Van Buren County Iowa Patrons Listing 

- 1875 Andreas Atlas of Iowa -



Lea & Beaman.

Attorneys at Law.

Chas. Baldwin,

Attorney at Law

Edwin Mannings,

Banker and Merchant

J. B. Bleakmore,

Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Liquors, Toilet Articles, etc.

D. P. Trimble,

Harness and Saddlery

Joshua S. Sloan,


Jas. J. Kinersly,

Miller, Merchant, Grist Mill

Geo. A. Henry,

Publisher Repubican

Geo. Stidger,

Physician and Druggist


Bowman & Boyer,

Agl. Impts. (Dealers and Agents)

Ludwig Schafer,

Brewer, Propr. "Farmington Brewery"

O. Griffith,

Baker and Confectionery

O. H. P. Scott,


A. A. Rice,

Civil Engineer

Chas. Doeling,

Cigars and Tobacco (Manfr & Deal)

A. King

Carriage and Wagon Manfr.

Lewis Burg,

Carriage and Wagon Manfr.

John L. Therme,

Drugs, Paints, Oils, Books, Stationery, etc.

Whitten & Rice,

Groceries, Glassware, Queensware, Cuttlery, Notions, etc.

Edward Vogeley,

Groceries, Produce and General Commission Merchants

George Whittall,

Hotel, "Whitall House"

J. C. Lee,

Hotel, "Union"

C. A. Gleckler,

General Merchandise

E. C. Deane,


S. M. Hurd & Son

Millers, Props "Farmington Mills"

J. A. Campbell,

Machine and Repair Shop

L. M. Mooers,

Publisher and Editor Gazette

F. W. Whittock


John Moore

Saloon and Restaurant

John Lehmann



R. T. Cresap,

Billiard Parlors

J. R. Robison,

Barber and Hair Dresser

Rees & Riggle,

Carriage and Wagon Mnfrs.

Entler & Meek

Furniture, Sash, Doors and Blinds, (Mfrs. And Whle. Dealers)

John L. Custer,

Grass Seed Cleaner, (Mnfr.)

Geo. L. Cheney,

Gloves, (Mnfr. And Jobber) Plymouth Buck Gloves and Mittens

W. E. Corwin,


Samuel Frankel,

Jeweler and Watchmaker

Meek & Bros.,

Millers, Flour Mill and Woolen Factory

W. H. Brooker,

Marble Works

Christy & Johnson,

Merchandise (General)

T. W. Boyer & Co.,

Merchandise (General)

Geo. F. Smith,

Publisher Van Buren Democrat

Hanback & Wilson,

Potters, Mnfrs. Brown Glazed Stoneware, Terra Cotta Drain Tile, Fire Proof Brick, etc.

Entler & Brown

Stoves, Mnfrs Cooking and Heating Stoves, and Roofing Material.

A. L. Christian,

Stock Dealer


C. Faeth,

Carriage and Wagon Mnfr.

Bauch & Son,

Furniture and Undertaker, (Mnfr. And Dealer)

Martin V. Drummond,


James McManis,

Hotel, "Jackson House"

V. Westcott,

Hotel, "Southwestern"

A. A. McLean & Son

Hardware Stoves, Tinware and Agl. Implts.

J. W. Carr & Co.,

Merchandise (General)

Russell Bros.

Merchandise (General)

Mannings & Kays,

Merchandise (General)

Christian Miller,

Miller, Propr. "Milton Flour Mills"

L. F. Summers,


A. L. Marson,

Pumps and Lightning Rods

Mt. Sterling.

A. H. Thatcher,


H. E. Bradford,


A. H. Davis,

Grain and Agl. Impts.

James A. Alcorn

General Mdse. and Agi Impts.

Bowman Bros.,

General Merchandise

I. B. Thatcher,

Lumber and Grain Dealer


Thomas F. Schwachheim,


B. F. Edmunds,

Chair Manufactory

J. H. Williams,

Furniture (Dealer and Mnfr.) and Undertaker's Goods

A. F. Holder,

Grain and Stock Dealer

Jacob Nagle,

Hotel, "Nagle House"

J. W. Hanks,

Livery and Sale Stable

John Hosick,

Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds etc., Notary Public, Insurance and Collection Agent

L. W. Cantril,

Merchandise (General)

W. W. Robertson,

Physician and Surgeon

C. L. Crooks,

Physician and Surgeon

W. J. Troths & Bro.,

Wagon and Carriage Mnfr.


D. H. Kittle,


A. J. Teter,

General Merchandise

James McCance,



Hopkins Smith,


W. H. Mix,

General Merchandise

S. A. Adams,

General Merchandise

F. N. Huckleberry,


C. H. Herriman,

Plows, Carriages, Wagons, Cultivators, Etc., (Mnfr.)

Geo. A. Baker,

Physician and Surgeon

Rakin Smith,

Physician and Surgeon

J. T. Overturff,

Stock Dealer

Dowd's Station

Edwin Manning,

General Merchandise

James Crawford,

Physician and Surgeon

Theodore D. Kellogg,

Physician and Surgeon

David J. Evans,

Wagon and Plow Manfr.


E. Pitkin,


J. N. Shaw,

Cheese Manfr.

Pitkin & Huffman,

General Merchandise

C. L. Moss,

Miller, Propr. "Birmingham Mills"

Sheward & Parker,

Publishers Enterprise

Wm. K. Miller,



A. A. Fry

General Merchandise


Humphrey & Smith,

General Merchandise

S. R. Bergen


Harrisburg Township.

J. B. Pease,

Merchant, Sec. 24

J. M. Randall,

Physician, Sec. 6

Jacob G. Vale,

Stock Dealer, Sec. 15

Vernon Township.

Ira Phillips,

Nursery and Fruit, Sec. 19

Frederick Taylor,

Physician, Sec. 19


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