church; Republican.

Lyon, Jas. R., far.; P.O. Oak Point.

Lyon, Wm. N., far.; P.O. Milton.

McBride, John, far., Sec. 24; P.O. Cantril.

McBride, Wm., far., S. 13; P.O. Cantril.

McGrath, J. Q. A., far., S. 1; P.O. Lebanon.

McLean, A. A. & Son, hardware merchants, Milton.

McManus, B., far., Sec. 20; P.O. Milton.

McManus, J., prop. hotel, Milton.

McManus, Jasper, farmer; P.O. Milton.

McManus, John, farmer; P.O. Milton.

McManus, Milton, far., Sec. 29; P.O. Milton.

McManus, Frank, farmer; P.O. Milton.

McManus, William, farmer; P.O. Milton.

McNeil, A. E., liveryman, Milton.

McNeil & Baxter, publishers Herald, Milton.

McQuoid, J., far., Sec. 2; P.O. Lebanon.

Manson, H. L., farmer; P.O. Milton.

Manson, John B., farmer; P.O. Milton

Manson, R., carpenter, Milton.

Marston, A. L., far., S. 5; P.O. Oak Point.

Martin, G. W., far., S. 18; P.O. Milton.

Matthews, W., far., P.O. Milton.

Messer, F., butcher, Milton.

Miller, C., miller, Milton.

Miller, E., far., S. 5; P.O. Milton.

Miller & Hagler, proprietors grist-mill, Milton.

Moore, A., far., Sec. 5; P.O. Milton.

Moore, H. L., plasterer, Milton.

Mosher, C. E., far., S. 12; P.O. Lebanon.

Mown, J. A., plasterer, Milton.

Munsell, A. H., far., S. 21; P.O. Milton.

Munsell, J., far., P.O. Milton.

Murray, Wm., shoemaker, Milton.

Norris, S. N., farmer and merchant; P.O. Cantril; owns a farm of 730 acres, near Cantril; valued at $30 per acre; he was born Dec. 21, 1815, near Lawrenceburg, Ohio; parents moved to Franklin Co., Ill., in 1820, and to Vigo Co., Ind., in 1824; thence to Van Buren Co., Iowa, in September, 1842, and located near Pierceville. Married there Rachel Moore Dec. 28, 1844; she was born in 1821, in Harrison Co., Ind.; in the spring of 1866, he moved on to his present farm; in the fall of 1877, he, in company with his son, George L., commenced the mercantile business, succeeding Cantril & Brooks. Have five children--Sarah, George L., Des Moines, Frank H. and Robert M.; lost two--John W. and Elizabeth. Member M. E. Church; Republican.

Patton, S., far., S. 2; P.O. Milton.

Peterson, J. G., far., S. 34; P.O. Cantril.

Pickett, J., far., P.O. Lebanon.

Pitman, G. A., far.; P.O. Cantril.

Pitman, S. B., far.; P.O. Cantril.

Pennington, G., proprietor hotel, Milton.

Powell, B., far., S. 13; P.O. Lebanon.

Price, S. W., far., P.O. Milton.

Price, T. J., far., S. 28; P.O. Milton.

Price, Thomas J., far., S. 33; P.O. Milton.

Ray, Samuel, far.; P.O. Lebanon.

Reininghaus, J. E., merchant, Cantril.

Renfro, T. A., plasterer and farmer; P.O. Milton.

Rhoades, J., far.; P.O. Milton.

Riley, Mac, far.; P.O. Milton.

Rinebargar, G., teamster, Milton.

Rinebargar, H., far.; P.O. Milton.

Rinebargar, J., far.; P.O. Milton.

Rinebargar, W. P., far.; P.O. Milton.

Roberts, B., far., P.O. Cantril.

Roberts, J. F., far.; P.O. Milton.

Robinson, D. A., far.; P.O. Cantril.

Roby, C., far., P.O. Milton.

Rowland, R., dry goods merchant, Milton.

Rowland, S. P., far., S. 19; P.O. Milton.

Russell, J. A., far.; P.O. Milton.

Russell, J. C., merchant, Milton.

Russell, John, far.; P.O. Milton.

Russell, R., retired; P.O. Milton.

Russell, W. D., merchant, Milton.

Salyards, W. L., retired; P.O. Milton.

Saylor, R. B., far., S. 5; P.O. Oak Point.

Schwachheim, T., blacksmith, Cantril.

Simpson, A. H., far.; P.O. Milton.

Smith, G. W., far.; S. 1; P.O. Cantril.

Smith, J. C., butcher, Cantril.

Smith, J. P., far., S. 8; P.O. Oak Point.

Smith, O., painter, Milton.

Smith, R., far., P.O. Cantril.

Snider, J. T., far.; P.O. Cantril.

Spencer, B., far., S. 29; P.O. Milton.

Stephens, C., far., S. 3; P.O. Lebanon.

Stewart, M., far., S. 34; P.O. Cantril.

Stonebreaker, A., far., S. 1; P.O. Cantril.

Stott, C., Jr., far.; P.O. Lebanon.

Stump, J. P., far., S. 5; P.O. Oak Grove.

Summers, L. F., physician, Milton.

Swartz, J. D., merchant, Cantril.

Tallen, M., far., Sec. 21; P.O. Cantril.

Tallen, T., far., Sec. 23; P.O. Cantril.

Taylor, N. J., farmer; P.O. Milton.

Thompson, W., far., S. 2; P.O. Cantril.

Townsend, L. A., far., Sec. 10; P.O. Cantril.

Treblecock, J. H., far., Sec. 8; P.O. Milton.

Vanfleet, Aaron, far., S. 14; P.O. Lebanon.

Vinson, H. B., prop. of Nagle House and Livery; owns a farm of 85 acres near town, valued at $35 per acre; born Oct. 23, 1833, in Mercer Co., Ohio; came with parents to this county in the fall of 1841, and located near Lebanon, in Chequest Tp., where his father still lives. Married there, Virginia Robertson Oct. 24, 1858; she was born Dec. 8, 1835; moved into Vernon Tp. in 1861, where he remained till 1863, then went to Taylor Co. Iowa; in 1866, returned to this county, and, in 1868, located on his farm in Jackson Tp.; rented his farm, and came into the Nagle House in Cantril, in 1876; in February, 1877, commenced the livery business. Has six children living--Emma I., who married Henry Brooks in August, 1878; Libbie A., Alice M., Nora B., Catharine M. and Arthur M.; lost one--Charles. Member of the M. E. Church; Republican.

Wallis, H. D., clerk, Milton.

Warner, David, farmer; P.O. Cantril.

Warner, Isaac N., far., Sec. 26; P.O. Cantril; owns 320 acres of land, valued at $30 per acre; son of Nicholas and Rebecca Warner; was born April 21, 1829, in Schoharie Co., N. Y.; came with his parents to this county in the fall of 1838, and located in Des Moines Tp., where they still reside. Married Louisa A. Vinson; of this county, Aug. 18, 1853; she was born April 9, 1835, in Ohio, and died Sept. 30, 1861; again married, Minerva Vinson, sister of his first wife, March 3, 1862; she was born Jan. 1, 1838. Came on his present farm in the fall of 1856. Mr. Warner has served his township as County Supervisor, also some minor offices. Has two children living, by his first wife--Francis and Charles; lost one daughter--Anna; by second wife has four children--May, Minerva, Addie and Bertram. Republican.

Warning, John, farmer; P.O. Cantril.

Weatherington, John, far., P.O. Cantril.

Wellborn, S., hardware merchant, Cantril.

Wilson, D. L., farmer; P.O. Milton.

Wilson, George W., far., Sec. 9; P.O. Milton.

Wilson, Omar, farmer; P.O. Milton.

Wolf, Andrew S., far.; P.O. Cantril.

Worley, A. H., retired farmer; P.O. Milton.

Yeager, W. L., farmer; P.O. Cantril.

Young, Jacob.

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