Country Facts and Folklore
By Andy Reddick

A combined population of 294

The Van Buren County villages of Douds and Leando have never incorporated.  According to some, Leando (originally Portland) is the county's oldest settlement, dating back prior to 1833.  In that year, the Holcomb clan began arriving and found a half dozen squatter families already living at the site "who spoke a strange language."
Douds Station, on the other side of the river, likewise was never incorporated.  The village grew up around the railroad depot, after the rail line went through in the early 1860s.
As you probably already know, it is very difficult to find early population figures for villages that have been incorporated, let alone for those who aren't.  Census population tabulations don't usually list villages that are not incorporated.  Local estimates are rarely made, although Rand McNally sometimes estimates village populations.
In the case of Douds and Leando, both are "designated places" in terms of the census, and are sometimes listed separately at the end of the tabulation sheets.  In the 2000 Census, Douds was listed as having 165 residents; Leando 135.
According to the Internet, Douds had 162 residents and Leando had 132, as of July, 2007.  This gives the dual  villages a total population of 294.  The combined population has lost 2% since 2000, but is higher than the village populations of either Cantril or Stockport.

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