Joseph A. Keck's Journal & Letters

File K234, Historical Library, Des Moines, Ia.

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When Coal Oil Was First Used We commenced using Kerosine in Dec 1860, and the price charged was fifty cents per gallon, The Oil fields of Pennsylvania were opened some time before, and ever since it has been in general use, Before that time Tallow candles, and lard in lamps were used as far back as I can remember the Churches were lighted with Candles, and the Sexton would go around with a pair of snuffers and snuff the candles, to make a better light, then we had the tin lanterns perferated full of holes to let out the light; I can remember when there were no matches sold in the. stores, and also of helping Frand Father Hardin make his matches, in 1835 by splitting the blocks which he had sawed. then dipped them. Return to Top of Page
Transcribed by Rich & Nancy Lowe for the Van Buren County IAGenWeb Project - copyright 2007